Lyme (Lyme dis-ease)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas


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The Misdiagnosis Called: Lyme Disease

The Disease That Never Was

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people are diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Unfortunately, these diagnoses are based on assumptions, misconceptions and faulty testing. To learn more, read on.

Where are all the new cases of Lyme disease coming from?  What if the deer tick hypothesis of Lyme disease is bogus?  What if alternative medicine’s obsession with this mysterious condition is the equivalent of allopathic medicine’s 80-year blunder and refusal to acknowledge the cause of stomach ulcers?

Is it possible, alternative medicine prematurely embraced an UNPROVEN hypothesis called, Lyme [tick] disease, and is too embarrassed to admit their mistake?  Is it possible, Lyme disease has become alternative medicine’s cash cow?  What if there is NO SUCH THING as Lyme disease?  Don’t be too quick to dismiss these questions.

After all, conventional medicine has perpetuated the myth that CANCER is a genetic disease, when we have known since 1931 that cancer is a [reversible] metabolic disorder and genetics has NOTHING to do with it!  So, if the charade called CANCER can be perpetuated without end, why not Lyme disease?

A Short History Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease got its name in 1975 when school children in Lyme, Connecticut were diagnosed with a mysterious type of arthritis that was accompanied by joint ache, fatigue, headache and malaise.

the crisis, as reported, was mysterious!  Experts were, perplexed!  They had no answers and the media had people on edge!  The medical authorities NEEDED A VILLAIN to blame, and the deer tick came to the rescue.  The tick was the perfect boogeyman on which to place, blame.

At the same time, the experts COULD NOT explain the etiology of the strange, new illness, but it did not matter!  Rumor, fear and ticks sufficed, nicely!  The outbreak was widely reported and in no time, the illness was nationwide.  A crisis was developing!

Diagnostic tests and special protocols were developed, based on the Lyme-tick hypothesis after experts announced that the missing link had been discovered.  The causative agent: Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium supposedly carried by ticks and passed to humans when bitten.

Medicine had come to the rescue!  Identification and treatment protocols for the new disease were quickly developed and made available.  The science was settled!  Or, was it?

The problem back then, and the problem today, is the same.  Lyme is NOT a disease, ticks are NOT the vector, and lab tests are NOT accurate.  The tick/bacterium hypothesis of Lyme disease went unchallenged.

In those days [1980-2000], alternative medicine was the maligned stepchild of allopathic medicine.  It got no respect, and it needed a crisis!  For alternative practitioners, Lyme disease was a dream-come-true.  Unfortunately, the crisis called Lyme disease was based upon tragically, inaccurate information, and the charade continues to gain momentum to this very day.

A new Disease?

Symptoms alone do not create a disease!  However, if symptoms are given an official sounding NAME and supported by LAB TESTS, mysterious illness assume a disease status and credibility.

Lyme disease and deer ticks gave alternative medicine a PLATFORM, a VILLIAN and the BOOST it needed to gain credibility in the eyes of a gullible audience who suffered mysterious symptoms.  Lab tests were frosting on the cake.  But in the early days, diagnostic flimflam and fear was plenty enough to sustain momentum.

Diseases are defined by specific signs and symptoms, etiology, mode of transmission and changes in structure and function of an organ or organism.  Two things that accompany diseases and autoimmune disorders are low-grade inflammation and dysfunctional immunity.

In the medical world, autoimmune SYMPTOMS are viewed differently than autoimmune DISEASES.  Generally, medicine ignores autoimmune symptoms unless they apply to a MEDICALLY RECOGNIZED disorders of autoimmune origin, in which case they are CATEGORIZED as idiopathic [cause unknown] diseases because Big-Pharma makes medications for alleviation of symptoms.

Allopathic medicine categorizes CERTAIN, autoimmune afflictions as DISEASES to save face and justify use of risky medications in hope of alleviating, symptoms so they can proclaim the disease, cured, even though they have NO IDEA of the cause, hence, idiopathic.

Lyme is alternative medicine’s version of a DISEASE where practitioners ACT LIKE they know the cause to save face and justify use of medications in hope of alleviating symptoms so they can IMPLY a cure is available.

After 44 years, no one has found a cure for Lyme disease because LYME IS NOT A DISEASE!  Lyme syndrome is a collage of autoimmune symptoms that are just below medical radar.  Disease-like, but NOT disease.

The big four MAJOR DISEASES [cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and arthritis] have something in common.  They are of metabolic origin [and have NOTHING to do with genetics], but the medicine refuses to admit it.  Disease-like autoimmune symptoms are to be ignored unless CATAGORIZED as an autoimmune disease.

Lyme-type symptoms are alternative medicine’s version of a DISEASE!  People are diagnosed based on an unproven hypothesis, questionable lab results and disease-like symptoms that are COMMON to the population.

False-positives and misinterpreted lab tests cause patients to embrace a disease-like diagnosis and accept treatment for a disorder they DO NOT HAVE, and that DOES NOT EXIST!  Lyme disease enjoys super-star status in the alternative arena.  BUT IS LYME DISEASE, REAL?

Of the thousands of people diagnosed with Lyme disease, few [if any] suffer because they were bitten by a tick.  Yet, if you visit an alternative Lyme specialist, you will likely be diagnosed with Lyme disease, because of either symptoms or tests, or both!  How can you have Lyme disease when there is NO SUCH DISEASE EXISTS?

Instead of seeking a cure for Lyme disease, correct your terrain and restore immune function and the symptoms will ease and go away.  Lyme-type symptoms are REAL, but the disease called Lyme is not!

Same Problem, New Enemy

Eventually, Lyme disease experts were confronted by the fact that the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi was NOT the infectious agent they thought it was.  So, the industry did a bait-and-switch, upgraded the story and proclaimed Bartonella and Babesia as the new, causative agents.  [FYI: what practitioners are calling Lyme are the EFFECTS of low-grade inflammation and dysfunctional immunity.]

KNOW THIS: Borrelia, Bartonella and Babesia [and their biologic markers] are COMMON to the human microbiota, microbiome and epigenome, as are Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Kelbsiella, Campylobactor, E. Coli, C. difficile and dozens of other pathogenic organisms.  Their presence and markers are NOT proof of infection and are NOT justification for treatment with antibiotics, unless virulence is in play.

Many factors must converge to trigger a health crisis.  Some of those factors are: stress, drugs, alcohol, poor diet, terrain toxicity, trauma, lack of sleep and of course, medications and antibiotics.  Anything that weakens the body’s terrain and immune system, sets the stage for a health crisis in the form of an autoimmune-type responses that all too often end in medical, misdiagnosis.

When a health crisis strikes, the terrain and immune system determine the symptoms.  If biologic triggers are involved, [such as insect stings, tick bites, food allergies, chemical exposure, etc.], body responses are terrain and immune responses.  The biologic was merely the TRIGGER!

Tick bites are NOT A PREREQUISITE of symptoms associated with so-called, Lyme disease.  Symptoms, such as malaise, achiness, sore joints, headache, neck stiffness, brain fog, skin rash, eczema, acne, irritable bowel and tinnitus are COMMON to the population and have nothing to do with ticks or Lyme-type infections.  None of these symptoms justify a diagnosis of DISEASE, regardless if supported by lab tests.  Don’t forget it!


Symptoms associated with Lyme disease are neither bacterial, parasitic, or viral.  Rather, they are the side-effects of mold and fungal infestation low-grade inflammation and a dysfunctional immunity.  The disease-like process begins YEARS BEFORE onset of acute symptoms, and sometimes the mysterious bullseye will appear.

When the body can no longer cope with terrain misuse and abuse, autoimmune symptoms intensify, But, it’s only AFTER fungal infestation has weakened the system, hijacked hormones and compromised immune function that viruses and pathogenic bacteria assert themselves.

Takeover becomes official when low-risk organisms MORPH into their virulent forms.  It is this phenomenon that causes practitioners to MISINTERPRET symptoms and MISDIAGNOSE Lyme disease.  Lab tests add credibility, but they must be interpreted and are NOT conclusive.

Cancer is the ultimate misdiagnosis and medical myth.  Practitioners have NO IDEA what cancer is or what causes it because it is WRONGLY defined as a genetic disease, instead of a metabolic, disorder.  They are NOT the same thing!  Alternative medicine’s infatuation with bacterial lab tests, ticks and Lyme disease is a travesty that emulates the shortcomings of the worst aspects of allopathic medicine.  What a sorry, testimony!

As an aside, readers must understand that vaccinations and antibiotics set the stage for systemic, low-grade inflammation and mysterious illnesses.  Worse, they compromise immune function and load the body with toxic, inflammatory, heavy metals that fuel growth of fungal yeast that make mycotoxins to control metabolism, hormones and immunity.  They provide substrates for biofilm formations that are common to so-called, Lyme-type systemic infections and autoimmune disorders.  Vaccinations are weaponized, toxic medicine.  Avoid them!

Go to a conventional doctor and you will be diagnosed and treated for who knows what?  Go to an integrative, practitioner with Lyme-type symptoms, and you will be diagnosed and treated for Lyme disease, especially if lab tests IMPLY active infection or past exposure.

The point is, don’t be too quick to take ownership of Lyme disease [or any other autoimune disorder] just because some credentialed expert gives you a diagnostic opinion based on lab tests.

As for the red bullseye, it is a trigger response co-incidental to immune challenges.  The bullseye is NOT SPECIFIC to Lyme disease or tick bites.  Instead, think toxic terrain, poor liver function, intestinal dysbacteriosis and dysfunctional immunity.

Know, poor diet, stress, bowel issues and hormone imbalances [along with build-up of acidic waste in the tissues] provides a breeding ground for infection and biofilm formation.  [See Terrain pH Protocol, here.]

Know, pathogenic life-forms FEED on mercury, lead and aluminum, and they need IRON to MORPH to virulence and mount an infection, assault.  Heavy metal overload is extremely common!

Know, the food chain is awash in glyphosate [RoundUp], and everyone is loaded with the stuff.  You can’t avoid it, but you can remove residues from your body and prevent further accumulation.

Know, antibiotics seriously damage the body’s terrain, and one-round will haunt you for life, unless you become proactive, intervene and reverse the damage.

Know, everyone gets their daily dose of antibiotics from food, and maintenance of Primal Immunity requires eternal vigilance.  [Read about the YAC Immune Protocol, here.]

Know, glyphosate [RoundUp] speeds bacterial drug resistance by 100,000 times!  Should you develop a serious infection, such as MRSA or C-diff, things can get real ugly, real quick due to residues in your body.

Know, all medications are a disaster in the making.  They do NOT cure anything, but they do destroy the body and weaken the immune system!  Why do you think Big-Pharma WARNS US with disclaimers in ads and enclosures?  You don’t die of disease, but you do die from drug toxicity.  Don’t forget it!


If you get a diagnosis for Lyme [or any other disease], play your God Card and remove yourself before you are talked into treatment for a disease you may or may not have.

Alternative medicine is losing direction and purpose and is following in the footsteps of allopathic medicine.    Practitioners are required to follow STANDARD OF CARE RULES that put the patient’s best interests, second.

Know, if a condition of disease is diagnosed or suspected, alternative practitioners must refer the patient to a physician in the sick-care system for tests and treatment.

Know, when a health-related crisis announces itself, diet, exercise and common supplements WILL NOT restore your terrain or immune system.  You MUST reestablish Primal immunity.  Guidance will be needed.

Readers may wish to read Special Insights, Confused, Desperate or Both?  There, I make the case that people don’t realize what they are up against if they become entrapped in the sick-care system!  Another Special Insight entitled, Symptoms, Labels & Delusions offers additional perspective.



Don’t allow diagnostic flimflam and misleading lab tests to sound the alarm, disarm you and cause you to feel obligated to embrace medications and go along with medical fictions and alternative myths like, Lyme disease.

Know, practitioners are CAPTIVE AGENTS of the medical system and that the game called, sick-care is RIGGED!  Be on guard and ready to play your God Card before DIAGNOSTIC FEAR seizes control of your life and cloud your thinking.  For your own good, upon diagnosis, exit doctor’s office quickly, so you have time to think and pray.

In many ways, the internet is the WORSE THING that ever happened to people because of information overload.  Seriously!  It’s a VERY BIG problem; I hear it every day!  People are overwhelmed with misinformation and disinformation and they have no way to sort-out and accurately assess their situation.

With KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND GUIDANCE, you can separate medical facts from medical fictions and avoid internet, information overload.  A word to the wise.

Conclusions & Solutions

Whatever your health issues, Lyme disease is NOT one of them.

If you have issues, know your terrain needs tending.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.

How much are you willing to tolerate?

Ask for guidance.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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