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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Colonoscopy: the endoscopic examination of the colon (large intestine).


Colonoscopy is the most invasive and problematic method of examining the colon for lesions, polyps, diverticulitis and colitis.  Submit at your own risk!

Colon cancer is the most predictable and prevalent form of cancer.  It is also the simplest form of cancer to PREVENT.  it is promoted to the public on the basis of fear and uncertainty rather than educating the public in prevention and mediation.

Colon cancer has NOTHING to do with a person’s genes or DNA and EVERYTHING to do with neglect and abuse of the body’s terrain.  Specifically, colon cancer [along with all other forms of cancer] are the product of and confirmation of systemic take-over of the body by molds and fungi.

In fairness, 99% of the population over age 35 has serious fungal take-over developing in their colons which is what drives colon cancer.  Factors behind the development of colon cancer are: fungal infestation, diet, digestion, compromised liver, sluggish bowels (less than three movements per day), sugar intake, failure to drink enough water, failure to do enema therapy on a multi-times per day basis.

Clipping of polyps during colonoscopy results in one death in every thousand people due to internal bleeding following this dangerous procedure.  Polyps are not, in and of themselves, a cancer risk; the factors behind their formation is the real risk in the form of neglect and abuse.

Little is said about the harsh and toxic chemicals given the patient prior to the procedure.  There is nothing nice or healthful about it.

Colonoscopy falls into the same category as mamograms and prostate biopsies which are unnecessary and seriously damaging to the body and its organs.  PREVENTION is the key.

By the time colon cancer is discovered, the patient has progressed beyond simple, prevention.  At this stage of the game, the patient MUST BECOME PERSONALLY ACTIVE in the future of their health knowing full well, that the conventional approach is inadequate and misleading.

It is a documented fact that mammogram has been a statistical failure in preventing and forecasting breast cancer.  Sadly, millions of women line up yearly for this archaic procedure, just as millions line up for colonoscopy under the mistaken impression that the prevent cancer.  They DO NOT!.

You don’t see any men having their testicles mashed, but you do see men, driven by fear and uncertainty, submitting themselves to prostate “biopsy”; another archaic procedure bordering on criminal for failure to inform patients of the health risks involved and the fact that all of these so-called preventative procedures are based on THEORY and BAD SCIENCE.

Hemorrhoids are another easily preventable bowel disorder with many contributing factors.  Sadly, if people were taught early how to move their bowel, hemorrhoids would never develop in the first place.  Check out the Enema Protocol for more details.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open t new ideas.

See colon, waste, toxicity, terrain, dis-ease, bile, constipation, bowel disorders and inflammation in the Glossary by clicking link.

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