Mitochondria (mitochondrion)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Mitochondria: microorganisms within cells that are responsible for the production of the body’s energy molecule, ATP through the process of cellular respiration, as opposed to glycolysis and ATP production of pyruvate via a anaerobic, non-oxygen pathway and process.  AND for systemic communication between bacteria that comprise the microbiome.

Mitochondrial neogenesis: the process by which mitochondria repopulate and/or regenerate cellular mitochondria.

ATP (Mg-ATP): the biologically ACTIVE form of ATP.  [See discussion below.]

Mitochondria Kill Rate:  the rate at which the mitochondria are killed [or made dysfunctional] by use of medications, drugs and toxic foods.

The KILL RATE is how toxicity levels calculated and dosages of medications are determined.  At 50% kill rate, 50% of patients, die, so drug dosages must be kept below this rate to be considered, non-toxic.

What people don’t realize is: long-term damage to the mitochondria and body occurs from use of all drugs, be they prescriptive or over-the counter.  There is no such thing as a safe drug.


Mitochondrial DNA is separate and distinct from human DNA and remains unchanged since the beginning of time.  Mitochondrial DNA follows ONLY THE FEMALE line and can be used to trace genetic blood lines.

Aging and disease are the end result of mitochondrial dysfunction and slow collapse of the immune system.  Moreover, growth of mitochondria and restoration of functional efficiency is HOW YOU REVERSE AGING at the cellular and in the vital organs.

Central to immunity and health are the mitochondria.  Following is a list restorative options that affect mitochondrial activity and their cellular numbers offered by YAC.

  1. Systemic, ongoing detoxification of endotoxins and mycotoxins.
  2. Use of MetaBolic Complex.
  3. Use of EndoBiotica & Pro-Ox [the YAC Immune Protocol.]
  4. Following the Mold & Fungus Protocol.
  5. Restoration of Primal Immunity.
  6. Adoption of the Terrain pH Protocol [which is FREE!]
  7. Following Young Again Club lifestyle concepts.

A body in peak health has approximately 10,000 mitochondria per cell that are capable of producing, Mg-ATP [our primary energy molecule.]

The more Mg-ATP the body produces, the more energy available for anabolism [the building-up process] and regeneration to occur.  Failure to produce needed energy causes the cells and body to go into catabolism [the tearing down process.]

Few people [regardless of their credentials] know or realize that without a sufficient supply of bio-active nano-scaled magnesium ions, the ATP molecule cannot form Mg-ATP, and without the Mg component, the ATP molecule is useless.

See Special Insights Selenium, Iodine & Magnesium Ion Trio Bio-Active Ions For Better Health

To load the system with magnesium ions, use R/MgO Spray for meaningful ion absorption through the skin with the help of activated boron ions to TRANSPORT magnesium ions into blood capillaries of the skin.

Let’s talk food:

Regular use of MetaBolic Complex greatly enhances food related production of Mg-ATP within the electron transport chain of the Krebs Cycle.

Complete digestion of food is a requirement for good health and maintenance of mitochondrial activity. High metabolic activity associated with youth and peak health come with elevated production of Mg-ATP. The electron transport chain is a critical component of the Krebs Cycle takes place within the mitochondria.

People over age 35, whose bodies are slowing down, suffer shortfall of Mg-ATP production. Mitochondrial activity must be accelerated and restored for regeneration and aging reversal to occur; part of that process involves bio-active magnesium ions.

Another important element affecting mitochondrial activity is balance of the regulatory hormones insulin and leptin.  Please read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life by clicking hyperlink.

Mitochondrial “disease” (so-called) is nothing more than the slowing and shutting down of mitochondrial activity within the cells and tissues.

Mitochondrial Disease

Like other so-called diseases, Mitocondrial Disease is not a disease at all; rather it is a condition that develops from loss of control over the body’s terrain; specifically, waste accumulation at the cellular level, acidification of the terrain and severe shortages of bio-active iodine, magnesium and seleneum ions.

Other factors related to the onset and development of mitochondrial problems are hormonal imbalance, particularly of thyroid dysfunction and insulin/leptin resistance.

See Mitochondrial disease in GLOSSARY LINK below.


The health of the liver and the state of the ‘terrain’ are central to mitochondrial activity. Please review the Tissue & Liver Protocol for insight into healthy liver function by clicking hyperlink.

Also, use of the ION TRIO is critical for restoration of the body terrain and healthy mitochondrial activity.  Read about it here.

Deep sleep, complete digestion of fats, proteins and carbs, exercise, active bowels and absence of dietary sweets and alcohol are core issues in maintenance and restoration of the terrain, in general, and mitochondrial activity specifically.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

The above factors are  key points of a healthy lifestyle for Young Again Club members. Use Glossary link below to look up words and topics of interest.

If you have lost your getup and go, you can bet your mitochondria got up and went. For help, send a message and ask John Thomas to contact you..

See Chapter 24, Brown Fat, in the 6th edition of the book, Young Again!

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