Genetics (genes/DNA)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Genetics: The study of genes, DNA, heredity, and genetic variation in living organisms.


Despite its complexity, the subject of genes and DNA should not intimidate.

As you read this very brief overview, please remember this: fundamentals govern good health and longevity and ultimately, genetic expression.

The factors that govern genetic expression are: diet and dietary habits, water, exercise, sleep, digestion, elimination and lifestyle.

A Short Perspective on Genetics

Genetics is study of information sequencing and flow as it relates to DNA and beyond. Genetics was once thought to be ‘settled’ law within the life sciences, but has now been turned on its ear by the field of epigenetics which you can read about, here.

Like many scientific theories taught and presented as immutable laws, genetics is anything but settled.  Students and upcoming practitioners of all varieties, conventional and alternative, receive little useful training in ways to naturally improve patient genetics.

At best, information and training on genetics offered in schools is out of date and generally useless, leaving the patient to fend for themselves.

Fending for yourself is a blessing in disguise for thinking people who are suspicious of dogma and convention. In other words, the experts do not know; you are on your own.

Genetics confirms where someone has been and the choices they made; or choices that were made for them while in the womb.

In modern medicine, genetics relies on “tests” that obscure or confuse what is really going on in people bodies.  Unfortunately, genetic testing is anything but proven. Tests provide the perfect boogie-man where blame is placed on an intangible, shadow concept that is poorly understood.

Know, genetics is a two way equation where the choices you make today determine your tomorrow.  If you believe in a fixed equation, the only possibility you are left with is to accept half-baked opinions from experts who don’t have a clue about how your situation came to be or what to do about it.

Know, your body has innate intelligence. Your job is create the conditions for that intelligence to manifest genetically. The process called aging is the genetic expression of poor choices and self-sabotage.

Solutions & Answers

If you would like to get-the-scoop on your genetics, take it upon yourself to learn about the factors that influence and control genetic expression. That field of study is called epigenetics.

Epigenetics reflects the condition of your terrain and the factors that influence it. Epigenetics is a core principle of Young Again Club and the book, Young Again!

Read and study Young Again Club publications and practice what you learn.  Then, you will not have to care about genetics because issues of poor health will resolve themselves and you will enjoy good health, regardless of your age.

Good health and illness are the expressions of the ebb and flow of energy, both seen and unseen.  Today is an expression of yesterday; and tomorrow is the expression of the choices you make today.  Today is where it is at!


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

See Epigenetics, terrain, DNA and The Germ Theory of Disease in Glossary link below.

Read the 6th editon of the book, Young Again! for a fuller understanding of health and how body’s terrain relates to energy and epigenetics.

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