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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Creative Vortex: the process by which terrahydtites in Jurassic carbon are activated and transformed into JURASSIC MAGIC.


Vortexing of a solution is a biodynamic principle elucidated by Rudolf Steiner and put into action and implemented for the production of healthy food plants/animals by Alex Podolinsky of Australia.

With regard to JURASSIC MAGIC, Creative Vortex energetically enlivens and ‘fixes’ the carbon/ion/amino-acid matrix of Jurassic carbon deposits of the Jurassic Period, two-million years ago.

Creative Vortex is used in Stage Two of production of JURASSIC MAGIC to amplify  and make available carbon’s potential for healing and regeneration.

The process GIVES life to dead, lifeless soils and BOOSTS lifeforce energy of solutions andto plants and animals that eat and/or inhabit soils treated with this method.

Specifically, when a solution [mixture of a solute in a liquid] is vortexed both clockwise and counter-clockwise in rapid fashion over a long period of time,  energy is created and its effects are transferred to the solution.  The effect is experienced in both directions.

Once the solution is moving at correct velocity, direction of the vortex is INSTANTLY REVERSED. At the very moment of directional reversal, MAXIMUM electrical effect is created and merges with the components of the circulating solution.

At the moment of ‘chaos’ NEW energy comes into being and millions of volts of electricity generates a CREATION-LIKE effect.

The more energy your body can create, the healthier and younger you look and feel.  Youth have boundless energy.  People who are aging, need that energy and will progressively continue to age without it.

When all factors are present, LIFEFORCE is created and something that did not exit prior to the moment, comes into being.

God shows his hand, show his hand so to speak, and man partakes in creation, much the same as when egg and sperm join and creation of 480,000 volts initiates a new life.  This phenomenon was discussed my book, Young Again way back in 1994 in Chapter 24, Brown Fat.

Biodynamic vortex energy is God energy we people experience on a spiritual level.  This very same energy [in biodynamic form] is what heals and restores sick soils and plants.

In the hands of a Godly healer, this same energy heals sick bodes and compromised immune systems.  In the case of energy created through Creative Vortex Energy enlivens  terrahyrite binary-bonded,  carbon/ion/amino-acid solutions so it can fix and hold the newly created energy.

For example, Podolenski OVERNIGHT converted millions of acres of land in Australia [that had hardly grown a weed in millions of years] into the most productive land on the continent.

This same energy is what Jurassic Magic is about; meaning, now there is a way to get it and use it to repair and restore your worn-out, prematurely aged, body.

Unlike ‘organic’ agricultural/gardening practices, biodynamics energizes and creates whole new energy dimensions within soil and the creatures that live on crops grown on such soils.

Creative vortex was developed by John Thomas of YoungAgainClub.com.

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