Vitality Complex [sodium/pH management]

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Vitality For The Sake of Vitality

[Age-related Energy Loss & Sodium Invasion of Cells]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

As we age, sodium invades our cells, setting-the-stage for degenerative dis-ease.  Sodium invasion is universal to everyone regardless of lifestyle or diet.  Here is the story.

Get your FREE BOTTLE of Vitality Complex WITHOUT a purchase.  Read on to learn more about boosting your energy and avoiding sodium invasion of organs, tissues and cells.

Sodium Invasion & Loss Of Energy

The report is about sodium invasion of body tissues and cells and how to prevent and reverse it.  It’s also about restoring your body’s pH and de-acidification as measured by urine pH.

Sodium invasion occurs simultaneous to accumulation of waste, low pH and depletion of essential elements.  All three accelerate aging and all three must be addressed if you want to turn back your biological clock.  This report provides important details.  Study it carefully.

Baking soda [sodium bicarbonate] is very effective for reducing acid waste as measured by urine pH.  However, soda is 65% sodium and it causes edema for many people who suffer from severe elemental ion depletion.  Edema belly fat and metabolic syndrome are all side effects.

Edema is about retention of excess fluid in tissues and the cardiovascular system.  Use of diuretics intensifies sodium invasion and shuts-down mitochondrial production of ATP.  Avoid them!

Diuretics weaken the protective electrical grid surrounding cells especially in people with  compromised terrains.  So do statin drugs and monoclonal-antibodies, blood thinners, beta blockers and proton-pump inhibitors.  Restore your terrain and you will have NO NEED for medications.

Elevated sodium and ion depletion allows sodium to INVADE cells; bicarbonate deficit makes matters worse.  [Note: vitamin-C releases bicarbonates in soda if taken at the same time.  Lab tests IGNORE these issues and so do practitioners.  You are on your own and you will need guidance.

Jekyll & Hyde Sodium

Sodium is your body’s primary electrolyte, but sodium has a dual personality.  Sodium conducts ELECTRICITY in blood and extracellular fluids outside cell membranes in the interstitial spaces BETWEEN cells.  [Extracellular fluid is NOT lymphatic fluid; do not confuse them.]

Sodium invasion alters the electrical state of cells, especially when ion depletion is an issue.   For example, heat stroke occurs when there is insufficient sodium in extracellular fluids AND when there are insufficient potassium ions on the inner wall of cell membranes.

Excess sodium shuts-down mitochondrial production of ATP which fuels metabolic chaos and accelerates aging.  Readers need to understand human physiology.  Without understanding, sick-care medicine will be your life and your future.  You have a choice.

Mitochondria dis-ease involves sodium invasion and collapse of ATP production.  As ATP falls aging accelerates.  All so-called disease involves dysfunctional mitochondria.  Those suffering from chronic or degenerative issues are suffering from mitochondrial dysfunction.  Don’t ignore it!

Falling ATP production sets-the-stage for cancer and cell apoptosis from waste-burdened tissues and organs.  DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER IS CONFIRMATION of disturbed cellular respiration, abnormal glycolysis and citric acid cycle issues.  Sodium invasion affects all body physiology!

FYI: sodium ions line the outside of cell membranes while potassium ions line the inside of the cell membranes creating an electrical differential that keeps excess sodium OUT of cells.  Ion depletion, lack of bicarbonates and low pH are parallel issues.  Don’t forget it!

pH, Lab Tests & Germ Theory

pH 7.0 is neutral; not much action at pH 7.0.  Raise pH to 8.0 and metabolic activity takes-off as tissues release acid-bound waste.  Bicarbonates [in soda] help RELEASE tissue-bound waste as well as NEUTRALIZE acids.  Urine pH rises and falls according to circulating waste levels; blood pH is very stable. Bound tissue waste is not measurable; assume it’s there because it is!

Upon rising, pH should be pH 6.5 [+ -].  If in the low 6’s, 5’s or 4’s, UGLY THINGS are going-on.  Low pH precedes and accompanies clinical onset of dis-ease and misery.  If you suffer from chronic or degenerative dis-ease, it’s time to rid your body of acid-bound waste and restore your terrain.

Forget pH lab tests; they are USELESS!  Fact is, practitioners suffer from the same issues as their patients.  The problem is mal-training, Germ Theory, ignorance of mycology, failure to listen to patients, lab result misinterpretation, medical incompetence and the Rules of Standard of Care.

RARE is the practitioner who does not believe in the Germ Theory of DiseaseVirology is germ theory knockoff.  Virology is the basis of the fraudulent Corona pandemic currently in progress.

Baking soda requires 2,000 mgs. of vitamin-C taken simultaneously  to release bicarbonates in soda.  Never mix them in water or carbon dioxide will escape to the atmosphere instead of helping blood corpuscles carry more oxygen to your cells.  [Note: soda neutralizes vitamin-C; don’t count the dosage as part of your daily vitamin-C intake of 5-10 thousand milligrams throughout the day.]

When vitamin-C reacts with soda it releases carbon dioxide to your blood stream so red blood corpuscles can transport MORE OXYGEN to your cells.  [Note: Corona patients die for lack of oxygen, acidic terrain, invasion by fungal-molds, morphing of latent-tuberculosis spores, UNDIAGNOSED clinical scurvy and sepsis.  Sepsis ends the game, but sepsis is NOT the cause of death regardless of what patients are told.  Read it again!

Vitality For The Sake of Vitality

Now you can avoid sodium invasion, boost your energy and restore your body’s pH ALL AT THE SAME TIME with, Vitality Complex!

Vitality Complex is easy to use.  Take 2 caps with each dose of soda when urine pH is below 7.0, or take 2 caps 2x/day to boost energy and ATP.  [Details of the Terrain pH Protocol].

Vitality Complex is about avoiding sodium invasion and increasing energy naturally.  If you are sickly or old, you will need   A LOT of energy to stage a comeback.  Read it again!

Vitality Complex is a proprietary formulation of hydrogen, silica, bicarbonates and chlorides.  [Use this unique formulation to make more energy and improve your health.

Vitality Complex  is a new way to address age-related loss of energy and avoid sodium invasion.  Try a FREE bottle and feel the difference for yourself.


To get your FREE bottle of Vitality Complex, ask!  No purchase required.  FREE is a great offer!

Shipping in the USA is $20 for a BIG bottle of 200 capsules of Vitality Complex.

Regardless if you are following the baking soda Terrain pH Protocol or you want to put some zip into your life or manage your pH, Vitality Complex is up to the challenge! or 509 465-4154

Final Thoughts

Your body is made to live; it dies when you kill it!  To avoid dis-ease, avoid sodium invasion of tissues and restore the pH of your terrain!  Do your part and the body takes care of everything else.

Ask for guidance.

Ask for guidance.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

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