Teeth, Gums & The Dental Cartel

Autoimmunity, Mental Decay & Saliva pH

[Dentistry’s Ongoing Fall-From-Grace!]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Teeth are supposed to last a lifetime, but they seldom do.  Did God mess-up?  Fact is, the longer you live, the more important are your teeth.  Readers who embrace this report will keep their teeth longer and avoid suffering and unnecessary expense.  To learn more, read on.

[Key words herein are linked to the glossary and protocol tabs of YoungAgainClub.com website to assist reader comprehension.  For expanded information, click on blue, underlined words.]

This Special Insight is a candid look at an industry that refuses to clean-up; an industry that will never change until forced to do so by knowledgeable patients who understanding Applied Physiology. 

THIS REPORT IS AN INDICTMENT OF DENTISTRY!  The only exceptions are holistic dental practitioners [who are hated by their so-called, peers and represent less than 1% of dentists] and competent emergency room doctors and holistic doctors who do amazing things when allowed to do their job.  These professionals deserve, applause.  The rest deserve, scorn!

As this report unfolds, readers will learn how to protect themselves and their families from the predatory practices of the dental industry.  Before we begin, however, consider the mysterious world of autoimmunity and dis-ease misdiagnosis within the frames of dentistry and medicine.

The Imaginary World Of Autoimmunity

The terrain is the CENTRAL THEME of Special Insights and my book, Young Again! [published in April 1994].  By year 2010, the medical landscape changed, radically.  The problem: glyphosate [Roundup] contamination of the food chain.  Symptoms were misunderstood and misdiagnosed by practitioners who only think in terms of Germ Theory and the medical model.

Practitioners needed answers, and out of desperation, they embraced pharma’s baloney hypothesis called autoimmunity.  Autoimmunity provided medical cover for chronic dis-ease phenomena for which practitioners had NO training, NO understanding, and NO solutions.  Medicine operated without a compass because they were medically ignorant of metabolic dis-ease.  [More below.]

Autoimmunity is a diagnostic wild-goose-chase!  The label, autoimmunity hints of the body attacking itself, but this is both a pharma narrative and a bald-faced, lie!  The body NEVER attacks itself and God is not stupid!  However, the body REACTS when drugs and foreign proteins invade blood!  When invasion occurs, symptoms of chronic dis-ease appear out of nowhere!

Autoimmune reactions are EFFECTS of foreign invasion of blood.  Autoimmune reactions are immune system OVERREACTIONS to protein and drug invasion and immune assault.  Autoimmune is NOT disease, rather pharma flimflam to confuse patients and practitioners and milk the sick-care system!  Autoimmune has NOTHING to do with the body turning on itself!  [Please read again.]

Applied Physiology teaches how the terrain functions, rather than propagating false academic theories like Germ Theory and Virology.  Applied Physiology is about INFORMED CHOICE in all things dental and medical.  Master Applied Physiology and readers will escape 1600 YEARS OF MEDICAL SKULLDUGERY and put an end to dental and medical racketeering.

Applied Physiology [AP] teaches better health, less suffering, and elimination of unnecessary dental and medical involvement.  AP is learned with the ColorSmart Learning System and by studying the contents of each issue of Special Insights.  [FYI: the less formal, medical education you have, the easier it is to learn!  For individualized guidance, contact John Thomas.]

Dentistry: A Misguided Profession

Dentistry is a very misguided profession, a profession that employs shameful practices, such as mercury-amalgam fillings, fluoride, root canals, implants, bone cavitation and overuse of x-ray.  [Culpability in the name of good-dentistry with FULL-KNOWLEDGE of it’s shameful ways.]

Acidic pH is central to dental and medical dis-ease.  Fact is dental dis-ease is medical dis-ease with dental labels.  Dentistry is sick-care medicine’s fraternal twin, and BOTH disciplines embrace Pasteur’s bogus Germ Theory of Disease.  Neglect and abuse fuel dental dis-ease, but so does failure to comprehend the effects of saliva and urine pH on teeth and gums.

Dentistry and medicine drink from the same trough!  Both are suckers for the other’s baloney because both embrace the fraudulent Germ Theory of Disease taught to them at university.   Failure to proclaim the obvious is why medicine failed to advance for over 1600 YEARS!

Germ Theory prevents otherwise intelligent people from proclaiming the obvious, meaning, how the terrain functions versus fraudulent, academic, medical physiology!  Worse, practitioners are forced to comply with rules of Standard of Care, no matter what is best for patients.  Think 1600 YEARS!

Dentistry: A Predatory Lobby

Dentistry is a predatory trade that takes advantage of patients regardless if they are rich, poor, laborers, medically credentialed, engineers, or lawyers.  Every patient is fair game!

Predatory dentistry is about perception and conditioning so patients are receptive to professional slight-of-hand.  Doctor NEVER discusses fees because money is unprofessional and taboo!  Money is only discussed at the front desk. 

Perception is everything and dentistry knows it, manipulates it, and lobbies it!  Of all professions, none approach the under-handed practices of dentistry!  Not physicians, not lawyers, not engineers, not educators, not contractors, not veterinarians!  Dentistry is a high-end, quasi-medical mafia for fleecing patients of their money.

There is no way to explain why the paradox called dentistry is so utterly corrupt and tainted.  Oddly, there is plenty of honest money to be made without predatory tactics and practices.  The dental lobby is like no other!  A pack of wolves in sheep’s fleece.  The Golden Fleece!

Dentistry’s FAILURE to clean-up perpetuates dentistry’s fall from grace!  Dentistry is about professional ego, greed beyond avarice, and failure to comprehend body physiology in terms of the terrain vs. Germ Theory.  Holistic dentists are the only saving-grace of the profession.

Renegade Dentist Appears!

In the late 1930’s, a forward-thinking dentist named, Weston Price scoured the world for insights on the causes of dental carries (cavities) and malformation of the dental arch in Western Societies versus healthy teeth and properly formed dental arches of primitive cultures. 

Price’s conclusions were ignored by dentistry AND medicine, but his observations were spot-on!  [Unknown at the time was the influence saliva pH, maldigestion and Essential Elements play in the development and manifestation of teeth and gum dis-ease.]

Price concluded that diet makes all the difference, and that a healthy diet can reverse genetic carry-over from parent to offspring.  In other words, genes and DNA are epigenetic effects imposed on the terrain rather than design defects of God’s handiwork. 

Price’s observations preceded present-day genetics and the discovery of the DNA molecule by almost two decades!  His observations and conclusions continue to challenge medicine’s blind allegiance to Germ Theory.  [FYI: virology and virus theory are knock-offs of germ theory.  So is the fraudulent science behind the COVID Pandemic!]

Price concluded that protein plays a key role in gestational development of teeth and the dental arch, that breast milk and unpasteurized milk are superior to formula and pasteurized milk, and simple carbohydrates accelerate demise of teeth, gums, and terrain.  [FYI: maldigestion and sweets rob the body of essential elements and turn urine and saliva pH, acidic.]

Sidebar.  John Thomas was born in 1944.  Back them, those who survived beyond age 35 had either dentures or capped teeth, and most people died from dental-related cardiovascular dis-ease [infected teeth, bone and gums and an endless flow of toxins to the heart muscle via blood returning from the head].  Cavities and bone infections [cavitation] from rotting fragments of lost teeth was extremely common back then, and they are extremely common today for EXACTLY THE SAME REASONS.  Know that teeth, bone, and gum infections progressively weaken the terrain and sabotage the immune system.  [Post WW II dentistry was very crude, and clinical understanding of saliva pH and depletion of essential elements on vital organ function was unknown.]

Maldigestion, Sluggish Bowels & Faulty Hydrogen Metabolism

Incomplete digestion [maldigestion] drives dental dis-ease MORE than any other single factor.  Maldigestion and sluggish bowel fuels terrain acidification and faulty hydrogen metabolism.

Youthful digestion and youthful metabolism release hydrogen in food and water.  Hydrogen is the body’s PRIMARY source of energy, not ATP [adenosine triphosphate] as popularly believed.  The ATP energy molecule only fuels Intercellular metabolism.  ATP energy output is tiny compared to the energy released through non-thermal burning of the hydrogen ion.

Hydrogen is a high energy element that participates in all chemical reactions.  Hydrogen is the essence of life.  [To quote Einstein, “After hydrogen, the most common thing is stupidity.”]

FAILURE to burn hydrogen in food and water allows hydrogen ions to accumulate and turn saliva, and urine pH, acidicpH is a measure of circulating, unburned, hydrogen!  The more efficient is digestion the less unburned hydrogen in circulation, the less terrain acidity, and the MORE energy that is released from food and water.  [Read about HydrogenMagic here.]

Peak digestion is needed for release of hydrogen from food and water.  HYDROGEN DEFICIT causes less energy, more body fat, muscle loss, and premature aging.  Blood invasion by undigested protein [and drugs] triggers what people wrongly call, allergy.  Allergies are CONFIRMATION of maldigestion and Leaky-gut Syndrome.  Allergy Theory is just another medical wild-goose-chase!

Elevated blood sugar [90+] and acidic urine and saliva pH are symptoms of pre-diabetes and insulin/leptin-resistance.  No matter what version of dis-ease a person suffers from, know insulin-resistance and pH are in-play!  [Instead, think Metabolic Syndrome.]

RECOGNIZED SYMPTOMS of Metabolic Syndrome and maldigestion are cardiovascular dis-ease, insulin/leptin-resistance, diabetes, kidney/pancreatic dysfunction, fatty-liver, high serum triglycerides and excess weight [more than 10 lbs. over high school weight]. 

SHADOW SYMPTOMS of Metabolic Syndrome and maldigestion are intestinal putrefaction, constipation [less than 3 bowel movements/day], gas and bloating, poor sleep, diverticulitis, colitis, hemorrhoids, belly-fat, PROSTATE PROBLEMS, bladder leakage, UTIs, colon polyps, colon cancer, and failure to make [your own] B-vitamins [in the colon] as the body was designed to do.

Dis-ease and acidic pH are reflections of faulty, hydrogen metabolism.  Long before people realize something is wrong, hydrogen levels rise while urine pH drops into the 6s, 5s and 4s.  Acidic pH is dis-ease in-progress, no matter if symptoms appear as clinical dis-ease.  Practitioners routinely issue misdiagnoses because THEY WERE NEVER TAUGHT and DO NOT UNDERSTAND, Applied Physiology.

FLUORINE: Hard Teeth, Hard Bones, Hard Heads

Dentistry LOVES fluoride, and so does pharma and sick-care medicine.  Both LOVE fluorine because it feathers their nest!  The public knows fluorine only by bogus claims and the moniker, FLUORIDE!  Fluorine is the ACTIVE ingredient in 50% [or more] of all medications.  [Please read again!]

[FYI: fluorine is a gaseous element that assumes crystal [salt] form when combined with an alkaline earth metal, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc.  Fluoride is fluorine in salt form.]

Fluorine shuttles toxic drugs across cell membranes into cells WHERE DRUGS SHOULD NEVER BE!  Fluorine FORCES the terrain to accept poisonous substances!  Cipro [the medication] is such a substance, and it is LOADED with fluorine!  Cipro is famous for causing tendons to TURN BRITTLE and SNAP, especially in people over forty years of age.  Cipro destroys liver function, too!

Fluorine destroys brain function!  It is a known neurotoxin that promotes the ADD and ADHD in children.  Fluorine causes degenerative eye dis-eases such as cataract, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.  Oddly, fluoride does permanent damage to tooth enamel cells, yet it is promoted with the false claim of cavity prevention.

Fluoride DOES NOT prevent cavities, and it has NO KNOWN FUNCTION in human physiology.  There is nothing good about fluoride!  Paradoxically, tooth decay is NOT even defined as a fluorine deficiency dis-ease.  [Get fluorine OUT of your body, now!]

Fluoroquinolone medications and toothpaste disassociate in body fluids and release fluorine gas.  Lymph, blood, and stomach secretions are body fluids.  Fluorine is known as the wildcat of halogens and is EXTREMELY reactive and unstable, chemically speaking.  [See Chapter 16 in Young Again!]

Fluorine HARDENS teeth, bone, and connective tissue [ligaments, cartilage, tendons, skin, muscle, gums].  It SLOWS blood-flow to the brain and cripples mental function, too!  Fluorine FUELS neurologic dis-eases, such as neuropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.  Fluorine is the stuff of old age!  [Clear fluorine from your receptors and get it OUT of your body, now!]

Fluorine locks-up thyroid receptors and interferes with sexual metabolism and hormones because it is so chemically, REACTIVE!  Fluorine promotes calcification of the pineal gland, loss of flexibility, plaque in blood vessels and scar tissue formation.  [Fluorine can be DISLODGED from body receptors using bio-active, essential elements.  [FYI: receptor lock-up is hypothyroidism in women.]

Purging the terrain of fluorine requires bio-active essential elements.  Common supplements [pill or liquid] DO NOT DO THE JOB because they are chemically bound and a waste of money.

Loose teeth, Receding Gums & Osteoporosis

Loose teeth are acidification of gums.  Loss of bone mass is acidification of bone.  Gum recession is acidification of the jaw and skull.  Periodontal dis-ease is acidification of saliva.  [Please read again!]

Osteoporosis is NOT about bone densityas claimed by sick-care practitioners; iit’s about loss of bone mass!  They are NOT the same thing!  Osteoporosis is FAILURE to build, healthy new bone as fast as old bone disappears.  [Bone regeneration is a MULTI-YEAR PROCESS!  It takes one year just to get the body moving in the right direction.  Check-out the solution here.]

Osteoporosis of hips, legs and jaw in women has NOTHING to do with lack of dietary calcium.  Worse, osteopenia is a FAKE condition that DOES NOT EXIST!  Women are being scammed!

Osteoporosis occurs because of maldigestion and acidification of the terrain, meaning minerals exit bone to deacidify waste and buffer acidify.  When you hear the label osteoporosis, think of a terrain that has been highly acidic for decades!  [Details of the Terrain pH Protocol here.]

Essential Elements & Dental Health

Essential Element depletion and cancer of ovaries, uterus, prostate, and testicles are INTERDEPENDENT issues!  The elements are crucial for repair and maintenance of teeth, gums, jaw, and connective tissues.  Element depletion is WHY sex drive goes south after age 35 and WHY aging accelerates and WHY menopause/andropause are the official beginnings of old age.

Know iodine, selenium, and zinc ions are STORED in thyroid, ovaries, testicles, and prostate.  These elements have sexual overtones.  Pill forms are generally useless, non-bioactive forms with poor assimilation, and meaningless ion levels.  Essential Elements drive Metabolic Syndrome, insulin/leptin-resistance, and overweight/obesity are issues of faulty metabolism.

Cancer LOVES acidic terrain, waste overload, compromised liver, bowel dysfunction, and insulin/leptin-resistance.  Failure to comprehend the meaning of pH is costing people their health and their lives.  [BTW: symptoms of the so-called viruses are pH driven.]  [Please read again!]

Proton Pump Inhibitors & Hydrogen

Maldigestion, terrain acidification and urine/saliva pH are kissing cousins!  Urine pH is your best measure of terrain acidity [urine pH is a measure of unburned hydrogen ions in circulation.]

Urine pH in the 6s, 5s, and 4s accompanies mental decline and neurologic disorders such as neuropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.  [Ask for guidance.]

Readers MUST NOT confuse acidic pH with the myth of an alkaline terrain.  pH is NOT about eating and drinking alkaline food and water.  For example, natural apple cider vinegar is highly acidic, yet it boosts metabolism while reducing acidity.  pH MANAGEMENT IS ABOUT LESS ACIDITY, NOT MORE ALKALINITY!  [Please read this paragraph several times!]

Tums and Rolaids are mild antacids compared to PPIs [proton pump inhibitors].  People are TERRIBLY CONFUSED about acid indigestion and acid-reflux.  Neither condition is about excess stomach acid!

PPIs shut-down protein digestion.  Then maldigestion dominates! Shut-down hydrogen proton production and the reader can better understand starvation on a full belly!  Undigested protein putrefies and poisons the liver and STOPS fermentation of food and B-vitamin production.

Leakage of undigested proteins and drugs into blood ignites a firestorm of adverse reactions that are mislabeled as allergy, leaky-gut, and GERD [acid reflux].  Worse, medications STRIP the terrain of magnesium ions needed for healthy metabolism, hormone management and nerve function.

PPIs fuel low-grade inflammation, pH acidification, fatty-liver, insulin-resistance, cardiovascular stress, poor energy metabolism, Metabolic Syndrome, and dysfunctional bowel.  PPIs are pharma’s recipe for misery and maldigestion in people over 35 years of age.  [Please read again!]

Dental Facts & Useful Suggestions

Useful suggestions: brush teeth within 5 minutes of eating, brush gum margins gently, NEVER brush gums, avoid sweets and junk carbohydrates, do not snack or eat between meals [coconut fat & Lauric are the only exception], eat only two meals/day, floss immediately after meals, use a magnetic dental irrigator, wipe teeth surfaces with a cloth after brushing, flush with moderately-hot water after meals if you can’t brush, practice oil-pulling with coconut fat/oil, have teeth cleaned by hygienist 2x/year, avoid all x-rays [especially in children between 6-18 years of age.

Know improper tooth extractions leave-behind root fragments that develop into jaw/head infections called cavitationKnow that failure to burr-out tooth sockets after extraction results in ongoing infection of the jaw and head.  Know Holistic dentists correctly identify compromised tooth sockets as bone infections that dump toxins into blood returning to the heart [weakening heart muscle and valves].  Know periodontal dis-ease and inflamed gums indicate of insulin/leptin resistance, acidic pH, toxic terrain and compromised circulation

Know fluoride is POISON!  Do not use fluoridated tooth paste or mouth wash, and do not drink fluoridated water.  Know your bowels should move 3 times/day, every day.  Sluggish bowels force the body to store acidic waste that eventually destroys teeth, gums, and brain.

Know gum grafts are a scam; tissue from roof of mouth is DIFFERENT than gum tissue.  Know implants and root canals are terrible substitutes for what could have been avoided, and both procedures create a never-ending cycle of infection and systemic inflammation.  [If you have implants already, there are things you MUST do to avoid trouble and misery.  [Ask for help.]

Know healthy gums and teeth require generous secretion of non-acidic saliva which depends on drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily with bio-active sea mineral ions.  Know saliva volume affects ability to swallow food.  Know loose teeth and inflamed/bleeding gums are deadly, serious issues.

Know that the more often you eat, the greater the risk of dental dis-ease and insulin/leptin-resistance.  Know lauric acid capsules curb food cravings, ease gas and bloating, manage yeast overgrowth, reduce terrain pH, burn-off excess body fat, and boost energy production. 

Know the Enema Protocol reduces terrain acidity and eases teeth and gum issues.  Know enemas help you feel and look better, sleep more soundly, have more energy, and suffer less inflammation.  Know excess metabolic waste destroys teeth, gums, and terrain. 

Know x-rays DAMAGEteeth and DESTROY enamel cells that renew teeth surfaces.  X-rays on children should ONLY be for emergencies, NEVER at dentist discretion.  Know dentists use so-called symptoms of dying teeth to justify root canals that could be setttled by restoring blood and lymph circulation and clearing infection from the nerve and pulp chamber of teeth. 

Know poor circulation, cavities, bone cavitations, leaky fillings, toxicity and insulin/leptin resistance cause good teeth to become infected and die.  Know pain associated with a potential root canal can be STOPPED cheaply and quickly so the tooth/nerve can heal.  Ask for guidance.  Know common 3% hydrogen peroxide is a good, inexpensive teeth whitener that neutralizes problematic bacteria. 

Know there are simple, highly-effective ways to REDUCE tooth pain, AVOID root canals and HELP dying teeth survive and return to health.  GumMagic does wonders on sick gums and loose teeth.  Know John Thomas knows of three dentists who committed suicide because of mercury poisoning!

Know amalgam dental fillings [so-called, silver fillings] are 60% mercury.  Get them OUT of your head before senility and neurologic disorders [dementia and Alzheimer’s] take you down.  NEVER allow a dentist to put mercury into your body, and NEVER allow a dentist not trained in holistic dentistry to remove mercury fillings.  Improper removal is extremely dangerous with ugly, long-term consequences such as immune collapse, cancer and latent tuberculosis.  [Ask for guidance.]

Know bone cavitation, inflamed gums and infected root canals are VERY COMMON and can be detected by an elevated CRP score.  CRP accurately measures low-grade inflammation and sub-clinical infection that slithers under medical radar.  A score above -0- is trouble-in-progress, but physicians and labs tell patients below 1.0 is normal and fine!  It’s not!  Know x-rays are a misused diagnostic with long-term consequences.  Know dental issues compromised liver function, and the Tissue & Liver Protocol is very effective against weak liver function.  Ask for guidance.

Conclusion & Afterthoughts

Peak health is yours IF you avoid maldigestion, manage pH and maintain your Essential Elements

Know that popular digestive aids DO NOT HAVE energy profiles needed for correcting faulty digestion [especially in people over 50 years of age!]  Know all-in-one, single-pill digestive aids [regardless of brand] fail, miserably!  Aging bodies and human suffering are living proof! 

The Digestive Trio maximizes assimilation of food and supplemental nutrients.  Use the Trio to resurrect youthful digestion NO MATTER your age, diet, or circumstance!  The Digestive Trio is used for AS LONG AS you eat food and want to enjoy good health.  [Please read again!]

The body is made to live, and it knows how to renew itself!  Make it happen by getting out of the way, by embracing Applied Physiology and studying Special InsightsEverything is a cinch, inch-by-inch!  Ask for guidance.

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Food Allergies & Gluten-Intolerance

Understanding Food-Driven Inflammation

Maldigestion: The Universal Scourge!

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Gluten-intolerance is not an autoimmune response, and so-called autoimmune disorders do not cause the body to attack itself!  Maldigestion is the downfall of patients and practitioners alike because they don’t understand the physiology of digestion.  To learn more, read on.

Maldigestion: Tip Of The Iceberg

Food [and the ability to digest it] influences dis-ease and health MORE than any other factor.  And for every person suffering from maldigestion, thousands more suffer non-gluten-related food reactions.   Maldigestion is a scourge and this report explains exactly what you can do about it.

Gluten & Food Intolerance (GFI): immune reactions to undigested proteins; bloodstream invasion of undigested food proteins; inability to process food proteins; allergic reactions to food proteins.

Avoiding hostile proteins is crucial if you react to them,but avoidance does not solve the problem.  Unrecognized symptoms of protein maldigestion are allergy, belly-fat, gas/bloating, asthma, eczema/psoriasis, fatty-liver, insulin-resistance, obesity, and cardiovascular/renal dis-ease.

Gluten issues are aboutUNDIGESTEDprotein in the bloodstream, not gluten/wheat!  Inabilityto digest protein triggers and perpetuates food-related immune reactions.  Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome and inability to ferment food and make B-vitamins compounds the maldigestion dilemma.

The riddle of ‘eat or die’ has become the riddle of ‘eat and die!  To solve both riddles, read on.

Setting The Stage

Antibiotics set-the-stage for gluten and food intolerances, but vaxxes and medications escalate the effects.  Antibiotics, vaxxes and meds assault the intestinal mucosa, and eventually lead to Leaky-gut Syndrome and fungal hypha imbedded in the intestinal wall.

Fungal-yeast invasion follows use of antibiotics and creates ongoing urinary tract infections in women and prostate issues in men.  Add maldigestion, junk diets, steroids, statins, NSAIDS and insulin/leptin-resistance and YOU HAVE THE RECIPE for a life of misery.

Gluten is a hostile protein for those with known digestion challenges and for those unaware they suffer from maldigestion [inability to fully process food to completion.]  Maldigestion accelerates around age 50, which is also the window that people robotically get-in-line for sick-care.  What they get instead is misdiagnosis AND a missing diagnosis.  They are not the same thing.

UNDIGESTED [food] protein in the blood sets-off violent immune responses and metabolic chaos similar-to what insect and animal venoms provoke [venoms are foreign proteins].  Gluten and food reactions are subtle compared to venom and the foreign spike-proteins in mRNA vaxxes.

Chimeric, spike proteins attack the endothelial cells  of the lungs, blood vessels and kidneys.  Hence, the pandemic surge of blood clots [Rouleau Effect], Chronic Fatigue, ED, myocarditis, ADE [Antibody-Dependent Enhancement] and VED [Vaxx Enhanced Dis-ease].  [Post vaxx Rouleau is real!  It was pictured and discussed in detail 27 years ago [1994] in my book, Young Again!

Note: when animal DNA merges with human DNA, chimera [hybrids with compromised immunity] are artificially created.  Spike-protein vaxxes are breathing synthetic life into Old Testament, promised-land curses not seen since the days of Moses, Aaron, Caleb, and Joshua!  [Remedies exist.]

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective and solutions on matters of health and longevity.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being.

Hydrogen, Food Metabolism & Lifeforce

Food counts, but the ability to digest food and burn hydrogen counts more!  Gluten sensitivity and food-reactions are effects maldigestion, inability to ferment food, and failure to make your own B-vitamins in your colon.

Digestion determines the amount of usable energy food yields.  Faulty food-to-energy conversion and faultyhydrogen metabolism are behind the obesity/overweight epidemic.  [Learn more here]. 

The proton hydrogen is your body’s primary source of energy.  Food and water are primary hydrogen donors, fats are the most energy dense foods.  Calories are an irrelevant metric.  Sugar [C12H22O12] contains 22 hydrogens; water [H2O] contains 2 hydrogens.  Hydrogen islifeforceThe body’s bio-electric energy comes from non-thermal burning and metabolism of hydrogen.  Hydrogen is what powers the sun.  ATP [adenosine-triphosphate] only powers cellular metabolism, and is a weak molecule compared to the hydrogen’s energy potential.  ‘p’ in pH stands for potential [hydrogen]!  Digestion releases covalent-bonded hydrogen in food and water.  Inability to digest food and free hydrogen is ‘the’ issue!  Failure to metabolize hydrogen turns body-fluid [urine] pH acidic.  Hydrogen and metabolic waste are acidicUrine pH is a measure of unburned hydrogen ions in circulation.  Urine pH rises and falls as hydrogen ion levels rise and fall.  The better digestion, the more energy available for growth and repair.  Dis-ease and aging are side-effects of faulty hydrogen metabolism and maldigestion. The Digestion Trio solves the maldigestion/hydrogen dilemma.  Ask for help.

Medical Messiahs & Bogus Medicine

Practitioners and knockoff academics are the new messiahs!  Their official job is to protect the masses from invading microbes and make-believe viruses.  The problem is, immunity is NOT a germ-killing, antibody system.  Dis-ease is neglect and abuse, not invasion by microbes and viruses.

Antibodies do NOT attack, and T-cells do not march!  Stimulus and response were never the basis of immunity, and health is NOT machine produced!  Germ Theory is a preposterous oversimplification that ignores the body’s God-given, innate intelligence.  Germ Theory is the gibberish of fools!  Germ Theory provides cover for misdiagnosis and medical abuse. [See fish cartoon here].

The basic state of the body is health and lifeforce.  When lifeforce flows, health flows.  The element hydrogen provides the energy behind the lifeforce phenomenon.  Lifeforce is individual expression, vitality, energy, and imagination. [Read about Hydrogen Magic here.]

Maldigestion & Inflammation

Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome is a collection of symptoms that includes compromised liver and bowels and the issues associated with Metabolic SyndromeMaldigestion throws many shadows.

Readers desiring peak health must understand that by age 50, digestive efficiency is HALF of what it was at age 24, and for each 5 years thereafter efficiency falls by half!  By age 70, digestive efficiency is less than 3% of age twenty-four. 

Family history and genes are artifacts of the sick-care medical system.  Medicine uses them to shift perception and avoid blaming dis-ease for what it is: self-imposed effects of neglect and abuse.    

Symptoms of so-called autoimmune disorders are the side-effects of maldigestion!  Protein invasion of the blood expresses as inflammation and the symptoms of dis-ease.  Things autoimmune have NOTHING TO DO with the preposterous idea that the body attacks itself.  Read it again! 

UNDIGESTED, food protein poisons blood, stresses the liver and eventually manifests as insulin-resistance and Metabolic Syndrome.  These disorders affect 95% of the populace young and old.  Shadow symptoms of maldigestion are: intestinal putrefaction, constipation [less than 3x/day], gas/bloating, poor sleep, diverticulitis, colitis, polyps/cancer and failure to make your own B-vitamins.  Applied Physiology is he Young Again solution to this 21st Century scourge.

Note: the combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough, and measles among children up to age fifteen shows that 90 percent [90%] of the decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 occurred [before] introduction of antibiotics and immunization.  Improved nutrition and adequate food were responsible for reduction in mortality.  Advances in medicine, sanitation and housing had little to do with improvements in mortality.  Big pharma and medicine make sure that school curriculums only teach Germ Theory Medicine.  [Dis-ease is NOT disease!]

Maldigestion & Toxicity

The body is made to live, and when live food is fully processed and digested, lifeforce flows.  The Terrain pH Protocol promotes lifeforce by maintaining healthy pH.  Best of all, it’s free! 

CRP [C-reactive protein] measures low-grade inflammation, and contrary to medical myth the only acceptable CRP score is zero!  Above -0- says you have fire smoldering in your body, and where there is fire, you will find dis-ease.  Ask for help.

Maldigestion is failure digest and absorb nutrients from food, that is, assuming food and supplements contain viable nutrient ions.  Vitamins are useless without essential ions and vital organs lose their vitality without them.  Ion depletion haunts billions of people who labor under false medical diagnoses.  Ion depletion is starvation with a full belly!

Pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance are expressions of sub-clinical malnourishment, maldigestion, and essential ion depletion.  Probiotics are overrated; they DO NOT traverse the stomach.  Probiotics are NOT endospheres [master species of microbes that regulate functional immunity].

The practicable solution for maldigestion is to use the Young Again Digestive Trio.  The Immune Protocol restores functional immunity.  Long-term effects of both are simply, amazing!

Things Readers Should Know

Did you know pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance precede and accompany arthritis, cardiovascular dis-ease, and cancer?  Sick-care medicine does NOT understand Applied Physiology, especially in the occult stagePrediabetes is diabetes in-progress, doctor opinion and labs not-withstanding. 

Insulin/leptin-resistance is a sleeper condition that goes unrecognized by practitioners.  Instead, patients and practitioners focus on the misleading metric A1c.  Know that blood sugar between 90-120 leads to fungal-yeast takeover of the terrain and glycation of RBCs [red blood corpuscles].  [Eat only 2 meals/day, 6 hours apart, with no snacking of any kind, except for coconut fat.]

Food lacking essential ions is NOT food!  Soils containing glyphosate [Roundup] residues suffer ion gridlock that prevents plant uptake of soil ions through the microbe/root interface.  Ion depletion causes insects and microbes to attack crops and humans to suffer dis-ease!  Don’t forget it!

Glyphosate is ubiquitous and eating organic WILL NOT avoid glyphosate poisoning. Maldigestion, obesity and insulin-resistance are side-effects.  Worse, glyphosate compounds reactions to chimeric proteins in mRNA vaxxes.  Spike-proteins in mRNA vaxxes assault immune function.  It’s critical that readers clear glyphosate residues to protect themselves from shedding of spike-proteins by the vaxxed!  [BTW: monoclonal antibody drugs and protease inhibitors are traps!  Avoid them!]

Insulin/leptin-resistance is early-stage diabetes mellitus in an acidic body.  Low pH [6s, 5s & 4s] is dis-ease in-progressOsteoporosis and periodontal gum issues are examples.  Acidic pH drives false-positive COVID tests, too!  Read it again!  [Manage your body pH for FREE.]

Cribbing is the horse version of ion depletionCribbing refers to horses that eat their wooden stalls in desperate attempt to get essential ions.  In dogs the symptom is licking of paws.  In humans the problem is dis-ease.  Practitioners misdiagnose ion depletion and prescribe toxic medications to treat imaginary diseases.  It’s called sick-care medicine!  Don’t forget it!

Metabolic Syndrome, Food Supplements & Guillain-Barre

Metabolic Syndrome and ion depletion are dual issues.  If you have one, you have the other.  Recognized symptoms of both are cardiovascular dis-ease, insulin/leptin resistance, diabetes, kidney/pancreas dysfunction, fatty-liver, high serum triglycerides and excess weight [more than 10 lbs. over high school weight].  [Unrecognized symptoms are listed above.]

Food supplements are supposed to offset nutrient deficient food and junk diets.  Supplements lacking bio-active elemental ions are worthless and a waste of money, no matter the brand!

Millions of cases of fatty-liver, Metabolic Syndrome and kidney dysfunction go undiagnosed in the occult stage!  Millions of people suffer symptoms, and millions of people are ignored.  Flying below medical radar is a COMORBIDITY that accentuates reactions to chimeric proteins in vaxxes.  Shedding of spike-proteins by those vaxxed is a real problem!  Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) is on the rise due to medical abuse and pandemic protocols.  Practitioners do NOT recognize or diagnose GBS.  Few survive!  [John Thomas has personal experience.  GBS almost killed him in year 2012.]

Bowels, Polyps, Cancer & The Vagus Nerve

Maldigestion affects brain function, mood, and emotions!  The vagus nerve is the largest nerve in the body and the primary bi-directional communication highway between the brain and vital organs.  The vagus is responsible for orchestrating immune functions of the gut/brain axis

By 35 years of age, maldigestion and dysfunctional bowels are givens!  People assume their digestion is “Just fine!” because they poop regularly, but they are mistaken!  Pooping is a volume-in/volume-out function that depends on complete digestion and the ability to ferment food and make B-vitamins [in your colon]. 

Fatty-liver dis-ease is epidemic because Dysfunctional Gut Syndrome and Metabolic Syndrome are epidemic!  Cancer of the bowel is #1 and faulty digestion is behind it!  [Here’s how to help yourself].

Know that your bowels should move three to five times/day and your waste should be free-flowing and resemble a cow-pie in the pasture.  Formed stools are neither desirable nor good, and contrary to urban myth, a free-flowing bowel is NOT diarrhea; that’s just how people refer to it.

Discussion of bowel habits is both a social and medical, taboo!  Practitioners and patients avoid the topic and most malign and attack the therapeutic enema.  Partially digested food in stool says digestion is a mess, but lack of undigested food is not confirmation that all is well.  Regularity is not indicative of digestive efficiency and cancer of the colon ends any debate!  Please read again!

Icelandic Magic is about fermentation of the food, the ability to make B-vitamins and healthy bowels.  Know that prostate and bladder troubles are spin-offs of toxic bowel and acidic terrain.

Mid-life slowdown has EVERYTHING to do with inability to process dietary fats like coconut and butter.  Oils are NOT fats!  Fat metabolism controls hormone/adrenal function, stress, and anxiety.  Estrogen/testosterone imbalance is symptomatic of faulty fat metabolism!  Please read again!

Solving The Gluten & Food-Intolerance Riddle

Popular digestive aids DO NOT have the energy profiles needed to correct faulty digestion, especially if you are over 50 years of age!  The Digestive Trio supports maximum assimilation of food nutrients and hydrogen protons [see Hydrogen, above].  All-in-one, single-pill digestive aids, regardless of brand, fail miserably.  The Digestive Trio resurrects digestion efficiency no matter your age, diet, or circumstance.  If you eat food, the Digestive Trio is an absolute, MUST!  Learn more here.

Sidebar!  Practitioners are smart people.  However, they do not understand the physiology of dis-ease.  University schooling is flawed and colored by Germ Theory.  And, if practitioners suffer from limited understanding, what makes regular people think they understand Applied Physiology with little or no academic foundation or exposure to clinical dis-ease and schooling in the sciences of inorganic, organic, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology and biology?  Academic schooling is NOT about understanding! Parroting of flawed theory perpetuated sick-care medicine.  The internet is information without understanding!  Better to use the ColorSmart Learning System and read Special Insights and acquire real understanding, develop foundation and rise above limitations inherent in academic schooling.  ColorSmart and Special Insights are physiology that bypasses the sick-care medicine trap.  Applied Physiology is practicable knowledge you can apply!


Peak health can be yours if you manage your digestion with the Digestive Trio and tend to your body’s levels of Essential Elements.  Both protocols are exclusive to Young Again Club! 

The body is made to live, and it knows how to renew itself, too!  Make it happen by getting out of the way and supporting your body with Applied PhysiologyAsk for help.

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A Better Way 

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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The Time Is Now!

You have Options

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

  • 1. Your best defense is a physiologically strong terrain and a strong offense.
  • 2. What is coming is unlike anything any of us have ever faced before.
  • 3. Self-defense is possible, but good food and common supplements will not do it.
  • 4. Delay and worry are useless; immediate action is necessary.
  • 5. You have viable options; be willing to take-action on your own behalf.
  • 6. Ignore silly backyard remedies for dealing with the vaxx.  There is much to know.
  • 7. People have neither the time nor background to comprehend human physiology.
  • 8. Time is of essence!  Reach out and learn how to prepare for war.
  • 9. We are in a war against God and humanity.
  • 10. May God help all of us. 

If you need guidance, I am happy to help.

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

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Ultra-Blue [Super -Food] Supplement

Nucleic Acids & Cyan-Blue Pigments

The Ultimate 21st Century Super-Food

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

The dilemma of sick-food is upon us!  Nutrient deficient and genetically altered food is undermining people’s health.  Fake food is slow-motion-poison.  Fake food violates the meaning of food.  Real food sustains life.  Real food cures dis-ease and rids the body of symptoms patients and practitioners mislabel as disease.

This report is about the new super-food Ultra-Blue that is named for benefits that come from cyan-blue pigments and bioactive nucleic acids.  Ultra-Blue adds meaning to food supplementation.

Ultra-Blue is a timely offering considering the miserable state of the food chain.  Ultra-Blue supplies energy frequencies common supplements and organic foods lack.  Ultra-Blue manages waste and protects against environmental toxins and  downstream effects of vaxx mania.  To learn more, read on.

Ultra-Blue is a perfect super supplement; a potent formulation of cyan-blue pigments and nucleic-acids the body needs.  Below is a review of Ultra-Blue benefits that make it a cornerstone of every dietary regimen.  [BTW: readers can get a FREE BOTTLE of Ultra-Blue with this limited-time BOGO OFFER.  Details below.]

Nucleic Acids & Cyan-Blue Pigments

The colors of the rainbow ARE the visible light spectrum.  Cyan-blue is particularly important because it vibrates at 490-570 nanometers wavelength; the frequencies where photosynthesis transforms sunlight into nucleotides we need for health and longevity.  Cyan-blue is about lifeforce!

Cyan-blue is in the band-width of light spectrum where nucleic acids form living proteins that compete against spike proteins associated with so-called viruses and mRNA vaxxes.  Nucleic acids promote healthy blood-oxygen levels to defend against spike-protein-driven capillary clotting and low-grade inflammation that accompanies chimeric DNA alterations of body physiology.  [Cross-specie hybridization of human physiology is scary stuff!]

mRNA vaxxes and monoclonal antibody drugs contain cross-specie proteins that alter DNA and corrupt God’s handiwork!  Worse, they create trans-humans.  Trans-specie proteins antagonize common comorbidities and provoke autoimmune reactions!  Use Ultra-Blue to defend against chimeric modification, limit corruption of DNA and lessen susceptibility to dis-ease variants, VED [vaxx-enhanced dis-ease] and shedding to others.

Ultra-Blue is the ultimate super-food of the 21st Century!

Promotes vibrant metabolism.                          

Supports healthy innate immune system expression.

Protects against effects of 5-G radiation.             

Protects against spike-protein, chimeric dis-ease.

Provides nucleic acids for regeneration.             

Boosts lifeforce & the perfect real-food supplement.

Fuels mitochondrial output of ATP.                 

Promotes healthy liver and blood-oxygen levels.

Provides cyan-blue related energy.                 

Unlimited shelf-life & the perfect super-food supplement.

Contains no inflammatory oxalates.                

Crisis nourishment for both good times and bad.

This BOGO [buy-one get-one] offer is a one-year supply at 50% off!

Get your FREE BOTTLE of Ultra-Blue [300 capsules] when you order one bottle at the regular price.   That’s two bottles [a one-year supply] at half-off.  Or order three bottles and save even more.

Take advantage of this limited-time offer today!  You will be glad you did. 

JohnThomas@YoungAgainClub.com or (509) 465-4154

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A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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Boost Your Health By

Making Your Own B-vitamins

[A Dietary Gift From The Vikings]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

The human body is designed to heal itself and fermenting food in your colon is the perfect way to make it happen!  Fermentation is how the body makes its own B-vitamins.  Fermented food eases premature  aging and dis-ease.  Fermented food is key for a healthy life.  To learn more, read on.

Viking Health In The 21st Century

The Vikings settled Iceland around 800 A.D.  Settlers had little choice but to ferment food [both animal and crops] to sustain themselves.  Fermentation allowed the Vikings to enjoy peak health and live 100 years when humans world-wide suffered miserably and died young.

For 1,000 years degenerative dis-ease was NOT an issue in Viking Iceland because they fermented their food.  Later, when Icelanders embraced the traditional English diet [around year 1800], premature aging and dis-ease decimated the population.  Disorders of the bowel led the way, then and now!

Disorders such as sluggish bowel [less than three movements/day], polyps, colitis, diverticulitis, gas & bloat, pre-diabetes, diabetes, skin disorders, body odor, acidic pH, cardiovascular issues and CANCER are rooted in dysfunctional bowels and the inability to ferment food in your colon as we were designed.

The Icelandic Dietary Phenomenon

Icelandic Magic lets everyone partake in the Icelandic [Viking] Dietary Phenomenon of fermentation of food in the colon and making of B-vitamins as we are supposed to do.  Fermentation neutralizes low-grade inflammation.  Fermentation eases suffering and promotes health.

In 2018, readers learned of the Icelandic Dietary Phenomenon and accepted my offer to duplicate the miracle for themselves.  And what a miracle it was!  Suffering and symptoms eased and disappeared as health improved with just two capsules of Icelandic Magic taken twice daily.

John Thomas just posted before and after photos of himself on youngagainclub.com website so readers can see the benefits of fermentation!  [Photos were taken 8 years apart!]. The 2013 photo was taken just six months after John’s near-death experience.  See John Thomas’ health history, here.

Icelandic Magic Introductory Offer

The introductory offer for Icelandic Magic is STILL AVAILABLE for those who did not take advantage of it.  You get three bottles [3-month supply] for only $100 plus shipping.  Be sure and take advantage of it.

Icelandic Magic opens the door for better health and avoiding symptoms associated with sick-care medicine.  This link provides questions and answers about Icelandic Magic.  This link tells the full story of Iceland’s Dietary Phenomenon.  One-thousand years of health and longevity cannot be denied!

Eating fermented food makes sense, but you can’t eat enough to duplicate the Icelandic Phenomenon.  Fermented food is expensive and few people care for it.  Besides, availability is limited.

Icelandic Magic let’s everyone experience the miracle of fermentation.  Icelandic Magic remedies dis-ease and premature aging and it helps your body make B-vitamins, too!

Fermentation helped John Thomas regenerate his 77-year-old body.  He did it and you can too!

Order Icelandic Magic today and experience the miracle of Viking-Iceland.

JohnThomas@YoungAgainClub.com or (509) 465-4154

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A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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Food [Without] Flavor & Lifeforce
Malnourishment In The 21st Century
∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Food doesn’t taste like food anymore! It’s flavorless and worse, it has no lifeforce with which to nourish the body. As Tom Hanks famously said in the movie Apollo 13 “Houston, we have a problem!” To learn more, read on.
Malnourishment On A Full Belly
Malnourishment drives aging and dis-ease more than any other factor. Food lacks essential ions and compromised digestion is sabotaging nutrient uptake from both food and food supplements.
Pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance are nourishment and digestion issues, but neither practitioners nor patients understand the insidious risk they pose for people living in the 21st Century. “Houston, we have a problem!”
Did you know insulin/leptin-resistance PRECEDES the onset of arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer? People with these killer conditions do not necessarily ever get diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Instead, think diabetes in-the-making. This problem affects most of the populace.
Insulin/leptin-resistance is a sleeper condition that is generally ignored by practitioners if your A1c score is under 7.0. Blood sugar over 90 is a very big deal. “Houston, we have a problem!”
Compromised digestion and lack of essential ions seeds insulin/leptin-resistance; a condition that falls-short of clinical diabetes, but it’s dis-ease just the same. The condition haunts humans and animals and eventually shows-up as dental/gum problems.
Cribbing is the horse version of ion depletion. Cribbing refers to horses that eat their stalls in desperate attempt to get essential ions. In dogs, the tell-tale-symptom is licking of paws. In humans, practitioners issue misdiagnoses and treat patients with drugs for things they don’t have.
The label Metabolic Syndrome describes what’s really going on beneath the surface of human physiology in the 21st Century. FOOD WITHOUT FLAVOR IS THE CLUE that our food is devitalized and devoid of essential elements and lifeforce. [More below.]
Organic Food, Glyphosate & Lifeforce
Food without ions is not food! Crops and soils exposed to glyphosate [Roundup] go into ion gridlock where plants lose the ability to uptake ions even when the microbe/root interface is functional.
Essential Elements are UNEQUALLY distributed in the earth’s crust. Soil, like the body, must be supplemented or chronic dis-ease becomes the norm.
Plants and animals need essential ions to sustain health and growth. Without a full spectrum of all 15 essential ions, health is impossible. Dis-ease is ion depletion in disguise.
Eating organic food is woke, but truth-be-told organic food lacks essential ions which MUST be gotten through supplementation.
The term ‘organic’ implies food is healthier for the pesticides it supposedly does not contain. The real issue [ion depletion] and loss of flavor go unnoticed and get no respect. This report is about our 21st Century food dilemma.
Ion depleted soil and glyphosate contaminated food are huge problems. Glyphosate residues accumulate in the body and are universal to everyone. You must get glyphosate OUT OF YOUR BODY or you will forfeit your health no matter what kind of food you eat! [More below.]
Organic food is grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers under the misconception that these inputs are evil and cause malnourishment. However, glyphosate is an herbicide that interferes with ion uptake. Organic food, like sick-care medicine, has been taken-over by big-ag and big-pharma and we the people are paying for it with our health and lives.
Lifeforce describes food’s energy footprint and unique ability to grow healthy bodies free of dis-ease. Without essential ions the meaning of the graveyard adage “ashes to ashes, dust to dust” escapes our understanding. Ashes are mineral ions that came from soil. Modern food is the equivalent of medicine’s Standard of Care. Empty calories and medical hype without substance.
Organic food does NOT guarantee health. Oddly, people who do not eat organic are no worse-off than those who do! COMMON TO BOTH GROUPS IS MALNOURISHMENT AND COMPROMISED DIGESTION. Lack of flavor, ion depletion and glyphosate are driving the 21st Century food crisis.
Plants use the microbe/root interface to capture and offer-up essential ions so animals and humans can have health and strong bodies. Without ions, proteins, carbohydrates become empty calories.
Without the ability to absorb dietary fats, humans can’t make hormones. Without ions and proper digestion, malnourishment rules. The label Metabolic Syndrome comes to mind.
Metabolic Syndrome & Supplements
Metabolic Syndrome and ion depletion are parallel issues. The symptoms are: cardiovascular dis-ease, insulin/leptin resistance, diabetes, kidney and pancreas dysfunctions, belly-fat, high serum triglycerides and excess weight [10 pounds over high school weight]. These symptoms are the backbone of the sick-care industry and dis-ease as we know it.
Food supplements are supposed to make-up-for nutrient deficient food. Most supplements fail because either they don’t contain biologically-active ions, or because of poor nutrient assimilation and faulty digestion, or because vital organs can’t do their job [think: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, thyroid, adrenals, kidneys, heart, spleen, brain, bowel and gut.]
Faulty Digestion, Bowel Issues, Polyps & Cancer
Faulty digestion is EXTREMELY COMMON! So is depletion of essential elements. BOTH conditions drive aging and chronic dis-ease because both sabotage health.
After 35 years of age faulty digestion and dysfunctional bowel are givens. Few recognize these problems and assume wrongly that their digestion is ‘just fine!’ because they poop regularly! Sorry, digestion declines with age and malnourishment escalates without a daily supply of essential ions.
Pooping appears to be a volume-in/volume-out thing, but it’s heavily influenced by liver and pancreas function, insulin/leptin-resistance and the inability to ferment food and make B-vitamins.
The bowels should move three to five times/day! Waste should be free-flowing and resemble a cow-pie in the pasture. Formed stools are neither desirable nor good. Contrary to popular myth, a free-flowing bowel is NOT diarrhea. Sadly, bowel physiology is a socially taboo topic
Undigested food in waste says digestion is a mess! However, lack of undigested food in waste is NOT confirmation that all is well. Don’t confuse them! Regularity is wrongly construed to be a measure of digestive efficiency. It’s not! Please read it again!
The vagas nerve is the largest nerve in the body. The vagas communicates and coordinates vital organ function between the brain and organs of the peritoneal cavity [belly]. The vagas nerve a two-way information highway that controls heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys, gut, spleen and bowel. The bowels affect metabolism and physiology more than people realize. Please read it again!
Colon polyps and colon cancer are predictable effects of faulty digestion, sluggish bowels and inability to ferment food in the colon. Icelandic Magic is about food fermentation and healthy bowel. Gas, bloat and belly-fat are indicative of compromised bowel that eventually manifests as prostate and bladder dysfunction.
Digestion goes south after age 35, followed by sexual dysfunction in its many forms. By age 45, the metabolic shift is confirmed by onset of menopause and andropause. Hormone issues are linked to inability to process dietary FATS [coconut and butter]. Hormonea are a digestion issue NOT a hormone issue! Please read it again!
Vanity & Malnourishment
Vanity issues [hair, skin, belly fat, breast sag, obesity, loss of muscle mass and slowing sex drive] are symptomatic of ion depletion, compromised digestion, hormone imbalance, bowel dysfunction, malnourishment and compromised liver and pancreas.
If starved of nourishment, the body will STEAL essential elements from the vital organs and bones will fail to grow and renew. [Here‘s the real story on the osteoporosis scam.]
Nutrient theft accelerates after age thirty-five and by fifty the chicken comes home to roost! You can steal elemental reserves from your vital organs until you can’t! When that day arrives, the word dis-ease gains new meaning. Please read it again!
Our choices determine how fast we age and how much we suffer! Variables are faulty digestion, inability to absorb and assimilate food and supplemental nutrients and depletion of essential ions. Food and food supplements are USELESS without the ability to process and metabolize them!
Few readers realize that vitamins are cofactors that REQUIRE elemental ions to become biologically active. By themselves, vitamins are useless!
Humans are supposed to make B-vitamins in their colon, but it doesn’t happen unless you can ferment your food. Icelandic Magic is about making your own B-vitamins! Fermentation of food is how you manage and prevent cancer! [BTW: cancer has nothing to do with genes, family history or viruses. Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize for proving that cancer is a fungal condition in 1931! It’s also a condition of neglect and abuse Never forget it!
Grow Your Food or Have Someone Grow It For You
Food grown outside the market system should be EVERYONE’S ABSOLUTE TOP PRIORITY considering the deplorable state of the food chain. Growing your own food gives you control over your health and provides a way to by-pass environmental pollutants.
Few people have the time, experience and energy needed to grow food, BUT THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DO KNOW HOW TO GROW FOOD. So, hire them and put-up food for winter by freezing it in zip bags. Whatever healthy food costs, the price-is-cheap!
You can buy food at farmer’s markets, but hiring someone to grow food for you is more predictable and less expensive. Growing real food is hard work! Be grateful and don’t complain of the cost.
[FYI: John Thomas knows a thing or two about hard work and growing real food! He personally tends every aspect of a one-acre garden/farm/orchard and he does it without power equipment, by-hand at age 77 years of age.
The YoungAgainClub.com home page shows what John Thomas looks like at 77 years of age. The photo was taken on June 20, 2021 while helping his daughter with her garden and irrigation system.
To grow food, you need land, sunshine, equipment and knowhow! So, hire someone to grow your food. Ask around, call friends and local garden clubs. People who know how to grow food love to do it and they need income like everyone else. Most are seniors with time on their hands, years of experience and slim budgets.
Food Is No Longer food
ARTIFICIAL, GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOOD IS POISON, NOT FOOD! Commercial food robs your body of lifeforce and it is loaded with the herbicide, glyphosate [Roundup]. Glyphosate is unlike other agricultural poisons! It accumulates in the tissues and sets-the-stage for immune collapse and dis-ease! [BTW: glyphosate is behind the COVID fiasco and adverse aspects of vaxx madness.]
[Note: John Thomas discovered how to rid the body of glyphosate residues, prevent accumulation and reverse metabolic collapse that accompanies it! The process is simple and effective with no downside. Use it to boost immunity, offset autoimmune issues and address digestive shortfalls.]
Poisoned, ion-depleted food is the recipe of premature aging and entrapment in the sick-care system. Locate a source of real food and STOP EATING COMMERCAILLY GROWN NON-FOOD that lacks flavor and lifeforce. Your health and life depend on it. Food is your medicine!
Solving The Digestion Dilemma
Common digestive aids DO NOT have the energy profile needed to correct faulty digestion, and all the sick and aging people are living-proof of digestive malnourishment! Probiotics are nice, but they DO NOT correct age-related digestive shortfalls. Please read it again!
The Young Again Club Digestive Trio includes three different formulas and energy profiles plus multiple co-factors for optimum digestion of food. The Trio is highly effective, universally applicable and absolutely central to managing health, regardless of your age or circumstance.
By age 50, digestive capacity is HALF of what it was at age 24. For each additional 5 years after fifty, digestive efficiency drops by half. By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of what it was at age 24. After age fifty, malnourishment is 100% predictable and the problem gets worse each passing year. Note: when sewage workers pump septic tanks, they find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and food supplements. [Learn more here.]

Essential Elemental ions are critical components of digestion because digestion DEPENDS on healthy vital organ function. Without bioactive elemental ions, organs lose their vitality. Essential ions restore vital organ function, promote digestion, elevate lifeforce and reverse aging and dis-ease.
There is no way for reader’s to get viable, elemental ions from food or common supplements! Worse, faulty digestion sabotages absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Health and vitality are impossible without a daily supply of liquid, bioactive, elemental ions that are exclusive to Young Again Club. YAC supplements and protocols are unique. Make your food and supplements count with the YAC Digestive Protocol.
Sidebar! [Physicians are smart people, but they DO NOT understand nutritional physiology and dis-ease! And if practitioners have limited understanding, what chance does the average person have? What [tell me!] makes people think they understand human physiology when they have little or no academic foundation or exposure to clinical dis-ease or training in the core sciences of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and physiology and biology]? Point: the internet offers information without understanding. Ignorance is not knowing what you don’t know! Instead, seek guidance and expand your understanding with the Young Again Club ColorSmart Learning System. It is a great way to develop foundation, avoid internet misinformation and rise above limitations inherent in formal schooling. Instead, get understanding so you can decipher medical misinformation and avoid entrapment in the sick-care system. Understanding allows you to appreciate clinical research and make good observations without confusion or getting misled. Ask John Thomas for details.]
Final Thoughts
Your body is made to live and it knows what to do to renew itself! Your job is to get out of the way and provide it what it needs. The body ages and dies when depleted of essential ions and deprived of lifeforce through progressive, digestive malnourishment! Do your part and your body will handle the rest. Ask for guidance.
[As promised above, here is the story of Iceland’s 1,000-year health phenomenon. Make it your story and you will be glad you did!]
Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth. I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked. My mission is to offer perspective and solutions on matters of health and longevity. People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being.

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence! People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option. Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma and licensing boards. Virtual medicine is a faceless system! It is turning sick-care medicine ever more sterile.
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Reclaim Your Energy & Vitality, Now!!

Reclaim Your Energy & Vitality, Now!

The Baking Soda pH Challenge

[Low Energy & Sodium Invasion]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

As we age, sodium invades our cells setting-the-stage for degenerative dis-ease.  Sodium invasion is universal to everyone regardless of lifestyle or diet.  Here is story for the very first time.

Get your FREE BOTTLE of Vitality Complex WITHOUT a purchase.  To learn more, read on.

Sodium Invasion & Loss of Energy & Vitality

The report is about sodium invasion of tissues and cells and how to prevent and reverse the dilemma.  It’s also about restoration and maintenance of body pH, de-acidification of your terrain [as measured by urine pH] and boosting energy production and immune defenses.     

Sodium invasion occurs simultaneous with accumulation of acid waste, low pH and depletion of essential elements.  These three factors accelerate around age 40 and must be addressed if you want to maintain your health and turn-back your biological clock.  This report provides important details.  Study it carefully.

Baking soda [sodium bicarbonate] is very effective for reducing acid waste as measured by urine pH.  However, soda is 65% sodium and too much sodium causes edema in people with elemental ion depletion.  Edema comes with belly fat and metabolic syndrome and both are poorly understood.

Edema is about retention of excess fluid in tissues and the cardiovascular system.  Use of diuretics intensifies sodium invasion and shuts-down mitochondrial production of ATP.  Avoid diuretics!

Diuretics weaken the protective electrical grid surrounding cells in people with  compromised terrains.  So do statin drugs and monoclonal-antibodies, blood thinners, beta blockers and proton-pump inhibitors.  Restore your terrain and you will have NO NEED for medications.

Ion depletion allows sodium to INVADE cells and a bicarbonate deficit sets the stage.  Vitamin-C tablets [not powder] taken with baking soda releases bicarbonates in soda.  [So-called medical lab tests ignore these factors and so does sick-care medicine.  Like it or not, you are on your own.]

Jekyll & Hyde Sodium

Sodium is your body’s primary electrolyte, but sodium has a dual personality.  Sodium conducts ELECTRICITY in blood as well as extracellular fluids outside cell membranes in the interstitial spaces BETWEEN cells.  Extracellular fluid is NOT lymphatic fluid.  Do not confuse them.

Sodium invasion alters the electrical state of your cells, especially when ion depletion is involved.   Ion depletion is a key element as to why 5-G signals harm some people worse than others.  Heat stroke also involved ion depletion. It occurs when there is insufficient sodium in extracellular fluids at the same time there are insufficient essential ions guarding the inner cell membrane. 

Excess sodium inside cells shuts-down mitochondrial production of ATP, fueling metabolic chaos and accelerated aging.  Failure to understand human physiology increases your vulnerability to sick-care medicine and puts your life on the line.  Lack of knowledge has a high price.

Mitochondria dis-ease is about sodium invasion and diminished cellular ATP production.  As ATP falls, aging accelerates.  All so-called dis-ease involves dysfunctional mitochondria.  Those suffering from chronic or degenerative issues define mitochondrial dysfunction.  Don’t ignore it!

Falling ATP production sets-the-stage for cancer and cell apoptosis due to waste-burdened tissues and organs.  DIAGNOSIS OF CANCER IS CONFIRMATION of disturbed cellular respiration, abnormal glycolysis and citric acid cycle dysfunction.  Sodium invasion affects all physiology!

FYI: sodium ions line the outside of cell membranes; potassium ions line inner cell membranes creating an electrical differential that keeps excess sodium OUT of cells.  Ion depletion, lack of bicarbonates and low pH occur simultaneously.  Read it again!

pH, Vitamin-C & Germ Theory

pH 7.0 is neutral; not much going on at pH 7.0.  Raise pH to 8.0 and metabolic activity takes-off as tissues release acid-bound waste.  Bicarbonates [in soda] RELEASE tissue-bound waste and NEUTRALIZE metabolic acids.  Urine pH rises and falls according to circulating waste levels; blood pH is very stable.  Labs do not measure tissue-bound waste.  Assume waste is there because it is!

Upon rising, pH should be 6.5 [+ -].  If pH is in low 6’s, 5’s or 4’s, UGLY THINGS are going-on.  Low pH precedes and accompanies clinical onset of dis-ease and misery.  If you suffer from chronic or degenerative dis-ease it’s time to rid your body of acid-bound waste and restore your terrain.

Forget pH labs tests; they are USELESS!  Practitioners suffer the same issues as patients.  The problem with sick-care medicine is mal-training, Germ Theory, ignorance of mycology, failure to listen to patients, misdiagnosis, incompetence and adherence to the Rules of Standard of Care

Rare is the practitioner [or patient] who does not believe in the Germ Theory of DiseaseVirology is a germ theory knockoff and the basis of the fraudulent Corona pandemic and vaxxes.

Baking soda  restores pH.  Soda should be taken with 2,000 mgs. of vitamin-C to release bicarbonates in the soda.  Do not mix them in water or carbon dioxide will be lost.  Soda neutralizes vitamin-C so don’t count the ‘C’ as part of your daily vitamin-C intake of 5-10 thousand milligrams/day.  [Loose bowel is caused by release of waste from liver, not  excess ‘C’ as wrongly believed.]

When vitamin-C reacts with soda [in your stomach] carbon dioxide enters your blood stream and red blood corpuscles can transport MORE OXYGEN to your cells.  [Note: Corona patients die for lack of oxygen, acidic terrain, invasion by fungal-molds, activation of latent tuberculosis spores, UNDIAGNOSED clinical scurvy and sepsis.  Sepsis ends the game, but sepsis is NEVER the cause of death regardless of what doctors tell patients.  Instead, think fungal mold.]  Read it again!

Game Changer

Now you can avoid sodium invasion of your cells, boost your energy and restore pH all at the same time with Vitality Complex!

Vitality Complex is easy to use.  With each dose of soda take 2 caps of Vitality [when pH is less than 7.0] or take 2 caps when you need an energy boost.  [Details of the Terrain pH Protocol here].

Vitality Complex is about avoiding sodium invasion and increasing cellular ATP naturally.  If you are sickly or old, you need plenty of cellular energy to stage a comeback.  Read it again!

Vitality Complex is a proprietary formulation of hydrogen chloride, silica and bicarbonate.  Use this unique formulation to boost your health.  Also, use it to boost age-related energy loss.  Try a FREE bottle and feel the difference! 


FREE is a great offer!  To get your FREE bottle of Vitality Complex [without a purchase], ask.  Shipping in [USA] is $20 for 200 caps.  Capsules can be opened and taken in water or juice.

Regardless if you are following the Young Again Club Terrain pH Protocol or you just want more zip, in your life Vitality Complex is up to the challenge!   

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

Final Thoughts

Your body is made to live; it dies when you kill it!  Avoid sodium invasion restore your terrain’s pH and boost your ATP!  Do your part and the body will take care of everything else.  Ask for guidance.

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A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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Let’s Play Medical Leapfrog!

The Game Of Leapfrog Medicine

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Treatment for a condition you don’t have is far worse than misdiagnosis, and both are common.  This report will help you keep your name OFF the sick-care roster.  To learn more, read on.

Most of what is believed about things medical is NOT settled science, so the more you understand about human physiology the easier it is to avoid becoming entangled in the sick-care system. 

Eleven misunderstoodhealth conditions are dissected below.  Every reader knows [or will know] at least one of them.  As for sniffles, chills, cough, fatigue, smell and taste, fever and headache, these are symptoms of a compromised terrain NOT disease.  Disease is medical theater!

Leapfrog Medicine!  Association is NOT causation!  When it comes to diagnosis, cause and effect are seldom what they appear or what tests indicate.  Just because ‘A’ is associated with ‘B’ doesn’t mean ‘B’ caused ‘A’ regardless of expert consensus and lab reports to the contrary.

Disease medicine is medical theater and so is mis-interpretation of symptoms used to justify medical intervention.  The current Corona Crisis is real-time medical theater and a take-down, too!  Nothing real about Corona unless you add the word disease and misleading tests.  That’s when medical witchery assumes disease status.  Instead, think dis-ease and understand the difference.

Medical Fictions & Blunders

History is rife with medical fictions and blunders.  For example scurvy, Germ Theory, pellagra, AIDS, cancer, smallpox, diabetes , rickets, beriberi and plague.  As for Corona, no one can prove it exists AND they can’t SATISFY THE GOLDEN RULE OF DISEASE CLASSIFICATION called Koch’s Postulates

The problem with virus theory is viruses are NOT organisms and cannot transmit disease.  NO ONE HAS EVER SEEN A LIVING VIRUS AND NO ONE HAS PROVEN VIRUSES EXIST!  The reason?  They don’t exist!  Virus theory is recycled Germ Theory and both are fraudulent science!   

Claims by experts that viruses are pathogenic agents is miasmic witchery!  The vaxx is fast becoming both the vector and the agent.  To be valid science, Koch’s Postulates MUST BE SATISFIED! 

Q.  Why did the so-called influenza season brake-rank with 5,000 years of history and up and decide to disappear when Corona magically appeared?  Q.  Why do experts pretend Corona is real?  A.  Because they are educated beyond their intelligence and can’t admit that they are fools who sold their souls to pharma.  Read on to learn why leapfrog  medicine is the future of medicine.

1600 Years Of Medical Baloney

The Germ Theory of Disease is the foundation of modern medical theory.  It’s also proof of medical witchery that has plagued practitioner thinking since the late 1800’s when theorized by the grandaddy of medical frauds, Louis Pasteur.  [Germ Theory is code for miasma; click to understand.]

Prior to Pasteur, Claudius Galen’s absurd theories of anatomy and physiology RULED MEDICINE FOR 1600 YEARS!  These days the gifted debate virus theory and boogeyman germs that unexplainably jump specie barriers for the first time in biologic history.  Absent from the discussion is pharma’s evil influence.  [People testing for COVID can get vaxxed without their knowledge.]

The so-called 1918 Spanish influenza epidemic had NOTHING to do with influenza or the Spanish.  It has long been established that the outbreak was latent tuberculosis (TB) triggered by incineration of SICK animals near Fr. Riley, Kansas.  Like the bubonic plague/flea myth, the term influenza was INVENTED to explain miasmatic phenomena and shape public perception of dis-ease.

Q.  Why all the fuss over Corona virus when OVER 400,000 PEOPLE DIE EVERY YEAR from iatrogenic [medically caused] complications of misdiagnosis and drugsQ. What excuse will officials divine to explain depopulation of those primed by the vaxx so their immune systems will overreact to man-made variants, and for those who got vaxxed without Plan B in place.  A. Excuses don’t matter!

Did you know Wuhan, China has SEVEN incinerators spewing sewage and animal prions into the air?  Ditto at Fr. Riley preceding the so-called 1918 extravaganza.  Did you know tuberculosis has been the #1 killer in China, Italy and worldwide for centuries?  Can you say influenza & pneumonia-like symptoms and respiratory distress?  Can you say 5-G radiationCan you say sepsis?

In 1918, solders and citizens were RIPE FOR EPIDEMIC!  Overuse of aspirin weakened people’s livers and the vaxx and incineration of purulent animals triggered an avalanche.  Today’s recipe is accumulated glyphosate residues topped with Dr. Fauci sauce.  EPIDEMICS ALWAYS FOLLOW chemical and electronic pollution, malnourishment and medical witchery.  [Clear glyphosate now!]

Did you know humans carry latent TB spores; spores that morph to virulence under conditions of stress and immune assault?  Did you know glyphosate [Round-Up]and ferritin iron are vectors for pandemics like CoronaDid you know there is NO SUCH THING as a virus?  Do you care?

The 1918 flu epidemic helped allopathic medicine solidify power and close hundreds of homeopathic schools simultaneous to state licensing of doctors and legislation crafted by FRONT ORGANIZATIONS in the name of public healthDo you care?

Rumor has it life insurance companies are denying benefits because Corona vaxxes are experimental!  ADE [Antibody Dependent Enhancement]/VED [Vaxx Enhanced Disease] causes the vaxxed to OVERREACT when re-exposed; a circuitous cycle, where the more people vaxxed the higher the death rate, where the vaxxed are asymptomatic, Typhoid Mary’s and recombinant vectors and the not vaxxed are attacked by peers, politicians and medical scoundrels.

A compliant populace is fertile ground for scheming officials ever ready to pimp a crisis for pharma.  Just wait until depopulation becomes undeniable!  To avoid the racket called sick-care, you must become functionally knowledgeable in human physiology, but not what is taught at university!  To accelerate the learning process, read Special Insights and ask for [SPECIAL] guidance.

Eleven Medical Fictions & Eleven Medical Mis-diagnoses

ELEVEN MEDICAL FICTIONS ARE CRITIQUED BELOW.  Study them carefully and ask for guidance on things not understood.  Q. How do you know your understanding is lacking?  A.  If you suffer from dis-ease or chronic aging, your understanding is compromised.  [Ask for guidance].

Medical textbooks and curriculums are awash with faulty physiology.  Meaning, the body functions differently than what is taught and believed.  Like it or not, you are responsible for yourself.  Question medical witchery and avoid mis-diagnoses like the fictions critiqued below!  Becoming functionally knowledgeable in physiology is how you outsmart the racket called sick-care!

Strange Symbol [≠]

When you see this symbol [≠] ask yourself the following questions:

  • If association is not causation, what unidentified factors are at-play in my story?
  • If I really understood my health issues, could I by-pass the sick-care racket?
  • If medical theories behind my health challenges are false, am I the patsy?

[≠] Heart Attack & Cardiovascular Dis-ease

Heart attack is NOT about thrombosis, ischemia oxygen or blood flow, but it is about elemental ion load and the electrical charge of heart muscle cells.  When you hear the words heart attack, think ion-deficient heart cells, electrical melt-down and charley-horse of the heart muscle itself.

Fact is more than HALF of diagnosed cardiovascular events are subclinical gallbladder and liver attacks that spike certain blood proteins doctors and labs falsely report as heart attack when NO SUCH THING ever happened!  By-pass survivors and their family believe in medical fictions and the myth perpetuates.  Fact is MOST heart attacks occur for lack of bio-available ions heart-muscle cells require for mitochondria to make the energy molecule ATP that fuels the heart muscle.  Ditto for arrythmia, atrial fibrillation and hypertension.   Don’t forget it!

Heart attacks are seldom the result of occluded coronary arteries, low blood-oxygen, cholesterol or blood clots.  These medical myths are theater to keep the cattle lines full and to keep patients living in fear and ignorance.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is NOT about bone density, broken hips and bones that refuse to heal.  These are symptoms of premature aging.  Osteoporosis is about the inability to build healthy, new bone faster than old bone wears-out.  Breakdown of tendons, ligaments and cartilage is about loss of bone integrity and ongoing, systemic, low-grade inflammation of connective tissue attached to bone.

Did you know calcium supplements FUEL inflammation?  Did you know statin and monoclonal-antibody drugs raise breast cancer risk by 300%?  To restore your tendons, ligaments and cartilage, you MUST dissolve scar tissue, deacidify your terrain, and accelerate your BTR [Bone Turnover Rate].  To learn more click hereASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Neurologic Disorders

Mental decline is NOT about memory, brain fog, vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.  Medical explanations of neurologic dis-ease mislead and rob patients of the chance for recovery.

Memory loss and brain degeneration are MADE WORSE by statin and monoclonal-antibody drugs, elevated ferritin iron, lack of dietary fats, inability to make hormones [from fats] and poor blood flow.  Practitioners have little understanding of neurologic dis-ease. Misdiagnosis and reliance on medications occurs because of faulty medical training and bogus medical theories.  Beware! 

Loss of brain tissue forms holes and degenerating neurons form tangles in degenerating brains.  Confusion manifests when neurons are STARVED of cholesterol and essential elements.  Neurologic decline says Essential Element depletion, ferritin iron overload, acidic pH and failure to nourish your brain with cholesterol.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Respiration & Pneumonia

Pneumonia and respiratory issues are NOT about infection or disease.  Rather, they are about  metabolic distress and ongoing, low-grade inflammation.  Ditto for asthma and COPD.  Pneumonia and severe respiratory distress are symptoms of fungal invasion and takeover of the respiratory tract by morphed, virulent, latent-tuberculosis [TB] spores long-resident in the body.  Fungal takeover ALWAYS precedes collapse of respiratory function and onset of sepsis.

FYI: doctors have NOT been schooled in mycology [study of fungal molds] since 1950!  Big-Pharma saw-to-it practitioners ONLY think in terms of bacteria and viruses.  Bacteria do NOT cause pneumonia; they appear AFTER fungi have weakened immune function.  As for viruses, there is NO SUCH THING!  Virology is the unholy extension of Germy Theory that has dominated medical witchery since Pasteur.  [Herd immunity is the latest statistical scam of medical witchery.]  Beware!

FYI: you don’t catch pneumonia from others and it does NOT matter whether doctor classifies it as bacterial or viral.  So-called pneumonia is the after-effect of mycotoxin poisoning by fungal-molds.  Practitioners do NOT understand fungal pneumonia.  Steroids and antibiotics FUEL fungal growth and mycotoxin poisoning that ends in sepsisASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Dental & Periodontal Dis-ease

Dental dis-ease is NOT about cavities, fillings, root canals or infected gums.  These are reflections of your terrain and pH.  Dental infection fuels inflammation and assaults the heart muscle when toxic blood returns from an infected mouth.  Dental dis-ease is  about toxicity, acidic terrain and low saliva pH.  Diet, digestion and terrain issues control dental dis-ease as much as poor dental hygiene.  People with a CRP score  above -0- generally suffer from ongoing dental infection!  CRP stands for C-reactive proteinASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] The Cancer [Racket] Myth

Cancer is NOT about family history, genes, bacteria or viruses.  Cancer diagnosis [if valid?] is confirmation of fungal takeover, mycotoxin poisoning, ion insufficiency, dysfunctional cellular respiration and collapse of mitochondrial production of cellular ATPCancer is a terrain issue NOT a disease.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

In 1931 Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for PROVING cancer is a fungal condition.  Practitioners who claim it’s a viral condition are either outright liars or mal-educated fools.  Cancer is failing metabolism and FUNGUS!  Cancer is a bi-directional condition.  To reverse direction, ask for guidance and think like a recovering alcoholic!  CANCER IS NOT THE PROBLEM, YOU ARE!  Read it again!  Q.  Why do people allow medical charlatans to torture and strip them of their money and humanity under the pretense that chemotherapy and radiation kills cancer and saves lives?  A.  Because they are ignorant fools who believe-in the  sick-care medical model and do NOT understand physiology.

[≠] Diabetes, Kidneys & Eyes

Diabetes is NOT about elevated blood sugar and insulin.  It’s about dysfunctional metabolism, digestion insufficiency and insulin/leptin resistance at cell and brain receptor levels.

Half the populace is diabetic and the other half is pre-diabetic, NOT because of elevated sugar or lack of insulin but because of dysfunctional leptin metabolism.  Leptin regulates brain response and production of insulin.  Elevated sugar [over 90] says pre-diabetes and insulin-leptin resistance.  Diabetes follows!  [Beware if you are overweight by ten pounds or have belly flap.]  Don’t forget it!

Q. Why do practitioners ignore metabolic syndrome, fatty liver and leptin and talk A1c instead?  Why do they ignore dysfunctional metabolism and mislead patients?  A.  They are mal-trained.  Patients and practitioners obsess about keeping the A1c score under 7.0, when problems of insulin-leptin resistance, fatty liver and glucose over 90 are critical.  Diabetes, kidneys, deteriorating vision and hypertension are low-grade inflammation issues in disguise.  Practitioners don’t know these things, so you must learn to care for yourself.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Arthritis & Inflammation

Arthritis is NOT about inflamed joints and immobility.  Arthritis is about ongoing low-grade inflammation, pre-diabetes, autoimmune responses and insulin/leptin resistance.

Arthritis has NOTHING to do with genes, family history or advancing age.  Did you know you can dissolve calcium deposits and bone spurs with bioactive elemental ions and phospholipids?  Why kill yourself with pain-killers?  To get rid of arthritis, you MUST think like a recovering alcoholic!  Arthritis is about your terrain!   Seek guidance and do your part and arthritis goes away!  Arthritis is REVERSIBLE, so reverse it!  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome is dis-ease in-progress but NOT disease!  Symptoms are: cardiovascular issues, diabetes, renal complications, abdominal fat [belly-flap], high triglycerides, obesity, hypertension and low LDL cholesterol.  Sound familiar?  Don’t ignore signs and symptoms that are reversible with knowledge and guidance.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

[≠] Obesity & Overweight

Overweight is NOT disease, but it is a sign of Metabolic Syndrome in-progress.  Overweight by 10 pounds and belly flap says systemic inflammation, slowing metabolism, fatty liver, poor digestion and pre-diabetic insulin/leptin resistance.  Excess fat should burn-off as fast as it piled-on!  If it doesn’t, your metabolism is compromised.  ASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATION.  Don’t forget it!

[≠] Gluten Intolerance: is NOT about gluten, but it is about INABILITY TO PROPERLY AND FULLY properly digest and ferment foodASSOCIATION IS NOT [≠] CAUSATIONDon’t forget it!

Final Thoughts

Disease is NOT caused by lack of drugs!  The body heals itself, drugs sabotage.  Drugs are suicide!  Restore your terrain and YOU WILL HAVE NO NEED of drugs or practitioners.  The body is made to live; it dies because we kill it!   Ask for guidance.

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

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A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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The A1c Insulin & Leptin Sugar-Trap

Superb Health Without Diabetes

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Blood sugar and insulin/leptin issues affect everyone sooner or later!  This report is about helping yourself and avoiding the A1c sugar-trap.  Avoid involvement in sick-care medicine and you will have a better life.  To learn more, read on.

Your author is aware that this report may be challenging to readers.  Every effort has been made to help readers understand.  Please study this report, carefully; your future depends on it.

There are many things you can do to improve health; things that cost little or nothing.  To avoid the racket called sick-care, readers will need guidance in physiology.  To benefit from this free service, read carefully and ask for guidance.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of YoungAgainClub.com website to assist understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them for more information.

The Dilemma: Insulin, Diabetes & A1c

Few comprehend the physiology of diabetes, insulin and A1c test scores, including practitioners who ought to know better but don’t for lack of knowledge.  Proof is everywhere!  Half the populace is diabetic and the balance of the populace is pre-diabetic.   [You want to avoid both!]

To avoid the insulin/leptin A1c sugar-trap, you will need a realistic understanding of human physiology, what drives blood-sugar issues, why diabetes-type symptoms are engulfing the populace, and why ALL DEGENERATIVE DIS-EASE involves some degree of ongoing pre-diabetes and insulin/leptin-resistance [explained below].  Please read it again!

Fact is pre-diabetes and insulin dysfunction precedes cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  The myth that dis-ease is caused by genetics and pathogens is a BALD-FACED MEDICAL LIE erected on the fraudulent Germ Theory of Disease.  Ditto for virology and Corona vaxx mania.

Diet, terrain and lifestyle give birth to diabetes-related symptoms with the exception of vaxx-driven assault on children that ends in diabetes type I [more later].  Type II diabetes and prediabetes are predictably, common and 100% avoidable and reversible with guidance and cooperation.

Avoid insulin-related dis-ease and you avoid giving birth to slow-motion misery and prominent killers like cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  Readers already caught-up in the insulin, A1c sugar-trap and those who hope to avoid suffering and premature aging will need to change their thinking, enbrace new ideas and be willing to walk-away from sick-care medicine.

Diabetes [as defined and treated] is a shameful experiment with a 100-year history strangely similar to the current Corona [vaxx] Crisis.  Both involve dysfunctional metabolism!  Dis-ease is NOT about rogue microbes or genes.  It’s about physiology and terrain! 

The following comorbidities are blood-sugar-related symptoms of dis-ease: renal issues, abdominal fat, high serum triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, excess weight [10 pounds or more], obesity, blood pressure above 120/80], diabetes/pre-diabetes and low HDL cholesterol.  Please note, these symptoms go with steatosis [non-alcoholic fatty liver dis-ease].  Read it again!

Insulin Discovery, Misuse & Abuse

Insulin was discovered in 1921 and became the band-aid of choice for diabetes mellitus type II.  Then, when children’s vaxxes were imposed type 1 diabetes exploded.  Once again, insulin was used to deflect blame and hide the guilty.  [FYI: vaxxes cripple islet cells of the pancreas that make insulin.  It is possible to return these cells to normal function.]

Supplemental insulin reduces blood sugar levels, but it fuels insulin-resistance.  So does overproduction of natural insulin.  Type 1 diabetics suffer from systemic inflammation and die young.  [Your author lost four classmates to it, compliments of medical arrogance and bogus protocols.]

Diabetes Mellitus [type II] is very common and was once called sugar diabetes.  Type II diabetes is diagnosed when blood glucose is 140 and above.  Sick-care medicine thinks diabetes is a blood-sugar condition that justifies use of drugs when the actual problem is insulin/leptin-resistance and dysfunctional cellular mitochondria [more below].

Type III diabetes [diabetes of the brain] is a historically-recent phenomenon that medicine refuses to acknowledge.  Instead, they diagnosis it dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Behind the unfolding neurologic epidemic is prediabetes, insulin-resistance, statin drugs, monoclonal antibody medications and ferritin iron.  Neurologic degeneration is NOT what it appears and misdiagnoses are based on bogus medical theory in-lieu-of the missing diagnosis!

Prediabetes: is diagnosed when blood glucose is between 130 and 140.  In reality, prediabetes is low-grade insulin resistance and ongoing blood glucose is above 90.  Prediabetes affects that half of the populace who are not officially, diabetic!  [Note: insulin resistance drives arthritic inflammation that haunts many so-called, healthy people.]  Read it again!

Diabetic neuropathy, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are parallel examples of metabolic distress similar to insulin/leptin-resistance.  [FYI: thyroid drugs do NOT restore thyroid function and supplemental insulin does NOT cure diabetes.]

Once upon a time, it was insulin by needle.  Now it’s insulin by pill.  The blood sugar racket grows exponentially and practitioners and the public hasn’t a clue!  Blood sugar and insulin-related issues background degenerative dis-ease worldwide.  Second in line is latent tuberculosis

Latent TB [tuberculosis] is almost universal in the population but poses no risk UNTIL age, metabolic stress and glyphosate residues trigger virulence.  Because doctors get very little training in mycology, fungal infections get misdiagnosed as influenza-like symptoms and pneumonia.  Next comes secondary bacterial infection, and finally, proclamation of sepsis and death, but never latent TB. 

Medical intervention with steroids and antibiotics is counterproductive because they promote fungal takeover of the respiratory system and terrain.  Tuberculosis is THE historical killer in Italy and China, NOT pneumonia.   Latent TB turns virulent in the presence of insulin resistance, excess ferritin iron and meddling doctors with cocktails from pharma’s pantry.  Sepsis is blamed as cause of death instead of medical blunder.  [Guidance BEFORE crisis and Plan B avoids the dilemma.]

Practitioners and patients seldom question diabetes theory, it’s causes, symptoms or protocols.  Patients with ongoing insulin-resistance pay with their lives, but the official cause of death is given names like cancer, cardiovascular dis-ease or whatever.  Behind the blood-sugar, insulin scam is carefully-crafted medical theory and Big-Pharma.

Medical understanding of diabetes and insulin physiology has NOT changed in 100 years!  Truth be told, diabetes is a very profitable racket buried deep within the bowels of the Standard of Care.  [Translation: you are responsible for yourself]. 

[Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being.] 

Diabetes, A1c & Urine pH

Diabetes [type II]: is declared when blood sugar exceeds 140 with robotic calls for insulin supplementation.  Realistic definition: a condition of insulin resistance when glucose between 90 and 130 [except for short periods following meals].  Sugar between 90-130 is confirmation of low-grade insulin-resistance NOT diabetes!  The misnomer diabetes should be called what it actually is: insulin-resistance.  Please read it again!

A1c [glycated hemoglobin]: a reliable blood-sugar metric with an A1c between 5.5 and 7.0, desirable.  Corrected definition: a misleading blood-sugar/diabetes metric, but a good indicator of ONGOING insulin-resistance.  An A1c score of 5.5 – 7.0 says insulin/leptin-resistance are in-play.  A target A1c score of < 7.0 is false security!  Cancer and cardiovascular dis-ease is preceded by ongoing insulin/leptin-resistance over many, years!  Don’t ignore it! 

Observations:  practitioners [and patients] think an A1c score under 7.0 is great.  It’s called the, “Oh!” experience.  “Oh, my foot!”  A1c is a measure of red blood corpuscle glycation, and if accurately explained patients would avoid early-onset diabetes of the brain [aka: type III diabetes].  A healthy A1c score DOES NOT PROTECT healthy people from memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  [Practitioners don’t understand insulin/leptin physiology any more than patients.  Sadly, doctors are bound by the Standard of Care and its limitations, the patient be damned!]

Observations:  insulin and A1c blood-sugar symptoms parallel problems CREATED by statin drugs and monoclonal antibodies, both of which are used for artificial reduction of serum cholesterol.  These dangerous drugs STARVE your [90% cholesterol] brain!  

Patients who make the mistake of using cholesterol drugs earn a FREE PASS to la-la land complements of doctor and pharma.  Some patients are waking-up and refusing statin drugs.  So instead, practitioners push monoclonal antibodies to reduce cholesterol.  Meanwhile, your [90% cholesterol] brain begins to SHRINK!  [No matter; no need for a brain in la-la landGo figure!]

Red Blood Corpuscles [RBCs] are blood cells without a nucleus.  RBCs live about 120 days.  A1c is a 90-day lookback at glycation [sugar glazing of RBCs].  Glycation and insulin/leptin-resistance are TWIN issues.  Glycation REDUCES blood oxygen levels!  [Can you say, cardiovascular dis-ease?]  

Misplaced trust and an A1c score < 7.0 is a recipe for disaster!  Insulin/leptin-resistance and elevated glucose FEEDS low-grade inflammation and systemic arthritis and premature degeneration of eyes, liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, lungs and connective tissues.  Read it again!

The greater insulin resistance and the higher sugar levels the MORE acid the terrain and the lower urine pH.  Ideal blood sugar is 75-90, ideal urine is pH is 7.0-8.0.  Check-out this free remedy .

[Translation: the lower pH and the higher sugar levels the quicker the body ages and the more systemic inflammation and the faster joints, bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage, deteriorate.  [To restore your connective tissues, click here].

Goofy Medicine & Sick-care Flip-Flops

Medical schools teach goofy blood-sugar/insulin physiology and lab tests reinforce it.  The former   feeds paranoia and the latter promotes misdiagnosis.  Physiology is biologically, dynamic!  Sick-care is goofy medicine because The Germ Theory of Disease is goofy medicine.  Never forget it!

Symptoms are NOT cause.  Association is NOT causation.  Palliative reduction of signs and symptoms via drugs and surgery is NOT health.  They are insanity!

Leptin offsets insulin just as progesterone offsets estrogen.  Practitioners don’t realize glycated brain receptors don’t respond to the regulatory hormone, leptin and therefore, CANNOT regulate  insulin production and eventually pancreatic burn-out or onset of diabetes types I & II.  Leptin shuts-down insulin production.  Faulty leptin metabolism leads to insulin/leptin-resistance.  Prediabetes and resistance are TWIN issues.  If you have one, you have the other.  Don’t forget it!

Diabetes, Mitochondria & Metabolic Syndrome

Diabetes mellitus patients [type II] use insulin for sugar control but are not dependent on it.

Insulin dependent diabetics require insulin because the pancreas does not make enough of it. 

Prediabetics don’t need insulin; they get-along for DECADES in an ongoing state of insulin and leptin resistance until the pancreas finally, gives-out.

Type I diabetics are in a class by themselves!  Most are young and the RESULT of vaxx madness. 

Type I & II diabetics suffer from exocrine and/or endocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Type II insulin dependent diabetics result from vaxxes, medical abuse and diet/lifestyle issues. 

Type I diabetes  in children is 100% MEDICALLY INDUCED, AVOIDABLE and sometimes reversible. 

Mitochondrial dis-ease is NOT disease; it’s what medicine WRONGLY calls, diabetes!  When mitochondria say no more sugar, cells refuse to admit blood sugars REGARDLESS OF INSULIN LEVELS!  Diabetes is cellular, mitochondrial dis-ease NOT lack-of insulin or excess sugar.  Diabetes says mitochondrial dysfunction, cellular inflammation and insulin/leptin-resistance.  Read it again!

Dysfunctional insulin metabolism PRECEDES onset of cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  Degenerative dis-ease is undiagnosed Metabolic Syndrome NOT, disease!   They are not the same!

Pre-diabetes and elevated blood sugar are the stuff of low-grade inflammation.  Dysfunctional leptin metabolism fuels insulin-related dis-ease.  Glycated red blood corpuscles and brain receptors fuels insulin/leptin-resistance and pancreatic burn-out.  Clinical Metabolic Syndrome eventually, follows.

Said plainly, diabetes is misdiagnosed mitochondrial dis-ease at the cell level.  Practitioners DO NOT understand mitochondrial physiology.  It’s why they can’t explain or correct the metabolic phenomenon called, diabetes.  [Sick-care medicine is a metabolic, disaster!]  Ask for guidance.

Essential Elements: without them it is impossible to correct insulin-related dis-ease, restore mitochondrial function or protect yourself from vaxx assault [think: recombinant DNA, heavy metals, biologic antagonists and adjuvants] that cripple cellular mitochondria and accelerate, aging.  [Now you know why Corona and other vaxxes are destructive and long-term deadly].

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence!  People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma and licensing boards.  Virtual medicine is faceless and it is turning sick-care medicine ever more sterile.

Essential Elements & The Digestion Connection

Insulin-related dis-ease accelerates in the 40’s as metabolism slows.  Insulin-related issues are NOT coincidence and they are NOT caused by menopause and andropause, but they make things, worse! 

Aging accelerates as digestive efficiency collapses beyond age fifty.  Poor digestion exacerbates red blood corpuscle glycation, insulin/leptin-resistance and low-grade inflammation.  Poor digestion means we extract less nutrients from food and suffer depletion of Essential Elements that our vital organs need to function.  [See Digestion Trio, here!]  Read it again!

Digestion is CRITICAL for healthy physiology!  Poor digestion is progressive and ongoing beginning in the early thirties.  Symptoms are sluggish bowels [less than three bowel movements/day], gas/bloat, deteriorating skin, shrinking muscles, loss of figure, slowing sex-drive, weight gain [belly fat] are UNDENIABLE SYMPTOMS of Metabolic Syndrome in progress!

Essential Element depletion and poor digestion is TWIN issues!  Deteriorating vision, dental problems and gum recession are dependable indicators.  Unless elements are replenished, premature aging and poor health become everyone’s new reality.  [Click here for solutions].

Practitioners concern themselves with elevated triglycerides, hypertension, A1c, kidney function and cancer when they should be equally concerned about EARLY-STAGE Metabolic Syndrome and non-alcoholic fatty liver dis-ease.  [FYI: sweets and alcohol deplete Essential Elements.  Wine is the worst with horrible, long-term side effects on female physiology!]

Poor digestion and loss of essential elements leads to metabolic distress, loss of hair color, dull eyes, fatigue, low endurance, poor sleep, sexual dysfunction, slowing metabolism, toxicity, insulin/leptin-resistance and eventually, clinical-level Metabolic Syndrome.  Don’t ignore these symptoms!

Final Thoughts

Aging and dis-ease are avoidable and reversible with effort and guidance.  Aging and dis-ease are slow-motion effects of Insulin/leptin-resistance and the A1c sugar-trap that is in-progress.

Ask for guidance.

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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New Bones For Old Bones

Bye, Bye Osteoporosis!  Hello, New Skeleton!

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

When you grow new bones you change the game!  Now you can renew your bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and skeleton by naturally reversing the effects of osteoporosis as never before.

Avoiding osteoporosis and the suffering that comes with it should be everyone’s TOP PRIORITY!  Healthy connective tissues helps you enjoy life while ADDING YEARS to Social Security. 

Did you know the average age of death [for all the people who paid-into Social Security, but never collected a penny] is age 67?  Living long wins the Social Security game, living healthy wins the Medicare game and healthy bones helps win the cancer game, too!  It’s as simple as that!

This report is about renewing bones, tendon and ligaments without SABOTAGING yourself with bone-density drugs and sick-care medicine AFTER your bones shatter and your tendons tear!

Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is a bio-active bone-building compound, NOT another collagen formula.  Use it to solve the age-old problem called old bones!  Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is a game changer!

FREE THREE-MONTH SUPPLY: To get your free three-month supply of Mycro-Crystalline Matrix and experience younger bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles and cartilage, read on.

Aging Bones, Ligaments, Tendon, Cartilage

Loss of integrity of bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage begins by age 24, but goes unnoticed by females until age 35 and by males age 45, unless trouble erupts following injury, surgery or delayed effects of sports and exercise coming home to roost!

Bone degeneration involves many factors.  For example, acidification of the terrain, inability to digest food [pancreatic burn-out, stomach acid deficit, bile deficit], depletion of Essential Elements, fatty-liver, bowel irregularities, latent pre-diabetes [glucose over 90], failure to drink enough healthy water, sleep deficit, junk diet and an ongoing deficit of bioactive, bone-building compounds needed for skeletal renewal of your connective tissue.

Contrary to medical myth, skeletal degeneration has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with lack of dietary calcium.  Fact is calcium and calcium supplements fuel low-grade inflammationAvoid calcium supplements!  Did you know there is a natural way to dissolve excess calcium and ease low-grade inflammation associated with arthritis?  [Ask for guidance.]

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence!  People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma and licensing boards.  Virtual medicine is faceless and it is turning sick-care medicine ever more, sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of YoungAgainClub.com website to assist understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them for more information.

Progressive Skeletal Degeneration

Bone Turnover Rate [BTR] is the rate in years that it takes for new bones to replace old bones.  The BTR for a twenty-year old is seven years.  By age forty BTR is 12 years; age fifty, 15 years and by age sixty 20 years and by age seventy, 20+  years.  Skeletal degeneration and compromised digestion are TWIN ISSUES that appear together about ages 24, 35, 50, 60, 70 and beyond.  [Don’t forget it!]

For example, by age fifty your digestive efficiency is half of what it was at age 24 and for each five years thereafter, efficiency falls 50%.  By age seventy efficiency is less than 3% and as digestion dips, low-grade inflammation and autoimmune complaints increase! 

BTR [Bone Turnover Rate] slows as your metabolic rate slows as your digestion slows.  Interestingly, even people with high metabolic rates who exercise regularly and vigorously suffer connective tissue degeneration and bone loss.  So do health enthusiasts.  No one is exempt!

Inflammation plays a big role in skeletal and connective tissue degeneration; so does obesity and overweight.  The more body fat you have the higher your estrogen, insulin and inflammation levels, all of which fuel low-grade inflammation in bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage.  Loss of flexibility and inflamed joints are indicative of an inflamed terrain.  [Read it again!]

Two metrics of low-grade inflammation are ferritin iron and CRP [C-reactive protein].  These metrics  usually fly below medical radar.  Ferritin should be less than 20 and CRP -0-.  Elevated levels of either accelerates aging but are generally ignored by practitioners.  Ditto for calcium invasion of the cardiovascular system and progressive development of metabolic syndrome.

Osteoporosis is a condition of systemic low-grade inflammation and acidity, NOT disease!  Osteopenia is a fabricated statistical anomaly that does NOT exist and both are exaggerations for which practitioners have zero solutions.  [Translation: learn to care for yourself.]

As the body ages and growth rate slows, the body steals critical elemental ions from bone to maintain homeostasis and neutralize accumulation of acid waste.  By age 35, depletion of elemental reserves affects every aspect of body physiology.  [The Essential Elements Protocol provides bioactive, elemental ions not available from food or pilled supplements.] 

Diagnosis of osteoporosis is misdiagnosis and misinformation.

Premature aging is confirmation of FAILURE TO REGENERATE.  If you are age 45 or beyond, please recognize that your bones are not what they once were.  Ultimately, an aging skeleton is the price we pay for neglect and abuse rather than for the years we lived on terra firma. 

Bone density is a misleading, bogus medical metric!  Did you know as bone density increases your risk of breast cancer goes up by 300%?  You do NOT want dense bones!  [Medications and over-the-counter drugs for bone density are slow-motion suicide. Avoid them!].  [Read it again!]

Bone and liver tissue are the only two tissues with the ability to REGROW vs. maintain, only!  Bone is one of the body’s seven connective tissues.  The other six are: cartilage, muscle, ligament, tendon, gums and skin.  [They are discussed in other Special Insights and live with John Thomas.]

Connective tissues age together!  Meaning, if there are issues with one you can ASSUME there are issues with the others regardless if symptoms are present or not.  Connective tissue degeneration is premature aging.  Fact is all degenerative dis-ease is pre-mature aging and all of it is reversible.

Connective tissue breakdown accelerates in the forties.  Symptoms present in joints, ligaments, tendon, cartilage, cardiovascular system, diabetes, vision, hearing, hair and skin.  Loss of physical height is a HUGE RED FLAG of ongoing bone and spinal disc deterioration.  [Don’t ignore it!]

Menopause affects women’s bones earlier than andropause affects men’s bones.  Women wrongly assume it’s hormones when they should be thinking metabolic syndrome, faulty digestion, liver and bowels.  [FYI: your aging rate DOUBLES each five years after age fifty.  [Ask for guidance.]

Skeletal Misinformation & Disinformation

Clinical symptoms of osteoporosis are diminished of bone density, failure to heal and brittle bones, all of which are symptoms NOT causes!  Medicine and Big-Pharma wrongly blame osteoporosis on lack of calcium when the problem is INABILITY TO RENEW YOUR BONES.  They are not the same!

Skeletal misdiagnosis is common because the medical model is based on the FRAUDULENT Germ Theory of Disease, and so is Corona Mania.  Physiology as taught is a problem; reliance on medications is another.  Practitioners only know what they are taught and Standard of Care Rules put patients in harms-way.  Fact is, 98% of all doctor diagnoses ignore the missing diagnosis.

Osteoporosis is the failure to grow healthy new bone faster than

you are losing unhealthy old bone.  Don’t forget it!

Four avoidable dis-eases are diabetes, cardiovascular, breast/prostate cancer and osteoporosis.  Medicine and pharma inflated these dis-eases into diseases with radiation, chemotherapy and statins drugs.  [Medications for bone density [bisphosphonates] cripple body’s physiology. Worse, cancer therapies [all of them] DEVESTATE teeth, bone and bone marrow.  The healthier your bones the less damage done and the better the outcome at all stages of treatment.  [Don’t forget it!

Another example is mycology [the study of molds/fungi].  Mycology was REMOVED from medical curriculums in 1950 just in time for antibiotics, synthetic hormones and BC pills that SET-THE-STAGE for the War On Cancer in the sixties and seventies.  Now it’s the Corona Crisis for which forward thinking people have Plan B in place to avoid self-imposed misery and death from vaxx mania.

Degenerative disease is medical malarky.  Instead, think dis-ease with a [-] hyphen.

Modest loss of bone density is normal with age, but pharma and medicine stoked FEAR OF OSTEOPOROSIS by telling women and elderly of impending threat!  Pharma purposely coordinated introduction of fluoride in [+ -] 70% of medications, 99% of tooth-pastes, 50% of city water supplies, and they recruited lying, money-hungry dentists to push fluoride.  [Fluoride and bromide [used in hot tubs] accelerates bone degeneration and shuts-down adrenal and thyroid functions].  

Fluoride and bromide makes bones hard and brittle, turn the brain’s pineal gland to stone and mess with sexual and regulatory hormones.  Worse, these neurotoxins DUMB-DOWN COGNITIVE FUNCTION and set-the-stage for the epidemic degenerative brain-dis-eases that followed.  Add calcium supplementation by patients, practitioners and media shills and you have SICK-CARE 2021!

The epidemic of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia parallels skeletal dis-eases that followed the promotion and use of STATIN DRUGS to quell the cholesterol non-crisis!  Did you know it only takes three years on statin drugs for early admittance to La-la-land [the world of the living dead].  Statins are behind the holes and tangles in brain tissue.  Avoid medications for a better life!

Lifestyle Factors That Drive Bone Degeneration

The body needs biologically-active, bone-building compounds to grow healthy connective tissue.  If denied the body robs existing bone to buy time and meet physiologic demand.  [Read it again!]

ACIDIFICATION: terrain acidity [pH] < 7.0 erodes bone and connective tissue.  Acidification accelerates in the thirties and compounds in the forties, fifties and beyond.   Failure to properly digest food fuels terrain acidity and bone/joint degeneration.  The older you are the worse your digestion and the more acidic your body.  [Old skin and receding gums says terrain acidification.]

DIGESTION: is everyone’s problem regardless if you eat healthy or not!  Poor digestion affects all things related to gut, bowel, liver and hormones and promotes onset of thyroid/adrenal issues, excess body fat, cardiovascular dis-ease, prostate/low-T issues, female problems and bones and connective tissues.  [Translation: if you have health issues, perhaps it’s time for a conversation?]

The Young Again Club Digestive Protocol addresses dysfunctional digestion like no other.   The goal is more energy from LESS FOOD [proteins, fats and carbohydrates] vs. overeating, belly fat, acidic waste build-up and reduction of autoimmune assaults on body physiology.

Dietary fats are the basis of hormones.  Fat metabolism is a challenge as you age, particularly for females and men over age 50.  The reason: dysfunctional liver!  Hormone issues are CONFIRMATION of faulty fat metabolism.  Belly-fat, gas/bloat, sluggish bowel and adrenal/thyroid issues are symptoms of poor digestion and metabolic dysfunction in the making.  [Read it again!]

Popular digestive supplements DO NOT correct digestive insufficiencies.  Poor health, colon cancer, polyps and premature aging are proof!  If you have health issues and/or autoimmune issues, know that your digestion is compromised regardless if you enjoy bowel regularity.  [Read it again!]

ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS: bone degenerates and aging accelerates as essential elements go into deficit.  To be truly effective, elements MUST be in racemized free-form, NOT in bound pill-form.  Without the elements, vital organ function slows and old age comes home to roost.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain meaningful quantities of biologically-active essential elements from food.  Soils are severely depleted and growing methods limit plant uptake of bio-active ions.  [Read it again!]

Pilled elements are biologically, meaningless!  Pilled absorption is pathetic and assimilation is shameful.  Instead of wasting money and depriving your body of critically needed ions, use racemized, liquid, drop-form Essential Elements from YAC to restore your health, avoid entrapment in the sick-care system and by-pass assault by Corona vaxx mania.  [Read about Plan B here.]

LIVERyour liver is central to healthy metabolism and everyone’s liver is partially compromised.  Cancer is a surrogate term for L-I-V-E-RWithout a healthy liver, you are toast!  Medications POISON the liver and KILL patients who listen to practitioners who prescribe them.  Medications cripple skeletal growth and the liver can only  REGENERATE is if given the opportunity.  [Learn more here.]

BOWEL: your colon is the final six-feet of your intestine.  One of the colon’s jobs is to make vitamins naturally through fermentation of food.  Dysfunctional colon is EPIDEMIC and explains why colon cancer is #1!  Seventy-five percent [75%] of the populace has bowel issues.  Polyps are fungal growths that kill over 10,000 people a year who bleed to death when polyps are clipped.  Or course, cause of death is misreported just like the FAKE Corona Crisis.  [Icelandic Magic is a better solution].

PRE-DIABETES: is latent metabolic syndrome in the making and elevated blood glucose and A1c are degenerative twin issues!  Fact is people who are not diabetic are pre-diabetic regardless of what practitioners and labs diagnose.  Approximately 50% of the populace is full diabetic and the balance are pre-diabetic.  Sugar glycation drives arthritis, cardiovascular dis-ease, cancer and autoimmune everything!  Dozens of factors are in-play.  [Be open and focused when asking for guidance.]

SLEEP: healing and regeneration occur during sleep NOT when you are awake!  Getting-by on 5-6 hours of sleep sabotages regeneration and turns the body, acidic.  FYI: acidic saliva drives teeth,  gum and periodontal dis-ease.  Receding gums says: BONE LOSS!  [Dental issues are terrain issues!].

Inability to sleep long and deep [8-10 hours] feeds low-grade inflammation.  Your mattress and pillow are NOT to blame; your problem is an inflamed body!  [Healthy babies sleep deeply anywhere because their bodies [unlike adults] are NOT inflamed.  John Thomas sleeps on a one-inch pad on a hardwood floor without discomfort or soreness of any kind.  To sleep like a baby ask for guidance.]

WATER & JUNK FOOD: water is your primary source of hydrogen and energy!  Drink 3 quarts/day with racemized sea ions to settle your system, sleep deeply, remove waste and fuel energy.  Junk food is NOT food!  Weaning yourself off junk, sweets and alcohol requires guidance.  [Ask for help.]

New Bones & Healthy New Skeleton, Now!

Mycro-Crystalline Matrix supplies biologically-active, bone-building compounds that are unique and effective if given the time to naturally rebuild the skeletal system.  Healthy bones are the stuff of agelessness and well worth the effort it takes to restore and keep them.  [Read it again!]

Bone is composed of a collagen cage into which the body deposits MYCRO-CRYSTALLINE COMPOUNDS.  Crystalline Matrix is a bone-building compound NOT another collagen-type product.  Healthy bones are strong and flexible; old bones are brittle and weak.  Remember, broken hip bones precede the fall and healthy hip bones prevent the fall! It’s as simple as that!

To get your FREE THREE-MONTH SUPPLY of Mycro-Crystalline Matrix, call or email.

Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is about Bone Turnover Rate and creation of new of bones, ligaments,  tendons and cartilage.  Just two caps/day is sufficient unless you are in a hurry.  What say you?

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

Final Thoughts

New bones and new connective tissue change the game and Mycro-Crystalline Matrix is a game changer!  John Thomas offers guidance without cost.  Questions are encouraged.

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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A New Year’s Gift For All

A New Year’s Gift For All

This holiday season readers get a double!  A very valuable gift plus valuable real-life lessons to help readers avoid suffering and unnecessary entrapment in the sick-care medical system. 

The lessons offered are but a few days old.  Learn how John Thomas solved a major health issue that brewed for 6 years; an issue that affects at least half the adult population over 50 years of age.  Can you say, “Medical disaster in the making?”  To learn more, read on.

Background Information

I have written much on the Essential Elements; how they direct aging, how they restore depleted bodies and how they naturally boost a dysfunctional immune system. 

However, I did not see the PLAN-DEMIC coming nor did I realize the Essential Elements would become key to managing the Corona and associated risk that vaxxes impose.  [Meaning, keeping your receptor sites LOADED to block recombinant manipulation of DNA by the new mRNA vaxxes.]

Originally, I introduced twelve new Essential Elements.  Three new elements are available; they are BADLY NEEDED and will help readers cope with life’s daily stresses, assist memory and boost cognitive decline common to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, vascular dementia and premature aging.

Details on the THREE NEW ELEMENT is provided, below.  Information on the other twelve Elements is on the YAC website, here.  Each bottle of the new elements lasts for 10 months [+ -].

Your FREE New Year’s Gift

This holiday season, readers can select one of three new elements for FREE [shipping applies]. The other two elements, if ordered at the same time, are available at 50% off the regular price.  [The three elements are offered as a trio because they work together as you will read below.]

All Essential Elements are unique, and EACH IS ONLY available, individually.  They simply cannot be combined in concentrated form because they are charged, active molecules. 

All of the elements are liquid, racemized formats that are taken together in a single glass of water.  Ion ASSIMILATION occurs at cellular and mitochondrial levels.  Assimilation is of critical importance!

FYI: common, pill-forms of essential elements are generally, worthless!  If you are using pill forms, you are wasting money because absorption and assimilation is pathetic.  Youth and vitality depend on a daily supply of available elemental ions.  So, if you are going to supplement, make it count!  The best form is the least expensive form; you get so much more for  your money!

Six of the Essential Elements are critical for healthy physiology.  The other elements are for restoring vital organ function, reloading depleted tissues and reversing premature old age.  Oh! And never forget that all aging is PREMATURE AGING!

Three New Essential Elements

Vanadium [Va]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, critical for stimulation of blood sugar oxidation, transport and glycogen synthesis in liver and muscle; supports liver gluconeogenesis [conversion of excess body fat to burnable energy] and inhibition of belly fat formation because of glucose absorption from the gut, as well as symptoms of metabolic syndrome that haunts 75% of the populace, young and old, alike.

PLEASE NOTE: fifty-percent [50%] of the adults are unrecognized diabetics.  The other 50% are pre-diabetics and Vanadium is central to the overweight/obesity story.  Know that diabetes and pre-diabetes PRECEDES medical diagnosis of cancer, degenerative arthritis and/or cardio-vascular dis-ease.  Vanadium offers great promise for dealing with elevated blood sugar and A1c issues, as well as metabolic dis-ease that comes along with biologic dysfunction.  [Read it, again!]

Vanadium deficiency and metabolic syndrome are twin issues.  Symptoms include cardiovascular issues, diabetes, kidney dysfunction, abdominal obesity, high serum triglycerides, elevated blood pressure (hypertension) and low HDL cholesterol.  Read it again!

Vanadium enhances insulin’s effect on DNA synthesis and boosts resistance to recombinant mRNA vaxxes that ASSAULT and PROVOKE abnormal immune response.  [The Corona vaxx is NOT a vaxx at all, but biotech invasion of human DNA that eventually takes the form of autoimmune disorders and low-grade inflammation of the brain and nervous system.  [Think Bell’s Palsy, brain dysfunction and destruction of innate immunity.  Herd immunity is a complete, FARSE!  Read it again!]

People who suffer from depletion of Essential Elements are FAR MORE VULNERABLE to recombinant vaxxes in every way.  Without elements, the immune system overreacts and often collapses when confronted by mRNA vaxx assault[s].  There is a never-ending chain of vaxxes coming.  Essential Elements help block DNA modification; the hallmark of recombinant destruction of human DNA.

Bio-active Vanadium normalizes glucose metabolism in diabetic rats, and physiologically speaking, humans are two-legged mammals.  Normalize glucose metabolism and you BOOST immune response and REDUCE low-grade inflammationJurassic Carbon has similar effects on wi-fi and 5G.

Vanadium has everything to do with elevated A1c glycated, hemoglobin blood sugar levels and pre-diabetes.  Vanadium is associated with decreased plasma cholesterol and reduction of mineralized, aortic plaque deposits [cholesterol + calcium] and atherosclerosis that drives heart/brain aneurisms and thrombus [clot] release associated with stroke and heart attack.  Read it again!

Vanadium strengthens heart muscle contraction that is called the ion-trophic effect.  Note, Vanadium has ANTI-CARCINOGENIC properties and assists in BLOCKING mammary tumor growth.  Health-minded people, and those at-risk and looking for a natural way to tackle the big ‘C’ and buffer the side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation, should pay attention.  Read it again!

Vanadium works like insulin by altering cell-membrane electrical charge for better ion transport.  It also helps glucose-tolerance and insulin-resistance common to hypoglycemia, hyper-insulinemia and types 1, 2 and 3 diabetes.  Vanadium makes insulin receptors more sensitive, which eases the burden on pancreatic b-cells responsible for making insulin.  Read it again!

Symptoms of Clinical Vanadium Deficiency are slow growth, elevated infant mortality, infertility, excess cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, hypoglycemia, metabolic syndrome, hyper-insulinemia, types 1, 2 & 3 diabetes, cardiovascular dis-ease and obesity [ten or more pounds overweight].

Lithium [Li]: widespread deficiency in humans that manifests as reproductive failure, infertility, reduced growth, poor repair metabolism, shortened life expectancy and serious behavioral problems such as manic and clinical depression, bi-polar Jekyll/Hyde personality, hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD and autism which are classic hallmarks of Lithium deficiency.

Clinically, HEALTHY people show 400 times more Lithium in hair samples and live substantially happier, drama-free lives, that is, until they enter their last twenty years and simply run-out-of-Essential Elements.  Lithium supplementation benefits overall body physiology and is associated with youthfulness and vitality; the exact opposite of people who age prematurely.

Common supplemental forms of Lithium are all but worthless, while pharmaceutical versions are toxic!  Bio-active Lithium removes toxic heavy metals such as aluminum [Al], Iron [Fe], lead [Pb], Cadmium [Cd], arsenic [As] and copper [Co].  Increases of heavy metals in hair samples confirms metals are EXITING THE BRAIN.  Dementia and poor memory are classic symptoms of overload.

Nerve disorders have MUCH in common with heavy metal accumulation; a problem that progressively affects people over fifty years of age.  Did you know that the head receives 40% of the blood exiting the heart each time it pumps.  Dementia knows no boundaries and statin drugs are your FREE ADMISSION to la-la land.  Read it again!

Bio-active Lithium chelates and speeds removal of heavy-metals from all parts of the body; it ELEVATES serum B-12 levels far better than pill and needle forms. BTW: serum B-12 is key to healthy folate metabolism.

Molybdenum [Mo]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms as a constituent of metalloenzymes critical for healthy physiology.  Molybdenum is integral to the enzymes xanthine oxidase, aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase.  Molybdenum promotes healthy metabolism when supplied in bio-active, racemized form.

True Confessions & Real Solutions

John Thomas has a confession to make.  “I have been haunted by old-man-veins in my right leg since 2015 and I was NOT happy about it!”  Engorged leg veins DO NOT go-away on their own, and they haunt men more because males suffer ongoing, systemic low-grade inflammation after age forty.  John Thomas needed a solution and he got it, too!  Here are the details of his story. 

Physical movement was the only thing that kept my let problem in-check, that is, until December 8 [my 76th birthday] when all hell let loose!

Every dog has its day, and that day while writing Special Insights, the inside of my right calf suffered burning pain, followed by blood blemish on the skin.  These issues persisted until December 20 when my right foot and calf suddenly SWELLED with fluid and turned rock-hard.

Knowing I was in trouble but UNWILLING to go to the ER or get involved in sick-care medicine, I called my deep-tissue massage Rolfer to assist with what seemed to be a severely knotted calf muscle and inflamed tendons in the knee and ankle.  Wrong!  But wait, there is more!

After the session, I applied ice therapy to the swollen leg with a block of  REAL ICE [not a cold pack] for 30 minutes, 3x/day until December 23.  [During this time, I cleared heavy snow and put my root-cellar to bed; vigorous activity for a guy with a dysfunctional leg.]

From the time the problem erupted, I loaded with PLAQUE FORMULA [dissolves fatty plaques] and applied liquid magnesium with boron followed by liquid DMSO.  [DMSO does what no other substance can do.  It supplies oxygen, boosts circulation, reduces inflammation and supplies bio-active sulfur and methyl molecules to angry tissue.]   I also took 1 tsp. of DMSO in water 3x/day and followed the YAC terrain pH protocol.

Also, I loaded my body with bio-active magnesium ions at the rate of 1,000 mg/day.  I am speaking of bio-active magnesium ions that are 100% assimilated by cells and mitochondria, NOT pill-bottle numbers on a label that provide 3-12% absorption near zero, assimilation.  Assimilation is key.

On December 23 I began using my rebounder [mini-trampoline] for 20 minutes 3x/day; gentle up/down motion with feet on the matt [never any running or jumping].  Finally, my leg responded!

On December 26, the pain and swelling in my leg eased by 90 %.  The calf softened and, miracle of miracles, the old-man-varicose-vein on the shin bone DISAPPEARED for the first time in six years.  The next day the leg started itching [a sign of healing and blood/nerve innervation].

TODAY is December 28th and my leg problem resolved itself.  People said, “Oh! You have a blood clot, get to the ER before you die!”  I said, “Baloney!”  Others said, “Get on aspirin, Aleve and/or ibuprofen immediately to ease the pain, reduce inflammation and thin your blood!”  I said, “No way!”

Lessons For Year 2021 & Beyond

Lesson One: The body heals itself if provided the means to make it happen.  Guidance in the face of crisis is better than panic exposure to emergency room and sick-care medicine and their Godless drugs, not to mention vaxxes forced upon ignorant, vulnerable patients.  [Imagine when patients get jabbed with the new mRNA vaxxes and they never bothered to prepare with ‘Plan B’?]

Lesson Two: my six-year stint with old-man varicose veins on my right shin is over!  The problem was NOT defective/damaged valves!  I did NOT need surgery!  I did NOT need pharma’s drugs!  The issue was sitting too much and NOT walking or getting on the rebounder every few hours. 

Lesson Three: blood-clots dissolve, poor circulation corrects, and mineralized deposits can be resorbed without medical intervention.  Ongoing maintenance is an obvious requirement.

Lesson Four: the ruptured blood vessel in my calf needed time to heal.  Alternate blood vessels needed to grow before damaged tissues could heal and excess fluid could drain.   

Lesson Five: symptoms are NOT disease; they are manifestations of dis-ease.  Resolve metabolic issues and healing occurs followed by DISAPPEARANCE of symptoms.  Intervention by sick-care busybodies peddling fear opens the wrong doors.  Medications kill; they do not heal!  Avoid them!

Lesson SIx: bio-active magnesium ions dissolve mineralized plaque deposits no matter where they occur.  RESORPTION of mineralized plaques is how you renew your cardiovascular system and eliminate low-grade inflammation that slowly destroys healthy metabolism. 

FYI: If your C-Reactive Protein [CRP score) score is above ZERO, low-grade inflammation is aging your body.  Practitioners and labs who tell patients that a CRP score of 0-1.0 is normal are fundamentally dishonest and ignorant.  DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!  [John Thomas’ CRP score is ZERO.  In 2012, when he almost died, his CRP score was 3.5.  His recent leg issue is symptomatic of old sins that were never addressed, physiologically speaking.  Chickens came home to roost!]

Lesson Seven: You can heal your body, you can dissolve mineralized plaque, rid yourself of diabetes, restore heart function, regain brain function, grow healthy, new bone, restore vision, build muscle, improve hearing and rid yourself of dis-ease.  Fact is, there is not much your body cannot do.  Guidance and willingness to act before becoming entrapped by sick-care medicine is the key.] 

Lesson Eight: avoid vaxxes [especially mRNA vaxxes] and institute ‘Plan B’ for when you can’t!  Adjuvants such as PEG provoke anaphylactic reactions and autoimmune symptoms over time.

Your FREE New Year’s Gift

YOUR CHOICE of one new essential element for FREE!  To save more, you can get other TWO NEW ELEMENTS for 50% off the regular price.  [Shipping applies.]. Each element last 10 months [+-].

Call or email for assistance.  You will be glad you did. 

The choices we make determine when the grim-reaper, knocks!  Choose wisely. 

Have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year. 

Guidance is available without cost. 

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is riddled with fraudulence!  People will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by rules of standard of care; they are held-hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine is faceless and is turning sick-care medicine ever more, sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of YoungAgainClub.com website to assist understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them for more information.

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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Social & Medical Tyranny

Vaxx Madness Is Upon Us

[It’s Time For ‘Plan B’]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

This report is a plan of action for protecting yourself from VAXX madness.  Regulatory compliance without suffering the adverse side-effects of VAXXES is a very, tall order.  In this report, the term VAXX substitutes for ‘sensitive’ words to avoid media censoring.  To learn more, read on.

Vaxx madness is here!  Social and medical tyranny now operate under make-believe ‘color of law.’  As vaxx madness accelerates, readers will need a defense strategy.  Please give this report your undivided attention.  You will be glad you did.

Special Insights [Toilet Paper Paranoia & CoronaKarma 2020] exposed the questionable goings-on behind the so-called, pandemic by helping readers separate flimflam from truth. 

Change The Game

Social and medical tyranny will be the norm in year 2021 and beyond.  People MUST prepare for regulatory harassment with a plan of defense now BEFORE busybodies and tyrants knock on your door!  It’s wiser to be prepared, stay low, avoid trouble and not be person of interest.

Low-risk compliance with idiotic health mandates is possible if you have a defensive strategy that limits the risk of adverse side-effects from ‘the’ vaxx.  You will need a plan and you will need knowledge and guidance for implementing your strategy.

‘Plan B’ turns lemons into lemonade and knowledge helps you avoid getting caught-up in vaxx madness that is defined as: fear-driven mis-information and dis-information about viruses, vaxxes and medical hoaxes.  [FYI: medicine, as practiced, is one giant fraud and always has been!]

Never Say Never

This report offers a solution to a serious, real-life drama; a drama that has people confused and scarred!  People don’t know who or what to believe and anxiety is high!  Messianic Madness must be avoided while clarity of mind is guarded.  Anxiety and delusion cannot be allowed!

Readers of all ages, faiths and beliefs can benefit from this report because health and happiness is meaningful to everyone.  My observations have Christian slant because I am a Christian.

Patience, please!  First comes my analysis of the crisis that is raging, then comes the solution. 

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is a fraud and people need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine is faceless and is turning sick-care ever more, sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of YoungAgainClub.com website to assist the reader’s understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them as you desire.


There will be no end to the push for vaxxing, new strains of boogeyman viruses, contact tracing, violation of rights, quarantine, booster vaxxes, social conflict, snitching, masks and anti-social distancing.  Busybodies will coerce and attempt to deny personal freedoms for failure to comply with ‘marks’ of the beast system.  And should you choose not to comply, expect them come to your door and attempt to intimidate and/or ‘jab’ you.  You will need a defense strategy!

‘[Marks]’ Of The Beast

John Thomas is well-aware of biblical prophesies about ‘the mark of the beast’.  There are many ‘marks’ people need to be aware of in 2021 and beyond.  None of the ‘marks’ discussed below end in ‘666’ yet all of them are critical to the beast system. 

Here are four contemporary ‘marks’ of the beast that [strictly speaking] violate the First Commandment against submission before idols and false gods.

  • The social security number is most certainly a ‘mark’ of the beast system.
  • Existing vaxxes [that people already embrace] are ‘marks’ of the beast system. 
  • Cell phones, routers, internet and 5G are electronic ‘marks’ of the beast system.
  • Fiat and digital money are undeniable financial ‘marks’ of the beast system.

Regulatory compliance with virus-driven regulations is not necessarily wrongful submission before an idol because compliance DEMANDS submission under color of law.  If there is no intent to displace God by submission, there is no sin!  [Religion aside, all artificial constructs are a bad idea.]

COMPLIANCE BY DURESS IS THE BEAST SYSTEM and compliance without sacrificing health and well-being is the FOCUS of this report.  avoidance is ideal, but society and medicine already believe that vaxxes are beneficial and effective.  Vaxxes are CENTRAL to sick-care medicine, like it or not. 

‘Plan B’ solves the no choice vs. bad choice dilemma vaxxes present!  The balance of this report discusses why some humans suffer horribly when vaxxed and why others suffer less.  Regardless whether vaxxes are forced or voluntary, there is no reason to risk adverse reactions or suffer symptoms of dis-ease that follow vaxxes in general, and the COVID-19 vaxx in particular. 

Avoiding Known Side-effects Of The Vaxx

Behind vaxx driven dis-ease is dysfunctional immunity and terrain toxicity.  Immune system OVER-RESPONSE is symptomatic of a body on the edge of trouble.  Vaxxes provoke immune system chaos! 

Adverse reactions to vaxxes SCREAM of dysfunctional physiology. Introduction of foreign antigens [including biologics] is a recipe for suffering that eventually manifests as mitochondria dis-ease and premature aging.  Humans are maybe 1% human and 99% microbial.  Mitochondria are microbes.

Germ Theory is the holy grail of medicine and vaxx theory.  Readers MUST  understand that vaxxes cause symptoms of dis-ease, and people with compromised physiology makes matters, worse. Bodies that can’t mount a defense, and process/remove toxic substances, REACT!  [Read it again!]

Vaxx side-effects are AVOIDABLE if you prepare well in advance.  Children and adults who REACT adversely react because their immune systems are fragile and their terrains are a mess. 

Not everyone who gets ‘vaxxed’ experiences adverse reactions!  The majority succumb slowly with below-medical-radar symptoms that grow progressively worse over a lifetime.

The SOLUTION is simple.  Beef-up vital organ function and immune mechanisms BEFORE exposure is the very best defense strategy.  Freedom to say yes or no will most likely be lost.

Vaxx reactions mirror the patient’s state of health!  Vaxxes are supposed to create antibodies and immunity,  but instead create an autoimmune STORM and systemic chaos.  Immune OVER-RESPONSE to vaxxes explains why 150,000,000 people suffer with autoimmune symptoms.  

Most symptoms practitioners call degenerative disease are below-radar reactions to vaxxes.  Compromised digestion is a second factor.  Examples: cancer, diabetes, glute, allergy, acid reflux, bowel disorders, psoriasis, eczema, gout, asthma, sinusitis, tinnitus, acne, etc.  [Read it again!]

When the body can’t cope with vaxx induced TRAUMA, people suffer symptoms allopathic and alternative practitioners misdiagnosis as disease, instead of dis-ease!  Dis-ease is subclinical and best of all, dis-ease goes away when you restore immune function and the terrain. 

Cure is a fraudulent medical construct and so is herd immunity and flattening of the curve.  Medical experts and bureaucrats use these fraudulent concepts to fool the public.  Dis-ease only spreads if the other guy has limited immunity and a polluted terrain.  [Read it again!]

Hedging Your Bet

Humans like to hedge their bets!  Medications, vaxxes and elective intervention are hedges that should be avoided.  These ‘marks’ show dependence on the sick-care system.  To avoid  vulnerability and entrapment by sick-care medicine, ask for guidance and follow the Young Again Club Lifestyle.

We bring suffering upon ourselves through neglect and abuse!  Submission to ‘the’ vaxx without  FIRST having ‘Plan B’ in place is suicide!  Damage control is the smart way to manage, risk!     

Taking the vaxx just in case says shallow faith and underlying fear that God might fumble the ball.  Hope springs eternal but hope is not a plan.  Faith lets humans connect to God-given instinct. 

Occasionally God does miracles, but most miracles follow-after good choices.  [FYI: John Thomas personally experienced two, real-life, on-the-spot miracles that followed good choices].

Regulatory Sanctions & Thought-Provoking Questions

SANCTIONS FORCE COMPLIANCE!  The beast system relies on the carrot and the stick to get the job done!  ‘Plan B’ is about regulatory compliance without a stick and limiting of risk from the vaxx.

Questions.  What if ‘the’ mark of the beast is more than people think it is?  What if ‘the’ vaxx is just a distraction?  What if ‘the’ vaxx is a rehearsal for more to come?  What if fear of ‘the’ mark blocks God-given instinct that causes people to mistakenly choose premature death instead of life? 

Chips & Quantum-dot Technology

The body withstands abuse and everyone alive is living proof.  However, the new generation of vaxxes use mRNA technology to alter DNA similar to fungal molds merge with human DNA.  Supposedly the new vaxxes contain ‘chips’.  Chip deactivation is doable; mRNA is a different matter.  The new vaxxes are unstable above minus -740 F. Can you say danger!

Quantum dot technology [QD] imprints invisible, nano-scaled data in the web of skin between the thumb and index finger.  QD will eventually connect humans and their personal data to the internet via 5G and wi-fi interface.  Many ‘marks’ of the beast system are on the horizon.  Buckle up!

The Remnant

John Thomas intends to turn his lemons into lemonade with health intact, regardless of assaults that come his way.  He will use instinct and knowledge to protect himself and others from assault by vaxx and other threats.  He plans to stick-around and be a part of the remnant, vaxx or no vaxx. 

John Thomas plans to fulfill his purpose.  At 76 years of age and having survived and recovered from nine death calls, he recognizes that there is work yet to be done. 

It makes absolutely NO SENSE to live in FEAR of viruses or vaxxes or anything else!  For those who live in FEAR, please be reminded that our eternal future has already been foretold and our sins, forgiven.  Christ’s death was final and salvation is complete.  This is the core message of Christianity. 

Please recognize, we are born, body mind and spirit, but the physical body is what drags us to the grave.  Death may be inevitable, but while we are on terra firma, there is no excuse for neglecting and abusing our body or compromising our mind and spirit.

Human Nature Does Not Change!

Vaxx mania is being forced upon us and, short of divine intervention, readers need a plan.  Plan ‘B’ is my defense against medical abuse.  Should the current mania end, Plan ‘B’ will help readers restore their aging bodies so they can enjoy life in good health.  Either way is a win!

HUMAN NATURE DOES NOT CHANGE!  Tough-talk surrenders to compliance.  Social and workplace harassment and coercion will cause people to get ‘vaxxed’.  Few will choose messianic death when a defense strategy is available.  [‘Plan B’ should be implemented BEFORE things get, ugly!]

God knows what’s in your heart.  There is no reason to be burdened by FEAR on the spiritual level, and there is no reason to SUFFER the adverse effects of ‘the’ vaxx on the physical level!

‘Plan B’ & For a Better Future

‘Plan B’ differs for each person.  Adverse response to assault by vaxx is within everyone’s reach.  Ask for guidance as there is much to understand.  This is a FREE service from John Thomas.

  • Reduction of ferritin iron levels & reduction of low-grade, systemic inflammation.
  • Bullet-proofing the body against the degenerative effects of wi-fi and 5G radiation.
  • Restoration of bio-active carbon at cell, tissue and mitochondrial levels for better health.
  • Restoration of deep, coma-like sleep [8 + hours] with vivid dreams for faster healing.
  • Elimination of auto-immune symptoms & low-grade inflammation that drives it.
  • Clearing of mold & fungal infestation & restoration of terrain & vital organ activity.
  • Reversal of age-related dis-ease & avoidance of involvement with sick-care medicine.
  • Prevent fulfillment of self-fulfilling prophesies of neglect & abuse.

Health Challenges In Year 2021 & Beyond

Stress levels in year 2020 are off-the-chart and 2021 promises more of the same!  Stress is made worse by unnecessary exposure to wi-fi and 5G radiation, medications, environmental chemicals, poor diet, nutrient-depleted food, failed digestion and incomplete uptake of food supplements.

Know that digestive efficiency drops 50% by fifty years of age and falls an additional 50% for each 5 years, thereafter.  By age 70, your digestive capability is below 3%.  No wonder people fall apart after fifty and dread the suffering that comes with systemic inflammation and pre-mature old age.

What Say You

The body is designed to heal; we die is because we kill ourselves.  All aging is pre-mature aging and self-neglect and abuse speed the aging process. 

Prescription medications [and over-the-counter drugs] DO NOT address cause, but they definitely create endless new symptoms by depleting the body of Essential Elements.  Destruction of immunity and mitochondrial regression add insult, to injury.

Radiation from 5G and wi-fi deplete your vital organs of Essential Elements needed for health.  You can neutralize the crippling side-effects of electrical exposure with Jurassic Magic.

The choices you make determine when the grim-reaper, knocks!  Choose wisely.  Guidance for setting-up your very own ‘Plan B’ is available without cost.  Think damage control.

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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How Iron ToxicityAffects Your Health Iron’s Disruptive Influence On Metabolism

Iron’s Disruptive Influence On Metabolism

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Part 1

Recent mailings urged readers to obtain their ferritin iron test score.  Today’s report explains WHY so much depends on the ‘interpretation’ of your blood iron test score.

Part 1 is about so-called ‘normal’ blood iron levelsand why your ferritin iron level affects every aspect of health, cognition, hormones, inflammation and aging.

Unhealthy levels of ferritin (blood iron) are common because iron accumulates in the body.  It is vitally important to understand why and howiron accumulates in blood (and tissues) of healthy, normal people—and what can be done to clear excess iron from the body.

The terms: iron toxicity, elevated ferritin iron and iron overloadare used interchangeably in this report to describe the phenomenon of unhealthy accumulation of excess iron in blood.

In this issue:

Overview: When ‘Normal’ Blood Is Not Healthy Blood

Claudius Galen & the Four Humors

Making Sense of Your Ferritin Blood Iron Score

Anemia: The Other Side of The Story

Iron’s Many Costumes & Multiple Personalities

Symptoms & Side Effects of Iron Overload & Iron Poisoning

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth always prevails and readers deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Forward Special Insights™ to people you care about.  Key words herein are ‘linked’ to Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To access links, click on blue, underlined words. 

Overview: When ‘Normal’ Blood Is Not Healthy Blood

If you wish to dodge the BIG FIVE [cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, kidney issues and degenerative arthritis] your ferritin blood iron levelsshould be kept VERY LOW

When blood iron levels rise and remain elevated over many years, metabolism is disrupted and suffering becomes a way of life.  Iron overload is everyone’s problem—sooner or later.

This special report spotlights the troubles that flawed interpretation of ferritin test scores cause, and the problems iron toxicity creates for millions of unsuspecting people. 

Iron toxicity haunts the entire human population, rich and poor, male and female—along with our dog and cat animal friends. 

Unrecognized iron overload is perhaps the greatest blunder of current medical thinking! 

Claudius Galen & The Four Humors

For 1600 years (+ -), the teachings of Greek physician, Cladius Galen dominated medical thinking.  Galen believed four ‘humors’ [four types of body fluids] were responsible for four personality types and four ‘states’ of illness: melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine and choleric. 

Galen’s ‘humorism’ became the central tenet of medical belief.  Looking back, it should have been obvious to students and teachers alike that Galen’s theories were, preposterous!

Yet, for 1600 years Galen’s illusions were medical dogma perpetuated by experts who were more concerned about ego and social standing than, medical truth. 

INSERT: [In 1947, as a three year old child, I remember the ice cream truck plying my neighborhood while playing musical tunes to let people know the truck was coming their way.  The driver was known as The Good Humor Man!  Meaning, the sweet ‘humors’ he sold replaced our bad humors—at least until the sugar wracked our metabolism.]

Louis Pasteur advanced the Germ Theory of Disease in the middle 1800s, replacing Galen’s preposterous ideas.  Unfortunately, the Germ Theory was equally faulty—but truth had nothing to do with Pasteur’s new theory.  Medicine needed a new boogeyman: GERMS!

The Germ Theory is today’s ‘standard’ despite solid evidence that the theory ‘IS’ wrong!  Bechamp said, “The terrain controls; the microbes, they are nothing.” —and he was correct.

The Germ Theory continues to confound medical theory, along with the anomaly of flawed interpretation of ferritin blood iron test scores.

Making Sense of Your Ferritin Blood-Iron Score

The normal range of ferritin blood iron is 11 to 450 ng/ml.  Such a wide range should strike the reader as very, very odd.  Something is wrong here!

Question: How can normal be anywhere between 11 & 450?”  Answer:  “It can’t! Lab interpretation of normal is the equivalent of Galen’s ‘four humors!’  Normal does not mean what people think it means, or what they are told it means.  Normal is not normal!

The ideal ferritin iron level is ‘11’.   So, if your score is 77, you are seven times high.  If your score is 220, you are 20 times high, and so on.  It is common to see test results between 200 and 450.  The higher the score, the greater your risk of poor health, disease and premature death.

Ferritin level rises with age, and with it, chronic inflammation.  Ferritin level is central to all disease—including CANCER!

Cancer, bacteria and viruses require iron to grow, and the iron they need is supplied from excess ferritin iron circulating in the blood!  In other words, infection is made possible by excess iron in the system, making iron a critical element of terrain management.

Know this: the terrain controls your genes and DNA through the epigenome which is a reflection of diet and lifestyle.  The epigenome, not your genes and DNA, determine offspring inheritance, instead of vise-versa, and iron overload affects and distorts the terrain.

Terrain management is central to Young Again Club’s message of good health and longevity, and your blood iron level is a very effective way of managing the body’s terrain. 

Anemia: The Other Side of The Story

Anemia is a condition of low hemoglobin, not low ferritin iron.  If you have low red blood cell count, you will have low hemoglobin, low energy and limited ability to transport oxygen. 

Unfortunately, most professionals are confused about ‘normal’ blood iron levels.  Often, they blame low energy on low iron, when exactly the opposite is true.  Television ads further confuse the public with the words, ‘iron deficiency anemia’.  The result: everyone is CONFUSED!

‘Normal’ blood ferritin is the range seen among a population; nothing more.  Anemia has little to do with iron poor blood and EVERYTHING to do with why people [and pets] suffer and age. 

The problem with the ‘iron deficiency model’ is this:  consuming ‘iron’ does not improve hemoglobin.  For example, iron fortified food is a VERY BAD IDEA that drives-up ferritin levels and inflammation while doing nothing for anemia.  And, the higher your ferritin level, the faster you will age. 

Scary! A very bad idea and a new trend in ‘coaching’ is ‘iron loading’ promoted under the grossly mistaken idea that more iron = more energy, oxygen, endurance and speed.  Athletes [young and old] taking iron supplements will reap a bitter harvest from this misguided practice.

Tip: For low hemoglobin [or so-called, anemia], use liquid chlorophyll to boost hemoglobin formation and oxygen levels.  Chlorophyll is to plants what hemoglobin is to humans.  Chlorophyll so resembles human blood, it can be substituted when blood is unavailable. 

Iron’s Many Costumes & Multiple Personalities

Heme iron is a healthy form of dietary iron, as is iron from fresh green vegetables.   Healthyiron is NOT free [elemental] iron—and it is NOT excess ferritin iron, either! 

Heme iron is a hemoprotein that the human and animal body creates so blood can transport oxygen.  Dietary heme iron derives from healthy, red meat and is very different than fortified [elemental] iron in the food supply that is overloading everyone’s body.

Ferritin iron is a different hemoprotein.  Ferritin’s job is that of an iron storage molecule the body makes to LOCK-DOWN incoming fortified elemental iron to minimize its reactive nature. 

Elemental fortified iron in food plays havoc with children’s health and it accumulates in males over age 19 and menopausal females [or those with hysterectomy].  Women enjoy a 25 year advantage over men because of menstrual blood loss which keeps down ferritin iron.

Ferritin prevents elemental iron from oxidizing and making free radicals that damage the body.  Note: ferritin levels rise with age because the body must store more and more incoming iron.

Think of free [elemental] iron as rust on your car.  Iron is poisonous!  Yet, by law, the food supply is heavilylacedwith it!  So much so, that it is impossible to avoid fortified, dietary iron.

Your ferritin score measures ‘bound’ iron circulating in your blood.  Think of ferritin as a damage control molecule!  However, as ferritin levels rise, the greater the risk to the body’s terrain.

The solution to the iron dilemma is obvious: REDUCE your ferritin iron level.

Symptoms & Side Effects of Iron Overload & Iron Poisoning

Iron overload is a BIG FACTOR in the formation of brain plaques; iron definitely drives cognitive and neurological disorders of the old—and not so old.  Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, brain-fog and memory loss all involve progressive iron toxicity.

Lung issues such as, COPD, pneumonia and mesothelioma are inflammatory, autoimmune responses made possible and made worse by the condition of iron overload.

Wrinkled skin is a sign of iron poisoning.  The body stores iron beneath skin when the is no other place to store it and keep it far away from the vital organs.  Aging skin and iron toxicity belong in the same sentence. 

Skin cancer is not the product of sun exposure.  Iron stored beneath the skin sets the stage and insulin/leptin resistance and chronic inflammation trigger the process.  If skin cancer is your concern, think TERRAIN—and ask for guidance.

Elevated liver enzymes and fatty liver are confirmations of degraded iron metabolism and insulin/leptin resistance.  Know this: the TERRAIN controls all things ‘liver’!  To restore your liver, see the Tissue & Liver Protocol

Fluoride and iron are both oxidizers!  Avoid anything containing fluoride, including many medications.  Fluoride and iron are ubiquitous; they drive premature aging and endless suffering.  To get rid of fluoride already resident in your body, ask for guidance.

Prostate and bladder infections occur due to elevated ferritin, elevated blood sugar and chronic inflammation.  Yeast REQUIRES iron and sugar to grow.  So-called, ‘normal’ blood sugar levels are 20-50 points high; meaning, those not yet diabetic, are pre-diabetic.

Migraine headaches involve iron overload, insulin/leptin resistance, sluggish bowel, and a compromised intestinal tract.  Migraines are a symptom, never a cause.

Vision problems such as: glaucoma and macular degeneration, plus hearing loss and ringing ears—are made worse by elevated ferritin iron, insulin/leptin resistance and chronic inflammation.  These problems are terrain issues and iron is in the middle of all of them!

Low ATP output by dysfunctionalmitochondria involves iron poisoning of the terrain.  Excess iron shortens DNA telomeres that control how many times cells divide before they die.  Deal with iron overload instead of fretting over your telomeres issues makes more sense!

Fatty tumors (lipomas) precede cancer; do NOT ignore them!  Lipoma formation REQUIRES iron, a compromised liver and insulin/leptin resistance [pre-diabetes].  Fatty tumors are red flags of a TERRAIN in serious trouble.  For guidance, ask.

More iron maladies: iron overload affects cataracts, fibromyalgia, adrenal burn-out, unbalanced female and male sexual hormones, loss of eyebrows/hair color and fungal overgrowth, as well as, chronic fatigue, cellulite, gluten intolerance and obesity.

The list of health challenges related to iron toxicity is endless and the solution blatantly obvious: REDUCE YOUR FERRITIN IRON! 

The conclusion of How Iron Toxicity Affects Your Health” follow next week.  Here is the link for PART 2

Here are topics of discussion in PART 2:

People, Pets & Confusion Regarding Iron Toxicity

Who Benefits From Adding Iron To The Food Supply?

Why People Are Unaware of Iron Poisoning?

The Fire Element & The Iron Cycle

A Cost FREE Solution For Solving Your Iron Problem

A Better Way 

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If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

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Toilet Paper Paranoia

Virus Insanity & Medical Superstitions

[One Square At A Time]

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

This report was supposed to go to print back in June [2020], but it was determined to be premature and perhaps, unnecessary.  At that time, return to sanity was on the horizon and toilet paper mania appeared to be settling-down.  I was mistaken.  Paranoia and irrational behavior have intensified!

For example, hoarding of toilet paper!  People are wrongly associating bathroom activity with spread of THE VIRUS.  Behind such behavior is poor understanding of the relationship between germs, toilet paper, face masks, quarantine, anti-social distancing and hand washing.

Freedom from medical superstitions about dis-ease in general and viruses in particular requires us to challenge our beliefs and discard irrelevant fictions.  To learn more, read on.

Acceptance of germ theory by the public and practitioners created a

superstitious, germ-phobic society of victims.

Witness the paranoia over viruses that DO NOT exist!  Fabricated, bald-faced fictions based on the granddaddy of medical fictions known as the Germ Theory of Disease.

Germ theory entrapped public consciousness with fear and paranoia.  Instead of concern over malnourishment and terrain toxicity, parents, teachers, health officials, big pharma and medical practitioners perpetuated germ theory  fiction because it sounds credible and it’s all they know. 

Medicine refuses to admit the obvious; meaning, Germ Theory of Disease is FRAUD!  The problem is that Germ Theory is the basis of sick-care medicine.  It’s what’s taught in medical school by arrogant, confused professors.  Fear of ridicule and professional ego permeate Germ Theory. 

Galen’s idiotic ideas about HUMORS that circulated in body fluids and gave birth to dis-ease was central to the medical brotherhood.  Worse, there was dogmatic belief among practitioners that that miasmas rose from the bowels of Earth, spreading dis-ease and torment in the form of four human personality types: melancholy, choleric, sanguine and phlegmatic.

Medicine pathetically clung to Galen’s teachings for 1600 years only to embrace the equally fraudulent Germ Theory of Disease that is the basis of so-called, modern medicine.  [Go figure!]

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to offer perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth and enjoy personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is a fraud and people need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by the rules of standard of care and they are held-hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine is faceless and is turning sick-care ever more, sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated glossary and protocol tabs of YoungAgainClub.com website to assist the reader’s understanding.  Blue underlined words are hyperlinks; click on them as you desire.

Under-appreciated Tool Of Health & Longevity

Understandably, people everywhere avoid discussion of the most basic of human functions: bowel activity.  But oddly, the French popularized custom of bidet [bee-deh] has attained limited social status as a sanitary practice and as a way to conserve and avoid use of toilet paper. 

Enema has some commonalities with bidet, plus advantages.  Enema raises the bar by encouraging the body to release toxic waste from the terrain and at the same time managing symptoms of dis-ease.  [Reduced toilet paper consumption and sanitation are side benefits.] 

Therapeutic use of enema and colon therapy is a hallmark of the Young Again Club lifestyle for 27 years [and for John Thomas personally for 44 years].  FYI: John Thomas is now 76 years of age.  He has both survived and recovered from nine death-calls.  He personally knows the value of enemas and he has seen tens of thousands of people benefit from this simple practice.

Enemas help BIG TIME even in the face of manias like the so-called VIRUS pandemic now in progress.  Combined with the Terrain pH Protocol, enemas provide a simple, low-tech way to avoid dis-ease, improve health and buffer against paranoia and pandemic. 

Enemas BOOST metabolic efficiency of your vital organs, TRAIN THE BODY to release more toxic waste and RESTORE liver function.  Enemas are cleaner, faster and easier than normal toilet activity, and best of all, they are cost-free.  Nothing equals the benefits enema therapy offers, regardless of your age or circumstance.  [Here is the details of the YAC Enema Protocol.]

Facts & Fictions About Viruses, Dis-ease & Lab Tests

It DOES NOT MATTER whether the so-called virus is natural or man-made, or whether China created it overtly or clandestinely.  This report is about preserving your health and avoiding entrapment in the sick-care medical system.  [CoronaKarma 2020 offers readers much to ponder, and it is more prescient now than when it published in March, 2020.]

Fact is viruses are medical fictions; they do NOT exist and no one has ever seen one!  Experts coined the term, virion in the late 1800s to support Germ Theory and explain-away extracellular particles of unknown origin called, exosomes

Fact is, proclaiming discovery of viruses and proclaiming viruses to be pathogenic agents of disease is bogus science unless Koch’s Postulates [rules for identification of pathogenic agents of disease] are satisfied.  [Science has NOT proved a virus caused the pandemic.]

Fact is medical proclamations of patients cured of THE VIRUS are fraudulent and smack of  misdiagnosis.  Worse, medications used to treat virus CRIPPLE cellular mitochondria responsible for making and releasing immune, communication capsules called, exosomes.  [Translation: so-called viral particles [exosomes] are how cells communicate and direct the humoral immunity.]

Fact is Germ Theory practitioners [99.999%] and lab techs think/believe that viruses are real and wrongly prescribe high-risk, antiviral, biologic-type drugs to drop particle count and proclaim, cure! 

Fact is viruses are NOT living organisms, they are NOT pathogenic organisms and they DO NOT spread disease.  Crippling cellular mitochondria [so they will stop making and exporting exosomes] is medical insanity.  Reducing virus? particle count is NOT a cure; it’s  a recipe for biologic chaos [cytokine storms] and sepsis.  [Cripple of the mitochondria and you cripple the patient!]

Fact is so-called cures for pandemic VIRUS are short-lived.  Patients with compromised terrains often RELAPSE and die of fungal-induced septic shock!  [Sepsis is DEADLY and avoidable.  Diagnosis of THE VIRUS is medical fraud that is based on medical flim-flam.]

Fact is myco means, fungus.  Mycobacteria are neither viruses nor bacteria.  Fungal infestation says the terrain is compromised and action is needed.  The time-to-act is BEFORE your body is hi-jacked by resident  fungal organisms that force subservience to sick-care interference and loss of control.

Fact is death by THE VIRUS is actually death by latent, fungal, tuberculosis spores that morph into virulent, mycobacterial forms that deliver end-stage septic shock.  Organ failure, crippled mitochondria and dysfunctional physiology go with fungal takeover by mycobacteria.

Fact is incompetent lab technicians [and their physician counterparts] have little to no understanding or training in clinical mycology.  Misidentification of fungal organisms and misdiagnosis of pneumonia-like symptoms [of latent tuberculosis] are routinely mislabeled viral or bacterial instead of mycobacterial, making patients victims of triage.

Your terrain is your best defense against health challenges no matter the diagnosis.

Fact is people are dying, but they are NOT dying from THE VIRUS,  Death numbers are greatly exaggerated and cause-of-death certificates are meaningless.  People die because their vital organ functions are severely compromised and their terrains toxic in the extreme.

Fact is latent tuberculosis is  the big killer in China, Italy and around the world [second only to malaria] and at least 25% of people in the USA carry dormant, tuberculosis spores [latentcy] that morph into virulence when immune function is down and the body’s terrain is toxic and acidic.

Fact is dietary deficiencies are commonly mistaken for disease by practitioners.  Beriberi, pellagra and scurvy are three, flagrant examples of misguided science in the hands of medical ding-dongs educated beyond their intelligence

Fact is, when the dust settles, the current VIRUS PANDEMIC will evaporate and prove to be another exaggerated, medical hoax.  [In the meantime, your job is to stay alive and avoid  involvement in sick-care medicine].

Fact is people who die of THE VIRUS actually die with severe nutritional issues as a result of lifestyle co-morbidities in the form of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, oxygen deprivation, essential element depletion and respiratory dysfunction.  Mitochondrial compromise is always involved.

Q. Why do we need a vaccine for a virus that does not exist?

Fact is masks deprive the mitochondria of oxygen and limit production of the energy molecule, ATP.  Without energy and plenty of cellular oxygen,  health is impossible.  Slow-motion dis-ease is called aging.  The high-speed version is called sepsis!  [The body does not age; we kill it!]

Fact is humans are 1% human and 99% microbe; meaning, your terrain is about microbe management.  Terrain toxicity is one reason microbes morph to virulence and attack the host.  [The so-called VIRUS PANDEMIC is symptomatic of metabolic stress of the body’s terrain. 

Fact is cells COMMUNICATE by releasing extracellular capsules called exosomes; the same particles/capsules that are medical hot shots mistakenly call, viruses.  The pandemic is about latent mycobacterial tuberculosis and terrain management, not viruses.

Fact is practitioners treat lab tests, not patients. Lab tests and misdiagnosis have much in common.  So called, pneumonia-like symptoms  are symptoms of latent tuberculosis; the appear prior to outbreak of virulence and manifestation of sepsis

Fact is, mycology was REMOVED from medical curriculums in 1951 by organized medicine and pharma to create a FALSE MEDICAL MODEL that shifted blame for cancer from fungi to viruses.  [Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving cancer is a FUNGUS.  Big medicine made sue it was swept under the carpet of history.  [They needed a cancer crisis.]

Fact is fraudulent lab tests and MISREPRESENTED lab results encourages misdiagnosis.  [Symptoms and tests are NOT conclusive and association is NOT causation.]

The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits. [Einstein]

Fact is antiviral, biologic medications, steroids and antibiotics CRIPPLE cellular mitochondria and set-the-stage for major dis-ease, and in the case of THE VIRUS: sepsis, the deadliest medical condition.

Fact is sepsis is driven by fungal organisms with permeable membranes, instead of cell walls. Organisms that lab technicians and practitioners misidentify as bacteria and virus [they are neither]; they are MYCObacteria!

Fact is there is NO SUCH THING AS VIRUS!  Practitioners need a devil to blame and false testing o justifies intervention.  The time to beef-up your terrain is BEFORE misdiagnosis occurs, BEFORE fear takes control of your faculties and BEFORE you lose your option to seek guidance outside of the sick-care system.

Fact is dis-ease can ONLY spread to another if that person has a toxic terrain and weak immune system.  You CANNOT catch what someone else has unless your terrain is challenged and you are metabolically unbalanced.  Don’t forget it!

Fact is medications [all medications] weaken the terrain.  Medications band-aid symptoms in exchange for different symptoms while putting patients at great risk.  [Read the fine print!]

Inflammation, [Poor] Digestion, Aging & Dis-ease

Inflammation defines aging and misery.  Behind inflammation is POOR DIGESTION and it gets worse after age fifty.  EVERYTHING AUTO-IMMUNE is rooted in poor digestion. 

Consider: by age 50, your digestion is a mess; efficiency is HALF of what it was at age 24.  For each additional 5 years after fifty, digestive efficiency drops fifty percent <50%>.  By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of what it was at age fifty.  As digestion falls, inflammation rises.  Believe it!

Popular digestive supplements DO NOT CORRECT POOR DIGESTION in a meaningful way!  All are compromised and self-limiting.  You can do better, much better!   [Here is how.]

John Thomas, now age 76, recommends use of three very different formulas to meet your body’s digestive needs.  Absent potent, high-energy digestive formulas, digestion DEVOLVES into slow-motion-starvation, regardless of how good your diet may be.  Check out Digestion Trio, here.]

One example [and confirmation] of digestive shortfall comes from sewage workers who pump septic tanks and find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and supplements at the bottom of tanks.  [Nutrient depletion and medications accelerate aging. while poor digestion prevents utilization]

The older you are, the greater is your body’s nutritional needs!

Icelandic Magic can play a pivotal role in digestion and regeneration of sick and older bodies.  Use it to help your colon FERMENT THE FOOD YOU EAR SO YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN VITAMINS!  Fermentation is a natural way to avoid colon polyps, bowel disorders and by-pass the uglies associated with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and arthritis.  [Learn more here.

A critical aspect of regeneration  is restoration of your body’s reserves of Essential Elements.  Provide your body with these elements and youthful vigor and regeneration are yours. 

Depletion of elements is 100% predictable, and it begins to manifest in hundreds of subtle and not so subtle ways by no later than age 50 and accelerates fast thereafter.  [Click here to learn more.]

What Say You?

Your body is designed to live!  All aging is pre-mature aging.  [Poor] digestion fuels aging.  Neglect and abuse your body and it will die!  

Prescription drugs fix nothing.  All prescription drugs speed depletion of Essential Elements.

The choices we make determine when the reaper, knocks!  Choose wisely.

Guidance is available without cost. 

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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How [Poor] Digestion Destroys Health Why You Age & What You Can Do About it [Wake-Up Call For Those Over Age 50!]

. Anecdotal Observations .

Digestion affects everything, especially after 50 years of age. In many ways, digestion is more important than the food we choose to eat! To learn how digestion improved health, read on.
Misunderstood Symptoms of Poor Digestion

  • Inflammation and suffering that begin no later than age 35 worsen with age.
  • Sluggish or temperamental bowels that move less than three times/day.
  • Old skin [crepe, thin, tags, fatty tumors, age spots, eczema/ psoriasis, flab].
  • Thin hair, eye floaters, buzzing ears, poor hearing and deteriorating vision.
  • Loss of taste/smell; runny nose, sneezing, stoppy ear and sinus issues.
  • Cancer, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, fatty liver and pre-diabetes.
  • Gas, bloat, acid reflux, poor sleep, brain fog, gum/teeth issues and fatigue.
  • Neuropathy, obesity, gout, twisted feet and toes, arthritis, loss of flexibility.
  • Irritable bowel, ED, bladder, diverticulitis, colitis, PCOS, polyps and hemorrhoids.
  • Cravings, drugs & alcohol, anger & depression, osteoporosis, muscle wasting.

Poor digestion has everything to do with poor health.
Food Related Facts

  • Your ability to process food and food supplements plummets after age 50.
  • Popular digestive aids have serious limitations and lack physiologic activity.  
  • Absorption and utilization of food nutrients and supplements is controlled by digestion.
  • Nutritionally depleted food cannot supply nutrients it does not contain.
  • Essential Elements are missing from the food chain; depleted calories do not nourish.
  • People grow old on full bellies and empty calories for lack of essential elements.
  • Overweight says: pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome in the making.
  • Overeating, cravings and snacking says: digestive compromise and nutritional starvation.
  • Two meals[that include fat, 6 hours apart] rests the pancreas and eases insulin metabolism. 
  • Food & food supplements need good digestive capacity to deliver their benefits. 

Nourishment is what is supposed to occur in between eating and pooping.Pre-mature Aging: Causes & Consequences

Hunger drives overeating and the urge to eat three meals/day. Behind hunger is malnourishment driven by inability to digest and process food and extract nutrients.  Poor digestion aggravates the liver, pancreas, bowels, leaky-gut, sex drive, female issues, ED, prostate, bladder, cardiovascular issues, brain/memory deterioration, autoimmune challenges, insulin, obesity and metabolic syndrome. The list of digestion-associated ailments is endless, and so is suffering that comes with it. Compromised digestion translates as, dis-ease.

Loss & Restoration Of Digestion Efficiency

Popular digestive supplements DO NOT GET THE JOB DONE! All are compromised. Because you cannot get everything needed in one supplement; three very different YAC formulas are required. Absent potent, full-spectrum formulas, the body suffers slow-motion-starvation on a full belly.  

NOTE: by age 50, digestive capacity is HALF of what it was at age 24. For each additional 5 years, digestive efficiency drops fifty percent <50%>. By age 70, efficiency is less than 3% of age fifty. [NOTE: when sewage workers pump septic tanks, they find thousands of UNDIGESTED medications and supplements. People over age fifty suffer from nutrient depletion and don’t even know it!]

The Young Again Club Digestive Protocol deals with, digestion and maintenance of vital organs [liver, heart, pancreas, kidneys, lungs and brain]. Poorly functioning organs says, compromised digestion.  
Icelandic Magic helps your colon FERMENT FOOD so you can make your own vitamins and restore your terrain so you can avoid polyps, bowel disorders, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and arthritis. Fermentation is your body does ongoing, self-help maintenance. [Learn more here.]  

Depletion of your body’s reserves of Essential Elements cripples your ability to process food and maintain vigor. And regardless of your dietary habits, meaning meat, vegetarian, paleo, etc., digestion determines how you age, how you look and your score on the misery index.  

Modern-day food adds insult to injury! Non-organic food is problematic, while organic food lacks lifeforce, vitamins and mineral ions. To ensure an generous supply, you need the YAC Digestive Trio and racemized supplements with high-energy footprints. [Read more here.]

Dis-ease Is NOT The Same As Disease

Symptoms of digestion-driven, subclinical dis-ease manifest as allergy, gluten intolerance and dairy sensitivity, and 70% of the populace suffer accordingly. To end the misery, you MUST restore digestive efficiency and restore vibrational frequency to your cells and mitochondria.
Nutrient absorption is different than nutrient assimilation! Absorption gets nutrients into the blood stream; assimilation gets nutrient ions across cell and mitochondrial membranes. Ions that fail to traverse these critical membranes are useless! Eating well and taking supplements is futile when digestion is compromised….…and it is if you are over fifty years of age.

For example, magnesium ions fuel over one-thousand metabolic reactions. Popular magnesium supplements deliver approximately 10% absorption and 1% assimilation. And the higher your stress level, the greater your need for all fifteen essential ions [magnesium being just one of them].  

Young Again Club Sea Sulfates offer 100% absorption. Youth Formula assures ion assimilation across membranes. Assimilation at the cell/mitochondrial level boosts physiology and slows aging.  
The body needs bio-active ions and carbon to function and maintain homeostasis. Without all Essential Elements and Jurassic Carbon, vital organ function suffers and wi-fi and 5G electrical signals assault our cells. [Read, The Invisible Rainbow, Firstenberg.]

inability to metabolize food nutrient ions is the basis of pre-mature aging. 

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia are blatant examples of cholesterol starvation [statin drugs], poor circulation, element depletion and oxygen starvation. Add cellular waste and ferritin iron and you have the recipe for senility and neurologic decline affecting a majority of those over age 50. Dysfunctional bowels accelerates the process as terrain physiology gives way.  

Cardiovascular dis-ease [arrythmia, stroke, atrial fibrillation, aneurism (brain/aortic), blood pressure and plaque] are inexcusable and correctable. All are symptoms of poor digestion and loss of Essential Elements. Symptoms of dis-ease are about epigenetics not genes.  

What Say You?

The body is designed to live; neglect it and abuse it and it will die! Medications only treat symptoms. To be classified a medication, a drug must be able to kill you; supplements cannot kill you.

All aging is pre-mature aging, and all prescriptions and all drugs ACCELERATE AGING, destroy digestion and speed magnesium ion depletion. Our choices determine when the reaper, knocks!  

The Digestion Trio improves quality of life, regardless of your age. Q. Do you want to feel better? Q. Do you remember what it felt like to feel young? Q. Do you want to enjoy peak health? Are you willing to accept guidance? Guidance is available without cost.

Assistance for seniors and those in need is available.

johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154

A Better Way 

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours. Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life. To learn more, click here

If you have not read Young Again! you should. If you would like a copy of the book, click here.   

Personalize Your Program Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual. To contact John Thomas, click here .

If you found this information interesting, forward to a friend. To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!

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Exciting Announcement! Jurassic MagicTM Nature’s Gift From Earth’s Primeval Past A Superior Pathway To 21st Century Health

. Anecdotal Observations .
Two-hundred million years ago, nature created a unique way to boost health, remove heavy metals, neutralize food contaminants and protect against the corrosive effects of wi-fi and 5-G radiation. 
The solution for health challenges of the 21st Century come from earth’s geologic past, and it comes at a time people are burdened by stress, environmental pollution and nutritionally depleted food. To learn more about the new discovery, read on.

Background StoryDuring the Jurassic Period, Earth was lush and plants grew to the sky. Atmospheric carbon dioxide was high and earth’s crust was rich in mineral elements. For fifty-million years, life proliferated and dinosaurs roamed a pollution-free planet, setting-the-stage for the creation of JURASSIC MAGICTM.

During the Jurassic Era, plants extracted carbon from air and bonded it with mineral ions in Earth’s crust. Additionally, earth’s magnetic field was strong, boosting the footprint of the carbon deposits that were forming. Over eons, lifeforms died and contributed amino-acids to carbon deposits that are the basis of JURASSIC MAGICTMLifeforce, long dormant in this unique carbon, is now available to everyone.

Overcoming Challenges & 27 Years
The first challenge for creation of JURASSIC MAGICTM was cleaving the bonds of the carbon/ion/amino-acid molecules of the deposits. The second challenge was stabilization of the energy footprint. The third challenge was amplification of the energy footprint necessary for healing and regeneration to occur. The fourth challenge was preservation of binary terrahydrites that are the lifeforce and character of primal carbon deposits. JURASSIC MAGICTM took 27 years to comprehend and create.
Bio-hydrolysis TM breaks the bonds of Jurassic Carbon. Creative VortexTM stabilizes and amplifies the energy footprint. Specific gravity and pH are addressed. The new product called, JURASSIC MAGICTM is a winner!

Just seven drops of JURASSIC MAGICTM in water or juice [twice daily] provides multiple benefits; benefits that are long-term, cumulative to naturally healthy, carbon-based, bodies. JURASSIC MAGICTM is about reducing risk and boosting effectiveness of food supplements and dietary choices.

Carbon and Essential Element depletion drives premature aging, dis-ease and misery. Heavy metal accumulation [mercury, lead, aluminum and iron] antagonize and cripple vital organ function. Medicationsvaccinations and food contain heavy metals. Get them OUT of your body, now! The carbon in JURASSIC MAGICTM has absolutely nothing to do with charcoal. Charcoal is toxic!
Environmental pollution, heavy metals and wi-fi [5-G] radiation is devasting people’s health, and, they are not going away! JURASSIC MAGICTM protects and neutralizes risk these modern uglies impose on your body and mind! 

JURASSIC MAGICTM comes in economical, four-ounce, easy-to-use, dripper bottles. 

Three bottles LOCKS-IN PRICE for reorders.   Yes, okay to divide payment.

Jurassic MagicTM Introductory Offer
3 Bottles: $299 $15 s&h. 
Single Bottle: $139 $15 s&h
johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com or 509 465-4154
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Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.
If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.

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CoronaKarma 2020 Managing Health In Bad Times & Good ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Survival with your health intact is the name of the game no matter what the threat or epidemic!  And, if ever there was a time to embrace the Young Again! concept of terrain management, now is that time!  Good times are just around the corner and you will need good health to enjoy them.

The perfect defense against infectious organisms [viral, bacterial and fungal] is AVOIDANCE!  Bullet-proof your terrain and keep immune function strong and hostile organisms such as COVID-19 will pass you by.  Your terrain controls body response to hostile organisms, not exposure.  Never forget it!

If you are healthy, maintain the course.  If you have issues or are aging rapidly, you want to reverse course, immediately.  Reversal involves the exact same steps as prevention and avoidance.  But, count on it, you will need guidance.  Feel free to reach-out!

TO READERS OF SPECIAL INSIGHTSYour health and your future hinge on clear understanding of physiology and your willingness to implement the information contained, herein.  This report will challenge everything you thought you knew or understood about disease, dis-ease and infection.   CoronaKarma 2020 took months to assemble and write.  Hopefully, it will help everyone who reads it.

John Thomas encourages readers to PRINT THIS REPORT and read all of it.  Screen-reading results in 20% absorption and 10% comprehension.  Printed, you can achieve 80% absorption.  Comprehension will vary according to focus, time spent in study reviewing subject matter, background in the sciences, etc.  This is a complex document.  Give it the attention you deserve.  Your life depends on it!

FRIENDLY COMMENT: This resort is an indictment of sick-care medicine.  It’s not about individuals or categories of individuals, professional or lay.  Your author recognizes that good, decent physicians, naturopaths and chiropractors are on the front lines of street-level medicine and deserve, respect. Sick-care medicine, however, deserves our contempt because it is fraudulent!  Pointed remarks herein are utilized for emphasis and effect to ensure readers capture subtle ideas and important points.

In this issue:

Facts vs. Fear: Don’t Confuse Them!

Contagion & Pandemic

CoronaKarma, Latency & Misdiagnosis

Pneumonia & Influenza-like Symptoms

Medical Con & Coup d’é·tat

Coronavirus Bankruptcy Coup d’é·tat

A Pandemic For Our Own Good

Medical Flimflam, Germ Theory & Viruses

Lab Tests: Not What They Appear

Fairy Tales & Myths Of Plague

Ventilator Insanity Made Simple

Dis-ease Inside The Body vs. Disease Outside

Quarantine & Anti-Social Distancing

Slow-Motion ‘911’ [In Progress]

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Russian Proverb & Medicine’s Ugly History

1600 Years & Mr. Hughes In Dylan’s Shoes

Coronavirus Or CoronaKarma?

Medical Witchdoctors & Modern Miasmas

Pellagra, Coronavirus & Superstition

Physiology Made Simple

Can You Say [Occult] Tuberculosis

You Have Pneumonia!  [No, You Don’t!]

The Meaning Behind Chronic Pneumonia

Definitions For Better Comprehension

Pulmonary Mycobacterial Tuberculosis

Bullet-Proofing Your Terrain

Fungal-Yeast  Connection

Virulence, Blood & Oxygen

Unrealistic Expectations

The Riddle Called Dis-ease

Sepsis, Oxygen & COVID-19

Pharma To The Rescue

Graveyard & Off-Label Medications

Misdiagnoses & Recycled Bureaucrats

Towers, Cellphones & 5-G Micro-Radiation

Suggestions, Comments & Fundamentals

Rules One & Two

Rule #1:  When you find yourself in a hole with a shovel, stop digging!

Rule #2 :  Tend to your terrain and dis-ease will take care of itself.

Facts vs. Fear:  Don’t Confuse Them!

Those with compromised immune systems and toxic terrains are vulnerable to everything.  Those who embraced Young Again Club principles and protocols have nothing to fear.  [If you need guidance, John Thomas is available without a fee of any kind.]

FACTS!  Either you have coronavirus or you don’t!  Either the COVID-19 contagion is real or it’s not.  Either it’s communicable and virulent or it isn’t.  Either lab tests are accurate or they are not.  Either China is responsible for the coronavirus epidemic or it is not.  NONE OF THESE THINGS MATTER.  To discover WHAT DOES MATTER and prepare for the good times just around the corner, read on.

“Just around the corner there’s a rainbow in the sky, so let’s have another cup of coffee and let’s have another piece of pie!”  This Great Depression song is about hope, but it also about taking action, getting your head straight and creating a better future for yourself and those you care about.

Contagion & Pandemic

Historically, epidemics strike, spike, settle and SURGE again.  Translation: expect more, because it’s a’coming!  Coronavirus 2.0 will be here by Fall, 2020; plan on it and prepare now while you can.

Here’s the other half of the COVID-19 story!  This is an UNTOLD story, and a story you want to understand for your own well-being and that of family and friends.  Ignorance is bliss, until it’s not!

Contagion are ubiquitous and unavoidable and the very best way to PREDICT body response to contagion is to understand body physiology and the concept called the terrain.  Understand physiology and terrain, and you will avoid dis-ease and entrapment in the sick-care medical system.  Tend to your terrain and your body will tend to itself.

The terrain is home to trillions of organisms; some good and some bad.  The terrain orchestrates immunity and virulence by managing how organisms [ever-present in the body] respond to the internal workings of the terrain environment.  

Exposure to organisms outside the body does NOT pose a threat to the inner body if the terrain is in peak order and immune function is not compromised.  What does that say about people who are supposedly infected [and/or dying] from COVID-19?  Can you say, terrain?  Can you say, fake tests?

CoronaKarma, Latency & Misdiagnoses

Whatever COVID-19 turns out to be [if anything],your terrain dictates how your body responds to everything it is exposed to, including COVID-19 [assuming corona virus is actually, communicable]. 

Diet, lifestyle, thoughts and actions influence the body and all metabolic functions. 

Habits and actions influence what version of CoronaKarma 2020 you create for yourself and ultimately, harvest.  Dis-ease is not disease and neither are what they appear, medical opinions [and lab tests] to the contrary, notwithstanding.

Your diet is not only what you eat.  It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read, the people you hang-out with and the things you subject your mind and soul to.  Always be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically.”  Unknown

Latency: the biologic state where potentially virulent organisms coexist in harmony within the terrain and immune system.  Latency is about friendly organisms that morph to virulence and attack the body.  Autoimmune dis-ease are confirmation of low-level latency, compromised terrain and physiology. 

Autoimmune dis-ease is NOT the body attacking itself, as popularly believed and taught!  Rather, it’s a condition of ongoing, low-grade infection and inflammation of the terrain.  The gut, diet and digestion play major roles in autoimmune-type responses.  The gut is only one source of people’s symptoms.  The correct approach includes all aspects of terrain management and physiology.

Latency has EVERYTHING to do with COVID-19 and occult tuberculosis.  Fact is, latency sets the stage for manifestation of influenza-like symptoms that always accompany epidemics.  Fact is, people are not dying of pneumonia.  Rather, they are dying of systemic overload of toxins generated  by fungal-molds that ultimately express as, sepsis.

The present epidemic is wrongly blamed on coronavirus by incompetent medical authorities who don’t have a clue about much of anything.  They seem to know more than they are willing to talk about, and they seem to have an agenda that transcends COVID-19.

Questions.  If you are diagnosed [or misdiagnosed] with COVID-19, what are you going to do about it?  Take experimental drugs that burden an already compromised immune system?  Or get in line for [untested] vaccines spiked with RFID chips?  Or commit slow-motion suicide through self-inflicted fear?  All of these choices are deadly.  What’s it going to be, pilgrim?

Sound crazy?  Not really.  Chipping pets is common practice these days and chipping of humans is coming.  Spiked vaccinations have the number ‘666’ on them and will likely posit your name on Satan’s roster.  Chips that electronically transmit everything about us 24/7365 via 5-G, smart phones and meters that monitor vaccination status of every human being on the planet will have eternal consequences.  [This threat has already been resolved.]  But I digress…

What of  those fancy, high-tech devices people are wearing to monitor their brain, heart, kidneys and insulin?  Self-monitoring will have predictable consequences because people will be focused on what they don’t want!  Make changes in diet and lifestyle now and avoid fear, worry and medications later. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is conditioning with a medical twist!  It seems to be a test to gauge compliance and gullibility of the natives, but in preparation for what?   Medical scarecrows dot the horizon, but why?  Is the coronavirus pandemic a carefully crafted and orchestrated ploy?  And if it is, a distraction for what purpose?  Exactly what is COVID-19 the beginning of?  Or the end of?  To learn more, read on.

Pneumonia & influenza-like Symptoms

Pneumonia-like and influenza-like  symptoms have absolutely nothing to do with coronavirus.  Disease control centers  admit that the tests are NOT ACCURATE and should not be used for diagnosis or treatment.  As for post-mortem examination, tests confirm whatever health bureaucrats want them to confirm.  Fake data manipulated to instill fear and anxiety among the natives? 

COVD-19 fake news is powerful theater for maximum effect!  Get used to it and learn to control fear, now!  Learn how take care for your own well-being without approval by higher authority.  I suggest reader’s begin by eliminating fear and changing perception.  “Take the red pill!”…boys and girls!

The official version of COVID-19 is a re-run of the Twin Towers event on ‘911’ [September 11, 2001].  BOTH stories are suspicious, but the coronavirus edition is 100% pervasive and it is sucking millions of people down a very, dark rabbit hole.  SAY NO TO FEAR OR YOU WILL SURVIVE!

Medical Con & Coup d’é·tat

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE COVID-19 STORY!  It just doesn’t make sense when you dissect and scrutinize the convoluted, official story.  People sense something else is going-on.  They are suspicious!

People’s instincts are smell a rat; follow your instincts!  But, is the pandemic a covert financial reset imposed by evil, powerful forces?  Or perhaps a controlled meltdown to avoid financial anarchy?  Or an effort to prevent transfer of power to bad people?  There is no way to know, but it’s something’s in-play!  Perhaps this is an orchestrated slowdown to avoid systemic collapse?  Time will tell.

Regardless of why the COVID-19 pandemic is happening, IT APPEARS TO BE A FAKE CRISIS [maybe] with a divine silver lining?  A blessing in disguise for Earth and humans in fulfillment of Mayan prophesies about 11:11 a.m. 12-21-12 [the shift from the age of Pieces to Aquarius]?  

Maybe coronavirus is just a way to keep a lid on things and a controlled demolition like the Twin Towers on ‘911’?  But, what if this pandemic ends-up being a turd sandwich?  For sure, you will need good health to survive this mess and you will need good health to enjoy the good times that are just around the corner.  Keep it simple!


Coronavirus Bankruptcy d’é·tat

The dollar is the world’s reserve currency.  As goes the dollar so goes the world which may explain why coronavirus went global, overnight!  Perhaps an orchestrated financial cleansing compliments of COVID-19 and bureaucratic busybodies with a fake, medical mandate?

COVID-19 smells financial to me!  At the same time, Big-Pharma and medical hobgoblins are hard at it, pillaging taxpayers and looting the national treasury, while tobacco companies are coincidentally developing a tobacco virus antigen for COVID-19 and pharma [with help from health bureaucrats] are resurrecting and peddling [graveyard] drugs to save humanity.  Smells fishy to me!


We just spent 2 TRILLION dollars [and lots more to come] without shame.  Why, we didn’t even need to sew,  fig leaves!  Looks like a financial coup d’é·tat by medical carpetbaggers and political scalawags!    Probably all of these things and more.  For sure,  life-as-we-know-it just changed, forever.

Bankruptcy is painful whether personal or national, and it looks to me like the boys and girls over at CID and NIH are providing theater and cover so the natives don’t smell rats and beat drums.  A national bankruptcy and de-facto coup d’é·tat under cover of a fake, worldwide, epidemic?  Perhaps a life and death struggle between good guys and bad guys compliments of sick-care medicine?  Take your pick!

For sure, a debt bomb just went-off with plenty of free money to resurrect America and zombie countries with zombie economies.  Looks to me like the money-printing-party is just beginning and uncle Sam [with help from medical boogeymen] filled and spiked the punchbowl, again!  It sure is interesting to watch leaders of every strip, grabbing free money and dawning halos to resurrect state and local economies.  Something isn’t right about the official COVID-19 story?

Maybe the bad guys got their hoard of illicit money taken away and bogus loans, called?  TRILLIONS of dollars have been stolen and used to create misery worldwide since 1913 when The Creature From Jekyl Island raised its ugly head from hades?

Evil forces have used the US dollar to create hell on earth for billions of people over the past 100 years, and the good guys know about it.  When the dust settles, life will better for people everywhere if we can get to the other side of the pandemic called, COVD-19. 

Money will be the least of people’s problems if they lose their health.  Let God settle the score and cleanse the world of evil.  For now, let’s focus on treating each other kindly, because ”just around the corner there’s a rainbow in the sky…”  

Never forget, we reap what we sow, what goes around comes around, chickens come home to roost and dogs return to their vomit.  [Thought you might enjoy some, metaphors.]

A Pandemic For Our Own Good?

COVID-19 could be cover for something wonderful if we can reach the other side with our health intact.  Things seem out of control, but if you care for your terrain [meaning body, mind and spirit] and avoid anger, hate and fear, things will settle and we will survive and prosper.  Blessings come in disguise.

I have been abnormally quiet about COVID-19; I needed time to dissect the propaganda.  But, something about the coronavirus story does not make sense!  Whatever is going-on behind the curtain, each of us create our own versions of CoronaKarma 2020.   So, create what you want by focusing on that rainbow in the sky that just around the corner…

Share this report with those you care about.  People need to understand that letting-go frees the spirit and allows creativity to flow and doors to open.  John Thomas encourages everyone to read, Letting Go by David Hawkins [Amazon].  [This book helped me unload 75 years of baggage and prepared me for this pivotal moment and avoid the fear that dominates.  It will help you survive and avoid fear, too!]

Life just became very difficult and you are going to need your faculties, unencumbered by hate, fear and anger, to survive and traverse the matrix taking form on planet Earth in Year, 2020.

Medical Flimflam, Germ Theory & Viruses

There is an overabundance of medical patsies [educated beyond their intelligence] playing God at this time.  These zombie creatures always magically appear during epidemics and pandemics.  You will find them in government, private and academic circles dutifully protecting the public with direction from pharma, of course.  Patsies with agendas; human robots!  Your welfare is of no concern to them!

Big-Pharma has seized control of robotic health officials, no-nothing politicians and wind-bag newscasters whose job is to TRUMPET medical flimflam and worn-out theories in support of the holy grail called, The Germ Theory of Disease.

Medical theories are WAGS [wild-ass guesses]!  WAGS are unproven and the public would be better served if they totally ignored pharma-flatulence emanating from the bowels of medicine on TV every 5 minutes 24/7/365 catchy end verbal implants, such as: “Ask your doctor if XXX is right for you?”  Or, “See if XXX is your kind of medicine?”  Can you say brainwashing and conditioning?

Question all things medical and turn off your TV!  COVID-19 is about, fear!  Question.  Where are all the dead bodies and violently sick patients?  I speak with doctors and workers across the North America who are on the front lines, and who work in hospitals and health facilities and they tell me there is no epidemic!  It’s business as usual for elderly and those who are sub-clinically compromised.

Know that today’s medical theories are tomorrow’s refuse.  Few medical theories deserve to be taught in colleges, allopathic, naturopathic or chiropractic.  Dogma muzzles truth and allows pharma to rig the numbers and rig the game.  Pharma is destroying America.  Here’s how pharma is doing it.

PCR Testing Protocol [polymerized chain reaction] is used to validate existence and spread of the [so-called] coronavirus epidemic.  PRC gives credibility to infections and diseases that don’t exist.  PCR is being used to amp epidemic to pandemic. PCR testing is medical fraud, but the public loves tests and attention from doctor and authorities, and especially medical smoke and mirrors.  Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Diagnostic tests for presence of the COVID-19 virus [assuming accurate?] DO NOT tell you HOW MUCH VIRUS is in the body.  Count, counts!  You need MILLIONS of viruses actively replicating to be of significance.  A positive test for presence of a virus [by itself] is meaningless and is not justification for meddling by social, medical or governmental busybodies with an agenda.

Questions.  What if COVID-19 data and news reports are fake?  What if a virus is not even in-play?  What if COVID-19 is not transmitted by contact, food or proximity?  What if fear, control and isolation of the human spirit is perpetuating this epidemic?  What if COVID-19 is a total fake-out and we are suckers? 

The Coronavirus Pandemic reminds me of the epidemic called, cancer!  Talk about an orchestrated scam that blames God and genetics instead of the real cause, which is dysfunctional metabolism and fungal takeover and of the terrain!  Genetics has NOTHING to do with cancer or the COVID-19, pandemic.

Cancer, stethoscopes and credentials advance pharma’s agenda and generate fat paychecks.  Why should the medical cartel settle for a piece of the pie when they can have it all?  Coronavirus provides total cover for a massive takedown of America.  Wake up, people!

Lab Tests: Not What They Appear

Lab tests are not definitive, but they are powerful tools of manipulation.  The COVVID-19 pandemic is a good example.  Fake tests and fake statistics and complete shut-down of the economy allows manipulation and intervention by pharma and health officials for use of experimental drugs and mandatory vaccination that destroy the mitochondria and accelerate slow-motion aging.

Lab tests are known for errors and they require practitioner interpretation.  False positives are common, but patients rarely challenge diagnosis.  Some seek second opinions, but in the end, people get in line.  Tests override human instinct and help sick-care medicine focus attention on imaginary boogeymen.

It’s human to want to know an enemy’s identity.  Tests make it easy to embrace doctor’s opinion, especially if a remedy is tendered and supported by studies, medications and vaccines and a stern smile.

Ignorance of things medical is understandable.  Few people have the interest, drive and aptitude to pursue advanced medical schooling and NONE of those that do avoid brainwashing that comes with it.  Street-level medicine requires course completion and regurgitation of theory and dogma.  That’s it!

PhD [piled high and deep!] level is where things are dissected, connected and translated, but very few discoveries trickles-down to street-level practitioners held hostage by pharma.   

Rarely are research scientists, practicing physicians.  Their world is research, not practice.  Patients assume practitioners know about important research.  Sorry, they don’t have time to keep up, much less pour over thousands of tomes and papers going back 100 years where the medical pearls are entombed.  [That’s what John Thomas does!  That’s why you are reading this report!  That’s why you are learning physiology here; things doctor does not know! 

Pharma sees-to-it that good doctors [and there are many] don’t follow their instincts and don’t make independent observations or pursue independent protocols.  Pharma police practitioners by enforcement of the rules of Standard of Care.

Pneumonia & Influenza-like Symptoms

Sick-care medicine exploits patient ignorance through fear, bogus testing  and misdiagnosis.  These are powerful tools for stampeding patients into pharma’s waiting arms.  This is the dark side of medical-science that is well documented and absolutely, undeniable.  Fear alone is sufficient to drive most, innocent souls over the cliff of ignorance.  Don’t allow it! 

The coronavirus [COVID-19] pandemic is being orchestrated by the same breed of quacks that professionally murdered 60,000 to 150,000 innocents with the drug VIOXX! 

Practitioners maintained the VIOXX charade for twelve years with the blessings of regulatory agencies!   Few people remember VIOXX, but most people alive today know of [and use] STATIN DRUGS that guarantee admittance to the local dementia ward or Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s unit, providing the reaper doesn’t knock on your door, first!  [Decide what you want while you still have your marbles.]

Little has changed! The pharmaceutical racket continues non-stop.  P.T. Barnum said,  “Every second a sucker dies and for every one that dies, two are born to take his place!”  Good observation.

If you think COVID-19 is a threat to your life, just wait until millions of sub-clinically humans [with compromised immune systems] experiencefree, untested vaccines for coronavirus, compliments of pharma and public health agencies.

Vaccine madness is coming!  Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey for details of coming attractions.  Those with understanding will learn how to neutralize poisoned needles and the ‘666’ chips that will be implanted by those needles.   Vaccines are DESIGNED to make [and keep] people sub-clinically sick [and the weaker you are when you get jabbed, the worse the effects will be.]

Fairy Tales & Myths Of Plague

Readers MAY recall fairy tales about bubonic plague, fleas and rats and stories about sanitation fueling, plague?  These after-the-fact fabrications were created by pharma and sick-care medicine to garner support and public acceptance of The Germ Theory of Disease.  [Stay with me, reader or you will slide down the rabbit hole of denial.]


COVID-19 is not a disease and this is a fake epidemic!  Physical contact, proximity and sanitation are not transmission factors and just about everything we are being advised to do is counter-productive.  Such is the essence of fear and ignorance.  [Read on, you have a lot to learn.]

Ventilator Insanity Made Simple

For your information, reduce flow of fresh air, labored breathing, inability to fully expand the respiratory diaphragm and anti-social distancing are NOT GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH and are medically, counterproductive. 

The same can be said for hand washing mania with harsh chemicals and obsession with hand wipes that DEESTROY your liver.  COVID-19 is best avoided by tending to your terrain and refusing, fear.


For your information, China and Italy have long histories of tuberculosis and [CAP] community-acquired pneumonia. Typically, pneumonia patients are treated with steroids [like prednisone] and super harsh antibiotics that cause tubercular organisms to revert to occult, latent form and hide-out in the body for decades while waiting for the opportunity to bolt to, virulence. 

During intervening years of latency, these patients suffer from sub-clinical pneumonia and that evades detection by labs and practitioners, which allows these host patients to spread OCCULT TUBERCULAR ORGANISMS to other humans [who may or may not express symptoms of community-acquired pneumonia] who will live their lives carrying latent, pulmonary mycobacterial tuberculosis.  This sets the stage for pestilence and epidemic.  Read it again!

Medical authorities world-wide are blaming coronavirus and pneumonia when the etiology of the problem is actually invasion and relentless weakening of the body and respiratory tract by fungal-molds. 

When conditions are right and the terrain and immune system are weak, occult organisms morph [change form] to virulence.  What medical-science diagnoses as CAP [community-acquired pneumonia] transforms into acute, pulmonary mycobacterial tuberculosis and respiratory sepsis because the problem was MISDIAGNOSED!  [Do you smell a rat?  You should!  To learn more, read on.]


Those who sicken and succumb to influenza-like and pneumonia-like disorders [such as COVID-19] are malnourished and sub-clinically sick human beings  [Germ Theory is medical fabrication and cover, and Pasteur was wrong!]

Ventilators and breathing machines are a miserable excuse for failure to properly diagnose what going on and shutting-down the take-over of America.   People are fearful and blatantly ignorant of the cause of influenza-like symptoms [and what they represent].  People must be taught the fundamentals of terrain management so they can neutralize risk of death or having to be put on breathing devices.

Not only is something wrong with the COVID-19 story, but something is very wrong with Big-Pharma’s near total control of America, the economy and once-free Americans.  Fear and ignorance have overtaken the country and people are needlessly dying, but Not of coronavirus.  America has been hi-jacked by Big-Parma and medical patsies in the swamp.  It’s obvious, once you shed the fear!

Why are we devoting billions of dollars for useless, unhealthy face masks and millions of ventilators, when we could NEUTRALIZE the so-called COVID-19 pandemic for pennies by teaching people how to live healthfully and teaching physicians what was never taught in medical school?

For your information, few patients who are put on ventilators leave the hospital alive.  COVID-19 is a back-door, medical-assault on America, Americans and taxpayers by Big-Pharma and their patsies at regulatory agencies and quasi-medical oversight institutions.  God help us if these devils are not stopped! 

Dis-ease Inside The Body vs. Disease Outside The Body

Dis-ease is an inside-the-body issue unrelated to exposure to outside life forms. Exposure does not determine if pathogenic agents grow, spread and infect following exposure. The state of the terrain is the deciding factor, not exposure.  [Even if an engineered, man-made bio-warfare agent is in-play, THE TERRAIN CONTROLS! Read it again.]

Pleomorphism: microbial transformation from non-virulence to virulence] manifests in terrains burdened by fear, toxicity and malnourishment, which is the precise state of the populace at-large [young and old] and the underlying reason for spread of what is called, COVID-19.   Note: when bacteria morph, they not only change status [latent/virulent], but they actually change specie i.e. streptococcus to staphylococcus, etc. according to the terrain.  For additional reading on this topic, read Biological Transmutations, by Kervran.


Older people are vulnerable because their terrains are toxic and their immune systems are dysfunctional, but as we are seeing, young people are going down too for the exact same reasons.  Think terrain!

Five reasons young people succumb to [so-called] COVID-19 are: antibiotics, vaccinations, malnourishment, medications [especially steroids] and compromised immunity.  These factors assault the integrity of the terrain and set-the-stage for suffering and premature death.  Don’t forget it!

Quarantine & Anti-Social Distancing


Hospitals are reservoirs of infection because they are toxic environments [chemically, electronically and emotionally].  Ditto for senior assisted-living centers.  These facilities are HOT SPOTS of infection and death because they are quasi-quarantined facilities that lack fresh air, sunshine and human connection.

Sunshine, exercise and fresh air are VITALLY IMPORTANT for avoidance of dis-ease.  Yet, brain-dead health officials via mayors and state governors have ordered face masks, lock-downs, sheltering-in and anti-social distancing based on medical myth, folklore-medicine and Germ Theory they learned in universities and pharma controlled, medical schools.  Can’t fix stupid!

Quarantine, face masks, hunkering-down, anti-social distancing and sheltering-in are mass delusions and examples of miasmic thinking that never stopped any epidemic, anywhere, at any time!  Claims to the contrary fall apart when urban legend and medical myth are analyzed in the absence of fear, medical arrogance and pharma bias are removed from the debate.  The terrain controls, Pasteur was wrong and medical-science [under Big-Pharma] is fraud.  [Stick around, the really good information is coming!]

Why are Americans tolerating loss of Constitutional Freedoms, lack of sunshine and fresh air, lock-downs, chemical overload, hand wipes and anti-social distancing?  Can you say, misinformation and disinformation backed by bureaucratic fiat and no-nothing medical patsies peddling, FEAR!  COVID-19 is a modern-day miasmic construct of superstition, fear and ignorance.

Slow-Motion ‘911’ [In Progress]

COVID-19 is slow-motion ‘911’ without planes, Twin Towers and razor blades!  Coronavirus is a facsimile lies and fabrications used to propagandize Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor; the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution [Vietnam war], the sinking of the Maine [Spanish American War], the Lusitania [WW I] and the so-called Civil War among US states [it was war of succession].  Nothing new, here!  Fake news bromides to bamboozle the ignorant and help the natives swallow bitter pills!  [You know, bromides wrapped in  patriotism, God, country, the flag, fear, hate and lots of innocent blood demanding, revenge.]

There are disparities with COVID-19 statistics and they are being used to justify intervention by government and pharma by bureaucratic busybodies.   Medical flimflammers working to flatten the curve of infection with quarantine and fear-based meddling.  [In the words of a 1967 Buffalo Springfield song, “There’s something happening here, but what it is ain’t exactly clear.  There’s a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware.”]

Figures lie and liars figure and mayors and governors, who have a hard time getting their underwear on, are now honorary health-scientists?  Incompetent, health officials are bad enough, but dumbbell politicians playing doctor and doing pharma’s bidding?  God save us all!

Isolation from family and friends and lack of sunshine and fresh air devastates immune function and feeds depression.  Yet, idiot politicians and health bureaucrats demand compliance ‘for our own good’ regardless of unintended consequences to Americans.  Save me!  You can’t fix stupid!  Destroy the wonderful body God gave you and Humpty Dumpty will never be the same again.

Here is what’s really going on in Italy  https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/03/19/italy-coronavirus-new-explosive-information/

Coronavirus tests are not definitive; they do not mean what people think they mean.  Fake tests are designed to generate millions of misdiagnoses and false positives.  Tests feed fear, pandemic and pharma’s money machine.  If you believe the experts and media, I feel sorry for you.

Virus testing, social anti-distancing, facemasks and obsession with washing your hands are meaningless exercises and expressions of fear and ignorance to keep the natives distracted and divided.

COVID-19 is a fake crisis under cover of ‘health, safety and welfare.’  Mandatory testing and vaccination are where this is going.  FREE VACCINATIONS FOR SUCKERS!  Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey for details of coming attractions.  [Psss… don’t tell anyone!]

Soon, health officials will be parroting the call for serologic monitoring of the entire population as a tool to prevent future epidemics like COVID-19.  In other words, people who test positive but who are asymptomatic [no symptoms] will be categorized, profiled, isolated, controlled etc. to prevent them from spreading disease. 

Regardless of the outcome of the present coronavirus pandemic, big brother monitoring of the populace is where this is all going, and serologic testing and monitoring [with assistance of chip implants] is the only possible way to monitor BILLIONS of people.  Can you say, ‘666’?  Check-out this illuminating site for a dose of reality, if is still available. [ https://youtu.be/c4Aps2NPe54]

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Here is proof that COVID-19 and fake testing are being used to stampede America and the world into submission in preparation for vaccination against threats, real or imaginary.  Straight from the horse’s mouth at CDC, check it out.  Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Real-time rRT-PCR …

What about people who are symptom asymptomatic [without symptoms] but who test positive for COVID-19?  Irrelevant!  A moot point!  Influenza-like symptoms is not coronavirus, but they are being mislabeled, pneumonia.  By the time they appear you are in trouble.  Doctor and hospital won’t be able to save your neck because they don’t realize what is happening to your terrain.  You must save, yourself!

Question. Why would any THINKING PERSON agree to experimental drugs and vaccines [tested or untested] when nothing is broken?  Answer.  Can you say, fear? 

Fear clouds human instinct!  Say, NO to involvement with sick-care medicine.  Emergency room medicine is NOT sick-care medicine.  ER doctors are battlefield hardened with freedom to follow their instincts; Standard of Care does not apply when it’s, life or death.    

When dealing with sick-care worker bees [nurses and doctors], your offensive weapon of choice is your God-Card.  Take it with you, keep it handy and don’t be afraid to use it!  Better yet, stay away!

The COVID-19 fear-frenzy reminds me of 1974 when I witnessed angry women picketing a supermarket with signs that read, ‘Whip Inflation Now!’ and wearing ‘WIN’ buttons.  Clearly, they had no understanding of inflation; they were just angry and ignorant.  COVID-19 is a repeat performance on a national scale.  Get the point?

Russian Proverb & Medicine’s Ugly History

“They pretend they are telling us the truth and we pretend we believe it.”

PCR testing [polymerized chain reaction] is the gold standard of MISDIAGNOSIS!  It is used to misdiagnose thousands of non-existent infections and dis-eases and keep the cattle lines full. 

Practitioners and academics dare not expose the PCR testing scam.  Fact is, most believe it!  Germ theory is all they know.  They don’t understand the terrain concept and pride won’t allow them to reject accepted medical theory and admit they are fools.  Mostly, they are afraid of losing social standing and experience real anti-social distancing by their esteemed, peers.

Testing it a powerful tool of control.  Testing conditions the masses; a precursor for mandatory and voluntary free vaccinations!  Fact is, the public wants their dose of poison and you had better not stand in their way!  ‘The torture will continue until the morale improves!’

Fake tests, medications and vaccines spew from the revolving doors of CDC [Centers For Disease Control] and NIH [National Institutes of Health].  Both entities are heavily funded by Big-Pharma and tax dollars.  Both suffer from inflated egos.  Both entities are run by washed-out medical wind-bags whose job is to scheme and promote DISEASE!  Coronavirus is the disease de jure!  Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey

1600 Years & Mr. Hughes In Dylan’s Shoes

Did you know Claudius Galen’s absurd theories totally dominated medical thinking for 1600 MISERABLE, YEARS?  Modern medicine began about after 1930 and [real] science-based medicine after WW II.

Few people know of the whole history of pre-1930 medicine, and it’s not pretty!  Medical science was hi-jacked by Big-Pharma following WW II.  [Read Dr. Mary’s Monkey.  It’s a thriller, and readers have lived the details of this book, literally!  It spotlights EXACTLY what’s going-on with the COVID-19 pandemic and push for chipped [‘666’] vaccinations.  Winston Churchill nailed it!

“A study of Disease—of Pestilences methodically prepared and deliberately launched upon man and beast—is certainly being pursued in the laboratories of more than one great country. Blight to destroy crops, Anthrax to slay horses and cattle, Plague to poison not armies but whole districts—such are the lines along which military science is remorselessly advancing.”  — Winston Churchill

Medicine lost credibility to homeopathy in the years before the 1918 Flu Epidemic.  Powerful interests responded with state licensing of practitioners, accreditation of school curriculums and punitive [peer-reviewed] disciplinary boards to stifle alternative thinking doctors.  Today’s velvet bludgeon is called, Standard of Care and every doctor is controlled by it.  [Self-care is the way around the trap.]

Back to Galen! Sixteen-hundred years of Galen idiocy was displaced by Pasteur’s flimflam known as, The Germ Theory of Disease in the late 1800s.  Germ Theory was perfect because it fueled public superstition and belief in miasmas, but with a scientific-like name: germs! 

The public was taught that germs are invisible microbial agents that cause dis-ease and death, and medical tests identify rogue germs doctor can eliminate with toxic drugs!  Sound familiar?

Medicine defines cure as alleviation of signs and symptoms.  Medicine does not care about the actual cause because a medical cure requires use of  pharma’s drug agenda.  [Want to learn how to, self-cure?  Ask John Thomas for a free consultation.]

Coronavirus Or CoronaKarma?

In February/March, 2020 a novel, fear-driven medical diversion called coronavirus descended upon the world.  Those with toxic terrains and compromised immune systems are most at-risk, followed by those who use pharma’s medications, live on junk food and fail to drink enough non-toxic water.

Poor understanding of physiology and the sciences limits people’s ability to assess risk and make informed choices.  Asking health authorities and sick-care professionals for guidance add to the confusion.  Question.  If physicians [who are highly intelligent people] are falling sucker to COVID-19, average people don’t stand a chance.  Translation: you must learn and practice, self-care!

Bogus medical theories and outdated medical curriculums would not exist if pharma wasn’t controlling what medical students are forced to regurgitate and public health officials, parrot.

We don’t have accurate data and medical-science has become a racket!  Pharma and patsy health officials created a viral miasma and inflated it into a full-blown pandemic!

This author would remind readers that the very same breed of medical ding-dongs running the show back in 1933 are the same breed of medical ding-dongs that are running the show today.  In 1933 they blamed Pellagra on an unidentified, miasma. 

Today, [with the help of fake news] they created an artificial crisis and gave the miasma the name, COVID-19.  [A miasma is defined as noxious exhalations from the bowels of Earth that transmit poisonous effluvia or germs to the atmosphere. In other words, superstition!

PELLAGRA KILLED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE EVERY YEAR IN THE USA FOR 50 YEARS!  Pellagra is a deficiency dis-ease not unlike another sub-clinical dis-ease called scurvy that presently haunts millions of people worldwide, and medical science says not a word.  Do you get the message?

Medical Witchdoctors & Modern Miasmas

Today, the same breed of witchdoctors and health officials are blaming influenza-like symptoms on a boogeyman called coronavirus and the public believes it!  [P. T. Barnum nailed it!] 

Practitioners before 1933 practiced according to Galen’s idiotic thinking that humors overwhelmed the body causing disease and doctors needed to purge them from the body for healing to occur. 

Medical-science, today teaches cancer is a genetic disorder when they know damned well cancer is a fungal condition!  Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize in Science in 1931 for proving it!  Can you say, money, ego, bias, greed, evil and miasma?

Medical-science sacrifices millions of trusting, ignorant souls on their altar of lies with rituals and incantations provided courtesy of Big-Pharma.  Practitioners will never admit that they are modern-day witchdoctors, but they are.  It’s called, sick-care medicine.  Avoid it!

Medical-science defers to miasmas and humors to explain degenerative disorders for which they have no answers.  Galen taught that four bad humors were responsible for dis-ease and death.  Their names: melancholy, choleric, sanguine and phlegmatic. 

Medical-science uses technology to disguise their belief in Galen’s superstitious teachings.  Degenerative disorders such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular are examples of medical ignorance and miasmic insanity that dominates sick-care medicine.  [Galen, humors and Germ Theory are discussed in detail in my book, Young Again! which is free on YoungAgainClub.com website.]

Medical experts promoted bleeding of bad humors into the 1800s.  Bleeding people was standard witchdoctor practice.  George Washington was bled to death at the hand of a PHYSICIAN OF STANDING WITH HIGH CREDENTIALS.  [Actually, Washington died of sepsis, preceded by pneumonia-like symptoms [coronavirus?] that unmasked, turned virulent and ended in, sepsis.]

People say, “I am going to Cleveland Clinic/MD Anderson because they are the best and have doctors with the best credentials!”  Really?  A fancy casket is no better than a plain casket.  Think!

Miasmic thinking is very common and popular, too!  Medical-science has an endless supply of miasmic diagnoses awaiting divination by medical witchdoctors.  Insurance companies and Medicare pay for miasmic care are rackets designed to keep the money flowing.  Self-care avoids filing a claim.

Germ Theory and miasmas are flip sides of the same coin and both are efficient at separating people from their money.  Fear of things unknown [ignorance] and things unseen [germs] fuels superstition.

Sick-care medicine [and patients] view cancer with miasmic superstition. Doctor uses witchdoctor verbiage and potions [chemotherapy and radiation] to cast spells and drive-out evil spirits.  ‘We have located the problem, now we need to go in and kill the enemy [cancer!]” 

The problem is cancer is NOT the enemy and doctor, patient and pharma act as if cancer is a miasma!  Cancer is NOTHING MORE than confirmation of a polluted terrain and dysfunctional immune system overrun by and under-the-control-of fungal-molds!   

Illness and dis-ease [as defined by Germ Theory] are medical miasmas in-costume.  They are not real, but their effects are very real.  Real health is the absence of dis-ease and little or no, aging.  COVID-19 is a miasma of medical exaggeration and superstition. 

The religious version of miasma blames God or the devil for our failures.  Some embrace religion to try and make sense of life.  Others resort to medications, alcohol and drugs.  However, BELIEFS ARE IRRELEVANT IF THEY CONFLICT WITH BODY PHYSIOLOGY. 

The reaper does not care what you believe, but your body does and the choices you make determines what version of CoronaKarma you harvest.  Choose wisely.

Pellagra, Coronavirus & Superstition

In the end, pellagra turned out to be nothing but than a deficiency condition for lack of vitamin B-3 [niacin].  Pellagra had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with humors and miasmas and coronavirus has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the pandemic called, COVID-19.

Orthodox medicine blindly followed Galen’s teachings for 1,600 YEARS, and medicine has been hiding behind the Germ Theory of Disease for the past 150 years.  And now, we are supposed to believe medical-science is speaking the truth about coronavirus COVID-19…give me a break! 

Medicine is a racket, but no one wants to admit it.  NEVER is too soon to embrace sick-care medicine and see a doctor!  The emergency room is the only justifiable exception and your, terrain is what determines if you survive, heal and regenerate.  Your body heal itself.  Medications do not heal; they kill!

[FYI: the only way to beat the games called insurance and Medicare is to never use them.  Social Security has a medical twist built into it.  The average age of death for Social Security recipients is age 67.  Millions pay-in and never collect a penny. 

The way to beat the game called Social Security is to live beyond age 67 and the way to do it to maintain health and vitality.  Health and vitality are how you avoid epidemics and miasmas, such as COVID-19.  When this pandemic is over, the only thing that will matter is GOOD HEALTH!  Don’t forget it!]

Physiology Made Simple

You have a body and a terrain and you are responsible for caring for it until it’s time to leave.  While you are here, you must practice terrain management and care for yourself according to the way the body actually works, rather than according to what sick-care medicine says.

Ignorance is bliss until it isn’t!  If you want to make your stay on terra firma pleasant, or you are unhappy with your present state of health, ask John Thomas for guidance and be willing to do your part.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to be a takedown by criminal medical elements peddling flimflam laced with fear!  To emerge from this crisis in good health and enjoy the rainbow in the sky that’s just around the corner,  smarten-up, avoid sick-care medicine and ask for guidance.

In the link below, a man of science says COVID-19 is a pandemic of “well-meaning busybodies who are destroying  lives through fear.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_AyuhbnPOI&feature=youtu.be

God help us if sick-care medicine is allowed to fabricate make-believe miasmas and impose them on innocent humans along with chipped [‘666’] vaccinations.  Use of unbridled power under pretense of health, safety and welfare is being used to destroy America and the health of its citizens. 

Avoid sick-care medicine and ALWAYS ASSUME MISDIAGNOSIS until proven otherwise.  Smooth talking health officials and credentialed, medical fools are not friends!  Pay them no attention.

Mission: “I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.”

Observation: Sick-care medicine is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is you only option.  Good doctors are shackled and they are in short supply!  The medical system is rigged and corrupt.  Long lines and virtual medicine are now, here and they will deprive you of your humanity.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well in our unknown future.

Forward Special Insights™ to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols Sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words.

Time out!

This portion of this report contains serious discussion of microbiology and biochemistry that readers need to understand so they are not vulnerable to medical malarkey.  This is critical information that is pertinent to any discussion of dis-ease or infection, including origin, spread and rise to virulence, and particularly when trying to understand epidemics and pandemics.

Your author has simplified the information that follows for the sake of the reader.  However, there is no way to have this discussion without some medical terminology and discussion and reference to basic medical concepts.  Readers must understand some medical ease and speak some of the lingo. 

Readers have two options. Please choose the one best for you.  [By the way: the powerful part of this report is just beginning.  Knowledge is how you eliminate, fear.]

Option One:  do the best you can and follow along.  Some of this information may appear to be beyond the reader’s comfort zone.  But, know this: stretching your brain causes it to expand.  Valuable definitions are provided for the reader’s comfort.  If you choose to not invest your time in this portion of this report, choose option two. 

Option Two: ask for guidance, but don’t ask unless you are willing to follow the yellow brick road and embrace guidance offered.  If the, reader chooses to skip-over this extremely valuable and enlightening part of this report, it’s okay with John Thomas, as long as you are willing to follow along, take direction and avoid endless conversation about things you could have learned, here. 

[Cost-free consultations and assessments are available for the asking.  Please be respectful and appreciative of the time you are given and be willing to do your part.  This is a time of great need.]

Can You Say [Occult] Tuberculosis?

CAUSE OF DEATH: Pneumonia.  Baloney!

Tuberculosis [TB] is a misleading diagnosis with an ugly history.  Few practitioners understand the etiology and physiology of TB, and next to none have clinical experience with occult, latent tuberculosis

Definitive research on TB was done during the middle of the last century by astute practitioners and researchers.  But thanks to Big-Pharma and the medical cartel, research findings never reached streel-level practitioners on the front lines and were never added to medical curriculums.

Pay attention to the diagnosis, pneumonia and instead think occult tuberculosis that is a killer condition masquerades below radar in the health-profiles of millions of people, waiting for terrain toxicity to spike and immune response to stumble.  When that moment arrives, virulence replaces latency!

Pneumonia is a medical phenomenon where lungs fill with pus and fluid and the patient drown for lack of cellular oxygen.  Pneumonia is a condition NOT a disease.  The term pneumonia is used loosely and in abject ignorance to describe a collection of respiratory challenges.  Pneumonia describes symptoms of dis-ease but is NOT, disease.  Pneumonia is an umbrella term and an umbrella diagnosis.

The term pneumonia has  much in common with the term cancer.  Neither are diseases but both are symptoms of dis-ease.  [Notice how a simple hyphen changes emphasis and meaning?] 

The term medical-science has little to do with medicine and next to nothing to do with science.  Medical-science is an oxymoron, so is health-official and health-care.

The Meaning Behind Chronic Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a general diagnosis and umbrella label.  We should be very concerned about non-specific, diagnostic labels because they mislead, especially if you don’t know the meanings of strange words medical people throw around to bamboozle patients, like the word, pneumonia.

Pneumonia hints of inflammation, fluid retention and inflammation of the upper and lower respiratory tracts but fails to accurately describe exactly what is really going on.  Meaning, non-virulent infection by latent mycobacterial organisms in occult status, or formerly a latent mycobacterium that morphed to virulence [deadly form].  In other words, pleomorphism.

Definitions For Improved Comprehension

Latent, latency, occult, masked: hidden, below medical and laboratory radar, non-virulent, generally non-detectable, not active, terrain-friendly.

Unmasked: no longer in latent/occult form, virulent, aggressive and deadly.]

Myco: of mold and fungus, not a bacterium or virus.

Mycotoxin: Mycobacterial secretions used to control physiology and immune functions.

Mycobacterium, mycobacilli, mycoplasma: organisms that mimic and look-like bacterium but are actually fungal-molds. 

Pleomorphism: organisms with the ability to shift from latency to virulence and back according to conditions within the body’s terrain.

Chronic: constant, long-standing, severe, beyond subtle, low-grade]. 

Virulent: extreme pathogenicity, out-of-control, final stage, deadly. 

Sepsis: end-stage effects of fungal infection; mycotoxin overload of immune system; systemic assault and collapse of vital organ functions, beyond blood poisoning.

Bacterium/bacteria: singular/plural bacterial species.

Bacillus/bacilli: singular/plural for rod-shaped organism of the genus, bacillus; spore producing.

Pathogenic: an organism that presents during virulence but does not the cause infection or dis-ease.

When the respiratory tract is under assault by non-virulent mycobacilli, patients suffer low-grade infection, low-grade inflammation and low-grade congestion.  But once occult, non-virulent mycobacilli morph to virulent form, the patient’s condition is described as chronic! 

Mycobacterium differ in form, function and physiology from bacterial species because they are NOT bacterium.  Mycobacterium are hybrid-like creatures that look-like bacterium to the untrained eye; organisms change form according to the conditions of the terrain [meaning, latency to virulence and back].  The terrain determines if, when and how dis-ease expresses.  Exposure is irrelevant.

Fungal-molds play MAJOR ROLES in all respiratory disorders.  Fungal-molds control respiratory and immune functions by secreting mycotoxins that shut-down or limit production of the cellular energy molecule, Mg-ATP.  


Mycotoxins fuel production of pus, phlegm, mucous and fuel inflammation and infection in the upper and lower respiratory tracts.  Infectious waste causes patients to drown for lack of cellular oxygen and lack of the Mg-ATP energy the body needs to fight-off infection and mount sustained recovery. 

Elevate blood-oxygen and blood-flow and the body can recover from almost anything.  The body is meant to live, not die, but it needs blood-flow, nutrients and oxygen to sustain itself and regenerate.  

  1. Pneumonia is not what practitioners and patients have been taught. 
  2. People who are dying with influenza-like symptoms are NOT dying from coronavirus.
  3. Community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] is a symptom; you do not die from pneumonia.
  4. Death follows virulence; respiratory sepsis follows mycobacterial pulmonary tuberculosis.

Pulmonary Mycobacterial Tuberculosis [PTMB]

Clinicians [doctors/specialists] and labs technicians do not understand or appreciate mycoplasma takeover of the terrain.  Clinicians are schooled to think only in terms of Germ Theory and pathogenic bacteria; they do NOT understand viruses and they do NOT understand invasions and domination of the terrain by fungal-molds. 

Mycoplasma symptoms mimic bacterial infections.  They are totally misunderstood by medical-science. Readers need to understand the differences to avoid medical abuse and medical misdiagnosis.

The invasive nature and power of fungal-mold infection is plainly evident in respiratory disorders, but clinicians misdiagnose for lack of understanding of the terrain and mycology

For example, the general description of community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] may involve pneumococcal bacteria, but it can result from inhalation of coccidioidomycosis fungal cells that weaken immune function through low-grade infection and inflammation to the point that latent, occult mycobacteria morph to virulence, followed by sepsis and finally, death.  Read this again!

Patients are mistakenly being treated with antibiotics for bacterial infections when their bodies are infected with latent, occult, long-standing fungal infections that antibiotics and steroids, no only don’t touch but actually make worse by acting as gasoline on a fire. 


Mycobacilli are fungal-mold hybrid-like species that look-like bacteria but are NOT bacteria.  Antibiotics and steroids are useless against myco-organisms.  These drugs turn-on virulent personality aspects of these highly pleomorphic organisms causing them to attack the host!

Worse, medications deplete the body of critically-needed magnesium ions at the cellular, mitochondrial level.  Taking-care of yourself AVOIDS rescue effort medications.  Getting-off medications means implies understanding that cellular magnesium ion levels must be raised simultaneously. 

[Ask for guidance if you choose to get off medications [with your doctors blessing, of course; and doctor will take you off when body physiology returns to normal and can no longer justify keeping you on them!]

Mycobacilli are involved in many latent infections; virulent pulmonary tuberculosis is just one of them, but the most-deadly of all.  Virulence related to CHRONIC MYCOBACTERIAL TUBERCULOSIS express as SEPSIS days and hours before death occurs. 

Terrain management is about avoidance of virulence rather than trying to tame it [which is virtually impossible once you enter ICU and are put on respirator.]

Symptoms of COVID-19 infection and influenza-like bronchial/lung infections [such as COPD] are symptoms of UNDIAGNOSED and UNRECOGNIZED Pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis in occult/latent form expressing below medical and laboratory radar. 

Do not ignore influenza-like symptoms.  Time is of essence when dealing with symptoms of pre-virulence.  Tend to your terrain and immune system BEFORE trouble erupts!

When occult mycobacterium unmask and turn virulent, people die.  In between onset of occult illness and death, clinicians are misdiagnosing influenza-like symptoms as pneumonia which is tacit admission that they don’t understand the process.  The patient is on their own.  Learn to care for yourself.


Call To Action!

It’s of vitally important readers understand that occult tuberculosis is likely behind symptoms practitioners and medical authorities are calling influenza-like symptoms and coronavirus. 

Clinicians do not understand the fungal-mold infection cycle that begins with use of antibiotics, steroids and medications and progresses to multiple microbe virulence and finally, sepsis.  Sepsis is only a symptom and NOT the actual cause of death.

Staying ahead of the game means you automatically ASSUME you are carrying pathogenic organisms that are in latency!  It’s a valid assumption to make and a smart one, too!  IT DOES NOT MATTER what you may be infected with.  Latent organisms are only a threat when you neglect your terrain and allow immune function to deteriorate. 

Testing is a sham and it matters not what results show.  Limit risk by tending to terrain and  immune functions BEFORE trouble erupts.  If you follow John Thomas’ lead and guidance, you can STOP worrying about COVID-19, pneumonia and tuberculosis and shut-down fear and get a life. 

THE ISSUE IS TERRAIN, NOT INFECTION!  Many organisms revert to occult status following infections earlier in life, and co-exist in the body without symptoms for decades, until conditions in the terrain and immune system are just right.

All of the noise about COVID-19 testing is a complete and total sham!  Instead of focusing on respirators/ventilators, we should be focusing on AVOIDANCE and PREVENTION of microbial virulence by teaching people how to restore their terrains and boost immune function. 

Virulent, pulmonary tuberculosis moves extremely fast and death is always preceded by sepsis.  Sepsis says: game over!  If you are misdiagnosed and you wrongly treated with antibiotics and steroids you will have insufficient cellular energy to mount a sustained recovery.


Bullet-Proofing Your Terrain

Perhaps now readers understand that people are dying of COVID-19 and that they are actually dying of occult tuberculosis and fear!  What you do about both of them is crucial to survival.

Please realize, latent infections can exit latency and turn virulent in minutes and hours.  Time is on your side if you are not fighting for your life.  If you suffer from a respiratory condition, get serious before things spin out of control.  You have the power to create what version of CoronaKarma 2020 you want.  [Bullet-proof your health by embracing Young Again Club Principles and Protocols.]

Fungal-Mold Connection

Fungal-mold infections PRECEDE bacterial and viral infections.  By the time doctor pulls labs, clinicians always discover pleomorphic bacterial organisms.  The problem here is this: the bad bacteria arrived latency unmasked NOT before!  This is important. 

It’s the same phenomenon females experience when they undergo lab test for so-called, bladder infection [aka: UTI urinary tract infections] and men for prostate infection.  How about chickenpox and shingles infections that torments millions of people?  Guess what?  These infections are occult, latent infections of fungal-molds NOT bacterial origin.  Sound like what’s going on with COVID-19?

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a condition of EXTREME virulence that moves fast and produces pus in the alveolae [oxygen transfer tissues of the lungs] causing severe, oxygen deprivation to tissues and cells and SEVERE ACIDIFICATION OF THE TERRAIN which affects total body physiology.

Hospital admittance means forfeiture of the right to exercise self-care and vigilance over your body.  To limit virulent outbreaks, avoid medications.  Steroids, antifungals and antibiotics are counterproductive because they FUEL SPREAD AND GROWTH OF FUNGAL-MOLDS while depleting cells of magnesium ions mitochondria need for production of energy and by boosting blood-oxygen and blood volume levels.

Unrealistic Expectations

Blood and oxygen are powerful remedies for dis-ease and polluted terrains, and compromised immunity set-the-stage for potentially pathogenic organisms to unmask and morph to virulence. The biologic process is called, pleomorphism

Medical-science refuses to recognize pleomorphism and pharma does its best to crush heresy among practitioners.  Germ Theory dominate all things, medical.  Don’t expect doctor to acknowledge or go along with ideas and protocols outside medical norm.

Standard of Care requires practitioners to diagnose the patient, follow accepted protocols and only prescribe accepted medications.  Doctors who recommend or discuss alternative venues are held accountable and are vulnerable to litigation and disciplinary action by peers and license review boards.  Doctors are captive agents of pharma. 

Doctor may or may not be your friend, depending on which way the wind blows.  DON’T PUT DOCTOR IN A CORNER.  HEAR WHAT DOCTOR HAS TO SAY, PLAY YOUR GOD-CARD AND EXIT!

The Riddle Called Dis-ease

Medicine does not have remedies for dis-ease; they treat disease [which is not the same thing].  Young Again Club teaches self-care and restoration of vital organ function and terrain. 

For the benefit of patients, when influenza-like symptoms appear, PRACTITIONERS SHOULD ASSUME UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE that community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] is actually pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis [PMTB] exiting latency and on the verge of virulence.   

ASSUME lab tests [and lab clinicians who perform tests] have VERY SHALLOW training in mycology [study of fungal-molds].   Clinicians WILL NOT be able to definitively identify occult PMTB until after the organism, unmasks.  Mycobacterium [in occult form] are almost impossible for experienced clinicians to differentiate from other bacterial etiologies.  That is why medicine defers to non-specific, umbrella-type diagnostic labels like, pneumonia.


Practitioners and patients should error on the side of safety and NOT foul-the-nest with experimental drugs, like chloroquine & hydro-chloroquine, and biologics [like cipro] and steroids [like prednisone]. Antibiotics devastate immune function and set the stage for systemic takeover by fungal-molds. 

Drugs crush immune response, devastate liver function and fuel the microbial shift from latency to virulence to sepsis!  People who manage to survive fungal, metabolic takeover never fully recover.  If you use [or have used] medications and want to restore your VITALITY, ask John Thomas for guidance.

As an aside, pleomorphic organisms peacefully CO-HABIT THE BODY FOR DECADES without signs or symptoms of virulence.  But add fear, stress, toxicity and oxygen deprivation and microbial latency vanishes and virulence manifests.  Under crisis conditions, the entire process can morph from minor symptoms to virulent sepsis and death in a matter of hours and certainly days.  Don’t forget it! 

Patients suffering from chronic bronchial/lung disorders [COPD] do not deliver sufficient oxygen to cells and tissues.  Restoration of health and full recovery from life threating infections REQUIRES that the mitochondria make huge amounts of extra energy.   

Terrain defense and recovery REQUIRE EXTRA BLOOD-FLOW VOLUME AND INCREASE BLOOD-OXYGEN LEVELS.  When you increase blood flow and oxygen to the bronchioles and lungs, recovery follows as vital organs and tissues regenerate and mycobacterial and pathogenic organisms revert to latency.

The major challenge for accurate diagnosis of pulmonary mycobacterium tuberculosis [PMTB] is inability to differentiate PMTB from common etiologies of community-acquired pneumonia [CAP] and this is exactly what is going on with the so-called, COVID-19 pandemic. 

Sepsis is fungal-mold virulence in the form of blood poisoning and respiratory shut-down.  Sepsis is a fungal condition NOT a bacterial or viral manifestation.  Sepsis is the symptom! 

Sepsis, Oxygen & COVID-19

People on supplemental oxygen have a problem, but it’s not what the patient and doctor think it is.  The problem is INABILITY TO TRANSPORT OXYGEN which is a very different condition than lack of a supply of oxygen.  Supplemental oxygen is a band-aid approach that fails to address the real issue.

Those with respiratory disorders [including COVID-19, influenza-like symptoms, COPD and mesothelioma] suffer and die because of mycotoxins that are secreted by fungal-molds.  Medicine calls the symptom, SEPSIS!

Oxygen deprivation is a symptom of insufficient blood carbon dioxide [CO2], poor blood-flow volume and myco-toxic blood.  Do not expect doctor to agree or lab tests to confirm these conclusions.  Hemoglobin [in your blood] needs carbon dioxide[CO2] in order to transport oxygen to the cells. 

What I am describing in this report is exactly what is happening to millions of people who are supposedly dying from all types of respiratory disorders, including COVID-19.  People are dying of fungal mycotoxin infection that expressing as respiratory sepsis. 

The energy molecule [Mg-ATP] is made in the electron transport chain [within the Krebs cycle] of mitochondria of our cells.  If you don’t make enough Mg-ATP energy, you will suffer from ongoing, low-grade inflammation and you will age prematurely. 

Said plainly, without enough oxygen and Mg-ATP your body get-by but you will never function at peak level.  Healing and regeneration require a generous supply of energy that’s made in the mitochondria within the cells of the body.

Regardless if you suffer from influenza-like symptoms or another dis-ease-like symptom, increased blood-flow volume and elevated blood-oxygen are required for healing and regeneration.

Pneumonia and COVID-19 are timely examples of modern, medical ignorance.  Mycotoxin flooding of the terrain and pneumonia are forerunners of fungal dominance, mitochondrial dis-ease and metabolic syndrome.   Medications are useless against mycotoxin-driven disorders because the condition is a terrain issue NOT a bacterial infection based on the Germ Theory of Disease.

Readers will NEVER understand the biologic phenomenon called pleomorphism and shift from latency to virulence without understanding the Young Again! concept called, the terrain.

Sepsis and unmasked PMTB explains the systemic collapse and rapid death of patients who supposedly die of coronavirus.  COVID-19 will continue ad infinitum [under different names] for as long as people are locked in ignorance and health authorities are allowed to propagate false narratives and fraudulent medical miasmas under the name, medical-science.

It is the reader’s responsibility to care for yourself, tend to your terrain and maintain full-function of your vital organs.  You do it with the Essential Elements and support from John Thomas and  Young Again Club protocols and modalities.

Pharma To The Rescue

Question.  Why would a thinking person agree to drugs or to be vaccinated when the risk is KNOWN and the side-effects plainly spelled out?  Answer. Because people are more afraid of what might happen If they don’t use drugs and get vaccinated than if they do.  Translation: medical-science is my friend, doctor is a nice person and pharma has my best interests at heart.  Baloney!  Can you say, fear?

Medications DEPLETE the body of magnesium ions and shuts-down energy production and output of Mg-ATP.  Medications are slow-motion suicide!  When medications are used during systemic, metabolic attack, the side-effects rise exponentially and deterioration of the terrain accelerates. 

We die NOT for lack of drugs, but because of them!  Doctors [and health official] use of off-label medications such as hydro-chloroquine and chloroquine is insanity whether for COVID-19 or another imaginary disorder. 

Drugs destroy liver function and kill 200,000 people, yearly.  Drugs cripple the hepatocytes [the functional cells of your liver].  Liver dis-ease says, metabolic dysfunction and mitochondrial dis-ease says,  liver dis-ease.  Medications accelerate destruction of all vital organs. 

Much of the populace is in the state of early metabolic shut-down.  Those with advanced disorders/syndromes/dis-eases such as fatty liver, diabetes, lupus, Reynaud’s, cancer, cardiovascular, obesity, dementia, etc. are not served well by using medications, and would be better served by pursuing  guidance outside of the sick-care system. 

It is essential for those from degenerative dis-ease to first, decide if they want and make lifestyle-changes accordingly.   What version of CORONAKARMA 2020 do you want?

Graveyard & Off-Label Medications

Chloroquine and hydro-chloroquine are UGLY drugs, yet scared, ignorant people are scrambling to get on them for use against COVID-19 despite known side-effects. 

Resurrected [graveyard] and experimental drugs are promoted for PROPHYLACTIC USE by the same breed of shameless witchdoctors that prescribed the drug VIOXX that killed 60-100,000 innocents 20 years ago.  What do you want?

Prophylactic use of drugs is pure, insanity and is based on the ludicrous idea that we are born with drug deficiencies.  Did you know that 80% of adults over age 40 use drugs, such as: statins, blood thinners, beta-blockers, proton pump inhibitors and pain killers?  

Statin drugs, for example, guaranteed users a bed at the dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s ward!  What do YOU want in your future?  Medications cause dis-ease

Pharma’s latest additions are biologics, therapeutics and RNA [nucleic acid] inhibitors.  These drugs cripple mitochondria that make the energy you need to live, repair and regenerate.  Use drugs and you will pay with your life.  Stupid is as stupid does! 

For your  information, the misnomer, medical-science defines cancer as a DNA genetic disorder and coronavirus as an RNA viral disorder.  Guess what?  Pharma just happens to have drugs that supposedly fight DNA/RNA dis-eases.  Genetic disease is medical fraud and so is medical treatments of cancer!

Coronavirus justifies use of drugs for ignorant patients who are sitting ducks.  Cancer and COVID-19 are FUNGAL-MOLD conditions manifesting as [early-stage] pneumonia and [late stage] pulmonary mycobacterial tuberculosis, and they have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your, genes.

Some things are worse than death and metabolic syndrome, compromised immunity and mitochondrial dis-ease are three of them.  All are slow-motion death with lots of unnecessary suffering in between.  These disorders affect MOST of the populace.  They seed the big four killers: cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular dis-ease.  Translation: if you want to avoid [or reverse] these miserable maladies you have to clean-up your terrain and restore immune function NOW while time is on your side.

If you have or suffer from any type of so-called autoimmune or metabolic or degenerative disorder, it’s time you WAKE-UP and take control of your life.  Your body is meant to live [not die] and it is made to repair itself.  Give it a chance.  [Ask for guidance.]

Misdiagnosis & Recycled Bureaucrats

Medical misdiagnosis is rife!  So is belief in the goofyideathat microbes invade the body and cause disease.  Worse, is the insane idea that we are born with drug deficiencies and toxic medications resurrect health and save us from boogeyman diseases that don’t even exist!

MEDICATIONS SUPPRESS IMMUNE FUNCTION AND DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING.  Whether you suffer from degenerative dis-ease, influenza-like symptoms or a respiratory disorder, medications are counter-productive and BLOCK any realistic hope of long-term recovery.

At this very moment [March 29, 2020] medical wind-bags are popping-up like toadstools.  Resurrected experts are relentlessly blanketing America with lies and exaggerations about coronavirus, the same way they have badgered cancer patients for over 100 years. 

“Your immune system is overactive and is attacking your body!  Drug XXXXX is very promising and our new therapies are so much easier and better.  They will help your body get the upper hand and fight back!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain”  [Good luck with that one!] 

Sick-care medicine is like an insurance policy.  Ignore what’s covered and pay attention to the fine print, meaning, Exclusions, Limitations & Omissions.  If you NEVER see a doctor or file a claim, it’s too soon!

The body is designed to heal and your job is to help make it happen.  The best way to deal with medical bulldogs is to play your God-Card and exit doctor’s office before fear overrides your instincts. 

Destroy your body with medications and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will [make sure] Humpty Dumpty will never live the good life, again!

Steroids are particularly ugly drugs.  If doctors told patients of the long-term, destructive effects of steroids, no patient would use them.  Short-term relief is a poor trade for long-term misery. 

Steroids are used for disorders from vision problems to respiratory disorders and asthma because they ease inflammation and ease suffering.  At the same time, they SET-THE-STAGE for misery and premature death.  Steroids are cumulative and must cleared from the body for healing to occur.  [Ask for guidance.]

Steroids [and antibiotics] fuel growth of fungal-molds and SET-YOU-UP for fungal takeover of your terrain.  Influenza-like symptoms and pneumonia-like symptoms are early-stage, occult tuberculosis in masked form that practitioners mistakenly diagnose as pneumonia.  Steroids fuel the fire called, SEPSIS!

We have a problem, NASA!”  And, the problem is millions of sub-clinically sick people with compromised immune systems and toxic terrains who are using medications and getting vaccinated against things they don’t have and will NEVER get!  There are plenty of reasons for concern.  COVID-19 is not one of them!

Cellphones, Towers & 5-G Non-ionizing Radiation

I have written much about the insidious effects of non-ionizing, wi-fi radiation on vital organs, immune system and cellular mitochondria.  If you think 4-G radiation is bad, wait until 5-G wi-fi is implemented later this year. 

BTW: Wuhan, China, Milan, Italy and Seattle, WA were the first three cities to fully implement 5-G wi-fi and guess where illness and dis-ease in the form of COVID-19 first appeared?  Coincidence?

5-G electrical signals stimulate pneumonia-like and influenza-like symptoms and weaken immune function of the bioelectric body.  5-G causes micro-organisms in the body in latent form to morph into virulence.   For some, the effect is pronounced and immediate.  For others it’s a slow take-down.

Exposure to smart meters, cell phones, routers, computers, etc. should be minimized.  [The Essential Elements Protocol and activated sea mineral sulfates are John Thomas’ answer and solution to the effects of electronic pollution/depletion.  [Learn more, here.]

If your body, mind and spirit are bombarded with  to 5-G non-ionizing radiation your will pay with your health and your life.  Symptoms are endless and practitioners are NOT equipped or prepared to identify or deal with this very, real threat.

Terrain management makes sense, but few people listen.  Non-ionizing radiation triggers thousands of metabolic dysfunctions, such as Epstein-Barr and Guillain-barre, lupus, Reynaud’s, hormone imbalance, brain issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, memory, thyroid and adrenal issues, to name a few. 

Systemic, low-grade infections have much in common with non-ionizing radiation.  Translation: wi-fi radiation causes microbes to unmask and turn, virulent.  Mitochondrial dis-ease, metabolic dis-ease and autoimmune dis-ease are examples. 

Suggestions & Fundamentals

  1. Put terrain management near the top of your list of priorities.
  2. Tend to digestive capability to ensure good food actually benefits your body.
  3. Drink enough water [3 quarts daily] and urinate every 2 hours.
  4. Make sure your body is heavily supplied with sea mineral sulfates.
  5. Get as much sun exposure as possible [without sunscreen].
  6. Eat only healthy food; no junk, no dairy and no prepared food. 
  7. Eat a spoonful of coconut oil and/or real butter at the beginning of every meal.    
  8. Eat a maximum of two meals a day with six hours between them.    
  9. Eat fresh or frozen COOKED greens [such as kale] with vinegar and olive oil at every meal. 
  10. Avoid greens in raw form, as well as, green smoothies.
  11. Avoid alcohol.  Wine messes your liver and male and female hormones.
  12. Medications deplete the body’s stores of magnesium ions; avoid them!
  13. Use Essential Elements for more energy and to protect against wi-fi radiation.
  14. Do enemas multiple times daily and coffee enemas regularly.  
  15. Eat lots of healthy salt and avoid all soft drinks and juices.
  16. Do not eat food [or make/drink smoothies] before 10 am.  
  17. Walk daily and practice deep-breathing exercises. 
  18. Practice the Five Rites every day for renewed vigor and energy.
  19. Ventilate your home several times daily.
  20. Spend time in prayer and meditation daily.
  21. Read Letting Go, by David Hawkins.  Read it daily.  Practice it.
  22. Decide what version of CoronaKarma you want to harvest and act accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Y your terrain determines what your version of CoronaKarma 2020 is called and the symptoms you suffer.  The nice thing about karma is this: you can change it!

Few practitioners have clinical understanding of human physiology, microbiology, evolutionary biology and biochemistry .  Most practitioners are forced to adhere to orthodox thinking to comply with the rules of Standard of Care, regardless if doing so is in the patient’s best interest.

Patient and practitioner inability and unwillingness to think and function outside accepted medical theory is just one reason we have a population of sub-clinically sick people. 

Know that the real advances in medical-science occur on the margin and NOT in universities and hospitals, and most certainly, NOT in Big-Pharma laboratories that fill the devil’s pantry with drugs.

John Thomas trusts you learned much from this very lengthy, very detailed report, and hopes readers will STUDY IT and ask for help on topics not fully understood. 

Readers do not have 20 years to devote to try and learn why they are suffering and prematurely aging. 

Information contained in this report is sophisticated information written in non-sophisticated style.  If readers find this information difficult to process, imagine how difficult it was for John Thomas to research, compile and put it into street-level format?  [Not easy!]

Personalized protocols and guidance are provided by John Thomas without cost.  Take advantage of this unique, free service and create your own rainbow in the sky!  It’s just around the corner, you know!

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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Home Hot & Cold-Water Therapy For Respiratory Circulation & Sinus Congestion

Respiratory infections are dangerous.  Do not ignore them.  Here’s a simple, cost-free procedure to help your body naturally heal and avoid involvement in sick-care medicine, especially during times of crisis. 

1.  Cover upper chest with two double-folded towels (four layers of toweling over chest area).

2.  Bring large pan of water to a boil and place near area where you will do procedure.

3.  Fill another small pan with cold water and ice cubes and place near pan of hot water.

4.  Using tongs to dip one double folded towel in hot water; lift and drain excess water; and place the wet/hot ‘folded’ towel over four layers of toweling covering chest [unfold hot wet towel so that it covers chest-area that is protected by the layers of dry towels.

5.  Use two additional dry towels to cover the hot wet towels.  Leave the towel assembly on chest UNTIL it becomes too “hot” for person being treated. When that time comes, FLIP all of the towels onto belly area to uncover chest.

6.  Quickly, apply wet, ice-cold [pre-folded] towel in ice water to heated, chest.

7.  Then, repeat entire procedure.  You will need to re-dip towel in hot water from time to time.

8.  The procedure is: HOT, followed by cold; HOT, then cold.  Always end with HOT! [five steps in total]

9.  When possible, place patient’s feet in a plastic foot basin of very HOT water during procedure and apply a wet, ice cube filled towel over bridge of nose and forehead.  Or, wrap feet in hot towel [works well for children/infants].

10. Procedure is very effective for breaking up mucous/sinus congestion and grid-locked areas by speeding/slowing blood and lymph flow into and out of congested areas.

11.  R/MgO [liquid magnesium with boron] applied liberally to chest followed by 3-5 drops of DMSO increases blood flow in chest/bronchioles and relaxes inflamed tissues.  Use spray before or after hot/cold therapy and daily, as you wish.  [NOTE: DMSO turns skin bright pink and flushed from increased blood flow.  Redness is a sign of blood flow, not burn.  Follow with a bit of olive oil to soothe skin.  [Link for DMSO information.]

12.  Hysoppus Balm improves circulation, tames inflamed tissues and speeds healing.  Use it with gua-sha.

Additional Information:

Exercise caution when handling pan of hot water, being extra careful to NOT drip hot water on patient when applying hot/wet towels.  Do procedure 2-3 times/day until congestion eases and breathing is fully restored.  Use a Navage nasal device [available from Wal-Mart/Amazon] with 5 drops of liquid DMSO and warm water to dissolve waste, clear congestion and flush sinus waste. 

Hot/cold therapy clears lung/chest congestion and dislodges mucous from respiratory tract.  The procedure works especially well on infants/children and seniors.  After therapy, the patient should return to bed away and avoid drafts! Patient should drink plenty of water with sea mineral sulfates before and after procedure.  Blood is 90% water; thick, blood circulates poorly and is unable to transfer cellular waste.

Keep bowels open and moving with coffee enemas to boost/restore liver function.  Do enemas 2-3 times/day.  High Enema Therapy [colonics] are highly effective if you can find a colon hydro-therapist in your area.  Click this link to learn more.  [BTW: enemas are cleaner, faster and easier than usual toilet protocol and you only use a bit of toilet paper to dry yourself.  Think of a do-it-yourself, home version, bidet.  You will come to love them.]

John Thomas is available if guidance is needed.

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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A Valentine’s Gift For Your Sweetie The Gift That Keeps On Giving ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Make your sweetie’s Valentine’s Day [and your own] the best ever with perpetual good health and resurrected immunity.  To learn how to make these things happen in your life, read on.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled and they are in short supply!  The medical system is rigged and corrupt; long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with, truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be, mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Forward: Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols Sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words.

‘Tis The Sick Season 24/7/365

The official sugar season begins on Halloween, continues unabated through Christmas and New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day and finally, Easter.  But it doesn’t stop there!

The next six months of the year are the unofficial season for grazing on sugar, alcohol [including wine] and excess fruit.  Add assault by vaccination for anything and everything [real or imagined] and it’s no wonder people’s immune systems are upside-down and sweetie and yourself are suffering unnecessarily and aging prematurely.  For example…

Diabetes, was once called sugar diabetes because people who ate too many sweets saw their blood sugar levels rise to dangerous levels.  Today, 35% of the population is officially diabetic and the remaining 65% is pre-diabetic

Sweets definitely play a role in the aging process and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to understand why your sweetie [or yourself] are suffering the sugar blues even if none are eaten.

When you think sweets, think of carbohydrates, such as sugar, candy, fruit, agave, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, pasta and of course, wine and alcohol. 

Sweets fuel the growth of molds and yeast that destroy immune function with their potent mycotoxins, and it all begins with the innocent, one-time-exposure to antibiotics, use of birth control pills and steroidal medications.  [See Jill’s Story.] 

Consumption of sweets and endless cravings haunt the population and Valentine’s Day is no reason to celebrate with sweets.  Better to break the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle once and for all  Real change comes from following the Mold & Fungus Protocol and freeing the body of perpetual enslavement from merger of fungal DNA with your own human DNA.

Real health comes when the immune system resurrects itself with help from endospheric MASTER bacteria; dormant, specialized bacteria NOT available via the food chain or probiotics.  [Probiotics don’t survive the stomach; besides, they do NOT contain endospheres.]

Poisons made by bad bacteria are called endotoxins; poisons made by molds and yeast are called mycotoxins.  When absorbed by the intestinal tract, these systemic poisons cause 99.999% of people’s so-called autoimmune complaints from asthma and cardiovascular problems to cancer, diabetes and arthritis.  [Know, if you have health issues, your immune system is dysfunctional and your metabolism is under the control of molds and fungus.]


Sweet Valentines For Your Sweetie!

People associate sweets with fun, satisfaction and memories.  Nothing wrong with any of these things except that sweets are degenerative, a source of systemic inflammation, moodiness, premature aging because sweets fuel the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle.

Valentine’s Day and chocolate are associated with love.  Good chocolate contains fats that are the basis of women’s [and men’s] hormones, but the sugar aspect of chocolate is not so nice.

Sucrose (table sugar) is 50 % glucose which temporarily boosts energy.  The other 50% is fructose.  The body removes fructose from blood and converts it to body fat, especially at the waistline and cellulite on the thighs [which you can eliminate if you will ask for guidance.]

Excess fat building is controlled by fungal yeast and molds every bit as much as by diet and consumption.  See Special Insights, Belly Fat Phenomenon.

Fructose does not provide the body with usable energy and it severely disrupts the intestinal microbiome.  Yeast infections [women] and prostate issues and testicular swelling [men] are classic examples of mycotoxin dominance.  So is gout and cardiovascular disease.

The population is hooked on carbohydrates.  People have trained their bodies to burn carbohydrates as their primary energy source instead of fats.  [Dietary fats supply up to 80% of total energy needs without compromising health like carbohydrates do.]. For your information, excess protein over 6% of total calories consumed]drives-up blood sugar levels and creates the state of pre-diabetes and prevents people from losing weight.

Sweets, Allergies, Sensitivities & Fat Metabolism

Healthy fats such as coconut oil are very useful for breaking carbohydrate dependence.  Moreover, fats ease food cravings!  But to convert fats to energy, you need bio-active bile in the form of Pro-Ox which doubles to break-down toxins in the intestinal tract before they cause autoimmune responses along with gas and bloat.

Contrary to medical myths about fats [and the absurd food pyramid dieticians and food experts love to crow about] fats are every bit as critical for good health and longevity as green vegetables and whole plant foods.  See Eat Fats to Be Healthy & Happy.

Proteins present a serious dilemma for all of us because high stomach acidity is needed to breakdown proteins before they enter the intestinal tract.  Incomplete protein digestion and leaky-gut fuel inflammatory responses, such as allergies and food sensitivities because of hyphal invasion of the gut wall.  [These conditions are condition is epidemic and reversible!]

Undigested proteins do not belong in the intestinal track and NEVER in the blood stream.  Foreign proteins trigger immune system reactions described best as the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.  [FYI: insect bites and stings along with snake bite reactions are caused by foreign proteins.]

Gluten intolerance is CONFIRMATION of failure to digest wheat protein.  It’s also confirmation of an inflamed and porous small intestinal wall and unrestricted admission of foreign proteins into the blood stream. 

Gluten intolerance is a REAL problem for millions of people.  Sadly, the label misleads by focusing on the effect rather than the cause of this intestinal dilemma.  Many people are forced to rely on the GAPS diet to survive.  Gluten is a problem, but an inflamed, leaky-gut from systemic invasion by fungal hypha and the total absence of endospheric, master bacteria are at the center of suffering.  Better answers are available.  To learn more, click here.

People who suffer with intestinal issues [and gluten intolerance in particular] MUST avoid foods containing gluten until they have regenerated their small intestinal wall and resurrected their microbiome with EndoBiotica. 

The reader knows symptoms of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle by names such as  fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, irritable bowel, yeast, gout, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema, acne, brain fog, thyroid, tinnitus (ringing in ears), eye problems and Alzheimer’s.  These conditions are classic examples of autoimmune attacks by the body against the body.  Sweets, fungal invasion, mycotoxin dominance and incomplete protein digestion all play their part in these conditions.  

No discussion of sweets is complete without mention of the body’s regulatory hormones leptin, insulin and adrenaline.  A complete review of diabetes and insulin resistance is offered in Special Insights, Blood Sugar, Inflammation & Diabetes

A New Valentine’s Day Tradition & Flowers for Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to go sweet-free, resurrect your immune system and escape the burden of fungal dominance of your body.  Guidance is provided FREE!

Flowers on Valentine’s Day avoids sugar blues.  Flowers do not gray hair or fog the brain or cause gas and bloat.  Flowers do not drive depression, cravings, poor sleep, yeast outbreaks, bladder infections, prostate flare-ups, neck and back tension and bowel irregularities.

Sweets confuse the immune system, weaken the body and inflame everything.  Give your Sweetie

the sweetest gift of all this Valentine’s Day.  GOOD HEALTH!

Solutions & Conclusions

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  Isn’t it time to give yourself and your sweetie the Valentine’s gift of good health?

If you have issues or  suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available for FREE!

Ask for guidance here.

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.
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John Thomas, Author Young Again!




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Ground Hog Season Is Upon Us! Grow Real Food The Easy Way ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Today, you will learn how to grow superior quality food; food you can’t buy; food that mocks the word, ‘organic’; food that incorporates the energetic principles and practices of biodynamic agriculture.

Ground Hog Season is the perfect time to emerge from your hole and realize that the food chain is severely compromised, and if you want vibrant food, you must grow it yourself.  Food is the most important factor of health and longevity and the simplest way to maintain and restore, well-being. 

People & Plants

Plants need the same things humans need: clean water, a healthy [root/terrain] environment, lots of cellular energy, biologically-active bacteria and an ongoing source of charged, mineral ions.   

Know that gardening books and magazines are written by authors with primitive comprehension of plant/soil physiology and zero understanding of biodynamic food production; the same type of institutional ignorance that dominates conventional and alternative medical thinking in year 2020.

Healthy plants and healthy people have healthy terrains.  Sick plants and sick bodies are confirmations of dysfunctional terrains and body physiologies that are unable to resurrect for lack of cellular ENERGY.

Garden Bucket Recipe

Most readers will choose to grow food in pots.  Simple, inexpensive, readily-available, five-gallon buckets from Lowes or Home Depot.  Some may choose to  garden in a flower bed or a dedicated garden plot.  For most, patio and deck gardening will be the practical choice. 

You want to grow non-hybrid plants in buckets from non-hybrid seeds, because they are superior to hybrid, root-bound and stressed nursery plants.  You want to grow Russian-red KALE with big, dark green leaves, NOT common varieties!  [Get your seeds from Amazon, seed catalogs or local suppliers.]

You will need a bag of composted, chicken manure,  a bag of common sand, a big bag of potting soil and some gypsum [these are available from local garden supply stores].  MOST IMPORTANTLY, you will need biologically charged, soil ion tablets if you want vibrant, disease-free plants bursting with life-force.  [GardenMagic ion soil tablets are available from John Thomas and Young Again Club.]

If you are growing food in flower beds or a dedicated, garden plot, dig 12” X 12” holes and back-fill them as outlined below with one additional step: place GardenMagic ion soil tablets in garden bed as you build it; place them 6” inches deep and 6-12” off-center where plants will be located. [For garlic, potatoes and bulbs, place half a soil ion tablet under each seed along with a teaspoon of bone meal and pinch of BioCarbon Complex.  Plant garlic cloves in Fall for Summer harvest.]


Russian-red kale and non-hybrid tomatoes are perfect choices.  It is near impossible to find biodynamically raised food at farmer’s markets or stores.  ‘Organic’ has little value because soils are depleted and biologically dysfunctional of the ions plants need to produce high energy, life-force food. 

This discussion focuses on the green leafy vegetable called, KALE, because kale is the easiest and most nutritious food you can grow [collards are next best].  [BTW: the correct way to eat greens is to gently cook them in water before adding vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper added.  Make sure and drink the juice!  Vinegar is CRITICAL to digestion of greens which should NEVER be eaten raw or made into smoothies!  Greens are loaded with oxalates!  Kale has the least oxalates and chard and spinach have the most oxalates.  Oxalates are difficult to digest and very inflammatory to the digestive tract [think gluten, leaky-gut, irritable bowel, celiac and Crohn’s].  Oxalates are just one reason that people who eat raw salads and greens suffer from low-grade, systemic inflammation!

Kale is FIVE TIMES better for you than other greens.  Kale fuels nitric oxide [NO] production by endothelial cells lining blood vessels and capillaries, resulting in superior blood and oxygen delivery to your heart and brain and restoration of compromised body physiology.  [There is nothing kale can’t cure!]

Russian-red kale is very hardy, prolific and easy to chop and freeze in small, portion-sized sandwich bags for winter-time use when your body needs kale the most.

How To Build Patio Buckets & Garden Beds

  1. Drill three 1/2“ holes in the outer perimeter of bucket bottoms.  Cover holes with old stocking or window screen so excess water can drain. 
  2. Fill bottom half of bucket with a blended mix of common, soil, potting preparation and sand, and add a few handfuls of composted, chicken manure compost at the half-full level.
  3. Fill bucket with soil mix, adding a handful of gypsum to the top 2” of soil.  Leave 2” of space above soil; don’t overfill.  Then, place three ion soil tablets just below soil surface and water bucket gently several times until water emerges from the bottom.
  4. Next, place six seeds on soil and cover lightly with potting mix.  [Do NOT water again until plants emerge; then water gently until plants gain some size and are well established.]. Thin plants to ONE PLANT PER BUCKET, using scissors to trim excess plants at soil level Do NOT pull plants and disturb soil bed.  Or, simply start plants and transplant them when they are ready.  [In the garden, seed a 12” square and transplant plants to pre-marked locations later for even spacing.]
  5. When final plant is well established [2” tall], scratch two handfuls of composted, chicken manure into topsoil along with some BioCarbon Complex and a teaspoon of table sugar to catalyze bacterial activity.  [Wear gloves and DO NOT breath dust]. Drainage indicates plant/soil hydration needs are adequate.  [You may need to improvise a catch-pan for drainage.]
  6. In Spring and during cool weather, give plants full sun and water daily.  In HOT weather, reduce sun exposure and flood water 2x/day.  WHEN GOING AWAY, bury an inverted liter water bottle with a ‘loose’ cap and excised bottom in each bucket; fill with water and allow water to slowly release into soil.  Dehydration stresses plants the same way it stresses the human body.
  7. Allow kale to grow big, full-sized leaves.  Over-harvesting and dehydration stifles growth and cause plants to bolt and become woody.  Plant multiple buckets for best harvests.  Kale is very, frost-hardy.
  8. Bugs and disease don’t bother Russian-red kale.  These plants are tough and sweeten with cold.
  9. When growing non-hybrid, heritage tomatoes, go easy on the chicken manure and put a support pole in bucket as you fill it to avoid doing damage to the plant’s roots later.  Tomatoes are best when picked full-red and allowed to ripen inside for a few days before eating.


Plants need ENERGY to transform sunlight into food-bound, life-force, just as humans need ENERGY to grow, heal and repair.  Inability to make enough cellular ENERGY is why we age and die.

Plants make ENERGY from essential ions mediated by symbiotic bacteria that enable ion traversal at the plant’s root-hair level.  Humans make cellular ENERGY from essential ions that traverse cell membranes so mitochondria orchestrate creation of our cellular energy molecule, Mg-ATP.

Biodynamically grown food is powerful food; nothing else compares.  [FYI: John Thomas, now age 75, works 40+ hours a week, six months a year besides his regular duties doing hard labor, without power equipment, in his one-acre garden and orchard.  Hard work keeps John Thomas in shape and powerful food keeps him healthy and nourished.]

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Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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[Updated, Revised Edition] Health & Vitality In The ‘Age Of 5G’ Protect Your Health With Essential Elemental Ions ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Today’s Special Insight spotlights mineral ion depletion and the ongoing threat of wi-fi radiation that is crippling our mitochondria and weakening our vital organs.  To learn more, read on.

As you read this letter, you will get a new understanding of suffering and disease.  And, if you are reading between the lines, you will come to the realization that disease and so-called, genetic disorders are fictions of sick-care medicine and medical misdiagnosis.  MIsterpreted SYMPTOMS that have everything to do with depletion of the body’s elemental ions and exposure to wi-fi radiation.

Young Again Club’s mandate is identification of health-related risks, protection of health and well-being, and providing solutions.  Sadly, fear of the unknown and unwillingness to make simple changes in diet and lifestyle prevent most people from improving their lives.  Money is the most common [and least valid] reason given for failure to act. The real problem, however, is lack of understanding and attitude.

Depleted Soils, Depleted Bodies & Wi-fi Radiation

Our soils are completely depleted of essential, elemental ions humans need for health and maintenance of body, mind and spirit.  Proof is everywhere around us: in the mirror, at the doctor’s office and in the surgery room.  Ion depletion IS THE ESSENCE OF DEGENERATIVE DISEASE, and exposure to wi-fi radiation is accelerating depletion of the body’s reserves and compromising cellular mitochondria.

Twelve elemental ions are required for healthy physiology, and the Young Again Club Essential Elements Protocol supplies these spark plugs that cannot be obtained from food, REGARDLESS of the kind of food or how it was produced, including, organic food.  [FYI: organic food is about chemicals and fertilizer and has absolutely NOTHING to do with food’s ion composition or the composition of the soil matrix.]

Announcement!  You can now overcome food chain shortfalls and improve your health, regardless of age, state of health, medical history or medication profile with an elegant solution without a downside; something you can use to regenerate your body, mind and spirit.  Interested?  You should be!


Common supplements ARE NOT viable sources of biologically-active, elemental ions because they are riddled by poor absorption, dismal assimilation and failure of elemental ions to traverse cell and mitochondrial membranes.  [Translation: mineral ions that can’t traverse membranes are, useless!]

FACT!  The molecular charge that ion carry determines the body’s ability to utilize them.  Liquid formats are meaningless unless ALL OF ESSENTIAL IONS ARE PRESENT and the energy footprints are bio-compatible with cells and mitochondria.  [Young Again Club elemental ions have 100% bio-compatibility.]

Lack of bio-compatibility causes metabolism to stall and mitochondria production of our fundamental energy unit [Mg-ATP] to dwindle.  Lack of elemental ions means low energy, poor tissue repair, inability to get healing sleep and systemic, low-grade inflammation throughout the body.  [Translation: if you are over age 35 and have health issues, you are suffering from ion depletion.  It’s as simple as that!]

Common food supplements can’t [and don’t] traverse cell and mitochondrial membranes and therefore, are worthless and a waste of money!  Worse, they end-up in the toilet or the joints, breasts, prostate pancreas and liver.  Examples are: arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hundreds of lesser miseries that plague the populace; disorders that require elemental ions to tame and correct. 

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease [NAFLD] and pre-diabetes affect roughly 80% of the population, and depletion of mineral ions drives them.  NAFLD is medical speak for a stagnant, dysfunctional, inflamed liver, and statin drugs people are using to FOOLISHLY drive down their cholesterol is fueling liver cirrhosis and misery.  [One day, statins and thousands of other medications will be outlawed!]

In the meantime, AVOID ALL DRUGS and know that your body naturally corrects health issues when supplied with essential ions.  Use them and you won’t be concerned about heart, brain, hormones, sexual dysfunction, arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis or neuropathy because you won’t have any of them!

Young Again Club elemental ions are charged, liquid formulations that offer 100% absorption and assimilation so vital organs can REGENERATE AND FUNCTION as designed.  These essential ions are in drop form and are taken together in water twice daily; no pills are involved!

The Essential Elements Protocol causes a SHIFT IN POSITIVE ENERGY METABOLISM so your body’s own lifeforce energy can neutralize the crippling side-effects of wi-fi, non-ionizing radiation on cells and mitochondria.  The protocol is a two-prong approach, and it’s a VERY BIG DEAL because, it works!


Young Again Club essential elements help the body mitigate compromised physiology and immunity.  The effects are instant, but 90-days are needed for the vital organs to load-up so the body can recover..  Time, patience and commitment are prerequisites for restoration of health. 

Dysfunctional metabolism is medical speak for genetic mal-expression, meaning genes that can’t express correctly for lack of elemental ions.  Genetic mal-expression has EVERYTHING to do with epigenetics and NOTHING to do with doctor fabricated disease and DNA mutations.  [DNA is structural; genes are not.] 

Genetic mal-expression self-corrects when elemental ions are supplies.  Meaning, so-called, genetic defects reverse because they are NOT FIXED as popularly believed and taught.

Elemental ions orchestrate gene response through epigenetics.  Conditions such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease are NOT diseases, they are genetic mal-expressions of an ion-depleted terrain.  Family histories and genetic predisposition are MEDICAL FICTIONS used to justify misdiagnosis and disguise ignorance of physiology on the part of ill-trained practitioners and gullible patients. 

Children born to ion depleted mothers suffer live compromised lives, and medications and vaccinations add to their challenges terrains and further burden their fragile immune systems.  By age 35, body stores of essential ions are exhausted.  Proof is to be found in the forms of: accelerated aging dysfunctional metabolism and medicine’s latest cons called, mitochondrial disease and bogus, biologic medications.

Health issues, dysfunction metabolism, loss of muscle mass, weight-gain and sexual dysfunction are shadows of metabolic syndrome that is correctable with essential, elemental ions. 


The human body needs all twelve essential elements to maintain homeostasis and healthy metabolism.  Youthful vigor and vitality are impossible without a daily supply of biologically active, mineral ions.  [BTW: as ion levels deplete, sac fungi take dominance and FEED UPON sexual and regulatory hormones they need for completion of their life cycles and merger with human DNA, making humans hybrid creatures.

It took 25 years for John Thomas to fully grasp the role of ions in human physiology.  Little is taught in conventional/alternative school curriculums about these, and practitioners understand next to NOTHING of cellular energy generation and the side-effects of non-ionizing radiation on mitochondria.

The Essential Elements Protocol is everyone’s opportunity to rewind their biological clock at the cellular level where mitochondria live and function and where genetic expression is reality.  Even the telomeres [end caps on every strand of DNA in all three million of our cells] respond and regenerate when essential, mineral ions are included in your daily routine.  So much for medicine’s genetic pre-disposition, baloney!]

Regeneration counts more than survival, and these days, survival in sick-care medicine is defined by misery and perpetual enslavement to big-pharma’s pantry of poisons.  The way to neutralize medicine’s siren song of deception is to avoid involvement, PERIOD!  [If you need guidance and can circumvent UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, you will experience wonderful effects for decades to come.


Interestingly, there is not a single health issue that does not respond favorably to elemental ion therapy.  The best part: the protocol is easy to follow you will never have to play your God Card with doctor.

Elemental ions are the basis of vital organ function, regardless if your: liver, heart, brain or thyroid are involved.  Modified applications of the Essential Elements Protocol, such as the Thyroid, Digestive, Liver, Pancreatic and Obesity/Weight programs are available. 

Metabolic syndrome may seem less threatening than the big four killers, but it should NEVER be ignored because it provides early-warnings of serious trouble in the making.  Read about it, here.


Each of the essential elements is listed below in alphabetical order along with their associated deficiency diseases and symptoms.  As you review them, John Thomas hopes readers will come to the realization that sick-care medicine LIVES AND FEEDS on bodies depleted of elemental ions.  You can change that!

Disease is NOT what readers have been taught and disease is NOT what doctor says it is, either.  Medical misdiagnosis is cover for pharma-control of doctor and patient through ignorance of human physiology and the role elemental ions in mitochondrial metabolism.  [Translation: you are responsible for yourself!]

Wide-scale implementation of 5G [fifth-generation] wi-fi technology is a medical game changer and few people understand the side-effects that wi-fi radiation imposes on the body.  [The only viable way to defend your living tissues from 5G radiation is with the Essential Elements Protocol.  More on 5G, here.]

Christmas Announcement!  Watch for the Christmas issue of Special Insights where I will announce an exciting product that will be FREE; no purchase will be required!  It will increase cellular energy production without forcing the body into pre-diabetic insulin resistance and low-grade inflammation


Young Again Club essential elements are biologically-active, energy-enhanced elements with a 100%  absorption and assimilation profile.  Meaning, ions that traverse cell and mitochondrial membranes.  All formulations are footprinted for maximum effect and value.  Ions are taken in drop form, together in a glass of water, two-times daily.  No pills are involved!  All offerings are formulations of John Thomas and Young Again Club.  Expect good things from them. 

As you read further, pay attention!  Everyone you know on the list for all the wrong reasons.


Boron [B]: an essential element of widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, and animals with antiviral, antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities, essential for bone metabolism and efficient use of magnesium and calcium utilization, proper function of ovaries, testes and adrenal glands. Needed for normal maintenance of estrogen and testosterone, dramatically reduces loss of calcium, magnesium and phosphorous and prevents loss of bone density in females and older men, stabilizes and manages estrogen and testosterone levels in menopausal and post-menopausal women and men. Boron deficiency diseases and symptoms: Poor bone development and metabolism, hormone dysfunctions [sexual, adrenal and thyroid, mold and fungal yeast takeover of metabolism, hair and nail issues, sexual dysfunction [male and female], loss of magnesium reserves. Boron functions as a biologic catalyst and metabolic cofactor for healthy metabolism and for reduction of hundreds of deficiency disorders.

Copper [CU]: an essential element of widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, has a broad, functional role in the electron transport chain of the Krebs cycle, important for oxygen transport, required for aerobic respiration, required in conjunction with iron for reduction of oxygen, plays a role in super oxide dismutase.  Essential for all living organisms and a cofactor in hundreds of metalloenzymes.  Needed for DNA and RNA metabolism, hair and skin melanin [color/pigment], elasticity of skin and connective tissue fibers, especially elasticity of blood vessels and vertebral discs. Copper Deficiency diseases and symptoms: aneurysms, anemia, hypo and hyper thyroid, juvenile arthritic spurs in growth plates of long bones/abnormal plate development and damage ], bulging discs, liver cirrhosis, MS, Kawasaki Disease, violent behavior [violent anger, explosive behavior, criminal attributes], learning disabilities, cerebral palsy [think demyelination of cerebellum and spinal cord tissues], high blood cholesterol, brain hyperplasia, hemosiderosis, hypoglycemia [blood sugar metabolism] and neutropenia [low white blood cell count]. Copper plays a part in mad cow disease, and Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease, retarded growth in infants, low body temperature and deterioration of brain tissue [think dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s]. concentrated in the brain, liver, heart and kidneys with large amounts in bone and muscle.

Calcium [Ca]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, structural component of all calcareous tissues [bones, teeth], cofactor in biologic, electrochemical reactions such as neurotransmitter release and muscle contraction, electrical conduction of the heart, cell depolarization. Required for release of energy when H on separated from NADH and releases our energy molecule [Mg-ATP] and converts to ADP; important for heartbeat regulation, muscle tone, nerve stimulation and communication. Most abundant mineral in the body. Bones contain 99% of calcium reserves; not the cause of kidney or gallbladder stones or the formation of breast tumors; responsible for breast hot spots detected by thermography and mammograms, that are wrongly blamed on genetic cancer. Loss of calcium related to acidification of waste in the tissues.  Lack of vitamin D and inability to make stomach acid causes calcium deficiency, where fungal yeast mycotoxins and lack of biologically active magnesium causes calcium to settle out of circulation and form tumors, spurs and give rise to spinal stenosis and nerve dysfunction to the joints. Calcium deficiency diseases and symptoms: osteoporosis, receding gums, arthritis, hypertension, insomnia, spurs, restless leg, cramps, twitches, PMS, low back issues, neuropathy, panic attack, poor clotting time of blood, colorectal cancer, intestinal issues.

Chromium [Cr]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, activates phosphoglucosonetase and other enzymes associated with GTF [glucose tolerance factor], very little chromium is stored in the body [must be constantly replenished], concentrations higher in newborns and steadily decreases with age, an active component of blood glucose and insulin metabolism, Chromium insufficiencies lead to a variety of clinical diseases and shortened life expectancy, chromium shortfalls are aggravated by concurrent vanadium deficiency and excess consumption of carbohydrates and sugars. Chromium deficiency diseases and symptoms: hypoglycemia, reactive hypoglycemia, bed wetting, pre-diabetes, diabetes types II and III, hyperinsulinemia, hyperactivity, learning disability, ADD/ADHD, hyper irritability, depression, manic depression, bi-polar disease, violent temperament swings, impaired growth, peripheral neuropathy, muscle loss , coronary artery disease, aortic cholesterol plaque, infertility [anovulation/low sperm count] and shortened life span.

Iodine [I]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, causes goiter and hypothyroidism due to dietary copper deficiency without which iodine utilization is poor, critical for thyroid hormone production, regulation of digestion, heart rate, body temperature, sweat gland function, nerve function, reproductive system, general metabolism and body weight. In females, iodine is store in the thyroid, ovaries and beasts. In males, iodine is stored in the thyroid, testicles and prostate. Iodine deficiency diseases and symptoms: cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular, disorders. Iodine insufficiency affects all metabolic functions, including gluten intolerance, pituitary problems [TSH] and general deficiencies. Fatigue, cold intolerance, muscle aches/pains, heavy/overly frequent menstrual periods, low sex drive, brittle nails, weight gain, hair loss, muscle cramps, depression, constipation, elevated blood cholesterol, puffy face, dry skin and hair, inability to concentrate, poor memory, goiter, infertility and congenital birth defects and Cretinism, insomnia, heat intolerance, excessive sweating, light/less frequent periods, hand tremors, rapid pulse, bug eyes, weight loss, increased appetite, muscle weakness, over-active bowel movements, irritability, nervousness and goiter. NOTE: Potassium iodide is the least effective form of iodine supplementation. Absorption and utilization of iodine requires simultaneous presence of biologically active zinc and selenium, all of which are available in enhanced, bioactive liquid form for effective supplementation.

Manganese [Mn]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, activates enzyme systems including that of glucose metabolism, energy production, super oxide dismutase, a major constituent of metalloenzyems, hormones and proteins, critical to development and restoration of joint cartilage and fragile ear bones. Manganese deficiency diseases and symptoms: congenital birth defects, asthma, convulsions, retarded growth, skeletal defects, disruption of fat and carbohydrate metabolism, joint problems in children, [ligament and tendon degeneration, TMJ, carpal tunnel, repetitive motion syndrome, cardiomalacia, infertility [anovulation, testicular atrophy, miscarriage, loss of libido, shortened long bones.

Potassium [K]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, a major cation in cellular cytoplasm with a wide variety of electrochemical/catalytic functions, participates in maintenance of fluid balance, osmotic equilibrium and interacts with calcium in regulation of neuromuscular activity. Potassium deficiency diseases and symptoms: muscular weakness and mental apathy hypokalemic cardia failure. Potassium is so important to homeostasis and well-being with widespread interaction in all metabolic, chemical reactions either directly or indirectly.

Magnesium [Mg]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, electrochemical, catalytic and structural functions, major enzyme activator, a constituent of chlorophyll in plants and hemoglobin metabolism in humans, involved in over 10,000 biochemical reactions in humans, required for production and transfer of energy for protein synthesis, muscle contractibility and nerve excitability, acts as a cofactor in myriads of enzyme systems, plays an antagonistic role in muscle contraction opposite of calcium. Magnesium deficiency diseases and symptoms: asthma, anorexia, menstrual migraines, ECG changes, neuromuscular issues, convulsions, depression, depression, muscular weakness, muscle cramp, charley horse, tremors, vertigo, calcification of small arteries and capillaries and malignant calcification of soft tissue [tumors].

Strontium [Sr]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, can replace calcium when in a deficiency state, prevents receptor attachment of strontium 90 [the man-made radioactive isotope and product of nuclear fission]. Strontium deficiency diseases and symptoms: associated with certain calcium and boron resistant osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and degenerative arthritis [rheumatoid].

Selenium [Se]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, most efficient antioxidant , involved in glutathione production, prevents cellular lipid peroxidation, useful for ‘age pigment’ issues of the skin, helps collagen formation in connective tissue, prevents development of immune deficiency diseases and management of them, infertility in men and women, infant mortality and crib death, scoliosis, cardiomyopathy, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, anemia, hypothyroidism, lowered immunity, chronic fatigue, myalgia, muscle tenderness, fibromyalgia, lupus, pancreatitis, anorexia nervosa, irregular heart beat [arrhythmia], cataracts, cancer, cardiomyopathy, liver cirrhosis, cancer, SIDS syndrome, improves genome stability and maintenance of telomere function and length, protects cellular and organelle bi-lipid membranes from oxidative damage. Selenium deficiency diseases and symptoms: HIV [AIDS], anemia , age spots and liver spots, fatigue, muscular weakness, myalgia [fibromyalgia, muscle pain and soreness], Rhyabdomyalisis [muscle wall breakdown following exercise], scoliosis, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, mulberry heart disease, multiple sclerosis, blindness, heart palpitations, cirrhosis of liver, pancreatitis, pancreatic atrophy, ALS [Lou Gehrig’s], Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s infertility, low birth weight, infant mortality, miscarriages, SIDS [sudden infant death syndrome], cancer, sickle-cell anemia and hypothyroidism.

Vitamin B-12: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, critical for utilization of essential elements and vitamins, required for synthesis of DNA and RNA responsible for carrying the human genome, required for bone marrow function and production of myelin [nerve fiber sheath], folate metabolism and uptake of folic acid. Cyanocobalamin is a common supplemental form that is poorly absorbed. Sublingual forms are better, but without sufficient intrinsic factor of little benefit. Racemized/enhanced, methylated from Young Again Club provides maximum absorption and utilization of this critical molecule. Vitamin B-12 deficiency diseases and symptoms: pernicious anemia [macrocytic and megaloblastic], dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, neuropsychiatric behavior, neuropathy, brain, spinal cord, optic nerve, and peripheral nerve demyelination, sore tongue, general weakness, liver disease poor digestion, lack of intrinsic factor, lack of stomach acid.

Zinc [Zn]: widespread deficiency in humans, essential to all living organisms, provides a wide range of protection against myriads of clinical diseases, a cofactor in enzyme systems and hormone production and management, critical for strong immune system and utilization of iodine and selenium, participates in metabolism of nucleic acids and proteins. Zinc deficiency diseases and symptoms: Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and palate, brain defects, spina bifida, clubbed limbs, webbed fingers and toes, missing limbs, digits and teeth, hiatal hernia, heart and lung defects, urogenital defects and issues, pica, profuse sweating [think menopause], lost sense of smell and taste, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, failure of wounds to heal, immune system failure, short stature, infant mortality, hypogonadism, perpetual prepuberty, anemia, hair loss, psoriasis and eczema, gluten intolerance, celiac disease, frizzy hair, diarrhea, depression, paranoia, oral dermatitis, anorexia, bulimia, gluten issues, BHP [benign prostate hypertrophy] and severe body odor.

In year 2020 coming up, additional essential elements will become available.  They are Sulphur [S], Molybdenum [Mo], Vanadium [V], Silica [Si], Lithium [Li], Cobalt [Cu], Tellurium [Te] and everyone who is already using the essential twelve, will get them at greatly reduced prices, as they are introduced.

Conclusion & Solutions

The Essential Elements Protocol is a universal answer for thousands of maladies tormenting people worldwide.  If you suffer from one of the big four [cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular or you want to avoid them], the Essential Elements Protocol is your ticket for a better tomorrow.

Rollout of 5G wi-fi communication is massive and full implementation is scheduled for year 2020.  With it will come suffering and side-effects of electrical interference with mitochondrial metabolism; things patients will not understand, but sick-care medicine will use to justify use of biologic medications.

No one will be able to avoid 5G, non-ionizing radiation because it will be ubiquitous over the entire planet and will make 4G radiation seem, tame.  Protection of brain, mental faculties and immune function depends on body’s reserves of essential, elemental ions.  WARNING: don’t get suckered by worthless devices that cannot defend living tissue from electrical interference at the mitochondrial level. 

Use the Essential Elements Protocol to protect body, mind and spirit.  It’s as simple as that!

For guidance, call or email John Thomas.

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.   To Good Health,  

John Thomas, Author Young Again!




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Metabolic Syndrome Pre-Diabetes & Insulin-Resistance Inflammatory Disorders That Promote Obesity, Sexual Dysfunction & Degenerative Aging

Health without challenges is impossible unless you understand the role of insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes in degenerative aging.  Onset of diabetes, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disorders are NOT inevitable.   To learn more, read on.

What is taught and believed about diabetes, obesity, blood sugar, sexual dysfunction, prostate problems and inflammation is not accurate.  Today, you get the rest of the story with suggestions to help you avoid and reverse the misery of inflammatory aging.

Both practitioners and patients recognize that inflammation has a role in disease and aging.  However, the physiology behind inflammation is not so obvious.  Today’s Special Insight focuses on the role that insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes play in inflammatory aging.

[Excess body weight says metabolism is dysfunctional and essential elements are depleted.]

Inflammation is a symptom of metabolic dysfunction!  Meaning, the body’s metabolism is out of balance, chemistry is upside-down, vital organs aren’t communicating with each other and hormones can’t] do the job they were designed to do. 

If you have been diagnosed with any kind of inflammatory disorder, chances are very good that you have been misdiagnosed!  Symptoms are not disease and inflammation are effect, never cause.  Inflammation is the human condition because our bodies are in a state of metabolic revolt.

Central to inflammatory aging is depletion of the essential elements, dysfunctional insulin metabolism, fungal yeast invasion and pre-diabetes.  Examples are diabetes, irritable bowel, gluten intolerance, glaucoma, macular degeneration, asthma, COPD, sepsis, arthritis, psoriasis, MRSA, tinnitus, neuropathy, fatty liver, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and all things cardiovascular.

Inflammation is NOT what it appears, and it is terribly misunderstood!  Arthritis is a classic example of systemic, low-grade, insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes; that’s why it is so universal.  Sexual dysfunction [prostate, orgasm and low libido] are inflammatory disorders wrongly blamed on low ‘T’ and low ‘E’. 

Medicine claims inflammation is causative when it’s, effect.  Medicine perpetuates this falsity because medicine is clueless about the physiology of inflammation, and because medicine needs a boogeyman to blame.  Behind inflammation is dysfunctional metabolism and pre-diabetic insulin-resistance.

[Pre-diabetic insulin-resistance is a low-level symptom of systemic inflammation!]

Medical misdiagnosis is common.  What doctor calls disease isn’t disease, but misinterpreted symptoms and misunderstood physiology used to justify medical intervention and medications.

Doctor never mentions that medications destroy vital organ function and lifeforce while increasing, inflammation.  Doctor doesn’t tell you medications deplete your reserves of cellular magnesium and interfere with magnesium ion transport across cell membranes.  Doctor never discusses the role magnesium ions play in production of the energy molecule, ATP by the mitochondria in our cells. 

[Cellular magnesium accounts for 99% of our nitrogen; blood tests only measure, 1%.]

Do you know why doctor doesn’t discuss these things? [Hint! Because doctor was never taught these things!  Besides, doctor DARES NOT step outside the standard of care.  Truth cannot be allowed to interfere with the practice of medicine; the patient be damned!

For example, statin drugs CAUSE non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that now affects 80% of the population regardless of age!  Did you know neurologic brain disorders [dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s] are MEDICALLY INDUCED PHENOMENA and statin drugs are the cause of the epidemic. 

Did you know insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes cause weight gain, obesity and degenerative aging?  Did you know that belly fat that is haunting millions of people is the side-effect of dysfunctional, insulin metabolism and glycated brain receptors?

Inflammatory Aging

  1. Inflammation is a side-effect of insulin-resistance.
  2. insulin-resistance is a side-effect of dysfunctional leptin metabolism and pre-diabetes.
  3. Dysfunctional leptin metabolism is a side-effect of blood glucose levels over 90.
  4. Pre-diabetic insulin-resistance is a side-effect of depleted essential elements.
  5. Insulin-resistance precedes onset of clinical disease and inflammatory aging.
  6. Pre-diabetes and dysfunctional insulin metabolism perpetuate systemic inflammation.
  7. Insulin-resistance is an inflammatory response to dysfunctional metabolism.
  8. Elevated blood glucose

is a pathological response to low-grade insulin-resistance.

  • Metabolic syndrome [and its symptoms] are confirmation of upside-down metabolism.
  • Metabolic syndrome precedes cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease by years.
  • Degenerative disease, regardless of diagnosis, says dysfunctional metabolism is in-play.
  • Health and vitality are the exact opposite of dysfunctional metabolism.

The pre-diabetic pancreas makes excess insulin which fuels, INFLAMMATION!  Once leptin receptors [in the brain] become glycated, cells will not allow glucose passage across the cell membrane. THIS IS CALLED, INSULIN-RESISTANCE!  [FYI: A1c blood sugar tests MISLEAD; they do NOT identify, cause.]

[Elevated blood sugar and pre-diabetic Insulin-resistance

are shadows of metabolic syndrome in the making.]

Reduction of blood glucose softens the effect of diabetic related symptoms without explaining the etiology of the problem.  Medicine’s understanding of diabetes is shameful and primitive!  Did you know there has been NO MEANINGFUL ADVANCE in understanding of diabetes since insulin was discovered in 1922?  Behind medical ignorance is faulty physiology and pharma manipulation of practitioners.

Medicine’s definition of cure is alleviation of signs and symptoms [without determination of cause.]  Palliation is another way of saying the same thing.  Proof is the outrageous growth of diabetes types I and II in the past 100 years; ditto for medicine’s pathetic failure to address the spread of cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disorders despite so-called advances in medical science. 

[Inflammation, degenerative disease and metabolic syndrome are parallel disorders.]

Progress on cancer is embarrassing considering the BILLIONS of dollars that have been WASTED on “Finding the cure!”  Q.  How do you find the cure when you don’t understand the cause?

Medicine and pharma parse symptoms and fuel a never-ending charade of promising medications, but it can’t deliver meaningful, cures!  We see advances in surgical intervention, but ZERO advances in understanding of causative factors that drive inflammatory aging.  Cancer is the most blatant example. 

Drugs band-aid symptoms, but their side-effects are legion.  Did you know drugs DEPLETE your magnesium ions as well as essential elements that are vital for health and homeostasis?  Medications kill your mitochondria.  Kill enough of them and you, die.  Medications are slow-motion suicide that fuel inflammation and further compromise the patient’s health.  Don’t forget it!

[Compromised bodies need 90-days to settle before regeneration begins.]

Do you know your magnesium, burn-rate?  Do you care?  You should!  To keep things simple, assume your burn-rate is HIGH and your cellular and mitochondrial levels of magnesium ions is depleted and LOW, because they are!  [Here is what you can do about it.]

Low-grade inflammation is a MAJOR side-effect of excess insulin.  Cellular refusal to allow blood glucose passage across cell membranes adds additional inflammation.  Leptin receptors in the brain are supposed to control insulin and glucose levels, but INFLAMMATION is what actually destroys the kidneys, thyroid, heart, liver, brain, joints and eyes.  Ongoing, low-grade inflammation drives degenerative aging! 

The root of low-grade inflammation is dysfunctional insulin-metabolism and pre-diabetes.  Ultimately, infection and inflammation are BOTH terrain issues.  Infection is NOT caused by microorganisms, but by depletion of essential elements and fungal mycotoxins.  Doctor says inflammation causes disease.  Wrong!  Its caused by insulin-resistance and epigenetics!  [The terrain concept is the basis of Young Again Club protocols and the antithesis of the Germ Theory of Disease.]

[Resolve insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes and you will have no need for pain killers!]

If brain receptors don’t respond to leptin signals, appetite satiation fails and overproduction of insulin and inflammation result.  Leptin is made by fat cells.  Leptin is a satiety hormone whose job is to CURB appetite, STOP overeating, PREVENT overproduction of insulin.  Leptin and insulin interact, constantly!

Elevated blood glucose [90 and above] causes brain receptors to glycate [i.e. glaze over; become sugar-coated and dysfunctional].  Caramelization of sautéed onions in a skillet is called, caramelization.  Caramelization of brain receptors is called, glycation.  [A1c blood sugar tests measure glycation of red blood cells but ignore receptor glycation and prediabetic insulin-resistance.]

Glycation occurs over years, which explains why inflammatory disorders proliferate as people get into their forties and beyond.  Glycation and insulin-resistance limit blood flow to the genitals and are behind sexual dysfunction, bladder/prostate issues and fungal yeast invasion with their mycotoxins.

[The creation of Icelandic Magic was inspired by Iceland’s 1,000 Year history

of superb health through fermentation of food in the colon.]

Insulin-resistance and poor digestion are central to acid reflux.  Contrary to medical folklore and urban legend, acid reflux is NOT caused by excess stomach acid, dysfunctional stomach valve, genes or family history.  Acid reflux is reversible!  [See YAC Digestive Protocol and YAC Enema Protocol.]

[A colon that ferments food doesn’t suffer from cancer and bowel disorders.]

When endocrine and exocrine glands are depleted of their essential elements, they STOP WORKING and digestion of food and making of hormones becomes challenged.  This is what doctor calls, disease!

Refined sweets sabotage the body as reserves of essential elements in the vital organs, deplete.  As reserves deplete, insulin-resistance increases, food cravings increase, the desire for sweets increase, and the inability to metabolize carbohydrates and proteins increases as metabolism turns, dysfunctional.

Fats metabolize, differently than carbs and proteins.  Fat digestion requires bile and lots of it!  Bile is made by the liver and stored in the gallbladder.  Bile production drops after age 35 and grows worse with age.  Sterols are fat-derived and the basis of our hormones [sexual and otherwise.]  Coconut oil [actually, a fat] and grass-fed butter are important fats.  Eat them with every meal.

[Restoration of health requires essential elements and dietary fats!]

The YAC Essential Elements Protocol provides bio-active, liquid, elemental concentrations with 100% absorbability for peak metabolism and restoration from overwork, depletion and toxicity. Insulin metabolism, thyroid dysfunction and fatty liver CANNOT BE RESOLVED WITHOUT THEM.

When you hear the words: diabetes, cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular, think depletion of essential elements and EXTREME low levels of magnesium ions in the cells and mitochondria.  Belly fat and obesity are SIGNS of element depletion and slowing metabolism.  [Ask for guidance.]

[Excess insulin inflames the body and fuels the growth of fungal yeast and molds.]

Fungal yeast plays a part in inflammatory aging and sexual dysfunction.  These organisms seize control of gene expression by merging their DNA with human DNA and interfering with the regulatory hormones leptin, thyroid, adrenal and insulin, as well as female and male hormones.  

The number one cause of fungal yeast takeover of metabolism is use of ANTIBIOTICS.  DNA merger causes body physiology to morph, turning humans into hybrid creatures [part human and part fungal.] Gene expression is a function of epigenetics NOT family history.  Read Jill’s story, here.

Show me a woman who suffers from hormone imbalance and/or UTIs [urinary tract infections] and I will show you a woman who forfeited control of her endocrine and exocrine systems to fungal yeast.  Show me a man with prostate and ED issues, and I will show you a man infested with fungal yeast.  [Men: prostate issues have absolutely NOTHING to do with your, PSA!  [See Mold & Fungus Protocol here.]

Did you know elevated glucose and insulin-resistance fuels fungal yeast takeover and causes thyroid, breast, ovarian, uterine, prostate and testicular cancer?  Did you know  that Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in medicine for discovering that CANCER IS A FUNGUS [1931]?  So, why does medicine insist cancer is genetic?  Hint!  They are fools and liars!  Cancer is purely a terrain and epigenetics problem!

Neurologic disorders such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s are inflammatory disorders of the brain.  They are driven by glycation, gut dysbiosis and ferritin iron overload; ditto for glaucoma, macular degeneration and neuropathy.  All involve inflammation, insulin-resistance and fungal yeast.

Medicine’s infatuation with A1c blood sugar is a con, just like fasting glucose tests of the past 100 years!  Your A1c test score doesn’t mean what you think it means.  A perfect A1c score will NOT protect you from diabetes!  A1c is a con just like tests for arthritis, cancer and cardiovascular issues.  Lab tests mislead and medicine has ZERO understanding of cause!  [More about your A1c test score, here.]

Blood glucose between 90-120 make you both pre-diabetic and insulin-resistant!

Doctor will tell you 90-120 glucose is fine.  It’s not, fine!  Pre-diabetes is early-stage pathogenesis.  Blood sugar [when maintained above 90] fuels insulin-resistance, inflammation and dysfunctional metabolism.    

Excess weight [EVEN TEN POUNDS!] says your metabolism is burdened and there are issues of low-grade inflammation.  Weight comes-off easily when metabolism is efficient; so does belly fat and cellulite.

Inability to make insulin says that the beta cells of the pancreas are EXTREMELY dysfunctional and synthetic insulin and medications are required.  Q. Is insulin-dependence reversible? Can a dysfunctional pancreas become, normal?  Yes, and yes!  Metabolism becomes a two-way street when essential elements are available to the vital organs on a daily basis.  [This is a forever concept!]

[Discover your body-mass index, here.]

Childhood diabetes is now called, insulin-dependent diabetes, type I.  Sadly, this post-vaccination, phenomenon is 100%, MEDICALLY-INDUCED!  Vaccination insanity caused this once rare condition to literally explode among children, teens and adults.  Vaccination avoidance makes  sense considering that  resurrection after-the-fact is challenging, and you will have no idea until after it occurs!

There is STRONG connection between vaccinations and onset of diabetes; ditto for slow deterioration of health among adults and particularly among, seniors.  [Terrain physiology DETERMINES how humans respond to forced invasion by pathogenic organisms and poisons contained in vaccines. Don’t forget it!]

There is a HUGE physiologic difference between PROVOKED immune response and response to natural exposure.  Forced exposure provokes physiologic revolt related to insulin metabolism and the pancreas.

Subclinical illness follows vaccination-induced trauma for those with compromised immune systems.  The DETERMINING FACTOR is depletion of the essential elements.

Vaccination blowback can be slow or immediate and violent!  For most, effects manifest as progressive weakening of life-force and loss of vital organ function over months and years.  Children who die in their mother’s arms, speaks for itself!  NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM VACCINATIONS! 

Practitioners are held hostage by pharma and their license and the public through ignorance and fear.  When possible, avoid any involvement in sick-care medicine by learning physiology and how to care for yourself.  Ignore medical websites; they are electronic extensions of sick-care insanity.  [Accurate physiology and one-on-one guidance is paramount at YoungAgainClub.com.

[Innocence and ignorance cause people to lose their health and their lives!]

Senior vaccinations are a fear-driven, medical disaster.  Contrary to medical myth, vaccinations DO NOT PROVIDE IMMUNITY against pneumonia, flu, herpes, shingles or anything else, but they most certainly set the devil free to ravage and compromise the bodies of the elderly and those over age 35!

Routine medical check-ups serve three purposes: instill fear, create allegiance to the sick-care medical model and gather data on patients.  Non-cooperative patients are noted on national data bases.  If check-ups are your thing, wear a smile, appear cooperative and have enough sense to play your God Card!

Did you know vaccine makers have legislative legal immunity from product liability?  Worse, pharma and the media are complicit!  [Here is a very thoughtful analysis of forced vaccination and the vaccine racket.]

To cover their tracks, ease guilt and salve broken hearts of families with dead and disabled children, the revolving door of government, pharma and regulatory medicine established a slush fund that pays-out millions of taxpayer dollars annually while the culprits make BILLIONS perpetrating and perpetuating genocide of the innocent.  Self-protection BEFORE vaccination is critical.  [You will need guidance!]

Pharma’s advertising is highly effective because fear and ignorance are fertile soil for pharma’s lies.  Ads with smiling faces and cute critters conceal pharma’s agenda.  [Read Dr. Mary’s Monkey and discover what “Ask your doctor if it’s right for you!” and “See if xxx is your kind of cure!” is really about.]

[Blood glucose, if maintained above 90, results in pre-diabetes and Insulin-resistance.]

When blood glucose cannot traverse cell and mitochondrial membranes, glucose levels rise and inflammation and insulin-resistance result.  A similar phenomenon prevents passage of magnesium ions across cell and mitochondrial membranes.  Its why people have low energy and magnesium deficiency.

Everyone is deficient in cellular magnesium for reasons discussed, herein.  Mitochondrial disease is rampant and medicine has ZERO idea, why.  Magnesium supplements are overrated because ions aren’t there and can’t traverse both mitochondrial membranes where ATP energy is made.  [Learn more, here.]

[Excess weight & belly fat are about insulin, inflammation and glycation, NOT exercise.]

Everyone suffers from pre-diabetic insulin-resistance without symptoms of clinical, diabetes.  Pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance are prerequisites of inflammatory aging.

Diabetes type III is medically UNRECOGNIZED, but rampant!  Diabetes of the brain says it best.  Readers know it as: dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  All of these disorders  involve inflammation driven by dysfunctional insulin-metabolism and fungal yeast.  Now you know why!  Please don’t ignore it!

Mission: I write because modern medical theory does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver perspective on matters of health and longevity and provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth for their personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is compromised, and you will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is your only, safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by standard of care and held hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine and virtual practitioners are turning sick-care ever more sterile.

Forward Special Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to the Glossary and Protocols sections of YoungAgainClub.com website for clear understanding of topics under discussion.  The blue underlined words are hyperlinks.  Click on them anytime you wish to know more.

[Healthy insulin metabolism grows muscle and bone and sheds excess fat!]

Excess insulin is EXTREMELY INFLAMMATORY, and at 140 glucose you will be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, type II.  Ideal glucose is 75-85, but most of us live as pre-diabetics between 90-130 with low-grade, systemic inflammation that quietly attacks vital organs in slow-motion fashion over many years.

Lab reports and physicals, [even when “Good!”] are false security!  Delusion ends when doctor announces diagnosis of disease.  Instead, learn to read your symptoms before trouble comes, knocking!

People think they are hypoglycemic if they suffer from inconsistent energy, brain fog and light-headedness.  Practitioners WRONGLY tell patients to eat often to keep their blood sugar, up!  Problem is, eating more than every six hours DESTROYS the pancreas!  Pre-diabetes, insulin-resistance PRECEDE onset of cancer, arthritis and heart/stroke; that is, if full blown diabetes doesn’t get you first!

[Ketosis and ketogenic dietary habits are powerful tools if used properly!]

Dietary FAT is a wonderful source of energy, if you can process it!  That’s why fats are a focus of ketogenic diets.  In ketosis, you are operating on long burn, slow release, ketone-derived energy vs. fast burn, quick release, carbohydrate-derived energy.  [The dietary food pyramid continues to harm millions of people, worldwide since its introduction in 1972.  What are those mal-educated idiots thinking?]

Success of the ketogenic diet DEPENDS ON your level of pre-diabetic insulin-resistance, fungal yeast dominance and essential element depletion.  These factors explain the obesity epidemic better than lack of exercise or blaming our genes.   [See the ReVive/ReNew Dietary Protocol.]

It’s fine to eat complex carbohydrates, but over-indulgence causes dependence and glycation of brain receptors that monitor leptin levels.  Carbs burn dirty, raise glucose levels and reduce red blood cell transport of oxygen.  [A1c blood sugar tests measure glycated hemoglobin, NOT insulin-resistance.]

Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells.  Leptin increases appetite and signals brain receptors to turn the pancreas OFF and stop making, insulin.  If brain receptors can’t respond, the pancreas keeps making insulin and pre-diabetic, insulin-resistance and systemic inflammation becomes the norm.  Eventually, you will be diagnosed with clinical diabetes type II, while inflammation slowly destroys your vital organs.

[Want in on a John Thomas FREEBEE to boost your metabolism?  Ask!]

Most people suffer from leptin-resistance and insulin-resistance [at the same time] without any awareness of essential element depletion.  Obesity and belly are undeniable SIGNS of trouble in the making.  Trouble’s name is metabolic syndrome!

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome haunts the world and medicine has no idea, why.  Metabolic syndrome is a COLLECTION OF SYMPTOMS that includes cardiovascular disease, insulin dysfunction, diabetes, kidney problems, obesity, belly fat, high triglycerides, elevated blood pressure and low HDL cholesterol. 

Behind metabolic syndrome is pre-diabetic, insulin/leptin-resistance and serious shortfalls of magnesium ions and essential elements.  Metabolic syndrome is a metabolic crisis.  Food can’t supply what soils don’t contain, so you must either supplement your diet or forfeit your health.

Metabolic syndrome is 100% AVOIDABLE and 100% REVERSIBLE!  It’s a metabolism problem NOT a disease!  The following factors antagonize metabolic syndrome: sluggish bowels, poor digestion, bad diet, inadequate sleep, insufficient water, adrenal overload, thyroid dysfunction, mold and fungal infestation, acidic terrain and compromised mitochondria in the cells of the vital organs.

[What doctor calls ‘disease’ is inflammation and metabolic syndrome.]

Contrary to medical myth, genetics and family history have absolutely NOTHING to do with aging and disease.  There is NO SUCH THING as genetic predisposition, but there is something called, epigenetics!   

Gene expression is orchestrated by epigenetics diet, environmental factors and stores of essential elements that genes and DNA need to manage homeostasis.   

If you suffer from inflammation, pre-diabetes, metabolic syndrome and/or sexual dysfunction, insulin-resistance is CENTRAL TO YOUR STORY regardless of your A1c test score.  As blood glucose levels rise, insulin and inflammation rise.  Clinical diabetes follows as predictably as day and night.

Protein plays a role in pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance.  Did you know protein in excess of 6% of diet CONVERTS TO GLUCOSE by a process called, gluconeogenesis?  It’s why overweight people on high protein diets eventually get into trouble.  Did you know undigested protein putrefies in the intestines and poisons the body?  Limit your intake of protein and follow the YAC Digestive Protocol to ensure the food you eat works in your favor vs. against you.  Ask for guidance.

Summary & Review

Poor health doesn’t occur for no reason and CAUSE always precedes degeneration and disease.  Few people can correctly identify the causative factors behind their suffering.  Working knowledge of physiology and the life sciences is required.  Sick-care labors under a faulty, medical model and defective, physiology.  If you wish to end suffering and resurrect your health, you will need guidance.

[Practitioners can’t save themselves; so, how are they going to save you?]

Disease has many symptoms and an accurate assessment of actual physiology is the appropriate place to initiate guidance.  Personal responsibility andconsistency of lifestyle are prerequisites of health and misleading lab tests always end with the missing diagnosis and unrealistic expectations.

Self-care involves little risk compared to sick-care’s smorgasbord of conjured diseases, misdiagnoses and medications that are “Not right for you!

Remedies For Metabolic Syndrome & Related Complaints

  1. Use Sugar Blues to manage pre-diabetic, insulin-resistance.  [Read more, here.]
  2. Use Youthing Formula to get magnesium ions across cell and mitochondrial membranes.
  3. Use YAC Sea Mineral Sulfates [liquid or tablets] as your exclusive source of magnesium ions.
  4. Follow the YAC Digestive Protocol to ensure food works for you vs. against you.
  5. Restore life-force to your vital organs with the YAC, bioactive, Essential Elements Protocol.
  6. Ask for guidance.  It’s a FREE service of John Thomas and YoungAgainClub.com.

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!




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ReVive/ReNew Dietary Protocol Guidelines & Overview

  1. For most people, carbohydrates are their primary source of energy, but fats are a superior energy source. Reducing dependence on carbohydrates minimizes risk of insulin-resistance, pre-diabetes and diabetes.  The ReVive/ReNew Protocol [with additional support of Youthing Formula, Sugar Blues and Essential Elements] reverses many of the symptoms of aging and reduces inflammation levels in the body.
  2. During the first month of the ReVive/ReNew Protocol, body metabolism shifts away from pre-diabetic, carbohydrate dependence and embraces dietary fat and excess body fat as the primary energy source.  The shift occurs regardless if you are insulin-resistant, diabetic or pre-diabetic.  [Everyone is or becomes one of these whether they realize it or not.  Refined carbohydrates burn, dirty; fat burns, clean.
  3. SLOWLY REDUCE YOUR INTAKE OF CARBOHYDRATES over several weeks to allow your body to adapt.  The more the body is dependent on carbohydrates, the greater the energy loss if you stop eating carbs all at once, which is unnecessary.  [Sugar Blues supports glucose management, while the Essential Elements & Thyroid Protocol make restoration of health possible.  Everyone is depleted of essential elements; healthy metabolism is impossible without them.  Ask for guidance as needed.]
  4. Eating refined carbohydrates SABOTAGES the ReVive/ReNew Protocol and causes the body to REVERT to carbohydrate-dependence, insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes.  Snacking does the very same thing.
  5. Avoid over consumption of the following: sugar, dates, honey, agave, bread, potatoes, grains, rice, beans/legumes, flour, yogurt, milk, fresh or dried fruit, bananas, juices, alcohol, beer, wine and excess protein.  Excess protein converts to glucose, interferes with insulin regulation and builds body/belly fat.  Protein should comprise LESS THAN 10% of your total caloric intake.  [You can enjoy most of these carbohydrates later on after metabolism has settled down and you are in modified, ketosis.]
  6. The transition from carbohydrate dependence to improved fat metabolism can be challenging.  Food cravings disappears as fat metabolism improves.  This is where coconut oil [a fat] and Re/Set come to the rescue.  [Re/Set contains racemized lauric acid and MCT (medium-chain-triglycerides) for settling the gut, making more energy and reducing inflammation. 
  7. Take ReVive and ReNew without food  [but with water] in a.m. and mid-afternoon; avoid after five p.m.  We want to reduce dependence on carbohydrates and proteins as our PRIMARY energy sources.  Try and maintain blood sugar levels between 75-90 which is the ketosis window.
  8. Space meals at least SIX HOURS apart.  Water, coconut oil and ReSet capsules are the ONLY things allowed between meals. Less carbs and more fats combined with six-hour spacing of meals greatly reduces stress on the pancreas, as does use of Sugar Blues and Youthing Formula.
  9. If you suffer cravings or lack energy between meals, take a teaspoon of coconut oil or two ReSet capsules with water and wait fifteen minutes for cravings to ease and energy to improve.  If you cannot survive six hours without food, try four-hour spacing and increase as you can.  [If you are a food grazer, follow recommendations mentioned in number eight directly, above.]
  10. If you are concerned about the effect of dietary fat on coronary health, relax!  What you may have been told about cholesterol and cardiovascular health is not true.  Fact is, the Cholesterol Theory of Heart Disease is a sixty-year old, bald-face, medical lie.  Also, avoid statin drugs if you want to avoid neurologic disorders, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  [See, Icelandic Magic, here.]
  11. The ReVive/ReNew Protocol supports the pancreas and eases:insulin and leptin-resistance, brain fog, low energy, overweight [THINK BELLY FAT AND CELLULITE], obesity, appetite, sleep and adrenal/thyroid dysfunction.  The Essential Elements & Thyroid Protocol provides the body with the spark plugs it needs to operate and support vital organ functions.  Use them to speed the regeneration process.]
  12. You may experience a some light-headedness, brain fog, edema and low energy in the first weeks of this ReVive/ReNew Protocol. [EnergyUp solves this issue, fast!  It can take a year or more to polish and clear leptin and insulin receptors in the brain to end insulin-resistance and diabetes.  It’s a process; please give your body time to adjust.  Gas, bloating, loose bowel and constipation are not uncommon.  Enemas speed waste removal and learning to do the is a real life-saver.  [Learn more here.]
  13. Absorption and assimilation of dietary fat requires bile AND LOTS OF IT! Fats do not process like proteins and carbs.  First, they must be emulsified, then they go to the liver for processing and conversion into, hormones.  Pro-Ox is racemized bile in capsule form.  It is taken at the BEGINNING of every meal along with DiSorb Aid #3 and R/BHCI.  [These very specialized digestive products help digest food.  Digestion is a MAJOR problem, especially beyond age 35. [See the YAC Digestive Protocol, here.]
  14. Support of healthy metabolism and restoration of vital organ function requires a daily supply of the essential elements.  [Read about the Essential Elements Protocol, here.]
  15. It’s okay to use apple cider vinegar in water am, pm and between meals to maintain energy and mental alertness that sometimes suffers as insulin-resistance corrects.  Try and eat only 2 meals a day [with a minimum of six hours between them] to REST THE PANCREAS AND AVOID OVERPRODUCTION OF INSULIN.  People with sluggish/fatty livers will get added benefit from  Sugar Blues and Youthing Formula.
  16. Dietary fat, modest intake of complex carbohydrates and good digestion helps the body to benefit from intermittent fasting [aka: controlled starvation; ketosis].  Diet is a powerful way to limit inflammatory disorders of every kind.  Carbohydrates in general, and refined carbs in particular,  glycate brain receptors and red blood cells and promotes, glycation.  Never, forget it! 
  17. Glycation of brain receptors and dysfunctional leptin-metabolism drives diabetes.  Leptin is a hormone made by fat cells; it tells the body to STOP OVEREATING and the pancreas to STOP OVERPRODUCING INSULIN.  Glycation is driving the neurologic epidemics of dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Escape pre-diabetes and insulin-resistance and you will see inflammation moderate, greatly.  Also, check this out. It’s FREE.  [Call or email as needed.  John Thomas is happy to assist; there is no cost for guidance.]

Food & Junk Food:

Coconut oil: one large teaspoon at the BEGINNING of each meal.  If you do not like coconut oil [taste or texture], take 2 capsules of ReSetat beginning of meals and between meals to curb appetite and allow you to get six hours between meals.

Avocado: eat as often as you like with or between meals; excellent fat profile.

Salt: use any kind of healthy salt [Redmond, Celtic or Himalayan] and plenty of it. 

Water: drink 1-2 large glasses of water upon rising and a glass each time you urinate.  The GOAL is tourinate every 2 hours.  Water is CRITICAL to for health and an important aspect of the ReVive/ReNew Protocol. 

Protein: eat meat, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, nuts (walnuts, pecans, sunflower, pecans, cashews).  No protein powders; they are loaded with heavy metals.  Protein consumption should be modest.  [Excess protein converts to glucose, promotes insulin-resistance, hammers the pancreas and raises blood sugar

Meat/Fish: beef, pork, lamb and wild caught salmon are fine.  Eat organic where possible and go easy on tuna. Olives: are an excellent source of fat and fiber.  Eat olives of any variety at every meal.  Sliced black olives are inexpensive if bought by the gallon [they keep well.]  Olives are filling and curb appetite and help bowel function.

Fats & Oils:  Coconut oil, butter, olive oil, raw nuts and animal fat.  All other liquid oils should be avoided; they are inflammatory.  About 60-70% of your total caloric intake should derive from FAT.  [Coconut oil subdues appetite, damps fungal yeast and provides sterols the body needs for hormone production].

Vegetables: eat all the veggies you want, such as salads, green beans, summer squash, turnips, kale, collards, broccoli, celery, cucumber and olives.  Avoid starchy vegetables.  Crucifers like kale, collards and broccoli should be cooked gently.  Asparagus MUST be cooked; raw asparagus damages the kidneys.

Coffee: is fine, but no creamer or sweetener [artificial or natural].  Stevia is fine if you use liquid stevia [Sweet Leaf brand].  Avoid powdered stevia with additives and fillers.

Junk Food: avoid anything artificial, fried, and sweet.  Fruit smoothies are OUT especially in the a.m. [they trigger your pancreas and put you into the pre-diabetic state of elevated blood glucose.]

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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John Thomas, Author Young Again!




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Unrealistic Expectations Avoiding Disillusion & Disappointment

Question.  How do you grow old?  Answer.  At first slowly and then, all at once!

Lots of people out there asking for guidance with their health.  Some take health seriously, some are in denial, and many are just plain, confused.  Below are five, real-life case studies to help readers understand the dynamics involved in maintenance and restoration of health.  To learn more, read on.

Today, you will discover common obstacles [and unrealistic expectations] confronting those who tackle their health issues without guidance and knowledge of physiology.  These five individuals have different symptoms, but their core issues are identical.  [See if you can identify the core issues common to all five.]


Health deteriorates for a reason and degeneration is preceded by CAUSE.  Few people can identify the causative factors behind their ailments because they have poor understanding of human physiology and the sciences behind it.  Disease wears many costumes and an accurate assessment of one’s physiology is the appropriate place to initiate guidance. 

Personal responsibility andconsistency of lifestyle are prerequisites for health and longevity.  Health fads have no substance, and sick-care and patient reliance on questionable lab tests lead to missing diagnosis.  Young Again protocols target underlying terrain issues and dysfunctional physiology.

Question.  If practitioners can’t save themselves, how are they going to save you?  Medical school provides minimal training compared to what microbiologists, biochemists and evolutionary biologists undergo.  Naïve patients wrongly assume doctors know about the latest research.  Patients don’t realize medicine’s job is to diagnose disease and prescribe drugs.  Doctors are captive agents of big pharma!

Street medicine is always TWENTY YEARS behind meaningful research, leaving people desperate for knowledge and guidance.  Dedicated practitioners take DECADES to acquire understanding of physiology and advanced sciences.  Patients lack both time and background; they need guidance, now! 

Self-care involves risk, but little compared to medicine’s smorgasbord of misdiagnosed ailments and risky medications.  Personal responsibility avoids misdiagnosis and exposure to medications.

Mission: I write because modern medical theories do not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care medicine because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver perspective on matters of health and longevity and to provide solutions.  People deserve to know truth for their personal well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care medicine is compromised; people will need guidance and knowledge when self-care is the only safe option.  Practitioners are shackled by standard of care; they are held hostage by big pharma.  Virtual medicine and a faceless system is turning medical care ever more, sterile.

Feel Free to forwardSpecial Insights to those you care about!  Key words [herein] are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of YoungAgainClub.com website for clearer understanding of topics under discussion.  The blue underlined words are hyperlinks.  Click on them as you desire.

Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis & Treatment

When given a serious diagnosis, people panic and embrace doctor’s conclusions under the faulty assumption that the test results and diagnosis are valid, that doctor understands the etiology of the problem, and that sick-care medicine has a cure!  Rarely are these assumptions validated.

Few people trust themselves to make decisions about their health.  Most embrace sick-care medicine for lack of guidance.  Young Again Club offers a better way to assess and respond to health issues.

People take medications out of fear!  Few realize that to be classified a pharmaceutical, medications MUST BE ABLE TO KILL YOU!  Medication WARNINGS are notice of slow-motion poisoning.  Medications that kill do so by interfering with the mitochondria in the cells of the vital organs.  Medicine and pharma call this mitochondrial disease to confound patients and shift blame so they can’t identify the CAUSE of their issues.  [Hint: medications and doctors!  Genes are NOT the source of people’s issues.]

NOTE: a medical cure is defined as alleviation of signs and symptoms, but few people realize that the factors behind their so-called, disease exist in muted form BEFORE diagnosis and continue in muted form AFTER cure!  When disease returns, it usually wears a different costume with different symptoms. 

For example, cancer resides in the body for decades BEFORE diagnosis; ditto for other major health disorders.  Disease and dysfunctional mitochondria are the same issue; how you spell doctor’s diagnosis is irrelevant!  The label CANCER is far more emotionally charged than diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular, even though these lesser disorders ruin more lives and kill more people. 

Insulin-resistance is rampant in the population and fuels low-grade inflammation that accompanies aging and all degenerative disorders.  We suffer not from disease, but from mitochondrial dysfunction and ignorance of physiology.  Pre-diabetes and diabetes are examples.  [Focusing on your A1-c score is highly misleading; A1-c implies blood cell glycation, but does NOT measure, insulin-resistance.]

Your genes and family history have NOTHING to do with your health!  Genes mirror the status of the terrain and the influence of food on genetic expression.  GENES ARE NOT FIXED and practitioners who play the genetic blame game [and patients who fall for it] are grossly ignorant of how the body works.

A diagnosis of degenerative disease is medical-speak and cover for mitochondrial dysfunction.  Epigenetics is the study of factors that influence gene expression and mitochondrial metabolism.

Doctors need boogeymen to blame, and patients who believe in boogeymen are both vulnerable and ignorant of physiologyMalnutrition leads to mitochondrial dysfunction and low-grade inflammation that [over time] erodes heart, brain, pancreas, kidney, liver and thyroid function.  Inflammation is a symptom, NEVER the cause.  For example, sulfate depletion raises inflammation in the vital organs and triggers stroke and heart attack, NOT cholesterol and atherosclerotic plaque.  [FYI: statin drugs, daily aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs are driving the of dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s epidemic.]

Cancer is a SYMPTOM, but medicine [and patients] wrongly think it’s a disease!  Question.  Why do people allow doctors to destroy immune function with cut, burn and poison tactics, and expect a cure?  Answer.  Fear, ignorance of body physiology and unrealistic expectations.  Hope is NOT a strategy!

Medical intervention and sabotage makes ZERO sense once patients realize doctor has NO IDEA what causes CANCER [or diabetes or arthritis or cardiovascular disease]. That’s when smart patients, exit and ask for guidance!  The word cure loses its allure when patients understand the game called, medicine!

Emergency room medicine deserves, applaud! Sick-care medicine deserves, contempt!  Sick-care is rooted in germ theory and ignorance because medical curriculums are controlled by big pharma and the medical cartel.  [Beware of the latest medical buzz called, biologics; a potent, new version DRUG THERAPY that redefines the word, risk!  Nothing but disillusion and disappointment will come of it.]

Currently accepted theories of cancer, arthritis, diabetes, renal failure, brain dysfunctions and thyroid disorders are primitive and shameful.  Avoid practitioners who adhere to the standard of care

Young Again Club Model:

  1. Identify the causative factors behind symptoms.
  2. Teach people how to normalize their physiology and restore vital organ function.
  3. Eradicate flawed thinking and teach self-improvement for health and well-being.

Case Studies & Observations

Sylviana [age 45]:  malignant melanoma

[deadly, skin cancer]

Overview: Sylviana thinks cancer is a disease and the sun and her genes are at fault.  She suffers from dysfunctional immunity and terrain toxicity, mold and fungus invasion and merger with her DNA, compromised hormones, insulin resistance and low-grade, systemic inflammation of her terrain.

Additional issues: Sylviana gets gas and bloat after meals, especially in the evening, she is overweight, has vision issues, a dysfunctional liver, ringing in ears, sinus congestion, bowel dysfunction, tingling [neuropathy] in the limbs, cold bodies and thinning hair, anxiety, poor sleep and food cravings

The Plan: Clear Sylviana’s system of fungal molds and their mycotoxins, restore liver function, resurrect primal immunity, provide the essential elements needed for restoration of vital organ function, purge heavy metals, clear skin toxins, end insulin resistance, settle adrenal, thyroid and female hormones, restore bowel function and sleep cycle, eliminate systemic inflammation, make dietary changes and teach Sylviana how to ferment food in her colon so she can make her own vitamins.

The Problem: Dysfunctional metabolism rules Sylvania’s body and dysfunctional thinking rules her mind.  Sylviana chases after experts and gurus.  She is delusional and in denial of her situation.  Worse, she embraces ideas with no basis in human physiology.  When things get ugly, she will fold under pressure from clinicians who will use chemotherapy, radiation and drugs to “get the cancer!”  Sylviana refuses to invest in herself, opting instead for the insurance/medical model.  She will get her money’s worth and more!  She should be very concerned about, more!  [BTW: cancer is a fungus.]

Observation: Sylviana wants something or someone to blame; she accepts no personal responsibility.  What a sad situation.  Unless her underlying metabolic issues are addressed, Sylvania’s cancer will grow and/or return with a vengeance, that is, if cancer therapy doesn’t kill her first. 

Course of Action:  Nothing!  Sylvania has no idea what she is doing or up against.

Lucy [age 58]:  deterioration of the pelvic floor with bladder and low back complaints.

Overview:  Lucy [a corporate CEO] says she is in top shape and her problem is from an injured piriformis muscle in her groin that occurred while moving.  Lucy is confused, prideful, in denial and does not grasp the nature of her situation.  She has no idea that her connective tissues

[bones, cartilage, gums, muscle, tendon, ligaments and skin]

are in the process of breaking-down.  Her piriformis muscle injury is symptomatic of female aging of the pelvic triangle.

Additional issues: elevated cholesterol, poor sleep, systemic inflammation, hormone issues, thinning hair, deteriorating skin, loss of physical height, peripheral neuropathy in legs, hands and feet, muscle cramps, charley horse and bowel dysfunction.

The Plan:  Deacidify Lucy’s terrain, make lifestyle and dietary changes, rebuild her connective tissues, dissolve scar tissue and atherosclerotic plaque, neutralize systemic inflammation, restore sleep cycle, purge heavy metals and toxins, resurrect hormone and liver functions, boost circulating sulfate levels, restore bowels and assist with fermentation of food in her colon and production of your own vitamins .

The Problem:  Lucy refuses to park her ego, accept guidance and unplug from the internet.  Her knowledge of physiology is shallow, and ignorance rules her thinking.  Lucy goes for physical therapy and chiropractic, but these do not address dysfunctional metabolism.  If she persists, she will be taken captive by sick-care industry.  

Observation: Lucy is squandering her only opportunity to recover.  By the time she wakes up, it will be too late.  She says she enjoyed good health until her pelvic issues erupted; her body went south long ago.  Low-grade inflammation haunts her body.  The practitioners she is seeing don’t have a clue what behind her issues.  Lucy is suffering from wasting syndrome!  

Course of Action: Nothing!  Lucy embraced backward thinking practitioners and internet no nothings.  Like so many stories, Lucy’s is a real-time story in the making.  Her future will not be pleasant.

Mitch [age 64]:  Prostate issues, peripheral neuropathy, poor energy and low back trouble.

Overview: Mitch, a retired practitioner, is proud of his credentials, but does not understand what is happening to his body.  He is an example of medical ignorance and arrogance.  Mitch knows human anatomy but doesn’t know squat about physiology.  Mitch suffers from professional tunnel vision.

Additional issues: Mitch’s system is inflamed from head to toe.  He has gut and bowel issues, dental problems and cardiovascular complaints. His eyes and ears and brain are symptomatic of systemic, low-grade inflammation driven by takeover pf fungal yeast and molds.  Neurologic assault early stage mental and decline are in progress.  Mitch’s secondary issues are behind his primary concerns. 

The Plan: Address Mitch’s issues head on while there is still time. 

Course of Action: Nothing!  Mitch says he already knows these things.  Mitch can’t make decisions without approval from higher authority.  He is a prisoner unto himself.

Donna [age 35]: Overweight, stress/anxiety ridden, history of antibiotic usage, hormone issues and sleep deprivation, UTI’s [urinary tract infections], invasion by molds and fungal-yeast, skin issues, bowel dysfunction, cold body and ringing in ears [tinnitus]. 

Overview:  Donna suffers from metabolic syndrome and immune dysfunction dating to her childhood. 

The Plan:  Restore Donna’s upside-down metabolism by addressing the key elements of her story. 

Course of Action: Nothing!  Donna’s will not assume responsibility for herself.  Youth is in her favor, but her attitude is not.  She refuses to address her problems.

Rhoda [age 59]:  Esophageal ulcer, acid reflux, cholesterol, liver and bowel issues, overweight, history of antibiotic usage, brain fog, cold body, hormone dysfunction and cold body. 

Overview: Rhoda is a nurse of THIRTY YEARS!  She has seen plenty and recognizes that sick-care medicine [outside the emergency room] is a disaster.  Rhoda knows she is a mess and her liver function is compromised, but she quotes inconclusive lab tests that say everything is fine!  Rhoda talks out of both sides of her mouth.   Rhoda is confused and a victim her training.

The Plan: Resurrect Rhoda’s metabolism, address insulin resistance, make lifestyle and dietary changes, correct gut, bowel and hormone issues, restore primal immunity, neutralize the effects of stress and anxiety, restore vital organ function and stabilize thyroid, adrenal and hormone issues.

Course of Action: Nothing!  Rhoda’s refusal to accept responsibility will become her epitaph.

Conclusions & Solutions

Health Rule #1:  When you find yourself in a hole with a shovel, stop digging!

Avoid becoming Sylviana, Lucy, Mitch, Donna or Rhoda.   

Life is good when you have good health.  Settle for nothing less!  Call or email for your FREE consultation and be willing to take responsibility for yourself.  Make your consultation, count!

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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Announcement! Youthing Formula A Special Introductory Offer For Everyone!

Aging may be inevitable, but it’s also treatable—and preventable!  Magnesium at the cellular level reverses calcification of organs and joints, boosts energy and eliminates inflammation from the body. 

Youthing Formula is a marvelous new product with profound health implications for everyone, regardless of age, state of health or dependence on pharmaceutical drugs.  It’s a winner!

Youthing Formula shuttles magnesium into the cells so the mitochondria can make ATP for improved vigor and a younger metabolism.  [John Thomas knows it works.  On August 11, 2019 he swam ½ mile in 15 minutes at Deer Lake, WA.  Thomas is 75 years of age and has ZERO inflammation in his body.]

Youthing Formula helps the way you look, act and feel. 

Most people know magnesium affects hormones, brain, lungs, heart and sleep.  Few, however, realize magnesium must reach the cellular level for inflammation to ease, vital organs to regenerate and old age to reverse.  Taking” magnesium pills does NOT get the job done.  Here’s why.

Assimilation of magnesium at the CELL and MITOCHONDRIAL LEVEL requires bioactive magnesium ions and an ion transporter.  Organic food lacks essential ions because soils are depleted.  Youthing Formula helps you avoid magnesium insufficiency that haunts the entire population.  Use it for muscle cramps, heart challenges, bowel disorders, breathing issues, improved energy, brain fog, neuropathy, diabetes and low-grade inflammation.  To get magnesium ions into the mitochondria, you MUST supplement! 

Youthing Formula is NOT magnesium, but it allows magnesium to do its job.

John Thomas urges everyone to abandon use of magnesium pills and capsules because absorption is pathetic [regardless of the molecular form of the magnesium].  Instead, use LIQUID mineral ions and sulfates with Youthing Formula and get up to 100% assimilation at the mitochondrial level. 

Youthing Formula has wonderful effects on inflamed, old bodies.  Increased ATP production in the mitochondria is how the body regenerates itself.  This is a new experience you will come to appreciate.

Benefits: sleep better, feel better, more energy, help your heart and cardiovascular issues, manage blood sugar, boost lung function, end muscle cramps, ease brain fog, improve eyes and enhance hormones.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  Everyone benefits from using Youthing Formula.

Stress, medications, sweets and alcohol devastate cellular magnesium, as does cell phone, router and wi-fi radiation everywhere around us.  Youthing Formula  and magnesium protect vital organs from stray radiation.  Feeling ‘youthful’ is worth whatever effort it takes to achieve it and keep it!

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Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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Health Essentials Trio BioCarbon, Icelandic Magic & Sulfates Announcement: Senior & Limited Budget Programs

BioCarbon ComplexA 10-day trial sample is available for FREE for shi only, or get a TWO MONTH SUPPLY of BioCarbon Complex for the introductory price of $90, or you can also get three bottles of BioCarbon Complex for $259 [lasts 4-6 months] and save, big! [BioCarbon Complex is biodynamic carbon that has nothing to do with charcoal or Carbon-60. BioCarbon Complex restores health and well-being in a way heretofore, unavailable!

You will like the effects of biodynamic carbon and SBO cofactors on bowel function and body odor. It is a gentle, but powerful detoxifier that safely exports heavy metals and excess drug residues that promote growth of unfriendly organisms. BioCarbon Complex is a real game changer!

Icelandic Magic If you have not received your free bottle of Icelandic Magic, ask John Thomas to send you a bottle [one month supply] for shi only. [Icelandic Magic promotes healthy fermentation in the colon and production of short-chain fatty acids. Eating fermented foods does NOT compare with the effect of Iceland Magic.]

To get TWO free bottles of Icelandic Magic, purchase just one and you will get THREE BOTTLES for the incredibly low price of $100. This is John Thomas’ 25th Anniversary Offer.  [Order Icelandic Magic at the same time as BioCarbon Complex [above] and /or sea mineral sulfates [below] to avoid additional shi.]

Sea Mineral Sulfates Liquid sea mineral sulfates are now available and should be high on EVERYONE’S priority list. Use them to protect your brain/heart from microwave radiation and wasting syndrome and prevent muscle wasting syndrome. Liquid sulfates are $55/bottle [one bottle lasts 4-6 weeks] or 5 bottles for $269. Sulfates are also available in tablet form. [You cannot avoid microwave radiation, but you can neutralize its effects.]

Summary Icelandic Magic, BioCarbon and sea mineral sulfates help maintain your health and allow you to be e proactive against non-ionizing radiation [think: 5G cellphone/microwave towers and routers], glyphosate poisoning and accumulation of heavy metals in the brain from contrails in the skies, vaccinations, food and medications.

The combined benefits of Icelandic Magic, BioCarbon Complex and sea mineral sulfates cannot be overstressed in today’s highly toxic chemical and electronic environment. Health Essentials Trio is one of a kind. 

Know this: Things are changing, and your future health depends on accurate assessment of risk. 

AnnouncementSenior & Limited Budget Programs are available to help those in need who are living on extremely limited budgets. Please do not allow limited funds to get in the way of maintaining your health and vitality. There are many FREE protocols to help and John Thomas is willing to assist where needed. Ask for details.  

John Thomas is available for guidance without cost of any kind.

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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BioCarbon Complex Release Heavy Metals & Old Medications

∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

CARBON is the building block of life, and when we deplete the body of bioactive CARBON, we grow weak, sick and old.  Now, there is an exciting, new way to restore health, eliminate unnecessary supplements and save a pile of money in the process!  To learn more, read on.

BioCarbon Complex boosts your CARBON LEVELS!  Carbon is vital to health and survival in today’s toxic world, and BioCarbon Complex supplies it!  BioCarbon Complex does NOT conflict with medications and can be used by itself or in combination with Icelandic Magic [as discussed in last month’s, Special Insights.]

Q.  Is there a way to sequester environmental chemicals and poisons like glyphosate [Roundup!] and clear your body of toxins and excess medications using CARBON as the transport mechanism?  [There is, now!]

Q.  Is there a way to raise your body’s CARBON LEVELS, restore health and experience good results in 30 days, instead of years?  [There is, now!]

BioCarbon Complex safely shuttles heavy metals out of the body and brain.  Please think in terms of micronized aluminum, beryllium and mercury from vaccinations and contrails in the air we are forced to breathe. 

BioCarbon Complex is BIODYNAMIC CARBON IN PILL FORM.  Use it to restore your health in the same way biodynamic carbon restores degraded, polluted soil.  You will want to experience it for yourself!  Restore your CARBON RESERVES and health-related issues take care of themselves! 

Now, for the first time ever, you can avoid carbon depletion from CELLPHONE AND MICROWAVE RADIATION as well as neuter the word, cancer; especially the colon variety!  Take BioCarbon along with Icelandic Magic and you can FERMENT FOOD in your colon and make your own vitamins for a powerful, whole body effect. 

Carbon Paves The Way For Better Health

BioCarbon Complex BOOSTS BOWEL VOLUME, thus replacing laxatives, herbals and probiotics!  Use it to REDUCE SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION and chelates toxic substances buried in your tissues!

BioCarbon Complex IMPROVES everything.  Carbon is nature’s answer to degenerative disease and autoimmune issues.  Carbon is life!  [See Chapter twenty-one in Young Again!]  Now, after 25 years, BioCarbon is available.]

Biodynamic Carbon Is Unique In Every Way!

Bio Carbon Complex supplies bio-active, bio-dynamic carbon and SBO cofactors the body needs to function.  Bio-Carbon has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH CHARCOAL which is dead carbon and should be avoided. 

BioCarbon draws-out toxic chemicals such as RoundUp [glyphosate] now everywhere in the food chain along with heavy metals.  The benefits are CUMULATIVE!  [BTW: Icelandic Magic lets you make your own vitamins!]

Q. What’s in BioCarbon ComplexA. Biodynamic carbon and SBO cofactors.  Q. How do you use it?  A. Take one capsule 2x/day with or without food.  [Capsules can be opened and mixed with water or juice.] 

One bottle of BioCarbon is a two-month supply!  Order three bottles and save big!  BioCarbon Complex [and Icelandic Magic] are revolutionizing human nutrition.  Here are a few benefits: more energy, deeper sleep, better bowel activity, less inflammation, less drug residues, better digestion, smoother cardiovascular activity and improved brain function and making your own, vitamins!

BioCarbon Complex is the path to new, vitality!

Order BioCarbon & Receive A Bottle of Icelandic Magic For FREE!

JohnThomas@YoungAgainClub.Com or (509) 465-4154

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Icelandic Magic Questions, Answers & Overview ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

Icelandic Magic [ICE] is a powerful, food-cofactor formulation that BOOSTS immunity with key elements of the traditional Icelandic diet without having to eat dried fish and sour, butter.  The Viking diet gave Icelanders superior health and immunity for over 1,000 YEARS until, they abandoned their heritage and embraced poor dietary habits [like we are doing today!]  [Here’s the whole story in case you missed it.]

Icelandic Magic [ICE] promotes healthy physiology such as: digestion, hormones, heart, brain and bowel function.  Icelandic Magic boosts immunity and protectsagainst disease, especially colon cancer which is cancer #1.  When your colon is messed-up and you are unable to ferment your food and MAKE YOUR OWN VITAMINS!  Polyps are the symptom, not the problem!  Bowel disorders are terrain issues; ICE manages your bowels.

Why subject yourself to colonoscopy and still suffer and die of colon cancer, when you could create healthy colon physiology and enjoy peak health?  The bowel affects EVERYTHING, but bowel regularity will NOT save you from colon cancer.  Icelandic Magic contains unique FOOD cofactors that the body needs to care for itself.

Q.  What does ICE do?  It lets you MAINTAIN your health simply and effectively in a way never before possible.

Q.  How does ICE work?  Colon bacteria use ICE to make your own VITAMINS and short-chain fatty acids [SCFAs] to boost immunity and improve health.  [ICE is taken orally and/or it can be used as a suppository.]

Q.  Does ICE change the conventional/alternative models?  Yes!  ICE is a bottom-up approach to health.  Use it for: weight management, leaky-gut, irritable bowel, gas and bloat, constipation, inflammation, arthritis, bowel disorders, fatty liver, neuropathy, thyroid, sinus and bronchial, support.  ICE is a game changer!

Q.  What do SCFAs do?  The body uses short-chain fatty acids to repair and regenerate brain, heart and kidneys by improving metabolism and down-regulating symptoms such as metabolic syndrome and glucose/insulin resistance.  Also, SCFAs boost mitochondrial production of ATP needed for repair and maintenance and energy. 

Q.  What are some other benefits from regular use of ICE?  Reduced inflammation, better heart/brain function, better digestion, hormone management, weight control and connective tissue repair [muscle, ligaments, tendon, gums and cartilage.]  Short-chain-fatty-acids gave Icelandic Vikings superb health for 1,000 years.

Q.  Does ICE duplicate other supplements?  No!  Icelandic Magic is in a class by, itself!  It is NOT a vitamin, mineral or herbal, but it does address dozens of seemingly unrelated problems.  Icelandic Magic is a winner that changes the rules of engagement for health minded, people.

Q. What is ICE’s nutrient profile?  Icelandic Magic is not a nutrient.  It is a food CATALYST of cofactors and substrates that colon bacteria  [such as Bacteroides fragilis] use to make, SCFAs and ferment food in the colon.

Q.  Is ICE a prebiotic or a probiotic?  Neither!  Icelandic Magic replaces both and helps COLON bacteria ferment food as we were designed to do!  [Tend to your colon and everything else takes care of itself!]

Q.  Can you explain how colon bacteria, functionSure!  Think, facultative anaerobes that can work for you or against you, based on your terrainIcelandic Magic makes sure bacteria are happy and you are healthy.

Q. What’s are the ingredients in ICE?  Fermentable, digestion-resistant fructo-oligo-saccharide substrates with activated metabolites of butanoic acid for catalytic effect.   ICE provides unlimited benefits.  Use ICE to restore colon health, AVOID entanglements with doctors and [if you choose] end dependence on medications.

Q.  How long should you take ICE?  For as long as you want to stay healthy.  And know this: Icelandic Magic helps minimize low-grade inflammation and promotes well-being.  ICE offers a path heretofore, unavailable!

Q.  Will ICE help me?  Find out for yourself!  1,000 years of superb, Icelandic dietary health speaks for itself.


Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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I am thrilled readers enjoyed the 25th Anniversary edition of Special Insights on the health secrets of post-Viking, Iceland, and their exciting legacy.  If you haven’t read it, you should.

The Icelandic Magic story and development took 200 YEARS to come, together!

It’s a great story with priceless, information you will find nowhere, else!  Information that will make your life better and help you avoid involvement with sick-care, medicine.  Learn, more.

Here are a few topics covered in the, report: cellphone radiation, drug resistance, medical misdiagnosis, gene expression, vaccinations, wasting syndrome, statin drugs, heart disease [arrhythmia, A-fib, blood pressure and mitral valve], dementia, brain tumors, cholesterol, heart attack, diabetes, Lyme disease, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, MTHFR, epigenetics, DNA, methylation and a lot, more.  Read the whole story, here.

To get your FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic:

First: let me know you want a FREE, bottle!  [Send an email; I need to hear from you!]

One bottle of Icelandic Magic is one-month supply and it’s, FREE!  

Priority mail in USA: $15; Canada $22; worldwide $28.

A 90-day supply is needed to experience the full benefits of Icelandic Magic.

Get a second FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic:

Get a second bottle FREE when you order one bottle at the regular price of: $100.

That’s 66% off the regular price and no extra shipping for THREE bottles!

Total cost for three-month supply is only: $115 [USA.]

Please, tell me…

Do you want one FREE bottle or two FREE bottles? 

This is a limited-time offer, and supplies are disappearing, fast!  [Next shipment: 8 weeks!] 

Get your FREE bottle[s] of Icelandic Magic while supplies, last.

John Thomas, Author

Young Again Club.com


P.S.  Liquid sulfates to avoid stroke and heart attack and protect against cellphone and wi-fi radiation are now, available.  [5G technology is coming, soon!]  Learn more, here.

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.
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The Icelandic Medical Phenomenon How The Icelandic Dietary Mystery Of 1820 Paved The Way For Better Health & A Longer Life Today! 25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION ∙ Anecdotal Observations ∙

This edition of Special Insights marks 25 years since the book, Young Again! first appeared.  To celebrate, John Thomas is giving away his exciting, new product, ICELANDIC MAGIC!  To learn more, read on.

Iceland’s saga, 200 years ago, was a dietary paradox with medieval, overtones.  It’s a powerful story packed with insights and valuable information for restoration and maintenance of health and a long, pain-free, life.

Iceland’s story is a dietary tragedy that could have been avoided.  If Icelanders had understood what was at stake, they would have clung to their dietary roots, roots that had served them well since their Viking ancestors settled Iceland 1,000 years before. 

Iceland’s sojourn into the dietary unknown is a lesson for everyone in, 2019.   What happened to Viking Iceland in 1820 is happening all over, again.  We just don’t recognize the symptoms. 

Medicine has ZERO understanding of the mess we are in or how we got here!  We must solve our own problems, and we, will!  Doctor cannot do it for us.  Once, we recognize the symptoms we call, degenerative disease is the morphed, 2019 version of Icelandic paradox, the mystery dissolves and the solution becomes, obvious.  

Iceland’s break from its dietary roots and the tragic events that followed is a story that took 200 years to ferment and ripen, before it could be solved and told.  The pieces appear disparate, but they fit together, perfectly. 

Sewed into Iceland’s Viking past is a message of hope and a NEW-OLD-WAY to restore and maintain health in a toxic, world.  No longer must we forfeit our health and age prematurely for lack of, knowledge.

John Thomas hopes everyone will try ICELANDIC MAGIC!  The introductory bottle, a month’s supply, is FREE! 


ICELANDIC MAGIC will improve your health and dietary landscape in dozens of subtle ways, and now is your opportunity to experience it for yourself!  Rejuvenation is a process, and a FREE BOTTLE of Icelandic Magic is an exciting way to begin the process!  [Details of the FREE OFFER will arrive in a few days.  Watch your email.] 

Piecing Together A Medical Paradox

Medicalpuzzles are challenging, but not as challenging as drawing useful observations from the, pieces.  At the same time, salvaging a legacy from the trash heap of medical history is also, exciting!  But know this: unsolicited observations from outside a profession or field of inquiry generates hostility and is usually considered, meddling particularly, when the contributor lacks, official standing in the field of inquiry.  [So be it!]

There is much to learn from the Icelandic puzzle of 1820 and John Thomas is excited to contribute insights to expand the reader’s experience.  John Thomas trusts readers will use the information in this report to improve their health and avoid future entanglement in system called, sick-care medicine.

What happened in Iceland 200 years ago was MUCH MORE than a medical anomaly with genetic overtones.  The arrival of Iceland’s crisis was preceded by years of dietary change, and when the crisis arrived, it drug-on for generations.  Iceland’s paradox baffled medical experts of the time, and it continues to baffle experts, today because they have ZERO understanding of epigenetics and the effects food exerts upon, genes.

Iceland’s sojourn provided much more than a snapshot of a cardiovascular, anomaly.  It was a multi-generational, dietary train-wreck!  A collage of misunderstood and misinterpreted SYMPTOMS that beguiled experts then, and, now.  The reasons will become painfully, obvious as this story unfolds.

Pull up a chair and settle-in as we dissect Iceland’s, saga.  The warning signs of 1820 Iceland are eerily similar to what is happening to us in, 2019.  Believe your author when he says, “It’s not over!”

Icelandic Paradox: 1820

Beginning in 1820, Iceland displayed the symptoms of a health crisis.  Prior to 1820, stroke and heart attack among Iceland’s young was, irrelevant.  Icelanders lived long lives and enjoyed good health.  But in 1820, Icelandic families began losing their young to stroke and heart attack, and the experts had no idea, why!

The Icelandic paradox persisted for generations.  Not every member of affected families died early, but if you were afflicted, death by stroke/heart attack was your, fate!  Wasting syndrome and accelerated aging preceded death, by years.  Medicine insisted the problem was bloodline inheritance even though it was obvious the brain and heart were the focal points.

Not much has changed!  Conjure a label that describes the symptoms, and then blame the symptoms.  That’s how the game is played!  Modern-day examples are dry eye disease, itchy skin disease and toenail fungus disease.  Today, it’s fashionable to add a diagnostic twist for added, effect.  For example: crystal arthritis, eosinic asthma, psoriatic arthritis and XYZIOU cancer. 

Doctors love to slice and dice stuff, especially, cancer, as if it matters, considering the remedy is always the same: surgery, chemo and radiation!  The twist helps doctor establish VENUE and JURISDICTION and makes patients feel, special!  THE REAL PURPOSE: up the fear, offer safe harbor, and get patients to ‘jump’ before they can engage their brain and play the most powerful card in their hand: THE GOD CARD

Today, fake medicine and fake diagnosis perpetuates the charade, like it did in 1820 Iceland.  Symptoms are not, disease!  Elevated blood sugar is not, diabetes.  Cholesterol is not, cardiovascular disease.  Cancer is not, cancer. [Cancer is fungus, and SYMPTOM of metabolic dysfunction, which has NOTHING to do with your DNA or genes. 

Blaming DNA and family history is what experts did in Iceland in 1820, and it’s what they continue to do so in America in, 2019!  Blaming patient’s DNA and family history is medical theater!  Practitioner’s use this trick because it’s placates vulnerable, scared, patients.  The point: any boogeyman is better than no boogeyman, so give the patient something to blame.  Translation: you are on your own!  [Better to care for yourself!]

Medicine was primitive in the 19th Century.  Understanding of human physiology had not changed in 1600, YEARS!  Today, it’s medicine, version 2.0 with whistles and bells and smoke and mirrors.  Medical understanding is still, primitive, and MISDIAGNOSIS is beyond, epidemic!  Practitioners [both allopathic and naturopathic] are working with faulty models made worse by Big Pharma and government meddling, inflated credentials and misleading/misinterpreted lab tests that GAME THE SYSTEM against the patient.Do you understand? 

Until the 20th Century, medicine operated under the spell of miasmic myths rooted in Claudius Galen’s absurd teachings of the Four Humors.  They were the foundation of medicine, and they were dogma for 1600, YEARS! 

SIDEBAR! Myths behind the cause of bubonic plague in medieval Europe and myths behind the Icelandic paradox share common themes.  Historical explanations we accept as fact are really MEDICAL FABRICATIONS retrofitted to fit the story, and laundered long after events occur.  Imagination and ignorance distort, perception!

Official versions of historical, medical tragedies are always based on the vacuous Germ Theory of Disease, the holy grail of modern medicine, today.  Bubonic plague was a terrain and mal-nutrition problem.  Rats and fleas were the vectors and bacteria, participants.  They did not cause, plague, and for your information vaccination did NOT eliminate polio, measles and smallpox.  Can you say, fake medicine?

The Icelandic paradox [like plague] was a terrain and a dietary, calamity!  Looking back, it’s obvious Antione Bechamp’s struggle with Louis Pasteur over germ theory was purposely sidelined and certainly, misunderstood.  Pasteur was wrong, and yes, history goes to the victor, but not forever!  Truth will prevail!  In the meantime, this report should cause astute readers to ask: “Are we being manipulated and systematically misled by medical mafia, government and Big Pharma?”  [Hint!  The answer is, YES!]

Cardiovascular Disease & Fake Disease

Had Icelanders not deserted their dietary roots, the tragedy would never have occurred.  But it did occur!  Loss of 30-50 YEARS of lifespan to unknown causes was a BIG DEAL in 19th Century Iceland, and the present-day epidemic of degenerative disease, today is a bigger, BIG DEAL!! 

Instead of stroke/heart attack as in the young of Iceland, today, we suffer from wasting syndrome and slow-motion aging.  Instead of blaming inheritance as they did in Iceland, today’s experts simply CONJURE a descriptive, MISDIAGNOSIS and use drugs and surgery to sooth our symptoms, so they can proclaim, victory, cure, whatever!  Medicine is mad, and putting faith in their delusional pronouncements is equally, mad! 

Iceland’s medical crisis was blamed on inheritance, even though it was obvious the focus of the mystery was: brain and heart.  Medicine officially labeled Icelandic paradox:  HCAA [hereditary cystatin-C amyloid angiopathy].  Translation: brain hemorrhage/stroke caused by a genetic, blood disorder….and, I will add: …accompanied by amyloid deposits, brain degeneration, and erosion of vision and hearing.  Can you say: brain tumor, dementia and Alzheimer’s?  ONGOING LOW-GRADE INFLAMMATION is 100% with these disorders, but it’s a symptom, NOT the cause.  [Medicine does not care about, cause.  The patients had better, care!]

THE POINT: neurologic brain disorders are epidemic in, 2019!  Wasting syndrome is behind the deterioration of people’s, brain and heart.  Wasting syndrome is slow motion aging, similar to having a stroke or heart attack WITHOUT THE EVENT!  Wasting syndrome occurs over many YEARS, and it is happening to everyone today, young and old, alike.  [Read on to learn how to PREVENT wasting syndrome.]

Medicine today wants people to believe the Icelandic mystery was caused by, inheritance, but they are ignorant and, misguided.  Dietary shortfalls caused people’s genes to, mal-express!  Families with the so-called, blood disorder did NOT suffer symptoms of HCAA before, 1820.  Then, everything, changed!  [Sounds like, today!]

[The traditional Icelandic diet prevented symptoms of HCAA from presenting, which should tell any thinking person that the problem is a dietary anomaly, NOT a genetic, blood disorder.  And yet, medical experts [then and now] will tell you HCAA is a blood, disorder!  The point: food influences epigenetic expression of genes.  [Icelandic Magic contains food factors that prevent expression of symptoms of autoimmune, disorders.]

Few people know the details of the pellagra epidemic that ravaged the world from the late 1800s to the early 1930s.  Medical experts of the time believed pellagra was a disease.  Theories abounded, and all of them were, WRONG!  Pellagra never was a, disease; it was a vitamin B-3 food, deficiency. 

THE POINT: pellagra caused massive suffering for 50 YEARS, yet it had nothing to do with disease or genes!  But you couldn’t convince credentialed experts of the. era.  What happened in Iceland and it is happening again, today.  [We don’t call it pellagra or HCAA, because the symptoms have, morphed!  Instead, we call it: Lyme disease, MTHFR and mitochondrial disease. [People’s symptoms are real, but the, diagnoses are, bogus!]

In Iceland, last-stage symptoms of HCAA were stroke and heart attack.  Today, medicine calls this, ‘cardiovascular disease’, which is neither accurate no helpful.  ‘Events’ called stroke and heart attack are SYMPTOMS of shortfalls of circulating sulfates, cholesterol and short-chain-fatty-acids.  In other words, deficits of critically important food cofactors caused Icelandic genes to mal-express, which is exactly what is going on in 2019!  [Wasting syndrome PRECEDES stroke and heart attack by years!  Read on, to learn how to avoid it.]

Today, heart attack and stroke are called, ‘cardiovascular disease’

[an umbrella label]

, but there is NO SUCH THING!  Cardiovascular disease, like cancer is fraudulent, medical diagnosis that is based on bad theory and medical blunder!  If you are interested in preventing these problems, or rebuilding your body in the wake of an ‘event,’ focus on sulfates [available from YAC], cholesterol [made by your liver] and short-chain-fatty-acids [made by anaerobic bacteria in the COLON from food substrates in Icelandic Magic!  [That’s the, recipe!]

Older people emaciate because they cannot maintain their bodies.  And, it happens for lack of the three factors just mentioned.  Wasting syndrome is a more descriptive label than, malnutritionMetabolic syndrome is EPIDEMIC today for the same reasons that Icelandic paradox, occurred.    [BTW: diabetes, pre-diabetes [blood sugar over 90] and obesity are metabolic syndrome, in-progress!  [Don’t forget it!]

First, comes wasting syndrome and loss of muscle, then comes loss of fat.  When body evaporate and turn to skin and bone, these the final stages of sulfate depletion and cholesterol/liver dysfunction.  Cancer always follow this, path.  [Now you know why it’s called, wasting syndrome.  You literally, waste-away!]  Got it?


Statin Drugs, Wasting Syndrome, Inflammation & Your Liver

The official definition of Wasting syndrome is ill-defined: acute malnutrition with by loss of muscle and fat.  Medicine has NO IDEA of the etiology driving, wasting syndrome.  Let’s redefine it and add, etiology: progressive, inflammation and deterioration of brain and muscle tissue caused by insufficient circulating sulfates, and cholesterol, and short-chain-fatty-acids.  [Deterioration refers to shrinking brain mass and hallows in brain tissue common to Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.  Implied is ongoing, LOW-GRADE INFLAMMATION, poor blood, lymph and cerebral circulation, elevated ferritin iron and heavy metal poisoning from food, fluoride, vaccinations, medications and diagnostic procedures [colonoscopy, dyes, etc.]

FYI: 90% of your brain is, cholesterol!  Babies nourish and grow their brain and body with breast milk that is 80% fat!  Chole is Latin for liver and sterol means a natural steroid made by your, LIVER!  Q. Doctor prescribes steroid to do what?  Can you say: reduce inflammation, pain and suffering?  So far so good.  So, why do you want to reduce your cholesterol and take statin drugs, if statins drive-up, INFLAMMATION?  [Bingo!  Read it again!]   

Statin drugs are a PHYSIOLOGIC DISASTER for the human body!  Here’s what doctors don’t tell patients.  Statin drugs INCREASE inflammation by depriving the body of circulating cholesterol needed for transport of sulfates needed to keep heart/brain tissue alive, and INFLAMMATION, down!  Inflammation is central to all disease.  When circulating sulfates are in deficit, the body robs sulfates from your PERIPHERAL MUSCLES to supply the heart/brain. [Can you say: wasting syndrome of your vital organs?  Without sulfates, mitochondria can’t make energy to meet the needs of the brain, heart, liver and kidneys.  Can you say, stroke/heart attack/renal issues?]

Sulfate and cholesterol deficits fuel INFLAMMATION, causing vital organ tissue to degenerate and, die!  It’s no coincidence kidney clinics are popping-up like, weeds.  Can you say: statin drugs?  They are killing, people, and 50% of the population is on them!  Statin are behind the epidemic rise of NAFLD [non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] in the young and old, alike.  know this: statins ACCELERATE wasting syndrome and if you are foolish enough to use them, you will literally, waste-away!  [Word to the wise!]

Cardiologists are ignorant of these facts.  Big Pharma controls practitioners and regulates them indirectly by enforcement of Standard of Care, rules.  And, like their Icelandic brethren of 1820, practitioners today blame the SYMPTOM [cardiovascular disease] and ignore, CA– USE!  BTW: they always add a dash of germ theory and genetics for added effect because they know patients don’t have a clue!  [Institutional quackery is causing the very problems it claims to, prevent.  Go figure!  [Icelandic Magic and sulfates can help you enjoy a better, life.]

Failure to build muscle is the flip-side of wasting syndrome that becomes noticeable in our middle years.  Consider it a sign of slowing metabolism, toxicity and compromised thyroid function.  Wasting syndrome is NOT normal, no matter your age!  [FYI: Wasting syndrome in 1820 is the same in, 2019.  Got it?

Wasting syndrome is obvious in the elderly.  When you see it, think lack of ‘circulating’ sulfates and cholesterol and depletion of muscle sulfates.  Heart attack/stroke are FINAL SYMPTOMS of sulfate exhaustion and shut-down of vital organs.  [If you have any kind of major problem, do something about it!]

Fatty liver disease is epidemic because of the widespread use of statin drugs!  Also, people are consuming large amounts of high fructose corns syrup [HFCS] in prepared foods.  It is critical that you must prepare your own food and avoid ALL PREPARED AND PACKAGED, food.  HFCS stops your liver from releasing cholesterol for sulfate transported to the heart/brain.  Statin drugs indirectly SHUT-DOWN critical body functions.  [Doctors must comply with Standard of Care rules and ADVISE PATIENTS to use statin drugs.  Avoid, both!]

Fatty liver disease was once the province of, alcoholics.  Now, everyone either has it, or soon will have it, regardless of age.  Make sure your name does not get on the list, and if it is, ask for guidance so you can get, off!  Without sulfates and cholesterol to transport them, your heart /brain will, deteriorate!  Got it?

Symptoms of wasting syndrome and sulfate depletion are loss of muscle, increased body fat, poor balance and gate, loss of flexibility, and INABILITY TO GROW MUSCLE and maintain size, shape and tone!  [Males think loss of muscle and tone are for lack of, testosterone.  Females blame lack of estrogen.  Both are mistaken.  Muscle mass shrinks as body fat, increases.  Extra fat says, slowing metabolism, slowing thyroid, low-grade inflammation, insulin resistance and pre-diabetic glucose over 90.  [Ask for guidance if this describes, you?]

Notice the word, statin in HCAA [hereditary cystatin-C amyloid angiopathy], the Icelandic mystery disease?  Statin is code for the effects of: WASING SYNDROME!  At least, 50% of the population takes statin drugs, PPIs [proton pump inhibitors!], beta blockers, blood thinners and blood pressure medications. People take them because they are fearful and under the delusion that drugs fix things, and because they don’t think they have viable choices.  Emergency is the only justifiable use of medications; long term is, suicide!

SIDEBAR: the solution for the medication pickle is to help your doctor.  Doctor will TAKE YOU OFF OF DRUGS when there is no justification for keeping you on drugs.  Normalize your lab results and with DOCTOR’S BLESSING, doctor will wean you off of them.  Do you understand!  [Ask for guidance.]


Arrhythmia, A-fib, blood pressure and mitral valve issues are symptoms of metabolic dysfunction, fungal dominance and INFLAMMATION, and these symptoms and more are because of depletion of short-chain-fatty-acids, sulfates and cholesterol.  This is what went on in Iceland 200 years ago, and this is what is going on, now!

YAC model: Young Again Club offers personal, cost-free guidance, niche products, novel solutions and specialized protocols for things alternative and allopathic medicine have neglected or have no solutions. 

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Mission: “I write because what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock the sick care system because it deserves to be, mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family, well-being.”

Observations:  Sick-care medicine is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only, choice.  Good doctors are shackled by technology and system mandates.  Medicine has turned, virtual and the system is rigged against patients.  The human element has all but, disappeared!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well, as lines lengthen and medicine becomes ever, more sterile.

Life Expectancy In Iceland After 1820

After 1820, life expectancy of HCAA afflicted individuals in Iceland dropped by 30-50 YEARS!  Mal-expression of genes FOR LACK OF lack of short-chain-fatty-acids and depletion of muscle sulfates is what drove stroke/heart attack in young Icelanders.  These same deficits are DRIVING our symptoms, today.  Masking symptoms with drugs and calling it, cure, is insane!  Add cholesterol obsession, poor diet and glyphosate contamination of the food chain, and you have Iceland, version 2.0 in year, 2019.  [We are living the tragedy of 1820 Iceland all over again, but this time in, slow motion as degenerative disease and autoimmune disorders.  [Think about, it!] 

Medicine ignored the Icelandic paradox for 200 YEARS, and it will be another 100 years before it is FORCED to acknowledge that diet orchestrates gene expression and manifestation of disease through the biologic effect called, epigenetics!  Q. If myths of bubonic plague still circulate after 500 YEARS, and people have yet to wake-up to the BIG FRAUD called, vaccination, what makes you think sick-care medicine is such a great, thing?

The effects of Icelandic paradox are now, worldwide, but in muted form!  Our bodies are breaking-down under environmental assault and lifestyle insult!  Medicine and pharma will NEVER admit culpability.  Why should they?  They continue, with impunity, to propagate their BIG FAT LIE that cancer is a virus of genetic, origin, and people believe them!  [THEY HAVE KNOWN SINCE 1931 THAT CANCER IS A FUNGUS!]  Do you get the message?]

[Icelandic Magic is available NOW, because people need help, NOW!  We don’t have 10, 20, 50 years to wait for medicine and pharma to admit their sins, come clean and do the right, thing.]

Medicine today is asleep at the switch just like it was in Iceland, 200 years ago!  People don’t realize it because we are distracted by the siren song of technology, DNA medicine, surgery, stem cells, body-parts replacement and ‘promising’ new, medications.  Doctor: “We have promising advances in medicine to cure your rare [very rare!] disease!”  Good luck fellow, traveler!  [Official definition for ‘cure’: alleviation of signs and symptoms, aka: palliation.  ‘Cure’ is not what you think.  ‘Cure’ is a medical, hoax.]

Epigenetics In Action

EPIGENETICS:  the study of heritable changes in genes not involving alterations [mutation] in structure of DNA sequence.  Translation: the biologic effects of food and environment on, genes.  EPIGENOME: the historical, record of chemical changes to DNA and histone proteins that regulate gene expression.

The Icelandic saga is the story of epigenetics and dietary abandonment; a real-life confirmation that food affects genes and how genes, express.  Icelandic Magic contains concentrated dietary cofactors straight out of Viking Iceland’s, heritage.  Icelandic Magic is everyone’s get-out-of-jail-card with free a ticket home, all in one!  Epigenetics is the invisible force behind gene function, primal immunity and the microbiota and microbiome. 

Icelandic Magic helps your body function as it was designed to, function.  Epigenetics manages the TERRAIN, so mal-expression of genes cannot happen and health is, preserved.  Epigenetics oversees, immune function.

Now, you know why John Thomas is so, excited.  Icelandic Magic a game changer!

DNA Mutation vs. Gene Mal-Expression In 1820 & 2019

Prior to emergence of Icelandic paradox, families with HCAA genes had NO symptoms of the disorder in their histories.  Symptoms appeared about 40 years AFTER traditional diet was, forfeited.  [Think junk food, today!]

Gene mal-expression is not a defect in the structure of DNA sequence.  Rather, it is a variant in how a gene, expresses.  A variant is a temporary and reversible expression.  A mutation of DNA sequence is considered, permanent, where gene mal-expression is not.  DNA sequence is considered, incorruptible, unless exposed to IONIZING RADIATION, such as: x-rays and cat scans.  These procedures damage DNA, but it’s years before effects, manifest.  [MRIs use non-ionizing radiation, like cellphones, but far more powerful.  [Avoid MRI where possible.]

Do you remember the fluoroscope used in shoe stores back in 1954?  The machine kids used to see their wiggling toes in their new, shoes?  Ever wonder why the fluoroscope disappeared?  Wonder no more, and instead think, cellphone radiation! 

Cellphone signal technology inflicts GENETIC DAMAGE over the entirety of the body, where the fluoroscope affects only the, feet.  But wait, there’s more!  5G technology is radiation on steroids and it will be here, soon!  You cannot escape exposure to wi-fi, microwave radiation!  We are surrounded by it no matter where you live!  [BTW: John Thomas recently discovered a simple way to NEUTRALIZE the negative influence of non-ionizing cellphone and wi-fi radiation. And it helps with many other health issues, at the same time.]

We are bathed by EMF radiation 24/7/365; sick-care medicine dominates our choices; and, vaccination insanity and Big Pharma medications are killing us.  For example: Vioxx, a drug that doctors prescribed for OVER 10 YEARS, killed 60,000 innocent souls who heard these words, “Oh! This is a very safe drug, and it’s well documented by data, and studies, too!  I only prescribe medications that are proven to be safe and meet the Standard of Care!”  BALONEY! 

Big Pharma knew about Vioxx all along, and ignorant practitioners were their stooges!  Pharma knows of more drugs just like Vioxx, but you will NOT learn of them until, after the fact!  One day, people taking STATINS, BETA BLOCKERS, BLOOD THINNERS, PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS AND BLOOD PRESSUE MEDICATIONS will wish they had identified the CA– USES of their suffering and found safer and better, alternatives!  [Icelandic Magic is a great alternative because it supplies the dietary cofactors the body needs to, function.]  Do you understand?

DNA sequence is stable, gene expression is, responsive!  How genes express [switch ON and OFF] is influenced by diet, toxicity, immune function, and chemical and radiation exposure. Since, we cannot avoid these antagonists, we must find a way to insure healthy, gene expression through epigenetic function and, methylation.  [Methylation, gene expression and epigenetics is the essence of Icelandic Magic.]

The DNA molecule was discovered in 1954 and was not mapped early in the 21st Century.  Some experts theorized human DNA contained 100,000 genes, but turned out to be only, 23,000 genes.  Plants have up 400,000 genes.  Humans genes and plant genes are EASILY CORRUPTED by noxious chemicals like glyphosate and non-ionizing cellphone and wi-fi radiation. 

Do you know what happens when human genes are subjected to EMF, microwave radiation?  You guessed, it!  Gene expression is negatively affected because radiation warps epigenetic influence.  [What happened to humans in 1820 Iceland was low-tech compared to what’s happening to us, today.]  A word to the wise!

Microbes & Gene Adaptation

Life finds a way, and life will need thousands of years to undo the consequences of man playing, God.  What happened in Iceland is child’s play compared to what we face, now!  If you want to enjoy good health and longevity, you must undo damage already imposed upon your genes and immune system.  Icelandic Magic and the YAC Immune Protocol make restoration of primal immunity, reality!  Take advantage of both BEFORE you need them.  [BTW:  mandatory vaccinations are just around the corner and there will be NO EXEMPTIONS!  To avoid damage, ask for guidance before you get in a jam!  Also, read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

We are under electronic, assault, and we are invaded by: antibiotics, agricultural chemicals, and unfriendly organisms.  Survival demands that our genes FUNCTION AS DESIGNED and our terrains, be defended.  When diet is lacking essential cofactors, our genes, MORPH!  When we are exposed to toxic chemicals and assaulted by errant radiation, our genes, MORPH!  The body must adapt if it is to survive.  Organisms that adapt [including humans] are examples of evolutionary biology, in action.  The body evolves, constantly.

Readers should not freak-out over the word, evolution as used, here.   The word best describes the process by which organisms, adapt.  The process is REAL, but mindless evolution does not rule god’s creation.  Adaptation is what antibiotic drug resistance is about.  Gene EXPRESSION is the effect of, adaptation.  Adaption drives evolutionary biology for all organisms on, Earth.  [Icelandic Magic is about healthy, adaptation!]  Understand?

[Medical schools are NOT the founts of knowledge people think they are, and practitioners are rarely, if ever, functionally knowledgeable in biochemistry, evolutionary biology and biochemistry.  What medical schools teach is outdated before students enroll and curriculums are carefully, ‘managed!’  Big Pharma, controls! 

Discoveries take 20 years before they reach main street and big discoveries don’t happen at your local, doctor’s office because good doctors are chained-down by the rules of Standard of Care.  Big advances are usually the product of war, or they are made outside bureaucratic oversite where genius can express itself.]

[Linus Pauling was a genius who shared the Nobel Prize for discovery of DNA.  He was also maligned by so-called, peers for his pioneering work with vitamin-C.  I enjoyed many wonderful conversations with Dr. Pauling while writing, Young Again!  He was a nice man and a great researcher.  I have utmost respect for who he was and what he did in his life.  [FYI: Dr. Pauling was still teaching at Stanford at age 90!  He buried his critics!  Universities ride the coattails of geniuses by hiring them, but they don’t grow any geniuses of their own!  Enough, said!]

Secrets Of Iceland’s Medieval, Viking Diet

Until the late 19th Century [1780 + -], Icelanders consumed large quantities of dried fish, fermented vegetables and putrid-smelling, butter.  Then, industrial and societal pressures changed Icelandic dietary habits.  By 1820, the effects of altered diet had influenced people’s epigenetics enough to cause genes to, mal-express!  

Icelandic adoption of mainstream European fare was sufficiently powerful to cause, Icelandic paradox.  In LESS THAN ONE GENERATION, dietary changes were powerful enough to alter how people’s genes, expressed.  Diet influences epigenetics and methylation, and together they determine if genes switch ON or OFF.  Gene modulation is a function of, epigenetics.  [Metabolic syndrome, today, is an example of gene, dysfunction.]

PLEASE REPEAT AFTER ME!  CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE AND STROKE OCCUR FOR LACK OF CIRCULATING SULFATES, CHOLESTEROL AND SHORT CHAIN FATTY ACIDS.  Dietary shortfalls of these cofactors [or the substrates from which anaerobic bacteria make them, causes inflammation, capillary invasion of compromised tissue and fibrous deposits seen in ENLARGED HEARTS and DEGENERATING BRAINS.  Amyloid plaque deposits and tangles are common in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia patients, and people suffering from congestive heart failure and COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.]  Now you know!

Traditional, Icelandic life was harsh and demanding and when dietary habits changed, people’s genes could no longer express, correctly.  Icelanders had evolved and adapted to superior, food cofactors in dried fish, putrid-smelling, fermented butter and fermented vegetables.] These foods supply histones needed for methylationof genes and healthy gene, expression.  [For more on histones, click here.]

Viking Iceland

Iceland was colonized by the Vikings in the 9th Century, but with political demise in the motherland and emergence of a mini ice age around year 1,000, Viking ships came no more.  Survival demanded colonists adapt to available food supplies and find ways to, survive. 

Fermentation of food and high levels of healthy fats in dried fish and putrid-smelling butter produced POSITIVE EPIGENETIC EFFECTS on colonist’s genes.  Diet determined, survival!  Icelandic genes evolved until about 1780 when new dietary habits altered people’s epigenetics and a down-spiral in health and longevity, expressed itself.  Stroke and heart attack in young people became the Icelandic saga of 1820, and Iceland’s new, reality.

SIDEBAR!  When I was a boy, a German neighbor related a story about an old Lutheran hymn he had heard as a child in, Germany.  The words were, “…and save us from the Vikings…”. 

The Vikings were GIANTS by German standards.  Six to seven feet tall was common and only possible because of superior, dietary cofactors that enhanced gene-expression, positively.  Fast forward to 1820 Iceland and forfeiture of traditional, medieval diet, and it’s easy to understand why Icelandic paradox expressed with genetic, overtones.  [Medicine today has yet to comprehend the paradox called, FOOD!]

Provide the body with powerful FOOD and it will regenerate through the power of, epigenetics and methylation of genes.  Icelandic Magic supplies these missing links the mitochondria need to fuel the regeneration, process.  [IF YOU WANT TO FEEL LIKE A VIKING, YOU MUST SUPPLEMENT LIKE A VIKING!]

[Icelandic Magic mitigates the side-effects of poor diet [past and present] and mal-expression of genes.  Eating organic, healthy food does NOT equal the superior effects of the substrates and cofactors in, Icelandic Magic.  [Icelandic Magic is epigenetics in a, capsule!]

Methylation, Epigenetics & Diet

EPIGENETICS:  the study of heritable changes in genes not involving alterations [mutation] in the structure of DNA sequence.  Translation: biologic effects of food and environment on an organism’s, genes. 

EPIGENOME: the historical, chemical record of changes to DNA and histone proteins responsible for regulating gene expression.

It is critical readers understand the connection between food, methylation and gene expression.  What happened in Iceland was 100% epigenetic and 100% dietary in nature.  Afflicted Icelanders could no longer methylate their formerly, ‘healthy’ genes, as they had for over 1,000 YEARS!  Their genes no longer switched ON and OFF!  Degenerative disorders soon, followed.  [THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON IN 2019.]

METHYLATION: controls gene expression.  Methylation is the foundation of how epigenetics influences gene, expression.  Methylation is the addition or removal of a CH3 methyl [a CH3 molecule with one carbon and three hydrogen atoms.]  When a methyl is added or removed from a gene, gene expression, changes. 

Methyls switch genes ON and OFF.  Methylation controls metabolism and how organs, tissues and cells respond to commands issued by DNA sequence.  Methylation is central to millions of reactions from enzyme synthesis and digestion, to tissue repair and ROS [reactive oxygen species] neutralization, every minute of every day. 

When you read of a genetic disorder, think DYSFUNCTIONAL EXPRESSION OF GENES, rather than a mutation of DNA, sequence.  Gene mal-expression is not the same as a mutation of DNA, sequence.

The human personality is a good analogy for gene, expression.  Do we express in a sweet, cordial, kind way, or with vitriol, anger and hostility?  How we express produces different effects.  Food affects personality, gene expression and methylation, and humans are happier when they properly, methylate.  [Icelandic Magic is a kind of food, happy pill because of the enhanced, food cofactors it supplies!  Do you understand? 

Fail to supply your body with the dietary cofactors it needs, and your genes will, mal-express.  The Icelandic paradox was a saga of gene mal-expression and dietary deficit!  Ditto for what is occurring worldwide, today!  [“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”, said Socrates.]

MTHFR: True Or False?

Trendy, practitioners believe MTHFR affects every patient darkening their doorway.  They are, misguided.  MTHFR stands for methyl-tetra-hydro-folate.  Translation: mal-expression of the MTHFR gene and interference with formation of folate [vitamin B-9.]  These same practitioners think MTFHR is the new boogeyman, similar to the Lyme disease [non-epidemic] epidemic afflicting every patient coming in their office!  [More on Lyme, here.]

MTHFR is alternative medicine’s version of mainstream medicine’s DNA hoax that trendy physicians are eager to exploit and so they can create the next [cash cow!] crisis!  Know this: lab tests for so-called, genetic disorders are NOT, definitive.  When tests imply a problem, doctor must interpret the results and divine a, disease.  Sound familiar?  [Can you say, disease de jure?] 

Instead of fretting over MTHFR or chasing after Frankenstein DNA manipulation, take your lessons from Viking Iceland, and let your body solve your health, issues with substrates in, Icelandic Magic.  Mal-expression of genes is common to degenerative disorders and autoimmune problems.  They respond favorably to natural, food cofactors and substrates in, Icelandic Magic.  These are the same factors that were the bedrock of Icelandic diet for 1,000 years.  [Try a FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic and discover the benefits for, yourself.]

BTW: elevated homocysteine level says you have a methylation problem!  Elevated homocysteine promotes degeneration of heart/brain tissue, drives-up low-grade INFLAMMATION and it increases risk associated with blood clot, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. 

Inability to methylate homocysteine INTO methionine for conversion into folate (vitamin B-9) spells big trouble!  Pregnant women without enough folate produce offspring with spinal cord defects, vision problems and cognitive issues.  You can test for homocysteine, but why bother when you can use Icelandic Magic to assist methylation of your whole body. [BTW: vitamin B-12 requires methylation; YAC offers transdermal B-12 cream.]

Methylation is a BIG DEAL, regardless of your age.  Problems related to stroke and brain, folate deficiency and chromosome replication instability can be managed, naturally by PUTTING OF SULFATES IN EVERY GLASS OF WATER and using Icelandic Magic food cofactors from Iceland’s, medieval, Viking diet.

Anaerobic Bacteria [IN YOUR COLON]

Icelandic Magic supplies substrates that anaerobic bacteria [IN YOUR COLON, NOT YOUR GUT] need to make short-chain-fatty-acids.  These bacteria are commensal, FACULTATIVE ANAEROBES, like Bacteroides fragilis, that all of us humans naturally carry in our colons.  [All they need to make dietary ‘magic’ is the cofactor, food substrates contained in Icelandic Magic. Factors you cannot obtain from a normal, healthy, diet.] 

Due to ignorance, Icelanders voluntarily forfeited their dietary roots after 1,000 years of perpetual, good health.  It took 40 years for them to discover their, mistake!  Today, 200 years later, we are finding ourselves in a similar, jam, but this time, thanks to Iceland’s legacy, we have the remedy available in capsule, form without the taste and smell of the Icelandic, diet of old.

Despite dedicated effort by health-minded people to care for themselves [meaning, diet and lifestyle], we age and we die like everybody else, just more, slowly.  WE CAN AND MUST FIND A BETTER WAY and Icelandic Magic is my, answer.  [Icelandic Magic was developed to supply the missing links we need.] 

Fermented Food OR Icelandic Magic?

Fermented foods are extremely good for you.  Eat all you want!  Problem: you can’t eat enough of them to fuel your body’s need for SCFAs [short chain fatty acids] like Viking Icelanders did through their superior diet. 

Eating putrid-smelling, fermented butter has little appeal to most people.  And, as for DRIED FISH, you can have my share, thank you!  Fermented [organic] food is expensive, and making your own is a, hassle! 

John Thomas’ solution to the fermentation dilemma is simple: take two capsules of Icelandic Magic twice a day, with or without food, and get on with your life.  [Fermented vegetables DO NOT duplicate the benefits you get from, Icelandic Magic.  The substrates and cofactors are NOT the same.]

SIDEBAR: we don’t live in Iceland, this is not 1820, and dried fish and putrid-smelling, fermented butter are NOT on the, menu.  BTW: contrary to urban myth, fermented foods are eaten for their epigenetic effects on metabolism, NOT FOR BACTERIA THEY CONTAIN.  [Icelandic Magic is a food, cofactor, dietary, approach, unlike any food-supplement you have every used.  Try it and find out for yourself.]

Bacteria do not survive [and are not supposed to survive] passage through the stomach.  Even where stomach acid is low [and if you are over age 35, it is!] and so-called, probiotic bacteria somehow manage to survive the stomach, THEY ARE NOT ENDOSPERIC BACTERIA MASTER BACTERIA and they cannot restore, primal immunity.  Endospheres are dormant, master bacteria; they are not common ‘probiotic’ strains!  [Learn more, here.]

Icelandic Magic has magical effects on sleep, anxiety, brain fog, leaky-gut, asthma, gluten issues, temperament, stress, digestion and bowel disorders.  The body corrects these metabolic issues if provided substrates, cofactors and bioactive sulfates.  [YAC offers guidance and superior supplements unique to the industry.]

Lastly, your vagus nerve is hard wired to your vital organs [liver, heart, pancreas, brain and kidneys].  The vagus is the MAJOR COMMUNICATION LINK BETWEEN YOUR BRAIN AND YOUR VITAL ORGANS.  Methylation and expression of genes is MONITORED by the vagus nerve and epigenetics orchestrates the signaling, process.  [If you have issues with your vital organs, perhaps a FREE consultation is in order?]

Icelandic Magic is about, methylation.   Methylate your genes and nice things happen to the bowels, stomach, breasts, ovaries, prostate, testicles, thyroid, throat, lungs, sinuses, eyes, ears and brain.  [Ask for help.]

Icelandic Magic is a unique formulation of bioactive food substrates common to the medieval, Viking, diet.   It the only formulation with bioactive, fermentable, non-digestible, fructo-oligo-saccharide substrates, plus enhanced, metabolites of butanoic acid.  Anaerobic bacteria in the colon use these substrates and cofactors to make SCFAs [short chain fatty acids] for superior repair and maintenance of the body.  SCFAs are not the same thing as MCTs [medium chain triglycerides.]  BTW: Icelandic Magic contains no fish and does not, stink!


Conclusions, Suggestions & Free Offer

Icelandic Magic fills a BIG VOID in human nutrition and modern, dietary thinking.  It’s in a class all by, itself!

Icelandic Magic is NOT a probiotic, vitamin, mineral or herbal.  It is a superb, food-cofactor substrate formulation.  Now, get the benefits of the Viking diet WITHOUT the taste and smell of dried fish and fermented butter.  [Icelandic Magic is John Thomas’ answer to a deteriorating food chain and a toxic, world.]

Nutritional factors in Icelandic Magic parallel naturally occurring elements of the medieval, Icelandic diet of old; a diet that gave rise to Viking culture, and its uniquely, situated colony, Iceland.  Thank you, Iceland, for the beautiful legacy of health and longevity we need so dearly in this year of, 2019 A.D.

Order your FREE BOTTLE of Icelandic Magic and discover why John Thomas is so, excited!

Watch your email for DETAILS of this amazing, offering.  The offer will post in a few days. 

John Thomas hopes readers found this report, enlightening!  Thanks for 25 YEARS, and good health to all!

BTW: Young Again Club now offers BIOACTIVE SULFATES discussed in this report.  They are amazing, and they neutralize the damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation from cellphones and wi-fi; a very, BIG DEAL!

John Thomas is available for guidance without a fee of any kind.  Contact John Thomas.

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25 Year Anniversary Gift The Icelandic Medical Phenomenon

How The Icelandic Dietary Mystery of 1820

Paved The Way For Better Health &

A Longer Life Today!

Order a FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic and find out why John Thomas is so, excited!

Soon, you will receive the amazing saga of Viking Iceland and the story behind, Icelandic Magic!

What happened in Iceland in the 19th Century is a fascinating story of forfeited health and truncated longevity among people who had previously lived in good health for 1,000 years!

Iceland has a unique dietary history with a legacy to benefit millions of people in the 21st Century.  Strangely, the cause of Iceland’s demise in 1820 provided a remedy for improved health and longevity for humans, today.

Symptoms of Iceland’s saga are with us in disguised and muted form, but we have a new way to protect ourselves and our families.  Who would have guessed Viking Iceland held a powerful, medical legacy?

Iceland’s story is a medieval puzzle spiked with medical blunders!  The story merges seamlessly with modern, medical, ignorance and arrogance so prevalent, today.   And, of course, big pharma lurks in the shadows.

Iceland’s fall from health to disease was hard to understand, until now!  Please share it with friends and family so they, too, can learn how to care for themselves and avoid suffering and disease.

Iceland’s mystery needed 100 years to ferment and ripen.  Below is a brief list of topics to be examined and knitted together in this exciting report.  Topics may appear disparate, but I can assure you, they fit together perfectly!  These topics have everything to do with Viking Iceland of old and a disease-free life, today!

Food, cellphones, stroke, anaerobic bacteria, radiation, Vikings, homocysteine, drug resistance, misdiagnosis, cellphones, mal-expression of genes, vaccinations, wasting disease, statin drugs, heart disease [arrhythmia, A-fib, blood pressure and mitral valve], cholesterol, sulfates, dementia, brain tumors, heart attack, diabetes, MTHFR, Lyme disease, fatty liver, Alzheimer’s, medications, organic chemistry, cardiovascular disease, germ theory, epigenetics, DNA, evolutionary biology, methylation, dietary habits, and a lot more.

The upcoming report on Icelandic Phenomenon took years to compile and piece together.  John Thomas trusts readers will print it and read it in its entirety.  Your author did his best to simplify the content, smooth the flow of information and provide links for inquiry.  The importance of maintaining good health cannot be overemphasized, and knowing how to care for self and family outside of the system is, priceless.

Icelandic Magic is a game changer!  Find out for yourself!

Watch your email.  Details of John Thomas’ 25 Year Anniversary offer for a FREE bottle of Icelandic Magic follows close behind your receipt of: The Icelandic Medical Phenomenon.  Enjoy!

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.
To access all issues of Special Insights, click here.   To Good Health,  

John Thomas, Author Young Again!




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Blood Sugar, Cancer, Thyroid, Iron & Mold Inflammatory Issues Worth Your Attention ∙ Special Edition ∙

ANNOUNCEMENT!  To celebrate 25 years next month [April, 2019], John Thomas is giving everyone a FREE bottle of his new product called, Icelandic Magic IBX.  Look for the story behind it later this month.  Icelandic Magic is a powerful way to naturally improve your health, and it’s easy to use, too!  Icelandic Magic is a game changer!  [More on page 6!]

SNAPSHOT: elemental iron is a big problem for men over 40 and women over 50.  It’s also a poorly understood marker of low-grade inflammation that doctors, ignore.  Did you know iron drives dementia, memory loss, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s!   To learn more, read on.

SNAPSHOT: viruses and bacteria can be problematic, but it’s fungal yeast that are behind development of arthritis, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease!  Understanding the role of fungal yeast in degenerative disease will help readers avoid suffering and premature aging.   To learn more, read on.

SNAPSHOT: understanding the meaning of insulin resistance and elevated, blood glucose helps manage estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol and adrenalin levels, improves digestion, restores thyroid function and addresses factors that influence your A1-c, blood glucose score. To learn more, read on.

SNAPSHOT:  low-grade inflammation is always a symptom, never the cause.  Inflammation is always trouble-in-the-making, and everyone has some, whether they know it or not.  To learn more, read on. 

AND THE GOOD NEWS IS: if you do your part, the body will resurrect your health and immune system, regardless of your age, or circumstance.  This paper was written to help readers understand how health problems come to be and how aging bodies and failing immune systems can be restored.  

Pieces Of Everyone’s Puzzle

Everyone’s immune system has been compromised by antibiotics and environmental poisons.  Glyphosate [think, RoundUp!] is the ultimate, high-risk, agricultural toxin to ever invade the food chain.  Antibiotics cripple the microbiota, microbiome and epigenome, and glyphosate opens the blood-brain barrier to heavy metal invasion, mycotoxin influence and growth of BRAIN TUMORS.

No one is exempt from dysfunctional immunity and low-grade inflammation.   It begins in childhood and progresses into the senior years.  The better you understand the factors fueling inflammation, the easier it is to avoid and reverse them.

Cancer experts refuse to admit that fungal yeasts traverse the intestinal wall and blood-brain barrier, inflame the brain and set-the-stage for growth of glioblastomas [brain cancers] and tangles seen in patients with neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s.

Brain fog and memory issues accompany neurological disorders!  The factors that cause them are: mycotoxin dominance, heavy metal accumulation, elevated blood glucose, insulin resistance, unbalanced hormones and excess, ferritin iron along with cell phone and EMF exposure.]

Hearing loss, tinnitus, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma are on the rise due to low-grade inflammation caused by fungal infestation and mycotoxin dominance.

High blood pressure, A-fib and arrhythmia, along with diabetes, cancer and arthritis should be viewed as confirmation of a fungal domination of the body’s, terrain.  Whatever your health challenge, fungal yeast play a part in your story, and the sooner the problem is addressed, the better.

Prudence dictates that patients should not accept a medical diagnosis, hastily.  Practitioners have a habit of mistaking fungal dominance for disease.  Instead, play your God card, seek guidance, think and pray.  [Treatment for something you don’t have is NEVER a good idea!]

Whatever the diagnosis, IT’S PROBABLY NOT WHAT YOU THINK!  Meaning, symptoms are signals of metabolic dysfunction that self-correct, given the opportunity.  In other words, health issues perpetuate until CA– USE is addressed.  And, medications are palliative.  They cure, nothing!]

Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for clearer understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words.  Feel free to forward Special Insights to people you care about! 

Mission: I write because what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock the sick-care system because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only, real option.  Good doctors are shackled by technology and the system, and virtual medicine is on its way.  Medicine is rigged against the patient, and the human element is fast disappearing!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines lengthen and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

Yeast, Bacteria & Viruses: What’s The Difference?

In this paper, the terms mold, fungus and yeast are used interchangeably.

Fungi are the lowest of life forms, and they are the hardiest, too!  Molds are vegetative organisms and their seeds are called, spores.  And while you can kill adult fungi, the spores are INDESTRUCTIBLE because they are DORMANT!  Mold release chemical poisons called, mycotoxins that they use to control metabolism and manipulate hormones for their own benefit.

Once, fungal yeast have a foothold in the body, they operate as Trojan horses undetectable by a compromised immune system.  They do it by merging with our DNA and by manipulating gene expression [which is NOT the same as gene mutation, as commonly believed.]

Mold spores enter the body by way of food, water and air.  You cannot escape them.  However, spores are not a threat UNLESS antibiotics are involved and the terrain is toxic; meaning, burdened with chemical  poisons, heavy metals, acidic waste, biofilm, elemental iron, medications and contraceptives. 

Emotional stress and physical trauma compound terrain weaknesses, but it’s antibiotics that trigger dormant mold spores to come-to-life and spread throughout the body and brain.  [Antibiotics cause otherwise, friendly bacteria to turn virulent and, attack.]

Fungal yeasts and molds are VERY different than other microorganisms.  Yeasts cells are vegetative, where bacterial cells are animal-like.  Fungi DO NOT develop antibiotic resistance because they have cell walls.  But once exposed to antibiotics, steroids and contraceptives, fungi grow, and spread and TURN PARASITIC, commandeering the body’s natural hormones [as well as synthetic and bio-identical hormones] and disrupt healthy metabolism and rhythm.

Yeast is a fungus which is also a mold.  All fungi are molds, but not all molds are yeasts.  Yeasts have cell walls instead of cell membranes, which allows them to evade antibiotic assault and prosper after drugs have wiped-out, competing organisms.  Yeasts are parasitic; meaning, they use the body to complete their lifecycle which perpetuates until we die, or the cycle is broken.  [Cancer is a fungus that has NOTHING to do with your, genes.]

Microbes, Germ Theory, Vaccines, Cancer & Thyroid

A bacterial cell is animal by design, with a membrane and nucleus, making them vulnerable to antibiotics.  Bacteria can live alone or with a host, they can be friendly or pathogenic and they can [and do!] MORPH according to terrain toxicity and the electrical state of the, terrain.  [BTW: so-called, bacterial infections are always preceded by fungus.  Sadly, doctor and labs diagnosis will wrongly blame, bacteria.] 

[At this time, our bodies are burdened by ongoing exposure to EMF [electromagnetic frequency] radiation from cell phones, Bluetooth, routers and microwave towers that emit signals that disrupt cellular metabolism at every level.  [Soon, YAC and Special Insights will offer a simple way to protect yourself and neutralize the negative impact of EMFs on the body and brain.]

Germ Theory blames infection on the presence of bacteria, but the theory is wrong.  Experts will not admit benign bacteria turn virulent and attack, according to the body’s, terrain!  Germ theory is believed by all students and practitioners, conventional and alternative, alike.  [Some practitioners claim to embrace Terrain Theory, but the way they practice medicine says, otherwise!] 

It was antibiotics, contaminated polio vaccines and elimination of mycology from medical school curriculums that created the cancer epidemic that emerged in the 1960s.  Big medicine blamed cancer on genetics, instead of pollution to hide their ignorance and feather their own, nests.  They WANTEDPEOPLE TO BELIEVE that God, and their bodies, FAILED THEM.  They did not!

The human body is not genetically, defective.  God did not, screw-up!  And, you can prove it to yourself by embracing truth and making better choices.  [Sadly, millions of people have been misled by medical lie that cancer is genetic, along with misconceptions about vaccination induced immunity.]

Did you know, over one MILLION innocent people were vaccinated with contaminated, monkey-virus, contaminated, polio vaccines in the fifties and sixties?  By 1975, strange new diseases appeared, everywhere.  It was NOT accidental!  It was orchestrated!  [BTW: aluminum and other heavy metals in vaccines cross the blood-brain barrier and settle in brain tissue.  Can you say, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia?]

The list of strange new diseases that followed Big Pharma’s orchestrated fiasco, such as Epstein Barr, chronic fatigue, Lyme, fibromyalgia and Gullien-Barre was just the beginning of the nightmare that later  morphed into thousands of autoimmune disorders we hear about, today.  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Fungal DNA is a close facsimile of human DNA.  So close in fact, that yeast, such as Candida albicans, which is a sac fungus, can merge with human DNA and create hybrid beings with dysfunctional immunity and messed up hormones, like we see around us, today.  [See Jill’s Story, here.]

Mycotoxin dominance explains why females are plagued by UTIs [urinary tract infections] and thyroid disorders.  These displays of dysfunctional metabolism are NOT what they appear.  Thyroid issues are closely associated with UTIs, GERD, breast cancer and deposition of excess calcium where it DOES NOT belong, as in joints, spine, heart and breasts.  Medical approaches to thyroid problems, guarantee drug dependence WITHOUT resolution.  Better choices are available.  [See Thyroid Protocol.]

Women are vulnerable to hormonal complications from antibiotic exposure, loss of primal immunity and contraceptives.  Women’s hormones change by age 35, and the SAME factors driving peri and menopause complaints parallel and drive younger women’s issues.  [Did you know that the stress hormones, adrenalin and cortisol, HEAVILY influence female hormones, regardless.  [Males suffer, too.] 

Invasion by fungal yeast precedes loss of sexual vitality, thyroid dysfunction and hormone issues in BOTH sexes.  Men take testosterone under the false notion that it is their problem, when blood flow and inflammation are what drive ED and prostate problems!  Women use hormone replacement [synthetic and bio-identical] based on misinterpreted and skewed lab reports influenced by fungal mycotoxins.  Is it any wonder we are frustrated?  [See Thyroid Protocol, here.]

Medicine classifies viruses as the smallest of non-life forms, but medicine is wrong.  Nanoviruses are far smaller, but it will be years before medicine acknowledges them and schools teach of them.  People can’t wait 20-50 years for medicine to catch up.  We need valid information, and we need it, now!

Viruses require a host, and, therefore, classified, PARASITIC.  Viruses penetrate the cell membrane, merge with nuclear DNA and skew gene expression.  However, viruses are of little concern UNTIL terrain and primal immunity are compromised.  [FYI: viruses, bacteria, parasites, protists, symbionts, prokaryots and eukaryots are all participants in the human microbiota, microbiome and epigenome.] 

Medical Mistruths

Contrary to medical myth as believed in allopathic and alternative medical circles, bacterial infections are ALWAYS secondary infections.  Bacteria are NEVER primary, agents of infection.  First, fungi invade and weaken the immune system with their mycotoxins, before bacteria that are already part of the microbiota, MORPH and display, virulence

Infections, such as MRSA, C-difficile, B. fragilis and klebsiella are examples of virulent infections that follow fungal disruption of immunity.  Emotional stress and trauma usually trigger, metamorphosis.

The media and sick-care folks love to peddle boogeyman stories, so people will voluntarily submit to FLU AND TETANUS SHOTS and whatever else the experts, conjure.  The problem is, their stories are bald-faced, lies!  Vaccines ASSAULT immune function and DO NOT bestow humoral immunity, as claimed.

[FYI: sick-care providers are under threat to administer flu and tetanus shots regardless of patient wishes.  Failure to vaccinate results in reduced reimbursement and disciplinary action by Pharma’s surrogates  disguised as health and safety agencies, such as: insurance companies, licensing boards, and peers.] 

Mandatory vaccinations for ADULTS and children are ON THE WAY, and there will be NO exemptions!  Interestingly, in the 2018 DOJ report, 67 of 85 injury and death settlements were for ‘flu’ shots.  [Wake up folks, and learn how to neutralize vaccine risk without drawing, attention.  A word to the wise!]

Fungal yeast disarm, immune function by merging with human DNA to AVOID DETECTION, creating hybrid humans with trans-species systems, both biologically and functionally. 

Readers are reminded that CANCER IS A FICTION and the ultimate betrayal along with, VACCINATIONS!  Don’t believe me?  Click here.  Practitioners know little of what is written here, and Big Pharma knows only too, well!  Pharma personally orchestrated the whole, mess!  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Pandora’s Box & Immune Dysfunction

The Greek story of Pandora provides an interesting frame of reference for so-called, modern medicine.

When Big Pharma [Pandora] opened the box of evils in 1950, hell was unleashed upon the born and unborn.  Cancerbecame Pharma’s venue and loss of primal immunity became the new reality.

Public acceptance and use of antibiotics [and steroids] in 1950 was followed by introduction of hormonal contraceptives in the early, sixties.  The convergence fueled takeover of human metabolism by fungus.

It was no accident that Big Pharma also had mycology [the in-depth study of mold and fungus] REMOVED from medical curriculums in 1950.  Pharma NEEDED AN EPIDEMIC, and cancer was the perfect venue to persuade a naïve populace who was starry-eyed over polio shots and ignorant of the truth.

Pharma made sure physicians were NOT SCHOOLED in mycology and GROSSLY IGNORANT of the role fungal yeast play in CANCER and disease, as documented by Otto Warburg in, 1931.  [Warburg received the Nobel prize in science and physiology for proving cancer is a FUNGUS!  Don’t forget it!]

Despite Warburg’s discovery, Pharma and allopathic medicine systematically conspired to perpetuate the LIE that cancer is genetic, which it is NOT!  By the early 1960s [10 years after introduction of antibiotics and steroids], compromised immunity was common and cancer became a household, word.

To make sure the cancer crisis took off, Pharma salted the scene by introduction of contaminated polio vaccines, during the 1950’s and 1960s.  [FYI: the incubation window for cancer and viral diseases from contaminated vaccines is 10-20 years.  By the mid 1970s, mysterious, new illnesses appeared throughout North America!  It DID NOT happen by accident!

Furthermore, in the early 1960s, Pandora [Big Pharma] unleashed hormonal contraceptives onto women.  Antibiotics had set the stage, and THEPILL FUELED THE GROWTH of fungal yeast in women. 

[In pregnancy, females are EXTREMELY hormonal.  Fungal yeast use hormones for fuel and cross the placental-barrier, infecting the unborn child.  It only took a few years for fungal yeast to takeover the female population and initiate interference with DNA gene expression in the population.] 

[The dilemma Big Pharma imposed on us almost 70 years ago [antibiotics, vaccinations and contraceptives] is reversible with proprietary protocols from Young Again Club.]

 Antibiotics & Yeast: A Marriage From Hell

Antibiotics and glyphosate are BIG RISKS facing humans, everywhere.   Both, compromise human immune function, and both encourage fungal conquest of human, metabolism. 

Once exposed to antibiotics [at any time, including pre-birth], fungal yeast actively set-up colonies throughout the body and vital organs [heart, pancreas, liver and brain.]  In the intestine, yeast grow filamentous roots [called hypha] that lead to leaky-gut syndrome,  celiac, Crohn’s and gluten intolerance.

Fungi produce and use mycotoxins to CONTROL the host’s terrain and hormones to PERPETUATE their lifecycle.  And once the process begins, we become prisoners unto ourselves, complete with dysfunctional immunity.  [John Thomas was taken-over as a child and suffered for over 70 years!]

Costume Party, Tonight!

Said, one fungus to the other, “What costume are you wearing to the party, tonight?” Response. “You know, we wear all costumes well, anything will do, no one knows the difference!”

Fungi have many faces and hundreds of symptomatic, costumes.  Yeast is natural to the human body and serves useful purposes, UNTIL encouraged to spread and takes over.   Side effects are: arthritis, neuropathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cardiovascular issues, cancer, diabetes and thyroid dysfunction.  More effects are: aching body, chronic fatigue, eye floaters, hearing loss, nail fungus, eczema, acne, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, cold body, sinus issues, moodiness, chronic cough, COPD, volatile temper, depression, dysfunctional thyroid, menstrual issues, diabetes and bowel problems.

Practitioners have tried to corral fungal yeast since the 1980s, WITHOUT SUCCESS because they have no training in, mycology.  Candidiasis is a terrain problem, a hormone problem, an inflammation problem, a mycotoxin problem and an antibiotic problem, all in one!  [Small intestinal fungal overgrowth [SIFO] and loss of primal immunity are fundamental to autoimmune disorders.]

One element of fungal containment is an acid-free environment where fungi can’t dominate.  This concept is different than having an alkaline, pH.  [The Terrain pH Protocol, here, here and here turns things in your favor and it’s, FREE!]

Autoimmune responses are displays of metabolic dysfunction caused by mycotoxin dominance by fungal organisms that operate, undetected outside of the immune system and undetected by inaccurate, lab tests.  [It’s better to assume you are compromised by fungus because odds are, you are!]

In medical school, yeast infestation is all but ignored, except for toe nail fungus and ringworm!  Yet, for the average person, fungal dominance and low-grade inflammation are problems FOREVERin search of a solution.  [Few people realize that fungal yeast is behind their health issues.  Fewer yet, realize that YAC Protocols can remedy their problems and make them, whole.

Bladder Infections & Prostate Flare-ups & Brain Tumors

They call them bladder infections, but there is way more to the story.  Lab tests are used to document the presence of pathogenic bacteria which is then blamed as the cause of urinary tract infections [UTIs].  Oddly, doctors have NO IDEA why benign bacteria, normally resident in the body, decide to turn virulent and attack the host. The concept is called, pleo-morphism.  [Readers should acquaint themselves with this concept to avoid falling prey to sick-care medicine.]

Bladder infection, sinusitis, eczema and psoriasis are fungal issues, plain and simple!  Behind them is a compromised gut, mucosa and microbiota.  Add, emotional stress, anxiety and trauma [accidents and surgeries] and it is easy to understand why fungal flare-ups lead to bacterial infection.

Inflamed prostate, fibrocystic breasts and inflamed ovaries and testicles appear in different costumes, but cause is the, same: mycotoxin dominance!  Women fall prey to mammograms and men fall prey to prostate biopsies because neither understand that cancer is NOT the problem.  [Ask for guidance.]

Action Steps For Improved Health

First, resurrect our primal immunity so your body can recognize immune assaults early-on, before things get out of hand.  Next, eliminate low-grade inflammation by ending mycotoxin dominance of your system with the Mold & Fungus protocol.  Lastly, restore thyroid function and balance your hormones.

Few people know of diabetes type 3 [aka: diabetes of the brain], but most people have heard of, pre-diabetes.  Pre-diabetes [blood sugar over, 90] affects the entire population.  Clinicians will tell you 90-130 blood glucose is normal, and I will tell you that YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE NORMAL.  Besides, people don’t understand their A1c score and find themselves chasing a worthless, misleading, medical metric!]

Pre-diabetes precedes Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia. Pre-diabetes is another name for insulin resistance which is another name for elevated, blood glucose.  Pre-diabetes is a BIG DEAL!  It trumpets hormone dysfunction, poor digestion, obesity, belly fat and thyroid issues in both sexes.  So does a fatty liver! Restore you liver with the Tissue & Liver Protocol.  It goes WAY BEYOND faddish, cleanses that DO NOT address, cause.  The protocol is a YAC original.  [Learn more here.]

Leptin resistance is another thyroid dysfunction marker connecting obesity and pre-diabetes.  Consider them tell-tale symptoms of slow-motion heart disease, neuropathy, cancer, arthritis and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.  [BTW: if you can’t take off excess weight as fast as you put-it-on, your metabolism is compromised and your terrain and metabolism have slowed and need, tending.]  [Ask for guidance.]

[Robust metabolism requires natural, biologic substrates that ANAEROBIC BACTERIA IN YOUR COLON can use to make short-chain fatty acids to repair and heal the body.  Icelandic Magic boosts SCFA metabolism associated with eating fermented foods, but much better, and, it’s much less expensive, too!  Look for the announcement, soon!

Your Elemental Iron Levels & Your Bowels

Did you know that acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome are symptoms of thyroid and liver dysfunction and NAFLD [non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] and irritable bowel disease?  Digestion DEMANDS high stomach acidity, the opposite of what people are told!  Contrary to urban myth, probiotics do not correct bowel issues, and they most certainly do not restore a dysfunctional microbiota, microbiome and epigenome.  [Here is, why.]

Your bowels should move after EVERY meal, and if they don’t, the acronym GERD [gastrointestinal reflux disease] will most likely be added to your vocabulary in the future.  People with GERD and colon cancer don’t make enough stomach acid and use of antacids and PPIs [proton pump inhibitors] only make matters, worse!  Yet, 50% of the populace use them.  Can you say cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular?  [Ask for guidance.]

[FYI: colon polyps ARE pre-cancerous fungal growths tethered to the color wall.  DO NOT REMOVE THEM!  Doing so leads to bigger problems, like 10,000 people a year who bleed to death from clipped polyps!  You will NOT hear of any of this from doctor or the sick-care folks, and certainly not from the, dead!  Colonoscopy and clipped polyps cause people to lower their guard and forget to ask WHY they have polyps in the first place?  Colon cancer is number one, and 100% AVOIDABLE!  [See Enema Protocol.]

Let’s discuss elemental iron [aka: ferritin iron] and aluminum.  Both metals are involved in dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Don’t confuse IRON with anemia.  Iron is an oxidizer!  It steals electrons from healthy tissue creating free radical, reactive oxygen species.  Hemoglobin, a blood-iron protein, uses heme iron to carry oxygen, but it’s NOT THE SAME as elemental iron.  Iron and aluminum are INFLAMMATORY, heavy metals.  Life-threatening, bacterial infections like sepsis and cytokine storms need elemental iron to get going!  Don’t forget it!  [Get rid of elemental iron.  It’s easy to do and, FREE!

Practitioners and Big Pharma want people over age 40 to take ELEMENTAL IRON to supposedly ‘prevent’ iron deficiency anemia.  Sounds nice!  But elemental iron has NOTHING to do with anemia.

Did you know, your brain loads-up with dietary iron, as well as lead, mercury and aluminum from vaccinations and flu shots?  Aluminum migration to the brain is measurable days after vaccines are administered.  Heavy metals are a deadly, serious problem for children and those over age 40.  [In a 2018 government report on settlements for vaccine related injury/death, 67 of 85 were ‘flu’ shot related.  Wake up and neutralize vaccine risk without drawing, attention.  A word to the wise!]

Heavy metals, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance. Have a part in development of neurologic disorders [dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s]. These disorders have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your, genetics.  Practitioner who say otherwise are either ignorant of the facts or just plain, mis-informed.

Conclusions & Suggestions

There is no justifiable excuse for anyone to suffer or die from any degenerative disorder.  Degeneration is not inevitable, and the body can reverse all things degenerative if it given the opportunity.

Your job, as the steward of your body, is to provide, opportunity.  Call John Thomas for guidance.  This is a cost-free service from Young Again Club.

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Hope Is Not A Strategy For Wellness Vital Questions & Practical Answers

WHAT ARE THREE, CRITICALLY IMPORTANT, HEALTH RELATED QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF?  How did this happen?  Where did it come from?  Why is it happening to me?


WHAT ARE FOUR COMMON HEALTH CARE FAILURES?  Failure to seek guidance outside of the sick-care system, failure to accept guidance, failure follow directions and failure to accept personal responsibility.

WHAT’S THE THIRD LEADING CA– USE OF DEATH IN THE USA?  Iatrogenic medical errors and medications. 

WHAT IS THE MOST COMMON MISTAKE PATIENTS MAKE?  Embracing diagnosis and medications when the practitioner does not know [and cannot explain] the etiology of the problem from which you suffer.

Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for clearer understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words.  Feel free to forward Special Insights to people you care about! 

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock the sick-care system because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only, real option.  Good doctors are shackled by technology and the system, and virtual medicine is on its way.  Medicine is rigged against the patient, and the human element is fast disappearing!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines lengthen and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

WHY IS WINE A BAD IDEA?  Wine grapes are commonly grown with the fungicide and hormone disruptor, vinclozolin that disrupts the hormones of drinkers [and that of their unborn children.]  Wine has insidious consequences and glyphosate contamination makes matters worse.  One glass a day increases odds of female breast cancer by 20-40% and poses prostate and testicular problems for men.  [FYI: alcohol is a mycotoxin made by molds and fungi that promotes fungal invasion and mycotoxin dominance.  Mycotoxins burden the kidneys, thyroid, ovaries, breasts, testicles and prostate.  Fungal issues are consistently mistaken for bacterial infections that are treated with antibiotics [which are useless against fungi] and which fuel low-grade, systemic inflammation.  Antibiotics devastate primal immunity, which must be restored to break the pernicious cycle of illness that follows their use, no matter your age when they were used.]

WHAT ISSUE IS A HEALTH ISSUE UNIVERSAL TO ALL?  Getting enough, deep sleep!  Poor sleep is symptomatic of systemic, low-grade inflammation, meaning, the body is tense and can’t relax.  Repair and healing occurs during the sleep cycle.  Inability to sleep deeply has nothing to do with your mattress and everything to do with the condition of your, terrain.  [Children sleep anywhere, anytime because they are not inflamed.]

WHY DO PEOPLE CHASE AFTER MEDICAL MAGIC?  Fear, credentials, ignorance and relentless propaganda.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO IF YOUR HEALTH IS IN JEOPARADY?  If it’s a life or death situation, do what must be done.  Otherwise, play your God card to buy needed time, pray and seek guidance.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST HEALTH FRAUD OF ALL TIME?  The bald-face lie that vaccinations provide protection and humoral immunity.  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]  And, if you have already disadvantaged yourself with vaccinations, it would be prudent to reverse the damage and restore your primal immunity.]

WHAT IS THE SECOND BIGGEST MEDICAL FRAUD IN HISTORY?  The bald-face lie that cancer is a genetic disease caused by gene mutations, and therefore, you must embrace medical abuse and dangerous medications to kill the cancer.  However, cancer is not the problem!  Cancer is a symptom and a metabolic disorder, not a disease.  Soon, cancer will be killer number one, and one of every two people are going to die of cancer.  [Wake-up and learn how to care for yourself to keep your name off the roster and avoid roll call.]

WHAT ARE SIX STEPS FOR RESTORATION AND MAINTAINANCE OF HEALTH?  Get understanding, change your belief system, stop living in fear and of things you don’t understand, stop listening to medical experts who don’t know the etiology of your problem, seek guidance outside of the sick-care system and ignore what others think. 

NAME FOUR HEALTHY DIETARY HABITS?  Eat clean food, limit yourself to two meals a day [with no snacking], practice intermittent fasting and use coconut oil with every meal to ease cravings and keep your energy up. 

HOW DO YOU CONFRONT CANCER, DIABETES, CARDIOVASCULAR AND ARTHRITIS?  Challenge your diagnosis, know that symptoms are not disease and lab tests are not definitive, know that you have options if you will change your thinking, and lastly, unload the fear by seeking guidance outside of the sick-care system.

WHAT’S THE BEST WAYS TO AVOID MISDIAGNOSIS?  Avoid doctors, [conventional and alternative], avoid the sick-care system, avoid medications and avoid internet, information overload.


WHAT CAN BE DONE TO IMPROVE DIGESTION AND LIMIT CARDIOVASCULAR RISK? Use betaine-hydrochloric acid [HCL] tablets immediately before meals, never use antacids and PPIs [proton pump inhibitors] and stay the hell away from statins and cholesterol inhibiting drugsCui bono?

WHY DO PEOPLE BELIEVE IN ACID INDIGESTION?  Because they don’t know better and because they were told  acid-indigestion and GERD [gastrointestinal reflux disease] are caused by stomach acidity, which is a lie!

WHAT HEALTH ISSUES AFFECT EVERYONE, REGARDLESS OF AGE?  Toxification of the body’s terrain, loss of primal immunity, infestation by fungal molds and yeast and failure to maintain hormone balance and function.

WHAT FIVE NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES CANNOT BE CORRECTED BY DIET?  Vitamin C, vitamins B-1, B-3 & B-12, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine and vitamin D-3.

WHAT IS THE SUREST WAY TO DEVELOP BREAST CANCER AND ENCOURAGE ARTHRITIS AND OSTEOPOROSIS?  By doing exactly what the experts tell you to do, by embracing medical myths and internet folklore, by using calcium supplements, statin drugs, PPIs [proton pump inhibitors] and medications.  [Learn more.]

WHAT IS THE BEST MEDICAL INSURANCE AVAILABLE?  You!  [Insurance is defensive, not offensive.  Lab tests destroy peace of mind and instill, false security.  Insurance is not for admission into the sick-care system where you will be misled and abused.  Insurance is for emergencies and life or death situations.  Cure is spelled, you!]

WHAT ARE THREE FRAUDULENT MEDICAL CONCEPTS?  Chemotherapy and radiation to cure cancer, vaccinations to provide humoral immunity and medications are safe.  [Iatrogenic screw-ups are killer #3 in the USA!]

WHAT HABITS IMPROVE OVERALL HEALTH?  Eating whole plant foods, getting more deep sleep, practicing intermittent fasting, doing daily enemas, clearing glyphosate residues from your body and refusing to embrace the use of drugs and medications except in emergencies on a limited, basis.

WHY ARE MEDICATIONS DANGEROUS?  Because they poison the body!  [By definition, a pharmaceutical drug must be able to kill you to be so classified!  Food supplements, by definition, cannot kill you.  Go figure!]

WHY ARE THROID TESTS FOR T-3, T-4 AND TSH NOT TO BE TRUSTED?  Because, they don’t explain why women who test normal, still suffer from cold bodies, low energy, inflamed joints, belly fat, water retention, obesity, hormonal imbalance, low of sex drive, vaginal dryness, thin hair, foggy brain, dry skin and loss of muscle mass.  [The same applies to men with their ED and prostate problems!]  Want help?  Ask.  

WHAT ARE THE THREE MOST FEARED, MEDICAL WORDS?  Cancer, Alzheimer’s & loss of vision.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TO AVOID LOSS OF VISION AND ALZHEIMER’S AND DEMENTIA?  Change the way you are living your life.  [And if you have symptoms, know that the experts have no idea of the etiology of your problem and have miserable track records for reversing the progressive nature of degenerative vision problems.]

WHAT’S THE MOST PERVASIVE ENVIRONMENTAL POISON NOW AFFECTING YOUR HEALTH?  RoundUp [glyphosate.]  Everyone’s body is loaded with glyphosate because the food chain is loaded with it.  Getting it out of your body before inflammation and infection destroy well-being is critical.  [Note: class-action-law-suits for Round-Up are now in progress!  [Better to be healthy than sick or dead!  You must choose.]

WHAT HABITS GUARANTEE POOR HEALTH?  Diets low in whole plant foods and high in sweets, failure to drink enough, clean water, failure to remove fluoride and glyphosate from your body, failure to use bio-active iodine, selenium and zinc, lack of bio-active ions, lack of enough deep sleep, bowel disorders and sluggish bowels  and lack of exercise.

WHY ARE HUMANS PLAGUED BY AUTOIMMUNE CHALLENGES?  Because everyone suffers from dysfunctional metabolism.  The medical experts mislabel autoimmune  symptoms as diseases, syndromes and disorders due to ignorance of the etiology behind patient symptoms.  [Symptoms are effects, never cause, and degenerative disease, no matter the label, is always an autoimmune issue in disguise.]

WHAT ABOUT GENETIC MISDIAGNOSIS?  So-called genetic disorders are not diseases, they are epigenetic manifestationsDNA, chromosomes and genes self-correct if primal immunity is restored and toxicity eliminated.  Allopathic and alternative medicine are drowning in worn out theories about things like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart and mitochondrial disease, all of which are correctable, metabolic disorders!

WHY IS MEDICAL MISDIAGNOSIS SO COMMON?  Because the medical model is faulty, and because people want a boogeymen to blame and an official sounding diagnostic pronouncement to justify medical intervention.


WHAT CAN BE DONE TO RESTORE HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS AND AVOID THINNING?  Restore thyroid function, address fungus infestation, neutralize mycotoxin dominance, restore metabolic rate, balance sexual hormones, restore liver function and provide the body with bio-active ions each and every day.

WHY DO PEOPLE SUFFER TINNITUS [ RINGING IN EARS] AND FLOATERS IN THEIR EYES?  Because they are infested with fungal yeast, because they are mycotoxin dominant and because their hormones are out of balance.

WHY DO WOMEN SUFFER VERTIGO AFTER AGE 40?  Simple question, long answer.  Ask if affected.

WHAT’S THE SINGLE, MOST EFFECTIVE DAILY HABIT TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH?  Enemas!  People have hang-ups and misconceptions about enemas.  Check out the YAC Enema Protocol, here.  [If you are sickly or have chronic issues, enemas should be at the top of your list.  They are easy to do and they work!] 

WHAT CAN BE DONE TO SETTLE CARDIOVASCULAR ISSUES, SUCH AS BLOOD PRESSURE, A-FIB AND ARRYTHMIA?  Deal with the causes, and understand that they are side-effects of mycotoxin dominance masquerading as heart disease.  [It’s not your, heart!  It’s inflammation, hormones, thyroid dysfunction and toxicity.]

WHAT ABOUT PRE-DIABETES (BLOOD SUGAR OVER 90) AND DIABETES TYPES 1, 2 & 3?  Lots to learn, here.  Understand the causes and you can avoid drugs and useless, medical metrics like, A1-c.  [Learn more, here.]

WHAT FOODS PROMOTE HEALTH?  Fresh, organic, whole-plant-foods prepared at home with emphasis on fresh greens, such as spinach, kale and chard.

WHAT ABOUT MEAT, FISH, DAIRY AND EGGS?  Eat organic fruits and vegetables, eat modestly, and know that all animal products are loaded with antibiotics and glyphosate [especially dairy and chicken, regardless if labeled, organic.]  Avoid farmed fish.  Eat lots of greens and root vegetables.  Follow Young Again Club protocols to avoid accumulation of glyphosate residues and clear them from your tissues.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT FUNGAL YEAST THAT THE PUBLIC DOES NOT COMPREHEND?  Molds are unlike bacteria, viruses and parasites, and mold infestation affects everyone.  Your terrain dictates body response to mold spores, not exposure.  Antibiotics, steroids and contraceptives activate mold spores to grow and spread, and once infested, you will stay infested until the problem is corrected.  [Whatever your health issue, know that compromised immunity and part of your story.  See Mold & fungus Protocol, here.]

WHAT ARE REAL THREATS TO LIFE AND HEALTH?  Voluntary participation in sick-care medicine, using medications, believing practitioners who have poor [or no] grounding in microbiology, physiology, biochemistry, and evolutionary biology, and who fail to understand the meaning of the word, etiology.  And lastly, failure to understand that practitioners are not free agents, that they are controlled by Big-Pharma and that they are required to sacrifice patient’s best interests in order to comply with the rules of Standard or Care.

WHAT CAN BE DONE TO LOWER HEALTHCARE COSTS?  Put into practice the things discussed in this article.

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT & BELLY FAT?  Create a youthful metabolic rate, change your diet, practice intermittent fasting, restore thyroid function and primal immunity, reverse fungal infestation and mycotoxin toxicity and correct hormone imbalance.  [Ask for guidance!]

WHAT’S A GOOD WAY TO RESTORE MUSCLE AND TONE?  Eat healthy food, avoid overeating, avoid alcohol and wine, clear your body of fungal mycotoxins, restore your hormones, cook your own meals, drink clean water, resurrect metabolic rate, get plenty of exercise and sleep and ask for guidance.









Misdiagnosis Crisis

MISDIAGNOSIS IS A BIG PROBLEM AND IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY!  Don’t settle for misdiagnosis and questionable lab results to sound your alarm.  Misdiagnosis disarms and confuses patients, causing them to embrace non-existent diseases and dangerous, corrosive medications.]  Never forget, the only thing worse than misdiagnosis is treatment for a problem you DO NOT have!

Alternative medicine is losing direction and purpose, and it is following FAST in the footsteps of allopathic medicine.    Practitioners are CAPTIVE AGENTS of Big-Pharma and the game called, sick-care is RIGGED against patients!  Be on guard and ready to play your God card before diagnostic fear seizes your faculties.  For your own good, upon diagnosis, REMOVE YOURSELF so you have time to seek guidance, think and pray.

In many ways, the internet is the WORSE THING that ever happened to people because of information overload.  Seriously!  It’s a VERY BIG problem and I hear it every day!  People are overwhelmed with misinformation and disinformation, don’t know the difference and have no way to assess their situation.  You can change that.

With KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND GUIDANCE, you can separate medical fact from medical fiction, avoid internet information-overload and get control of your health and life.  A word to the wise.

Conclusions & Solutions

Whatever your health problems, your diagnosis is SELDOM the cause.  Your symptoms are the effects. 

If you have health issues, know that your terrain needs tending.  Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  Why tolerate it?  Ask for guidance.AA Better Way

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours.  Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life.

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The Misdiagnosis Called: Lyme Disease The Untold Story Of A Medical Hoax

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are misdiagnosed with Lyme disease.  Unfortunately, this so-called, disease is based on assumptions, misconceptions and meaningless lab tests.  To learn more, read on.

WHERE ARE all of the new cases of Lyme disease coming from?  What if the deer tick hypothesis of Lyme disease is bogus?  WHAT IF alternative medicine’s obsession with this mysterious illness is the equivalent of allopathic medicine’s 80-year blunder over the cause of stomach and duodenal ulcers?  WHAT IF alternative medicine was hijacked and Lyme disease is medical COVER for powerful interests hiding a public health disaster?

Is it possible, alternative medicine was hood-winked into embracing the Lyme [tick] disease hypothesis?  How did Lyme disease grow from NOTHING and become alternative medicine’s cash cow?  What if the Lyme story is a complete and total fiction and patients are the patsies?  WHAT IF the fiction called, Lyme was purposely linked to another very misunderstood malady called, syphilis?  Don’t be too quick to dismiss these questions. 

After all, conventional medicine has perpetuated the myth that CANCER is a genetic disease, when we have known since 1931 that cancer is a [reversible] metabolic disorder and genetics has NOTHING to do with it!  So, if the charade called CANCER can be perpetuated, why not the charade called, Lyme disease? 

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock the sick-care system because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and virtual medicine [medicine devoid of the human factor] is now the standard of care!  Medicine is rigged against the patient and corruption rules!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines lengthen and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

Forward: Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for clearer understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words.  Feel free to forward Special Insights to people you care about! 

A Short History Of Lyme Disease

Lyme disease got its name in 1975 when school children in Lyme, Connecticut suffered from a [mysterious?] arthritis involving nausea, fatigue, headache and malaise.  Please note, the crisis began with SCHOOL CHILDREN; later, adults followed.  Both groups were PREDICTABLY VULNERABLE for reasons you will soon discover!

The crisis, as reported, was mysterious!  Experts were, perplexed!  They had no answers and the media had people, on edge!  Medical authorities NEEDED A VILLAIN to blame, and the lowly, deer tick came to the rescue.  Ticks were the perfect boogeymen to villainize.  People hate ticks!

Experts could not explain the etiology of the strange, new illness, but it did not matter!  Rumor, fear and ticks were a perfect story, and the media went, nuts!  Outbreaks were widely reported and soon, reports of the mysterious illness were, nationwide.  A crisis was developing, people wanted answers, and answers they got!

In 1981, disease EXPERTS announced that the missing link had been found.  The causative agent: Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacterium supposedly carried by ticks and passed to humans when bitten.  Development of diagnostic tests and protocols were fast-tracked, based on the tick/bacteria hypothesis. 

The announcement solidified the OFFICIAL Lyme story.  Science saved the day!  Identification and treatment protocols were made available to unsuspecting practitioners.  The science of Lyme was, settled!  BUT WAS IT?

The problem, then and the problem, today is the same.  Lyme is NOT a disease, ticks are NOT the vector, and diagnostic tests are NOT accurate.  The tick/bacterium hypothesis of Lyme disease has gone unchallenged for 38 years, while the disease called, Lyme has exploded!  Something is wrong with the OFFICIAL story!

In the early days of the Lyme crisis, alternative medicine was the maligned stepchild of allopathic medicine.  It got no respect and it needed a CRISIS to establish credibility.  For alternative practitioners, Lyme was made-to-order, and the timing could not have been better.  However, Lyme was NOT a chance occurrence!

The Lyme crisis [and the science behind it] were bogus from the start.  The story OFFICIAL passed off on alternative practitioners and the public served as POLITICAL COVER for high level health officials, and THEATER for an immune-challenged populace.  The arrival of Lyme disease in 1975 was a SEEDED crisis!

Mysterious Disorders & Diseases

Symptoms alone do not make a disease!  However, when symptoms are given a NAME and supported by LAB TESTS, status and credibility are conferred and mysterious illnesses like Lyme, achieve official, disease status.

Lyme disease and deer ticks gave alternative medicine a PLATFORM, a VILLIAN and the BOOST it needed for credibility among a population who was suffering from dozens of mysterious illnesses.  In the early days, diagnostic flimflam, rumor and fear fueled the crisis.  Later, lab tests provided frosting for the cake called, Lyme!

Diseases are defined by specific signs and symptoms, etiology, mode of transmission and changes in the structure and function of an organ or organism.  Two things that accompany diseases and autoimmune disorders are low-grade inflammation and dysfunctional immunity.  Lyme had both, but so did HUNDREDS OF OTHER MYSTERIOUS, NEW HEALTH DISORDERS that debuted about the SAME TIME as the Lyme crisis. 

In the medical world, autoimmune SYMPTOMS are viewed differently than autoimmune DISEASES.  Generally, medicine ignores autoimmune symptoms, UNLESS THEY ARE MEDICALLY RECOGNIZED, in which case, autoimmune symptoms take on DISEASE STATUS, even though the disease is idiopathic [of unknown cause]. 

If Big Pharma makes medications to treat symptoms of certain idiopathic disorders, those disorders are categorized as DISEASES, so medicine can make money, save face and justify use of risky medications.  Then, If the symptoms ease or abate, medicine can claim a cure even though they have NO IDEA of the cause. 

Lyme is alternative medicine’s version of a make-believe DISEASE, except practitioners think they know the cause and, therefore, can crow that they have a solution.  However, LYME IS NOT A DISEASE!  It’ a collage of autoimmune symptoms operating below diagnostic radar.  Symptoms disease-like, but NOT disease.

The four so called, MAJOR DISEASES [cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and arthritis] share a common element.  All four symptoms are of metabolic origin, not genetic origin.  However, medicine plays along because Big Pharma makes a killing [pun intended!] selling iatrogenic drugs to TREAT DISEASES THAT ARE NOT DISEASES!

A diagnosis of Lyme is based on an unproven hypothesis, worthless labs and disease-like symptoms that are COMMON TO IMMUNE-COMPROMISED POPULATIONS, like those in the USA since, 1950 [when antibiotics and steroids set the cancer devil, loose!]  Lyme disease became alternative medicine’s, cash cow, for exactly the same reasons cancer became allopathic medicine’s, cash cow.  AND BOTH ARE MEDICALLY, FRAUDULENT!

Mysterious symptoms and misinterpreted labs convince sick patients to embrace diagnosis and treatment for diseases THEY DO NOT HAVE!  Lyme disease achieved super star status in the alternative arena because the general population [of all ages] suffers from progressively dysfunctional, immunity.

So, is Lyme disease, real?  Of the hundreds of thousands of people diagnosed with Lyme disease, few [IF ANY] were bitten by ticks! Yet, if you visit a Lyme disease specialist, you will likely be diagnosed with Lyme [tick] disease.  Q. How can patients have Lyme disease when NO SUCH DISEASE EXISTS and tick are not to blame?

Same Symptoms, New Culprits & Same Old Enemy

Eventually, experts were confronted by the fact that the bacterium, Borrelia burgdorferi was NOT the infectious agent they said it was.  So, the industry

[with help from authorities]

did a bait-and-switch, upgraded their story, and proclaimed Bartonella bacteria and Babesia parasites as the new, causative agents of Lyme disease. 

IMPORTANT! Borrelia, Bartonella and Babesia [and their biologic markers] are COMMON to the human microbiota, microbiome and epigenome.  So is Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Klebsiella, Campylobactor, E. Coli, C. difficile, and other pathogenic organisms.  Their presence and markers are NOT PROOF of infection and DO NOT justify treatment for a disease YOU DON’T HAVE!  Antibiotics do NOT work against, Lyme symptoms.  Antibiotics can ONLY be justified for life and death events when virulence is involved. 

Many factors must converge to trigger a health crisis.  Factors such as: stress, drugs, alcohol, poor diet, toxic terrain, mental and physical trauma, lack of sleep, and of course, medications and antibiotics.  Anything that weakens the body’s terrain and immune system, automatically sets the stage for health crises in the form of autoimmune symptoms and MISDIAGNOSIS by practitioners of both alternative and allopathic disciplines.

When a health crisis strikes, it’s your terrain and immune system that DETERMINE your symptoms.  If a biologic trigger is involved, [such as insect stings, tick bites, food allergies, chemical exposure, etc.], responses are TERRAIN AND IMMUNE driven.  Biologics can trigger immune reactions, but they are NEVER the cause!

Tick bites are NOT A PREREQUISITE of symptoms associated with Lyme.  Symptoms, such as malaise, achiness, sore joints, headache, neck stiffness, brain fog, skin rash, eczema, acne, irritable bowel and tinnitus are VERY COMMON in the population and have NOTHING to do with Lyme!  Autoimmune symptoms are easily mistaken for disease, especially when diagnosis is justified by misleading, lab tests.  Don’t forget it!

Instead of trying to cure Lyme [or whatever so-called, disease you think you have], why not restore your terrain and immune system so symptoms will go away?  Symptoms are REAL, but the disease called Lyme is NOT REAL!

IMPORTANT!  How & From Where The Lyme Crisis Originated:

Symptoms associated with Lyme disease are NEITHER bacterial, parasitic, or viral.  Rather, they are side-effects of mold and fungal infestation, low-grade, systemic inflammation and dysfunctional immunity.  The process begins YEARS BEFORE onset of acute symptoms and appearance of the mysterious, bullseye.

When the body CAN NO LONGER COPE with terrain misuse and abuse, autoimmune symptoms intensify. It is ONLY AFTER fungal infestation has inflamed the terrain, hijacked hormones and compromised immunity that viruses and pathogenic bacteria assert themselves and take control of the system.    

Bacterial takeover becomes official when low-risk organisms MORPH into virulent forms.  This phenomenon causes practitioners of every breed to MISINTERPRET symptoms and labs, and issue their misdiagnoses

NOW, PLEASE PAY ATTENTION!  As went cancer in the allopathic arena, so goes Lyme disease in the alternative arena.  The Cancer story and the Lyme story are BOTH medical myths!  Practitioners are IGNORANT of cancer, what it is and what causes it.  They think cancer is a genetic disease, when it’s a [reversible] metabolic disorder

The Lyme crisis was crafted by powerful interests who needed a MEDICAL SCAPEGOAT!  It was CREATED and ORCHESTRATED TO AVOID PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF CONTAMINATED POLIO [AND OTHER] VACCINES used on millions of innocent people in the 1950s & 60s.  The INCUBATION PERIOD following inoculation is 10-20 years.  By 1975, dysfunctional immunity and mysterious symptoms were epidemic!  The Lyme crisis supposedly began with vaccinated children.  Deer ticks provided, cover.  Mission, accomplished!  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Know, Vaccinations and antibiotics set the stage for systemic, low-grade inflammation, immune dysfunction and invasion by fungal yeast.  Vaccinations DO NOT give immunity, they do compromise metabolism and load the brain with heavy metals.  Vaccinations help fungal yeast make mycotoxins that manipulate metabolism, hormones and immunity.  VACCINATIONS ARE WEAPONIZED, TOXIC MEDICINE.  [Read, Dr. Mary’s Monkey.]

Go to a conventional doctor and who knows what you will be diagnosed with?  Go to an alternative practitioner and you will likely be diagnosed with Lyme disease, especially if interpreted lab tests IMPLY, past exposure.

Don’t be too quick to take ownership of Lyme [or any other autoimmune disorder] just because some credentialed expert gives you a diagnostic opinion based on lab tests.  As for the red bullseye, it’s a trigger response, co-incidental to immune challenges.  The bullseye is NOT SPECIFIC to Lyme or tick bites.  Instead, think toxic terrain, poor liver function, intestinal dysbacteriosis and dysfunctional immunity.

Know, poor diet, stress, bowel issues and hormone imbalances [along with accumulation of acidic waste in the tissues] provides a breeding ground for infection and biofilm formation.  [See Terrain pH Protocol, here.]

Know, pathogenic life-forms FEED on mercury, lead and aluminum, and they require IRON to MORPH to virulence and mount infection, assaults.  Heavy metal overload is extremely common in the general population.

Know, the food chain is awash in glyphosate [RoundUp], and every BODY is loaded with the stuff.  You can’t avoid it, but you can remove the residues from your body, and prevent further accumulation.  

Know, antibiotics seriously damage the body’s, terrain.  One-round of antibiotics will haunt you for life, unless you take action, intervene and reverse the damage.  [Probiotics are useless, despite rumor to the contrary!]

Know, everyone gets their daily dose of antibiotics from food.  You can’t avoid them!  Therefore, maintenance of Primal Immunity requires eternal vigilance.  [Read about the YAC Immune Protocol, here.]

Know, glyphosate [RoundUp] speeds bacterial drug resistance by 100,000 times!  Should you develop a serious infection, such as MRSA or C-diff, things get real ugly, real quick due to glyphosate residues in your body.

Know, all medications are a DISASTER IN THE MAKING!  They do NOT cure anything, but they do destroy the body and weaken the immune system!  Why do you think Big Pharma WARNS US with disclaimers in their ads and drug enclosures?  You don’t die of disease, but you do die from drug toxicity.  Don’t forget it!

Observations & Musings

If you get a diagnosis for Lyme or any other so-called, disease, play your God Card and remove yourself before you are goaded into treatment for a DISEASE YOU DON’T HAVE OR ONE THAT DOES NOT EXIST.  Seriously!

Alternative medicine is losing direction and purpose.  It is following FAST in the footsteps of allopathic medicine.    Practitioners are now required to adhere to STANDARD OF CARE RULES that put the patient’s best interests, second.  If disease is diagnosed or suspected, alternative practitioners MUST REFER patients to physicians or specialists in the sick-care system.  Alternative medicine is failing its patients, and fast!

Know, when a health-related crisis occurs, diet, exercise and common food supplements are NOT enough to restore your terrain or immune system.  Primal immunity must be reestablished.  Guidance will be needed.

Readers may wish to read Special Insights, Confused, Desperate or Both?  There, I make the case that people don’t realize what they are up against when they become entangled in the sick-care system!  Another Special Insight entitled, Symptoms, Labels & Delusions offers additional perspective. 

Misdiagnosis Crisis

MISDIAGNOSIS IS A BIG PROBLEM, AND IT HAPPENS EVERY DAY!  Don’t allow diagnostic flimflam and inconclusive lab tests to sound your alarm.  Allow it, and you will be disarmed, you will embrace risky medications, and you will become subject to fictions such as, CANCER and LYME DISEASE.

Know, practitioners are CAPTIVE AGENTS of the sick-care system, and the game is RIGGED against the patient!  Be on guard, and be ready to play your GOD CARD before diagnostic fear seizes control and clouds your thinking.  For your own good, upon diagnosis, REMOVE YOURSELF, so you have time to think and pray.

In many ways, the internet is the WORSE THING that ever happened to people because of information overload.  Seriously!  It’s a VERY BIG problem and I hear it every day!  People are overwhelmed with misinformation and disinformation with no way to accurately assess their situation.  You can change that.

With KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING AND GUIDANCE, you can separate medical facts from medical fictions, avoid internet information-overload and get control of your health.  A word to the wise.

Conclusions & Solutions

Whatever your health issues, Lyme disease is NOT one of them.  If you have health issues, know your terrain needs tending. 

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  Why tolerate it?  Ask for guidance.

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InFlameAway Introductory Offer: Get Your FREE Bottle, Now!

Intestinal inflammation plays a big role in seasonal illness!  Runny nose, chills, fever, phlegm, diarrhea, sinus/lung issues and stuffy ears are all side-effects of intestinal inflammation and the flu season.

Now, there is a naturally way avoid seasonal illness.  By protecting the passageways of your body from inflammation, you can avoid illness, reduce infections and ease congestion without using risky antibiotics, nasal mists and worthless, flu shots.

InFlameAway is an alternative offering to a sister product recently introduced by Young Again Club called, Inches & Pounds.  Both offerings are similar in nature, but each has a different focus.

If your concern is healthy immune response, InFlameAway is for you.  If your concern is waistline and weight reduction and you want healthy immune response, use Inches & Pounds.  Both products are part of the MicroBiota Protocol, and both products contain activated oligosacchrides that assist mucin-producing bacteria thicken the PROTECTIVE lining of your intestinal mucosa.

The inability to shed belly fat and reduce weight is the same problem as inability to grow muscle and bone.  Common to both is INFLAMMATION, and common to both is a dysfunctional mucosa from using ANTIBIOTICS.

InFlameAway is a specialized formula of oligosaccharides that bacteria use to make mucous.  Mucous PREVENTS the intestinal tract from becoming perturbed, a condition called dysbacteriosis.  When the mucosa is perturbed, resident bacteria turn virulent and create infection!  MUCOUS PREVENTS INFECTION!

When combined with the YAC Immune Protocol, InFlameAway accelerates the return of primal immunity, and at the same time, helps manage gas, bloat, bowel disorders and food sensitivity issues.

A dysfunctional mucosa NEEDS mucous to protect and keep the intestinal wall, sealed!  Lack of mucous causes leaky-gut and gluten issues that plague the entire population.  Crohn’s and celiac disease, diabetes, asthma, psoriasis and neuropathy are additional examples!  Behind these problems is misuse of antibiotics.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia are inflammatory brain disorders that have their origins in a perturbed mucosa.  Ditto for ADHD, autism, chronic fatigue, rosacea, lupus and eczema.  Mucous PROTECTS your intestinal tract against inflammation and infection associated with seasonal illness!

Now, you can avoid the misery!  Get your FREE BOTTLE of InFlameAway, today!


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  • Calms moodiness & hyperactivity.
  • Helps blood sugar & insulin resistance.
  • Capsules can be opened &mixed w/liquids.
  • Helps female/male hormones & thyroid.
  • Aids liver function and eases gas & bloat.
  • Naturally compatible with everything.

InFlameAway is now available!  Ask about your FREE BOTTLE with introductory offer.                

John Thomas, Author (509) 465-4154 or email: johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com

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Food, Medication & Opioid Addiction Solutions For The 21st Century

Regular people don’t think addiction can happen to them, but there are MILLIONS of regular people addicted to food, medications and over-the-counter drugs that says, otherwise.  This report identifies the factors driving these epidemics. To learn more, read on.

Addiction has much in common with diet, fats and hormones.  This Special Insight connects the dots, so readers can understand addiction in its many forms.  Most importantly, it provides solutions.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be mocked. My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation:Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and virtual medicine [medicine devoid of the human factor] is the new standard of care!  Medicine is rigged against the patient and corruption rules!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines become longer and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

Forward:Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words.

It’s About Your Terrain MORE Than The Drugs

ADDICTION: dependence on food, medication or substance to achieve a temporary effect.

Not everyone who takes medications becomes dependent on them, but dependence has become a big enough problem to achieve epidemic status!  And yet, drug addiction PALES compared to the food addiction.  Interestingly, the very same issues drive both.

Drug addiction is MORE about body physiology and metabolism than drugs.  It’s also about the function of your body’s defense and immune systems.  Realize, dependence on drugs and medication is CONFIRMATION that the system is dysfunctional and needs to be restored.

Addiction is just one side-effect of an inflamed, MUCOUS-DEPRIVED intestinal tract.  The public’s understanding of addiction is a disaster!  Or course, media, medicine and Big-Pharma want us to ignore the obvious and accept their lies.  Official explanations of addiction are FALSE and epidemic status of addiction is proof. This report offers a realistic perspective that should serve readers well.  Enjoy!

The Six Amigos

Behind addiction are the Six Amigos: a messed-up liver, a perturbed mucosa, unbalanced hormones, infestation by fungal yeast, pre-diabetes and dysfunctional immunity.  Common to all is INFLAMMATION.

When medications lose their ability to deliver the desired effect, you must either increase dosage or switch to a more powerful drug.  This is textbook drug addiction plain and simple. Food addiction is subtle compared to drug addiction, but it matters not. Addiction is addiction!

Addiction AMPLIFYIES WEAKNESSES ALREADY PRESENT in the body.  And regardless of how addictive substances enter the system [oral/food, lungs, injection, skin, suppository or IV], their effects perturb the intestinal mucosa whose job is to INFORM THE BRAIN via the Vagus nerve.

The intestinal mucosa is the RADAR SYSTEM that monitors immune function and metabolism 24/7/365. The mucosa and brain regulate unconscious body functions like heart, digestion, breathing and kidneys.  The mucosa is HARD-WIRED to the brain, and anything that PERTURBS the mucosa PERTURBS the brain and vise-versa.  For example, emotional and/or physical brain trauma antagonizes the mucosa.

Depression, Moodiness & Mental Disturbances

WHAT IF post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD] is the RESULT of brain inflammation caused by medications, and stress is just the trigger?  WHAT IF mass shootings over the past 30 years are the RESULT of medication-induced brain inflammation? WHAT IF attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] in children is CA– USED BY medication [along with a generous supply of sugar, juice and soft drinks] that cause fungal yeast to make mycotoxins?  WHAT IF, INDEED?

Mental experts like to blame cognitive issues on chemical deficiencies, but they are wrong! BRAIN DISTURBANCES ARE INTESTINAL ISSUES IN DISGUISE! Examples are autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, bi-polar and manic depression.  Mental dysfunction is the official version of an inflamed, perforated, MUCOUS-DEFICIENT, intestinal tract.  Count on it!

DID YOU KNOW that excess ferritin iron short-circuits brain function and creates inflammation? Elevated ferritin haunts men over age 40 and women over age 60. Elevated ferritin levels always accompany dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and ferritin iron over “11” is trouble in the making.  [BTW: life insurance actuaries know ferritin is the ultimate risk factor.  Don’t ignore it, the solution is FREE!]

Moodiness and depression are side-effects of yeast manipulation of hormones for their own benefit.  They do it with mycotoxins they secrete to INFLAME the mucosa and brain and warp the epi-genome.  Then, they merge their DNA with human DNA to perpetuate their life-cycle using the body as the vector.  Antibiotics ACTIVATE the process and manipulation of hormones keeps the process going.

The more perturbed the mucosa, the more severe will be fungal infestation, depression, moodiness, brain fog and mental disturbances.  Use of hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics guarantee these issues will eventually appear.  Here’s how you resolve the problem.

Use of psychotropic drugs guarantees emotional and inflammatory imprisonment without bail! Escape becomes impossible for the patient because drugs antagonize the mucosa and brain. By definition, a pharmaceutical drug must be able to KILL YOU to be so classified!  Food supplements, by definition, CANNOT kill you! [FYI: restore your mucosa and doctor will take away those ugly medications!]

Antibiotics are part of modern medicine and life.  They are everywhere in the food chain; there is no escaping them!  Now, add stress and systemic poisons [like glyphosate/RoundUp] and stir, and it easy to understand why everyone’s intestinal tract are under assault 24/7/365.

AGE-RELATED DISORDERS OF THE MUCOSA ARE: dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. EVENT-
RELATED DISORDERS OF THE MUCOSA ARE: autism, ADHD and Asperger’s. The factors behind these degenerative disorders are: antibiotics, vaccinations and environmental poisons like, glyphosate.

Thyroid, Liver, Fluoride & The Mitochondria Kill-Rate

People with compromised immune systems and mucous deficient guts are highly vulnerable to synthetic, opioid drugs like fentanyl and hydrocodone.  These powerful drugs damage the brain, liver and mucosa creating inflammatory dependency.  Fluoride is another, common, metabolic disruptor.

A dysfunctional thyroid is a fluoride/fungal driven problem that is commonly misdiagnosed as hypothyroidism by doctors who base diagnosis on worthless lab tests!  Fluoride binds to thyroid receptors lacking selenium and iodine ions.  Worse, fluoride causes tendon, ligaments and bone to turn BRITTLE and injure easily.  Fluoride inflames brain tissue and causes mental stagnation. And yet, people continue to use fluoridated tooth paste, drink fluoridated water and take fluoroquinolone drugs like, Cipro.  [BTW: broken hips have NOTHING to do with osteoporosis and everything to do with your terrain.]

Steroids share a similar story.  Steroid and opioid drugs are signaling molecules [hormone analogs] that mess with endocrine metabolism.  Steroids [including hormonal contraceptives] promote growth of fungal yeast and mycotoxin manipulation of the endocrine system.  Merger of fungal DNA gives yeast TROJAN HORSE STATUS and allows them to EVADE DETECTION by the immune system.  This is why women suffer so much and why conventional and alternative Candida programs DO NOT WORK!

Steroid shots, creams and pills relieve pain, but in the process they promote candidiasis and a LIFETIME of unpleasant side-effects.  [You can remove them with bio-active bile.]  Steroids, mycotoxins and glyphosate are 21st Century epidemics in the making.  Make sure your name is NOT on the list!

Over-the-counter and prescription drugs DAMAGE the liver.  Fine-print warnings mention the liver because the liver is responsible for processing 90% of toxic substances, and all drugs are toxic.

DID YOU KNOW drug dosages and toxicity warnings are based on the MITOCHONDRIA KILL RATE and liver toxicity?  Kill enough mitochondria with medications and you will get your wings, early. Cripple your mitochondria, and you will become a sick-care, regular.  No medication is friendly and all of them cause brain and intestinal inflammation.  Eventually they KILL the body. [In the interim, you will suffer inflammatory issues such as: gas, bloat, neuropathy, gout, eczema, psoriasis, cardiovascular problems, asthma, mental dysfunction, lung issues and, of course, diabetes.]

An early-stage version of mucosal inflammation is called leaky-gut syndrome and it is always accompanied by poor protein assimilation [think: gluten], liver dysfunction and compromised immunity.

“But my doctor says my liver is fine, and my lab tests prove it!”  “Yah, until your liver is NOT fine!  Then what are you going to do? What if those lab tests don’t mean what you think they mean?  What if doctor doesn’t know what’s going on in your body until after the fact? Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid medical problems, and not be vulnerable due to your own ignorance?”

Healthy metabolism and hormones depend on intake of dietary fat for making cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat-based sterol [note spelling.]  Medicine and Big-Pharma purposely malign cholesterol to create FEAR and provide a SCAPEGOAT for cardiovascular disease and a diversion from the known side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics.  Inheritance and genes have NOTHING to do with heart issues!

The public is terrified of fat and cholesterol!  And yet, cholesterol is critically important for healthy metabolism.  Your liver MAKES cholesterol and your brain is 95% cholesterol. So why the fuss?

Steroidal drugs are synthetic, hormone analogs.  Contraceptives are extremely powerful, steroid analogs that play havoc with female metabolism!  They cause yeast to grow, spread and manipulate hormones.   Steroids are TIME-INSENSITIVE.  If you have ever used them, they will continue to influence your hormones until they are cleared from the system.

Latin, Acidity/pH, Mycotoxins, Cancer & Bladder Infections

Chole is Latin.  Chole refers to the liver, which is responsible for processing dietary fats and making sterols.  Cholesterol is a fat-based sterol and the foundation of our sexual and regulatory hormones.

Cell membranes are composed of cholesterol therefore, it’s no surprise that anything that disrupts fat metabolism, be it drugs, medications or food, disrupts health.  See Cause Unknown, Diagnostic Roulette.

Fungal yeast dramatically alter female metabolism. Women are plagued by yeast-driven bladder infections that doctor and lab tests WRONGLY blame on bacteria.  Women suffer infections more than men because they are have MORE HORMONES and because they use antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives.  [The Mold & Fungus Protocol remedies these issues.]

Tissue acidity creates the perfect environment for addiction!  Acidity, however is NOT the same as pH. The body STORES acidic waste in the tissues to REMOVE IT from circulation.  Everyone should assume they are loaded with acid waste, because we are! Eating alkaline food to alkalinize the body is so much, baloney!  Alkaline theory falls apart when people finally realize that high-acid, fermented foods dissolve acid waste.  WE WANT LESS ACIDITY IN THE TISSUES.  [See the Terrain pH Protocol here.  It’s FREE!]

The more infested with fungal yeast, the more mycotoxins exert control over the body.  Fungus take over the liver, heart, brain, pancreas, thyroid and mucosa by planting their roots [called hyphae] into organ tissue and establishing TROJAN HORSE COLONIES that are INVISIBLE to immune detection.  Brain tumors are an example of fungal colonization that experts WRONGLY call cancer.  [Now you know!]

Fungal mycotoxins produce FALSE-POSITIVE lab tests and ELEVATE liver enzymes seen PRIOR to cancer diagnosis.  [And in case you don’t know it, there’s no such thing as cancer! Don’t believe me? Click here and learn how to avoid a FALSE-POSITIVE MISDIAGNOSIS!

PERHAPS NOW, the reader can appreciate the factors that cause regular people [with zero history of drug abuse] to become addicted.  The process begins the VERY FIRST TIME antibiotics are used.  From then on, it’s downhill for the remainder of your life unless you reverse the process.

Addiction occurs when the body is toxic, when the mucosa is altered, when the immune system is dysfunctional and when fungus control the hormones!

Neurologic disorders [dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s] are INFLAMMATORY DISORDERS partly driven by pre-diabetes[blood glucose levels above 90 over many years], partly by accumulation of FERRITIN IRON in the brain, and partly due to a perturbed intestinal mucosa.  [Poor memory and brain fog are early versions of low-grade inflammation of the brain.]

Arthritis is another name for SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION, and it makes no sense to use drugs for pain when you can address, cause.  [Here is an simple way to reduce inflammation and thicken your gut wall!]

ANTIBIOTICS SHOULD NEVER BE — USED EXCEPT FOR LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS.  However, they will be used in emergency situations and with surgeries and you will NOT be given a choice.  They are required by Standard of Care Rules.  Following use of antibiotics, you can repair the damage with endospheres and mucous substrates.  Don’t waste money on probiotics; they are worthless!  Learn more here.

Lastly, understand that the CONDITION of your terrain, mucosa and immune system PRIOR TO MEDICAL INTERVENTION determines your ability to heal and avoid infection, sepsis being the worst! [CONVERSELY, A HEALTHY, THICK MUCOSAL LINING IS HOW TO AVOID INFLUENZAS. Don’t forget it!]

Dietary Fictions:  Bile, Drug Residues & HCL

Mention dietary FAT and you will encounter confusion.  The problem isn’t the word fat, but misconceptions that dominate topics such as arteriosclerosis, cholesterol and heart disease. Terms like saturated, unsaturated, LDL, HDL, VLDL, animal and vegetarian only add to the confusion.

Natural, saturated fats [butter and coconut oil] DO NOT cause heart disease.  Medical myths about fats [and eggs] serve the interests of Big-Pharma and the sick-care industry, not the patient.

Oleo-margarine [the opposite of butter] is synthesized, man-made fat that mimics butter in taste and appearance without butter’s benefits.  Oils, such as canola, soy and corn, are inflammatory lipids that disrupt hormone metabolism.  Nuts [walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews and sunflower kernels] are loaded with good fats. Eat them with every meal to curve appetite and maintain a thin figure.

When hungry between meals, eat coconut oil and nuts.  They DO NOT trigger production of insulin, yet they yield lots of energy over many hours.  Spacing of meals by SIX HOURS rests the pancreas and tames insulin resistance.  Unlike carbohydrates, fats burn-clean and don’t glaze leptin receptors in the brain that regulate insulin production.  Fats curb food cravings, prevent over-eating and mitigate neurologic challenges such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.  [Here’s a powerful idea to avoid brain deterioration that John Thomas uses for himself.  [Check it out.]

The PRIMARY problem with fat metabolism is the inability to make bile.  Without enough bile and dietary fats, doctor will eventually conjure a diagnosis based on false symptoms and faulty lab tests, and you, the patient, will probably embrace doctor’s MISDIAGNOSIS.  It happens all the time!

Bile is made by your liver and you need a lots of it to process dietary fat.  If you are over 30 years of age, know that you don’t make enough bile which makes you vulnerable to drug and food addiction.  ASSUME YOU ARE BILE DEFICIENT BECA– USE, YOU ARE!  [Here is how you solve the bile problem.]

Bile breaks-down fungal mycotoxins, drug residues and environmental poisons such as glyphosate [Roundup.]  If toxins are not broken-down during intestinal transit, they will be absorbed and STORED in the tissues.  GLYPHOSATE IS THE WORST OF ALL ENVIRONMENTAL POISONS because it penetrates cell membranes and kills your mitochondria.  Nothing comes close to the damage glyphosate inflicts!

Similarly, few people produce sufficient hydrochloric acid to efficiently process dietary proteins. Doctor tells patients their acid reflux occurs because of too much HCL. DOCTOR IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! When you are mucous deficient, undigested protein activates auto-immune responses and leaky-gut issues like gluten intolerance and addiction.  YAC offers activated HCL.  [Check it out, here.]

Hunger is symptom that DOES NOT mean what people think it means.  Those who eat constantly are malnourished because fungus rule their bodies, their food to energy conversion is poor and their microbiota and microbiome are a mess!  Meaning, their immune systems are dysfunctional and they lack mucous to protect their intestinal wall.  ASSUME your mucosal wall is perforated!  ASSUME your system is infested by fungal hyphae!  ASSUME low-grade inflammation is part of your story.

Infants, Fats & Metabolic Syndrome

Breast milk demonstrates the importance of dietary fat.  Breast milk is about 80% fat, with small amounts of lactose and protein.  Babies grow during the sleep cycle from energy supplied by fatty acids and bacteria in breast milk.  Did you know, critically important bacteria migrate from the appendix to the breasts during the final minutes of vaginal birth.  This DOES NOT happen with Cesarian birth and it can’t happen if mom does not have an appendix.  [Similarly, adults repair their bodies during the sleep cycle.]

Baby formulas contain too much carbohydrate, unnatural fats and NONE OF MOM’S MICROBIOME.  Formula causes low-grade inflammation, growth of fungus and weaken baby’s immune system.  There is NOTHING good about formula, and vaccinations and antibiotics destroy baby’s health.

Colic and ear infections in baby are manifestations of compromised immunity, an inflamed mucosa and poor digestion of formula and even breast milk.  Vaccinations and antibiotics, destroy baby’s mucosa, destroy what limited microbiome baby inherited from mom, and create inflammation in baby’s brain.  Fats, in breast milk, mitigate inflammatory response.  [Humans need dietary fats to repair and grow healthy tissue and bone, and protect against INFLAMMATION.  Don’t forget it!]

Baby formula fuels metabolic pre-diabetes, particularly in babies who are vaccinated,  denied vaginal birth, not breast-fed and born to mothers who have compromised immune systems [which is every woman who has used antibiotics BEFORE or during pregnancy.]  It’s wise to restore primal immunitybefore becoming pregnant and help baby after birth regardless if delivered by C-section by vaginal birth.  Probiotics DO NOT restore primal immunity because they DO NOT contain endospheres.]

These days, autoimmune issues dominate life, we injure easily, heal poorly, age prematurely and suffer obesity and inflammation because of food and drug addictions.  Autoimmune symptoms are medically MISUNDERSTOOD, creating high vulnerability of a Missing Diagnosis.

Metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and breast and brain cancer are addiction issues and subject to MISDIAGNOSIS!  They are not diseases, but doctor is REQUIRED to tell you they are.  Never, ever forget: doctor is required to follow Standard of Care Rules that misinform patients by failure to speak candidly.  Doctor’s hands are tied, so it is better and safer to ASSUME DOCTOR DOES NOT KNOW UNDERLYING CA– USES.  The burden is on the patient to spot misdiagnosis before intervention occurs.

Addiction By: Glyphosate & Drug Resistance

GLYPHOSATE IS A METABOLIC DISRUPTER THAT DRIVES ADDICTION!  Glyphosate [aka: Roundup] is an antibiotic, and the food chain is loaded with it!  You can’t avoid glyphosate no matter how clean you eat.  Fact is, our bodies are burdened by glyphosate residues stored in our tissues and we must get rid of it!

Glyphosate disrupts hormone function, sabotages immunity, kills the mitochondria, promotes infection, destroys the mucosa and leads to endotoxicity and dysbacteriosis.

It is no accident that we are seeing more, and more fast-moving, drug-resistant infections.  Did you know, glyphosate ACCELERATES drug resistance by 100,000 times for infections like MRSA, C-diff, Klebsiella and Campylobacter.  Drug resistance means, there will be NO TREATMENT available in a true crisis!

A REAL-LIFE SCENARIO:  you suffer an accident or surgery and receive antibiotics [You will not be asked; they are mandatory!] and the next thing you know, you are fighting for your life because of a drug-resistant infection FUELED BY GLYPHOSATE RESIDUES ALREADY IN YOUR BODY!  Add, a compromised immune system and mucosa, 100,000 dead and 1,000,000 infections a year in the USA alone and infection becomes less mysterious! [This is reality, so clean-up your system, BEFORE trouble erupt!

Roundup is sold as an herbicide, but it’s an ANTIBIOTIC that penetrates cell membranes, destroys the mitochondria, wreaks havoc on your microbiome and epi-genome, and fuels GROWTH of pathogenic microorganisms.  [Glyphosate is behind the  Mysterious Diseases & Strange Infections.

Young Again Club’s answer to glyphosate and drug resistance is the Immune, MicroBiota and Mold & Fungus Protocols.  Follow them to resurrect your metabolism and remove glyphosate from your body.

Purging of glyphosate and drug residues gives your body the opportunity to identify and correct imbalances in the system.  Popular cleanses and purges are useless against glyphosate [and fungal overgrowth] because glyphosate is a cellular, metabolic disruptor that should not be taken lightly.

Conclusions & Suggestions

NOTHING GOOD comes from drug dependency and food addiction, and the best way to protect yourself from their negative effects is to avoid them.

The second solution is to remove residues from your body.  Resurrection of primal immunity and restoration of your mucosa, microbiota and epi-genome play pivotal roles in the de-addiction process.

AFTER YOU FIND YOURSELF IN CRISIS: you can plead ignorance, you can claim you were not given valid information by trusted medical experts, and you can whine, and you can carp!  BUT YOUR BODY DOES NOT CARE because you failed to care for yourself when you could have.

It is the PATIENT’S BURDEN AND RESPONSIBILITY to know what doctor does not know [or won’t tell you!] and to be able to spot misdiagnosis BEFORE unnecessary medical intervention occurs.

Knowing truth allows you to live your life removed from the sick-care system and addiction. If you have issues and suffer from poor health, your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.

Be grateful guidance is available at no cost and be willing to do your part.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

Ask for guidance.

A Better Way

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours.  Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life.

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If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.

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To Good Health,

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Inches & Pounds Introductory Offer: Get Your FREE Bottle, Now!

Whether overweight or slim and trim, inflammation plays a part in everyone’s life!  Now, there is a way to manage your waistline, reduce inflammation and improve well-being all at the same time.  Here’s the story.

Inches & Pounds is a unique product offering and the centerpiece of the MicroBiota Protocol.  It contains activated oligosacchrides that help mucin-producing bacteria thicken the PROTECTIVE lining of the intestinal wall and reduce inflammation in the body.  Inches & Pounds is unique in every way.

Inches & Pounds helps build the intestinal mucosa.  Excess weight and belly fat are side-effects of a perturbed mucosa.  So are autoimmune problems, brain and memory issues.  Mucous PROTECTS the gut from becoming perturbed, a condition called dysbacteriosis.  Production of protective mucous helps everything.

Inches & Pounds is a WINNER and you will appreciate what it will do for you!  When used with the Immune Protocol, you can create primal immunity while you reduce excess fat and manage bowel and bloat issues.  Inches & Pounds is a novel approach in the endless search for peak health.  And, it’s easy to use, too!

When the intestinal mucosa becomes perturbed, bacteria such as C. difficile [C-diff], Klebsiella and MRSA [Staph aureus], MORPH into virulent strains!  Proof is 100,000 dead and 1,000,000 infections per year in the USA, alone!  Healthy mucous PREVENTS INFECTION.  It is the exact opposite of waste mucous.  Do not confuse them!

Mucin-forming bacteria make mucous when fed nutrients in the form of activated oligosaccharides.  A healthy layer of mucous ENDS leaky-gut syndrome, a condition affecting EVERYONE because of universal use antibiotics!  When the intestinal wall is breached, you will hear ugly words like Crohn’s, celiac, diabetes, asthma, psoriasis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease!  Never, ever do you want to hear any of these words from doctor!

Pathogenic organisms reside in humans and cause no trouble until we come under STRESS or use ANTIBIOTICS.  Then, they turn virulent!  Hospitals are known for virulence, and fungal yeast set the stage for bacterial outbreaks.  A healthy mucous lining PROTECTS AGAINST INFECTION!  Do you understand?

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia have their origins in a perturbed mucosa that TALKS WITH YOUR BRAIN 24/7/365!  Other examples are: gluten intolerance, allergy, poor memory, autism, chronic fatigue, rosacea, lupus and eczema.  A healthy layer of mucous PROTECTS your gut and your brain!  Do you understand?

Sick-care is known for: misleading lab tests, medications and misdiagnosis.  Now, you can avoid all three and improve your health, at home, no matter your age!  Get you FREE BOTTLE of Inches & Pounds, today!


  • Helps commensal bacteria make mucous.
  • A welcome solution for intestinal disorders.
  • Reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Helps bladder and prostate issues.
  • Promotes deep, wonderful sleep.
  • Sharpens memory & eases brain fog.
  • Calms moodiness & hyperactivity.
  • Helps blood sugar & insulin resistance.
  • Capsules can be opened &mixed w/liquids.
  • Helps female/male hormones & thyroid.
  • Aids liver function and eases gas & bloat.
  • Naturally compatible with everything.

 Inches & Pounds is now available!  Ask about your FREE BOTTLE with introductory offer.                       

John Thomas, Author (509) 465-4154 or email: johnthomas@YoungAgainClub.com

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To Good Health,

John Thomas, Author
Young Again!

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An Inspirational Story of Self-Help Crisis, Recovery & Regeneration

Everything is perfect!  Exciting words for a man who, 2 years before, was fighting for his life.  This Special Insight is a call-to-action with an inspirational message.  I trust you will find it rewarding.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be mocked. My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and virtual medicine [medicine devoid of the human factor] is the new standard of care!  Medicine is rigged against the patient and corruption rules!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines become longer and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

Forward: Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words.

The Big Picture

Q. How do you lose your health?  A. Slowly at first, and then all at once!

Medicine and science are considered safety nets because they come to the rescue in times of crisis, buy-time and provide opportunity to change one’s ways.  But, they also have a mesmerizing effect, causing people to assume when their time comes, medicine and science will save them.  Perhaps. Perhaps, not?

A good dose of the sick-care system brings new understanding to the word risk [as in misdiagnosis!] along with the hassle of office visits, questionable lab tests and of course, medications.

An accidental injury is an event, degenerative disease and aging a process.  They are not the same thing.  And, while surgery and medications can make the difference between life and death, after the crisis is over is when we get the opportunity to separate the SYMPTOMS from the CA– USES that precipitated the crisis.

Q.  How do you comprehend doctor’s diagnosis and prognosis when needed information is withheld, and your skill set for making an accurate assessment of your circumstance is lacking?  A. You don’t!

Doctors and emergency rooms deal in signs, symptoms, medications and band-aids.  That’s what they do. Whatever information the patient gathers during the process is always incomplete and usually spiked with assumptions, misconceptions and medical myths.

The sick-care system [especially now that it is going virtual] lacks meaningful interaction between doctor and patient.  It is dehumanized!  From my perspective, the best way to remedy the situation is to restore some humanity with knowledge and guidance so people can advocate for themselves with valid information!

Like it or not, the patient is on their own!  It’s the patient’s responsibility to know. Information from doctor, family and the internet have limited value if patients have neither the experience nor the knowledge needed to assess and to make good decisions.  [Oddly, medical professionals suffer the same fate as their patients. I wonder if it’s because they believe their own press releases or if it’s the myths they were taught in school?]

How we care for ourselves tells the tale when crisis, strikes.  After a crisis passes is when guidance takes on perspective.  After is when we become our own, best advocate.

There are FOUR TENETS that everyone [whether patient, health zealot or practitioner] must accept and embrace if they wish to enjoy good health and escape the clutches of the sick-care system.  They are:

ASSUME your immune system is compromised.  ASSUME your body is invaded by fungal yeast. ASSUME low-grade inflammation is a factor in you story.  RECOGNIZE that inflammation is the effect, never the cause!

People have only a cursory understanding of the long term effects and damage ANTIBIOTICS inflict upon the body.   [And one round anytime in in your life is all it takes to perturb your system.]

Few people realize that loss of primal immunity and invasion by fungal yeast automatically follows use of antibiotics.  Few understand that EVERY disease, disorder and syndrome is an autoimmune response, and that behind everything autoimmune is loss of primal immunity, a dysfunctional microbiota, fungal control of hormones and leaky-gut issues.  INFLAMMATION IS A SYMPTOM OF UNDERLYING ISSUES!

Now, it’s time for Dave’s, inspiring story.  Note: This story could just as easily be Sue’s story, Bill’s story, Carol’s story or YOUR story.  Lots of lessons, here!

Dave’s Reality Check

Dave wasn’t paying attention to his body’s signals, and when it could tolerate no more, crisis struck!  He experienced cardiac and prostate complications at the same time!  The chicken had come home to roost!

Dave thought things were fine, but things were NOT fine!  Low grade inflammation and a dysfunctional immune system went unnoticed.  Dave’s metabolism was sub-clinical, meaning it functioned below the threshold of medical radar.  No one, including doctor, saw Dave’ problems coming.

Medically speaking, Dave’s immune system was normal!  So, when crisis struck, Dave had no idea and no compass with which to navigate.  Worse, he did not realize health is lost slowly at first, and then all at once! He thought he would get along and then one day, just fall over. Instead it came all at once. [Lab tests do not identify low-grade inflammation that always accompanies autoimmune issues, and medicine can’t be bothered.]

Following emergency intervention, Dave stabilized.  Then, he started asking questions like, “How did this happen?  Is it lifestyle or genetics?  Could my problems have been avoided?  Can reoccurrence be prevented?  At my age, can the damage be reversed?”

Good questions!  Dave was thinking deeply and he was following his instincts.  He wanted answers.  He realized medications were a bad-trip that would only make matters worse.  So, he politely, demurred.

When crisis struck, Dave was 70 years of age.  His prostate was causing bladder and kidney problems.  It was obvious, inflammation was a big factor in his story.  Life had taken its toll.

Dave underwent heart bypass and prostate surgery.  It was do or die!  He was given intravenous, broad-spectrum ANTIBIOTICS with both surgeries for fear of secondary infection. Choice was not an option!

The surgeon’s job was done!  The prognosis: “You will live, but you will live your life on the margin, dependent on medications and medical oversight.   Doctor offered no guarantees. Dave was to take his meds, walk the line and be a good boy.

Dave was glad to be alive, but he DID NOT LIKE his marching orders!  In search of answers, he picked up the phone and asked for guidance.  The conversation was challenging!  Dave was NOT young, and odds were against him.  He understood the game: do your part and the body will do its part.

Understandably, Dave had scar tissue complications from both surgeries, along with other things such as hardened arteries, systemic inflammation, dysfunctional liver, elevated blood pressure, poor immunity, A-fib, arrhythmia, pre-diabetes, fluid retention, sleep irregularities, poor energy, vision and hearing problems.

Dave Was A Mess & He Knew It!

The difference, however, between Dave and most patients was, Dave had made a pledge and he was willing to follow the yellow brick road of health and rejuvenation.   What he needed most was guidance and someone to talk to along the path of recovery.

In the months that followed, Dave’s body, transformed!  As the miracle of regeneration expressed itself, the inflammation slowly subsided.  Then, his progress accelerated.

Dave had to contend with doctor pushing medications [for his own good, mind you!]  But, he politely maneuvered around the problem.  Doctor could not argue with Dave’s progress, his overall well-being or the lab results.  [Dave kept doctor out of harm’s way with results, so doc would not be criticized.]  As the months passed, doctor no longer pushed medications.  In fact, he withdrawn them because he could not justify them.

Dave never caved to medical pressure.  Instead, he played the game, gave doctor credit and did not challenge the doctor or their medications.  He quietly did his own thing and let his body take care of the rest.  Only once did Dave have to play the God-Card.  Doctor said Dave was the perfect patient.

Today, Dave’s lab numbers are perfect!  More importantly, he has plenty of energy, good health and better sense of well-being than before his problems had begun.  Dave has a new life. He did his part.  He got his wish.

Dave’s Story Could [And Should Be] Everyone’s Story

A crisis is a WAKE-UP call!  Few people recognize the symptoms until a crisis arrives with a bang!

Do you want a life without symptoms, medications and doctor appointments?  A life where you feel good and can’t remember doctor’s name because you don’t have a doctor?  Or, would you rather report for your FREE physicals and undergo colonoscopy, mammogram, endoscopy, biopsy, etc.?

Your answer will determine your medical future.  Who cares who pays for office calls and medications when you have no need for either one of them?  Should you decide to pay doctor a visit, all you want to hear is what Dave heard from his doctor: “Your numbers are perfect!  Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!  See you next year!”

Dollars & Sense?

So, what’s it going to be, dear reader?  Care for yourself or get-in-line for FREE sick-care?

Know, that Dave had a limited budget.  But with guidance, he made his money, count.  He took advantage of every suggestion, and personal responsibility for himself.  He did not carp, he did not whine! He did his part.

Dave is now approaching 73 years of age and he is a happy camper!  Primal immunity has been restored and his body is no longer burdened by fungus manipulating his cardiovascular system and prostate.

It’s Time To Choose

Q. What if medicine is a just a high-class racket?  What if popular medical jargon is just mumbo-jumbo?  What if Big-Pharma and drugs are your enemy? What if medicine has no idea what’s behind your troubles?  What if those warm, fuzzy TV ads are carefully, crafted lies? What if you are better off on your own?

Do you believe medicine and science will save you when your crisis comes, knocking?  Hoping makes no sense!  Prevention is better than free admission to the sick-care system.

Never forget, sick-care is NOT your friend and the patient is always the, patsy!  Why put yourself in harm’s way by allowing others to seize control of your life with drugs and fear?  Nothing good comes of either one!

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis are the BIG FOUR.  But, there are hundreds of other health issues haunting people. Behind all of them is inflammation.  How you spell the diagnosis doesn’t matter.

Conclusions & Solutions

Know, if you have health challenges, your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is provided without cost.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

Ask for guidance.

A Better Way

Abundant energy and a pain-free body can be yours.  Special Insights™ from Young Again Club helps you enjoy a better life.

Each issue of Special Insights is a chapter in my NEW BOOK by the same title.  They are FREE to everyone; forward them as you wish, and if you want family or a friend to receive them, simply provide their name and email address by clicking here.

If you have not read Young Again! you should.  If you would like a copy of the book, click here.

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Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

If you found this information interestingforward to a friend.

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To Good Health,

John Thomas, Author
Young Again!

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Auto-Brewery Syndrome What It Is & How It Influences Cancer Diabetes & Everything Else

Alcohol has two faces.  The face readers know and the face few know anything about.   Non-traditional alcoholism affects everyone; a parallel vortex of sorts.  To learn more, read on.

[Heads up!  5-G technology for TVs, routers, internet and phone systems is coming soon, and there will be consequences for our DNA and microbiome.  Auto-brewery syndrome already burdens people’s immune systems and 5-G technology is going to make maintenance of health ever more challenging.  Please take this month’s message seriously.  We live in challenging times and now is the time to prepare.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be mocked.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  Virtual medicine is coming soon and you are not going to like it.  The medical system is rigged against the patient and corrupt, too!  Long waiting lines are coming; knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

Forward: Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words.

Overview of Auto-Brewery Syndrome & Alcohol

This Special Insight explores auto-brewery syndrome and the production of alcohol within the human body.  Auto-brewery syndrome haunts most people.  It haunted John Thomas most of his life.  Here is what you need to know about auto-brewery syndrome and its effects on health.

Usually, alcoholism refers to over consumption of commercial alcohol in the traditional sense.  But, a different type of alcoholism is fueling the surge in autoimmune disorders in addition to the big four autoimmune challenges called: CANCER, HEART DISEASE, DIABETES and ARTHRITIS.

Most people depend on carbohydrates for energy and for keeping their alcohol still, going.  Alcohol made in the body is the product of auto-brewery syndrome and the only difference between it and commercially produced alcohol is the name on the label and the alcohol content.

Alcohol is pure mycotoxin made by fungal yeast, and people are infested with candida yeast because they used ANTIBIOTICS earlier in their lives, setting the devil loose!  When antibiotics were used DOES NOT matter; everyone is in the home brewery business whether they realize it or not.

Fungal yeast seize-control of the body by merging their DNA with our DNA and by secreting mycotoxins to manipulate body metabolism and insure completion of their lifecycle within the human body.

In the process, the body MORPHS and we become hybrid creatures, part human and part fungus with dysfunctional immune systems UNABLE TO DETECT fungal invasion.  Once fungus achieve Trojan Horse status, they beguile immune function and give new definition to the word, normal!

Alcohol is converted carbohydrate; energy fuel that metabolizes easily compared to proteins, and at the same time, results in less output of mg-ATP [our basic energy unit].  Given no alternative, the body automatically takes the easy path of burning carbs and operating in the pre-diabetic state.  Meaning, blood glucose levels above 90.  [Blood sugar levels between 100 and 120 are the rule, not the exception.]

Doctor was taught that blood glucose between 90 and 120 is normal and fine.  Wrong!  Above 90 is NOT fine, but it is very common in the population!  These days, medicine focuses on the patient’s A1c score which is another useless, medical metric on the path to clinical diabetes.  Here’s more on the topic.

When blood sugar is maintained above 90 over many years, the body becomes carbohydrate dependent and brain receptors that regulate insulin production become, glycated.

Officially, alcoholism affects only a small demographic of people.  Unofficially, sugarholicism affects all of the rest of us; partly because we consume too much carbohydrate and partly because auto-brewery syndrome causes the food we eat to FERMENT and make alcohol.  Gas, bloating, obesity and bowel disorders are symptomatic examples of INTESTINAL FERMENTATION.  There are many examples.

Fermentation of glucose is the ESSENCE OF CANCER at the cellular level!  When the body is unable to process excess glucose and protein, it converts them to FRUCTOSE which yeast use to control and disrupt immune function and create chaos in the body.  We are describing Trojan Horse Warfare orchestrated by fungal yeast!

Those of us not diabetic or alcoholic, unknowingly struggle with sub-clinical pre-diabetes and insulin resistance.  Auto-brewery syndrome fuels the process on an ongoing basis.

Intestinal challenges and autoimmune disruptions are SYMPTOMS of trouble in the making.  Thankfully, these problems can be mediated with the Young Again Club Immune Protocol [for restoration of primal immunity and restoration of dysfunctional metabolism.]

A Few Simple [But Important] Definitions

STILL: equipment for making alcohol from carbohydrates [grain, sweets, potatoes, etc.].  In the human body, auto-brewery syndrome sees to it that fungal yeast make mycotoxins to perpetuate their lifecycle.  [BTW: mycotoxins are behind elevated blood pressure, A-fib, arrhythmia, thyroid problems and more.]

ALCOHOL: converted carbohydrate usually created commercially, but in the digestive tract, the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle orchestrates the FERMENTATION process  For this discussion, carbohydrate (carbs), sugar, glucose and alcohol are used interchangeably, as are alcoholic and sugarholic.

CARBOHYDRATE:  starches and sugars made by plants from solar energy through photosynthesis.  For this discussion, carbohydrate (carbs), sugar, glucose and alcohol are used interchangeably, as are alcoholic and sugarholic.

Carbohydrate conversion to body fat is a problem shared by protein.  For example, protein intake over 6% is CONVERTED to glucose, then to FRUCTOSE and finally to BODY FAT.   [These facts should help the reader understand the forces driving the obesity epidemic happening all around us.]

Carbohydrates Burn Dirty & Confuse The Body

Whether you imbibe alcohol or make-your-own within your body is not important.  What is important is this: if you force your body to survive on carbohydrates, it will become dependent on them as its primary energy source and will choose to burn carbs over the preferred energy source: FAT!

Carbohydrates CONF– USE the body because they BURN DIRTY, leaving sugar residues that COAT BRAIN RECEPTORS responsible for monitoring the hormone, leptin.  Leptin tells the brain to turn-on or turn-off the pancreas.  Unregulated, the pancreas overproduces insulin and exhausts itself, and we become insulin RESISTANT.  With insulin resistance comes systemic inflammation and ARTHRITIS!  [If you are arthritic, know that you are systemically inflamed, insulin resistant and pre-diabetic.  It’s that simple!]

Insulin shuttles blood sugars from the blood into cells where mitochondria burn glucose and make energy.  Insulin resistance means cells WILL NOT accept sugars from the blood, and, therefore, glucose levels rise.  Pre-diabetes sets the stage for insulin resistance and degenerative disease.  Aging and disease DO NOT cause inflammation, but pre-diabetes and insulin resistance sure does.  Don’t forget it!]

Unlike carbs, FATS DO NOT DEPOSIT sugar residues on brain receptors, but they yield endurance without food cravings or the need to eat often.  Contrary to medical myth, eating small meals often is DESTRUCTIVE because when you eat, the pancreas makes insulin.  Snacks are a bad idea because they trigger insulin production and pancreatic burnout.  [Separate meals by six hours.  Fats make it possible.]

When islet cells of the pancreas [that are responsible for insulin production] are overworked, they shut-down and you become a clinical diabetic.  If you require synthetic insulin to live, you are INSULIN DEPENDENT.  Some diabetics [and people] are both insulin resistant and insulin dependent.

INSULIN RESISTANCE and INFLAMMATION are birds of a feather.  Most normal people are insulin resistant [with blood glucose levels over 90], living their lives in as pre-diabetics for YEARS before doctor pronounces diagnosis of diabetes.  In other words, it just a matter of time before trouble manifests.

PRE-DIABETES IS A SLEEPER CONDITION!  That is why it is so insidious and dangerous.    Unlike clinical diabetes [diabetes mellitus], pre-diabetes [glucose 90-120] DOES NOT REGISTER as a problem on lab tests or doctor’s radar.  Officially, pre-diabetes DOES NOT EXIST until you reach glucose 130.  Elevated blood sugar levels inflame the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys and pancreas and behind the inflammation you will discover auto-brewery syndrome, fungal infestation and the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle in-play.

There are three kinds of diabetes: I, II and III.  Type III goes by names like dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Most neurological disorders, are BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES in disguise!  Genetics is irrelevant!  Mental deterioration is not what people think it is, or what it appears.  SOLUTION: keep your blood glucose levels below 90, restore primal immunity and implement THIS novel idea.]

Carbohydrate dependent bodies burn carbs BEFORE they burn fats.  But, if trained, the body will burn fats BEFORE it will burn carbs.  When fats are burned, waste clears from the blood and glycated [sugar coated] brain receptors clear and assume proper regulation of insulin and the pancreas.

Eat plenty of saturated fats and you will NOT become [or stay] obese and you will NOT develop belly flap, either.  And, if you already suffer from them, they will go-away!  Most importantly, you will NOT age pre-maturely and you will NOT suffer degenerative disease.  All this from SATURATED FAT!

Traditionally, carbohydrates are the food of the poor.  Yet, today most people [rich and poor] depend on them for energy.  If you follow the government’s idiotic, dietary, food pyramid and listen to air-headed dieticians, DIABETES IS IN YOUR FUTURE along with lots of other medical issues.  Count on it!

[In ancient Rome, soldiers were fed grain, instead of meat and fats when Rome’s money was debased and the empire could not afford to feed its soldiers, foods of substance.]

Sir Isaac Newton’s Law of Conservation of Energy says: “Energy is never lost, it merely changes form.”  Make sure the food you eat works in your favor and your metabolism can handle the burden food imposes upon your body.  Read more here. 

Food Cravings & More

FAT satiates appetite better than carbs, and carbs burn-off quickly!  Constant hunger and need to eat is the symptom.  Worse, carbs spike sugar, encourage over-eating and fuel overgrowth of yeast.

Carbs are used to fatten cattle and pigs in the months prior to slaughter when they are less active.  People who exercise daily process carbs better because they MOVE THEIR BODIES, not because they burn more calories.  Burning calories to lose weight is urban myth, while exercise speeds metabolism.

Belly fat and cellulite are VISIBLE SIGNS of metabolic dysfunction; tissue acidity and hormone manipulation by fungal yeast are below radar symptoms undetectable by lab test until patients reach crisis level, as in cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular events.

Waste [stored in the tissues] is what gives cellulite its strange, jello-like appearance.  When you see it, know that glycated brain receptors and elevated blood glucose levels are at-play.  [Cellulite is the bane of women!  Getting rid of it is not difficult if you have guidance.]  Ask for help, here.

Alcoholics and sugarholics crave carbs because they need a SUGAR FIX!  Cravings are classic symptoms of candida overgrowth and auto-brewery syndrome.  Generally, you will also discover tissue acidity [which is NOT the same as acid pH] is part of that person’s profile.

A healthy microbiome and a vibrant epigenome are central to a strong immune system.  However, eating healthy food, and avoiding junk food, sweets and alcohol WILL NOT [by themselves] restore primal immunity.  [See, Young Again Club Immune Protocol and Mold & Fungus Protocol.]

Digestion and gut issues automatically follow use of ANTIBIOTICS, and contrary to urban myth, probiotics DO NOT restore the intestinal wall, nor gut microflora after antibiotics have devasted the system.  Regeneration of the gut wall and restoration of primal immunity requires introduction of bacterial endospheres [which have nothing to do with probiotics.]  Learn more here. 

Gas, bloat, bowel issues, and symptoms of MAJOR DISEASE confirm existence of fungal dominance, leaky-gut syndrome and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle at work.

Add glyphosate poisoning [from Roundup in the food supply] and the reader should have a new understanding of gluten intolerance, allergies and autoimmune responses epidemic in the population.  Restore immune function and end yeast overgrowth and there will be no need for alternative modalities.  [Alternative practitioners have UNSUCCESSFULLY wrestled with fungal issues for over 30 years!]

Alcohol acidifies the tissues, and fruit-based alcohol [wine, tequila, brandy, and rum] are the WORST because they are fruit based!  Fructose is inflammatory regardless if it comes from fruit, table sugar or made by the liver from excess protein and glucose.  Fructose goes 100% to body fat!  Table sugar is 50% fructose.  Agave, 100% fructose.  Yeast infested bodies make lots of FRUCTOSE!

You can consume sugar and fruit until your body can tolerate no more!  When that day comes, doctor will utter, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s or cardiovascular disease.  Now you know why!  And, if you remember this article, you will know why and how your issues came to be.

Arthritics, Alcoholics & Everyone Else

Arthritis is the most common complaint, worldwide.  Heart disease is the biggest killer.  Diabetes and cancer follow.  Behind them is fungal yeast!  And, while inflammation is made worse by reactive foods, leaky-gut and poor digestion, the controlling factor is mycotoxin dominance caused by fungal yeast!

Alcoholics Anonymous [God bless them!] helps people who suffer from alcohol dependency.  Yet, AA members eat sweets after their meetings, perpetuating carbohydrate dependency, the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and auto-brewery syndrome.  Few people recognize how much sugarholics and alcoholics have in common.  The difference, however, is one of perception only.

Sweets are a part of social and business gatherings everywhere.  The populace is addicted to them.  Know, it is fungal yeast that CREATE THE CRAVINGS that force us to stoke our stills and make alcohol. [FYI: it is ANTIBIOTICS that we used YEARS AGO that allow fungal yeast to control our metabolism.

In the 18th century, sugar and rum fueled the slave trade.  In those days, sugar was referred to as “That old devil, sugar!”  The devil was in the details.  Carbohydrate loading is another dumb idea promoted by so-called nutritionists and exercise buffs in the nineteen eighties.  Those who followed this practice paid dearly as metabolic dysfunctions manifested and diabetes came home to roost!

Alcohol destroys the liver because alcohol is pure mycotoxin.  Notice the word toxic in intoxication and toxin in mycotoxin?  Candida albicans [a fungal yeast] make TOXINS that bring on things like fatty liver, cirrhosis, cardiovascular issues and thyroid problems, just to name a few.

Did you know, it is the mycotoxins [made by fungal yeast] that are responsible for those ELEVATED LIVER ENZYMES PRECEDING CANCER DIAGNOSIS?  So, is it cancer or mold and fungus?

Want to know a secret?  Big medicine and Big-Pharma tell lots of big, fat lies and cancer is one of them.  Cancer is NOT A DISEASE!  We have known this since 1931 when Otto Warburg got the Nobel Prize for science and his discovery and documentation that CANCER IS A FUNGUS!  Don’t believe me?  Click here and here to solve the riddle.  [And, it was introduction of ANTIBITOTICS in 1950 that ignited the cancer epidemic, along with removal of mycology from medical curriculums to cover the medical, charade.]

Ask yourself why non-drinkers suffer like drinkers?  And, why non-smokers suffer COPD?  And, what if asbestos has nothing to do with mesothelioma[?] and cigarettes and alcohol are just distractions and scape goats that provide cover for bigger issues?  And, why [in the last 10 years] are kidney clinics popping-up everywhere?  [Read, Mysterious Diseases & Infections to understand the riddle.]

Know, your liver is the ONLY organ capable of REGENERATION following 75% surgical removal.  Restoration of health is easy once you regenerate your liver and immune system.  The liver regenerates in less than one year with help.  Ditto for kidney function!  But, you must seek guidance before the white-coat experts kill you!  Check out the Tissue & Liver Protocol.  Also, here is a cost-free tip of great value.

Shutting-Down Your “Still” Within

Shutting-down your still and understanding how the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle affects your health are important issues if you wish to resurrect primal immunity and restore your health.

If you suffer from ANYTHING, know that systemic inflammation rules your body and carbohydrate dependence is a factor in your story.  And, if you fail to eat saturated FAT or you can’t process fats you do eat, INFLAMMATION WILL RULE YOUR BODY.  [Inflammation is the symptom, not the cause!

SATURATED FATS control food cravings, but their assimilation requires a healthy liver and plenty of bio-active bile.  [Saturated fats include: butter and coconut oil.]  Coconut oil capsules [with lauric acid] are convenient for work or outings to curve food cravings, maintain energy and clear brain fog and sharpen memory.  If you don’t like spooning coconut oil, try these unique capsules from Young Again Club.

Saturated fat function as a BRAKE on both the Sugar/alcohol Cycle and auto-brewery syndrome because they are hostile to molds and yeast.  And, so is the Terrain pH Protocol.  Check it out; it’s FREE!

Know, long before doctor utters the diagnosis, your glucose levels have been HIGH NORMAL [above 90] for a long time, and auto brewery syndrome was a factor in your story.  [Diabetes Type I and autism are notable exceptions.  They follow VACCINATION INDUCED TRAUMA on the body.]

Auto-brewery syndrome and pre-diabetes are INFLAMMATORY BLOOD SUGAR ISSUES that forerun cancer and degenerative disease.  Disease is merely the symptom.  Don’t forget it!

Conclusions & Solutions

Now, you understand auto-brewery syndrome and alcohol’s effects on immune function.  You also understand what you need to do to keep control of your health and your life.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is provided without cost.   Ask for guidance here.

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John Thomas, Author
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Mysterious Infections & Diseases What’s Behind Them, How To Protect Yourself

Compromised immunity is responsible for the increase of mysterious diseases and infections confronting the populace.  This report identifies the causes and the culprits, and most importantly, teaches you how to restore your immune system to the level it was the day you were born.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and the medical system is rigged and corrupt!  Virtual medicine is coming, and you are not going to like it.  In the near future, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.  Prepare to care for yourself and your loved ones.

Forward Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for clearer understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, simply click on the blue, underlined words.

Overview Of Compromised Immunity

Loss of primal immunity and elimination of autoimmune assault on cellular mitochondria are serious issues for everyone, and glyphosate toxicity is driving the assault on everyone’s immune system.

Compromised immunity is now the human condition, and marginal health, the norm.  Behind immune issues you will find glyphosate, vaccinations, medications, fungal infestation and antibiotics.

Given no choice, your immune system makes-do according to the condition of your body’s, terrain.  And, if compromised and, corrected, your body will automatically restore immunity.  Peak health, then, is the side-effect of judicious terrain management and the exact opposite of a compromised immune system.

It comes as no surprise that autoimmune symptoms plague the populace, young and old alike.  The word autoimmune is CODE for challenged immunity, inflammation and leaky-gut syndrome.

Leaky-gut syndrome implies a porous, intestinal wall.  But, few people realize glyphosate poisoning and perforation of the gut wall by fungal hyphae is what is behind the problem.  Gluten is NOT the culprit.

Intestinal symptoms, such as flatulence, bloat, and bowel disorders of every kind are poorly understood, even among alternative practitioners.  All too often, they resort to dietary management as a fix.  Avoidance of gluten, for example, has become the mantra of millions of people.  However, avoidance of food related triggers is an incomplete remedy that FAILS TO IDENTIFY THE CA– USE.  And, without knowing the cause of the problem, intestinal dysbiosis and rollercoaster existence become the new, normal!

Intestinal dysbiosis plagues the populace and the deluge of strange, new, diagnostic labels is evidence of rampant misdiagnosis within sick-care circles and alternative circles, alike!  Never forget, misdiagnosis exposes patients to unnecessary intervention for imaginary diseases they don’t have.

It should also come as no surprise that chronic inflammation, incomplete healings, a parade of avoidable injuries and premature aging rule the populace.  Poor health is the side-effect of metabolic insufficiencies and regulatory dysfunctions, and the universal symptom is, INFLAMMATION!

Metabolic insufficiencies manifest when immunity becomes compromised and vital organs are unable do their job.  Behind people’s symptoms, you will discover mold and fungal infestation, loss of primal Immunity and mitochondrial dysfunction.  These underlying conditions lead to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome and leaky-gut are twin issues, and exposure to glyphosate [Roundup] plays a pivotal role.  Syndrome effects are insidious and diverse, causing clinicians to routinely, misdiagnose.

Lack of training and faulty medical theory dominate medicine!  Doctors are not biochemists, and poor understanding of physiology and biochemistry causes practitioners to ignore what they see and, instead, embrace the Germ Theory of Disease.  [Also, doctor’s hands are tied by the “standards of care.”]

Germ theory is always a safe bet for doctor, and patients expect a diagnosis.  They want the enemy, identified!  Unfortunately, medical enemies come in many costumes.  So, remember, the only thing worse than misdiagnosis is intervention, drugs and surgeries to correct problems you don’t have.

Good practitioners must COMPLY with “standards of care” that promote drugs, lab tests and surgical intervention to placate patients.  Yes, alternative medicine is friendlier than mainstream medicine, but practitioners also must, COMPLY.  So remember, alterative doctors are only allowed to practice if they do not embarrass their peers or threaten Big-Pharma’s chokehold on medicine choice.

Ultimately, the patient’s dilemma comes down to the Missing Diagnosis and comingling of the words, SYMPTOM and CA– USE.  They are not the same thing.  In medicine, the word CURE is defined as the alleviation of signs and symptoms.  MEDICINE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CA– USE.  CA– USE IS IRRELEVANT!

Glyphosate, Thyroid, Skin, Hair & Health

Hair and nails are extensions of skin.  All three are thyroid dependent, and when the intestinal wall becomes, perturbed, thyroid dysfunction manifests with lots of symptoms.  Add, toxic liver, lack of dietary fat, pre-diabetes [blood sugar over 90], poor digestion, fungal manipulation of hormones and the disruptive influence of glyphosate, and it is easy to understand why the populace suffers as they do.

Glyphosate CORRUPTS the terrain and INFLUENCES hormones that are responsible for orchestrating healthy metabolism.  And, when you unable make enough hormones [or they are commandeered by fungal yeast for completion of their lifecycle within your body], metabolism turns upside-down and the word, normal assumes strange, new symptoms and meanings.

People don’t realize that yeast [and the mycotoxins they make] can easily skew lab results, making an accurate diagnosis, impossible and misleading.  Cancer screening, for example, is the worst, considering CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE, but a reversible, metabolic disorder [but only if you separate symptoms from CA– USE!]  Diabetes is another medical faux pas haunting the populace.  CA– USE UNKNOWN says it all!  Bad data, misleading tests and bogus models cloud medicine’s claims; prescription drugs add insult to injury.

Thyroid tests measure TSH [thyroid stimulating hormone], T-4 [non-active thyroid hormone] and T-3 [active thyroid hormone].  Diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction is generally based on lab test results, but practitioners don’t know or realize is that fungal mycotoxins influence lab readings and create the illusion of thyroid disease and the call for risky medications that only make matters, worse!

As for thyroid nodules, think fungal yeast, NOT cancer.  Diagnosis is no reason to panic! SLOW-DOWN and play your God Card.  SLOW-DOWN, there is time for biopsy.  SLOW-DOWN, medical destruction of your body [and thyroid] is irreversible!  SLOW-DOWN, cancer is not a death sentence.  Know that thyroid issues, female problems, breast cancer and osteoporosis have much in common.  Learn more here.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is classic autoimmune; so is hypothyroidism, and RARE is the female without one of them.  Thyroid symptoms and regulatory dysfunction have everything to do with intestinal dysbiosis, fungal takeover of the terrain, and manipulation of hormones.  [A problem very dominant in females.]

Practitioners seldom ask why thyroid issues plague females, or why thyroid symptoms haunt women with NORMAL lab tests.  Symptoms include: coldness, goiter, dry skin, thin hair, brain fog, low energy, yeast infections, bladder issues, low energy, achy joints, pre-diabetes, diabetes and heat intolerance.

[A healthy thyroid gland depends on biologically active mineral ions.  Pill forms of these important, ionic elements are poorly absorbed (5-10% at best!), yet  95% absorption is achievable.  Learn more here.].

Breast cancer affects 20% of women, and fungal yeast and glyphosate play large roles.  Why are women not given the whole story?  Because practitioners either DO NOT KNOW or are PROHIBITED from discussing viable alternatives, assuming they know of any.  Few do!  Here is the real breast cancer story.

For men and their prostates, glyphosate poses big risk, but the story is lost on useless PSA tests and testosterone levels.  Sooner or later, the prostate becomes every man’s nightmare.  So, why are men being misled by lies and medieval prostate biopsy?  [Mammogram, as primitive as it is, pales by comparison!]  More here.

Know that the sick-care system FEEDS on symptoms of glyphosate poisoning and fungal infestation.  The need for heart medications [beta blockers, thinners, etc.] ignores, cause.  Also, know that aspirin does NOT prevent heart attack/stroke, but it sets you up for dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Glyphosate’s Effects On Physiology & Intestinal Bacteria

Glyphosate and antibiotics destroy friendly, intestinal bacteria.  It also destroys liver function, blocks uptake of vital elements and disrupts regulatory hormones, while sabotaging immunity, crippling the mitochondria, fueling growth of fungus, feeding infectious organisms and causing intestinal dysbiosis.

Glyphosate poisoning EXPLAINS why autoimmune disorders climbed from three recognized medical conditions to over 300 in 20 years [and, I predict the number will climb to 1000 by year 2030].  Fungal infestation is a second culprit.  Know that ALL THINGS AUTOIMMUNE are rooted in dysfunctional immunity, elevated body acidity, glyphosate poisoning and hyphal invasion of the gut wall.

Common autoimmune disorders are: psoriasis, acne, celiac, Crohn’s, vision, hearing, cardiovascular and kidney issues, asthma, diabetes types I, II and III and hundreds more.  [Translation: if you have health challenges, know your gut is perturbed and your microbiome and immune system are compromised.]

Probiotics are the buzz in the health arena; the inference being that if you take probiotics, all will be fine and you will recover from what ails you.  Sorry, but it just isn’t so!  Probiotic bacteria are INCAPABLE of repairing an antibiotic-damaged, gut wall.  Just one round of antibiotics is sufficient to mess you up and create a lifetime of autoimmune problems and compromised immunity.

Probiotic varieties of friendly bacteria DO NOT SURVIVE high acid stomach environments.  And, because probiotic bacteria are NOT endospheres, they are a waste of money.  [FYI: we are born with endospheric bacteria, but antibiotics KILL THEM!  If you have ever used antibiotics, your system is challenged!]

Probiotic bacteria in fermented foods DO NOT SURVIVE THE STOMACH!  THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE!  Stomach acid is your primary defense against incoming, dietary, life forms.  [The Immune Protocol provides endospheres that pass the stomach and reseed primal immunity.]

Endospheres are indestructible.  They can survive heat, cold, sun, radiation and stomach acid.  They can survive for millions of years.  They remain viable because they are NATURALLY ENCAPSULATED, dormant, MASTER BACTERIA that hatch in the gut AFTER traversing the stomach.  Then, they multiply and begin orchestrating your microbiome so autoimmune attacks on the system settle down, and cease!  Master bacteria cause pathogenic organisms to REVERT to their non-pathogenic forms.  This is huge!

Question!  Why, after thirty years of probiotic mania, is the populace sicker than ever?  Answer.  Because, the probiotic story is urban myth!  The MISSING PIECES of the puzzle are bacterial endospheres and elimination of disruptive, fungal yeast and their mycotoxins.

Immune restoration involves pleomorphism, a concept that is lost on mainline and alternative medicine.  Few practitioners understand pleomorphism because germ theory is all that is taught in medical school.  Pleomorphism is a terrain concept that renders medicine’s Germ Theory of Disease, moot!

Understanding The Glyphosate Dilemma

The unrecognized implications of glyphosate poisoning can no longer be ignored.  The increase of strange diseases and mysterious infections in the populace demands a remedy and a realistic understanding of glyphosate’s dark personality and evil dynamics in the face of fungal dominance that is so pervasive.

Glyphosate is a PRIMARY METABOLIC DISRUPTOR that attacks every aspect of human metabolism, and the food chain is laced with it!  Therefore, it is critical that steps be taken to prevent glyphosate from accumulating in organs and tissues and eroding health and well-being.

Glyphosate is marketed as an herbicide [weed killer], but it works like a POTENT ANTIBIOTIC.  Environmental exposure is COMPOUNDING because glyphosate is now being used as a drying agent on grain crops in the days just BEFORE HARVEST!  The epidemic of leaky-gut and autoimmune diseases is NOT because of gluten or the introduction of altered grain species.  THE PROBLEM IS GLYPHOSATE!

Meat, cheese and dairy are LOADED with glyphosate and antibiotics.  Everyone is getting their daily dose.  Eating organic offers little assurance that Roundup is being avoided.  Vegetarians suffer, equally.  In some ways, they are worse-off than meat and dairy eaters.  Nuts, grains, vegetables and cooking oils are new targets of glyphosate application.

Glyphosate is a poison that PENETRATRATES the cell walls of plants AND the cell membranes of animals.   Worse, glyphosate ACCUMULATES in the cells and INTERFERES with mitochondrial production of our energy molecule, Mg-ATP.  At the same time, glyphosate scrambles critical communication links between bacteria that’s necessary for monitoring and modulating of the immune system.

The body is comprised of trillions of bacteria, and when primal immunity is lost, control of pathogenic organisms is forfeited.  MRSA, klebsiella, and C-diff infections are examples.  Lyme disease and Morgellons are two more, but practitioners say victims are delusional.  [Who do you think is delusional?]

Mitochondria are specialized cellular bacteria that make life and health possible. Mitochondrial dysfunction is a growing problem in the populace because of glyphosate poisoning.  Interestingly, both prescription and over-the counter drugs KILL mitochondria.  So, when you hear the side-effects in Big-Pharma’s drug commercials, know they are describing the kill rate for your mitochondria.

Destroy your microbiome and the pathogenic organisms will take-over your body.  KILL YOUR MITOCHONDRIA AND YOU ARE TOAST!  A daily dose of glyphosate and failure to clear your tissues of residues is sufficient to make degenerative disease and premature death a reality for everyone.  Each of us must decide if we want, health or disease, and then act.

Solving The Glyphosate Dilemma

Young Again Club’s answer to the glyphosate dilemma is the Immune Protocol.  Use it to restore primal immunity and break-down and clear your system of glyphosate and fungal mycotoxins.

The first step is to break-down incoming glyphosate [from food] BEFORE it is absorbed.   The second step is to brake-down glyphosate released into the blood stream by millions of contaminated cells as they naturally die and are replaced each day.

If glyphosate stored in your cells and tissues is not broken-down during transit of the intestinal tract, it will be reabsorbed back into the blood stream through a perforated, [leaky] gut wall.  The wall must be SEALED and immunity restored if you wish to have peak health.

Perhaps now, the reader understands the dilemma all of us face.  We cannot avoid glyphosate, so the only solution is to REMOVE it from the body, every single day.  The Immune Protocol meets the challenge and the Mold & Fungus Protocol addresses fungal invasion and fungal merger with human DNA.

I trust readers understand the importance of this discussion to long-term health and avoidance of enrollment in the sick-care system.  Restoration of God-given primal Immunity and clearing of glyphosate should be every thinking person’s top priority.

Common Questions About Glyphosate 

What about doing cleanses to clear the body of glyphosate, people ask.  Don’t waste your time; you are fooling yourself and messing with fire!  The biochemistry and physiology involved here is very complex.

Glyphosate is more than a powerful, systemic antibiotic.  It is a hormonal, metabolic disrupter that PENETRATES cell membranes and SHUTS-DOWN mitochondrial production of your energy molecule, Mg-ATP.  No energy means no action!  Degenerative disease and mitochondrial destruction are twin issues.  GLYPHOSATE IS UNLIKE ANYTHING WE HAVE EVER BEFORE ENCOUNTERED.

If you are sickly, or you are aging prematurely, or you simply wish to have control over your health and life, ask for guidance.  Help is provided without cost of any kind.  Clearing your body of the effects of glyphosate and fungal mycotoxins awakens the immune system so it can function as nature intended.


Don’t blame doctor for shortcomings of the system.  Doctor MUST comply with the “standards of care.”  These rules of engagement work against patients best interests.  It’s the way Big-Pharma planned it!

Good practitioners DO NOT have the freedom to care for patients as they would wish.  All good will be attacked, and good practitioners are vigorously attacked, hounded, sued and ridiculed by peers, insurance companies and license review boards.  Good doctors deserve our gratitude.  You may be aware of this statistic, but doctors suffer the highest suicide rate of professionals?  Why do you think that is?]

It is your responsibility to care for yourself.  Be on guard for misdiagnosis and unnecessary medical intervention, be it surgery, biopsy or abuse by medication.  Be cautious of those yearly check-ups.  They are designed to create FEAR and cause you to forfeit control of your life and future.  More here.

Nothing good comes from bad ideas and the sick-care system is overflowing with bad ideas.

A Gift For Everyone

Here is a free gift for readers who want to enjoy better health.  The only stipulation is: YOU MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  You will find your free gift in link below.

Conclusions & Suggestions

We can plead ignorance and we can validly claim we were not given needed information by sick-care experts who we trusted, but OUR BODIES DO NOT CARE!

It is each individual’s burden and responsibility to know.  Knowledge allows you to live a healthy life, free of risk associated with the sick-care system.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available without cost!  Ask for guidance.

Here is the link with your free gift.  Check it out.

A Better Way

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If you have not read Young Again! you should.  If you would like a copy of the book, click here.

Personalize Your Program

Young Again Club members enjoy personalized service and programs designed for each individual.  To learn more, click here.

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To Good Health,

John Thomas, Author
Young Again!

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Breast Cancer & Osteoporosis Truth, Lies & Medical Myths Kabuki Theater Part II – The Way It Is!

“Forget chemotherapy and radiation; no way would I ever do, that!”  Then, doctor utters, “CANCER!” and people can’t get in line fast enough!  Why do people panic and cave-in? To understand, read on.

Kabuki Theater: an illusionary portrayal by words and trickery; a purposeful mockery!  The sick-care system has much in common with kabuki theater.  Today’s, Part II is the balance of the breast and osteoporosis story without pretense or kabuki fiction.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and the medical system is rigged and corrupt!  Virtual medicine is coming, and you are not going to like it.  In the near future, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.  Prepare to care for yourself and your loved ones.

Forward Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols Sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words.

Part II: Overview & Perspective

Part I is available if you missed it or wish to refresh.  To read it click here.

Living systems are extremely complex and health challenges are NEVER singular!

Understanding medical fictions such as cancer and osteoporosis requires readers separate truth from lies.  Fear-based, medical myths and fictions melt when human instinct awakens!

Question.  How can a six-letter word like CANCER generate so much FEAR?  Answer: false perception!  Meaning, the fictional myth that cancer is a disease, that the tumor is the problem, and if you can kill it or remove it, everything will be fine.  These delusional ideas are simply, not true!

Cancers are dense, fungal colonies of negatively, charged energy in a polluted, toxic body.  Yet, if you change your terrain the negative energy growth [that is cancer] goes away! [Sir Isaac Newton: “Energy is never lost, it merely changes form.”]

Your perception of cancer predetermines your response upon doctor’s, diagnosis.  What you think you know about cancer DOES NOT MATTER if your assumptions are faulty.  Upon diagnosis, how you cared for yourself becomes meaningless because you are in trouble.  Confusion reigns.

Diagnosis changes everything!  Upon diagnosis, you must QUESTION EVERYTHING you are told by credentialed experts who use FEAR to seize control of your life and your faculties.  Assume the medical model is faulty [and it is!] and the information provided puts you, at-risk. It’s similar to being in a poker game where after 15 minutes, if you don’t know who the patsy is, it’s you.  Don’t forget it!

Medical degrees are nice, but deceiving.  Formal schooling limits independent observation while FEAR of peer criticism and regulatory scrutiny trumps doctor’s choices.

Know, that medical science is NEVER settled.  Today’s medicine is tomorrow’s, witchcraft. I am not referring to advances in surgery and emergency medicine.  But, I am attacking the dismal failure of sick-care medicine to prevent disease while fostering more of the same.

Today, it’s the knife, chemotherapy and radiation; tomorrow, it’s a promising new, whatever.  Yesterday, stints and by-pass surgery were the rage. Now, knowledgeable professionals know them for the hoaxes they are.  [FYI: alleviation of symptoms is NOT a cure and medications destroy the body.]

Isn’t it odd that new medications are always, “promising?”  Yet, after 10 years of doctors misleading patients about the safety and efficacy of Vioxx, 60,000 people were DEAD!  Don’t forget it, and don’t ever allow doctor, spouse, family or friends to dictate your choices! You are responsible for yourself.

Tunnel Vision Thinking  

I have known hundreds of medical professionals [physicians, nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc.] who professed the opening words of this letter, and every one of them couldn’t get in line for cancer therapy fast enough upon, diagnosis.  Worse, they lined up knowing full well that cancer therapy is futile. Few people survive beyond one year, and long-term survival is a moot issue.

So, why do people line up when doctor utters, CANCER?  Partly because the word strikes fear and consumes the emotions, and partly because we have been conditioned to respond with desperation because we believe cancer is everything that it is, not.

Patients assume doctor knows of what he/she speaks.  Quite the contrary. What doctor should know is NOT taught because medical training is “managed” and the medical model is defective.

Not knowing what you don’t know is called, ignorance and ignorance gives birth to, FEAR!  What we think we know falls apart under pressure.  To repeat, diagnosis is the moment misconceptions collapse, and panic takes-over.

Upon diagnosis, the patient must play their GOD CARD BEFORE fear seizes control of their faculties.  There are better choices than cut, burn and poison, but you will not be told of them by doctor, and you will not find them at the [drug store] corner of “Not so happy, and not so healthy!”  Upon diagnosis, you must GO DEFENSIVE and escape, so you have time to think, assess and pray.

Bad Advice For Women & Men

It is ironic that women are advised to supplement with calcium to avoid osteoporosis, when calcium is one of three ingredients necessary for breast cancer to develop.  [Mycotoxin control of regulatory hormones and a dysfunctional immune system are the other two.]

Excess calcium is inflammatory, especially when unopposed by magnesium.  Females turn acidic 10 years before males, causing their bodies to withdraw minerals from bone, as well as fail to build new bone.  Fungal-yeast and mycotoxin dominance are central to osteoporosis.  [Page 100 of my book Young Again! shows what progressive, spinal osteoporosis looks like.  Click here to download book.]

Official recommendations for dietary calcium mislead women.  The problem is excess calcium, NOT deficiency. Unopposed calcium dominance and hormone imbalance are central to osteoporosis and breast cancer.  So, why do doctors push calcium supplementation and bone density tests on women?

Answer: because doctor is misled and ignorant of the facts.  Bone density tests are generally, useless. They instill FEAR and put women at-risk with irrational ideas about the nature of their condition and how it came to be.  Dysfunctional osteocalcin metabolism causes calcium to deposit in the breasts, heart valves, arteries and joints.  [Here is what you can do about it.]

Fraudulent testing, misinterpreted test results, unnecessary biopsies, surgical intervention, chemotherapy and radiation are confirmations that breast cancer therapy is malpractice disguised as, prevention.  Malpractice it is, prevention it is NOT!

What of mammogram?  Why are women given pink ribbons instead of truth?  Why do men line up for prostate biopsy?  Why aren’t women told dysfunctional calcium metabolism, body acidity and mycotoxin control of hormones is the problem, NOT cancer?  Why are men mislead with silly PSA test scores and testosterone flimflam when they have NOTHING to do with prostate cancer? Why, indeed?

Why all the uncertainty and fear over breast and prostate cancer when they are easily avoided and easily corrected?  Why fret over parent and sibling health histories when cancer has absolutely NOTHING to do with genes? Answer: IGNORANCE and FEAR!

Timing & Fear

Would you like proof what I am saying is, true?  Okay, stay with me! Mammogram looks for calcium deposits in breast tissue.  Dysfunctional calcium metabolism and breast cancer are twin issues.  Worse, mammogram damages tissue and prostate biopsy damages tissue. Both are medieval.

The shameful aspect of mammogram arises when doctor and staff interpret test results and imply that they have discovered a suspicious condition and more tests are needed.  Biopsy may or may not confirm the diagnosis, yet, no one discusses, cause.  Patients are pushed to ACT QUICKLY before the [implied] cancer, spreads.  The tumor is always [wrongly] identified as THE PROBLEM.  Fear demands an enemy!

Why does doctor and staff pounce like vultures on the scared, shaken woman to IMMEDIATELY do biopsy, lumpectomy and/or mastectomy followed by radiation and chemotherapy?  Answer: FEAR! Timing is everything and diagnosis is the moment when FEAR is in the air!

Patients who decline to proceed AS DIRECTED with cancer therapy are hounded day and night until they relent and agree.  Sound familiar? [Well-meaning, but ignorant, family and friends do their part, too!]

A similar process occurs with men undergo prostate screening and biopsy, “Just to be sure!”  Worthless PSA testing and false diagnosis complete the circle.  [Prostate biopsy makes mammogram look tame!  Men [and women] can avoid these ugly procedures if they learn to care for themselves and seek guidance BEFORE fear seizes control of their faculties.

Cancer & Fungal Yeast Known Since 1931

In 1931, Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Science for his discovery that cancer is a FUNGUS.  [This was elucidated this in my book, Young Again!  25 years ago.  Now, the balance of the story.]  

Warburg identified fungus as the causative agent; meaning, mitochondrial dysfunction and cellular fermentation of glucose sugars.  However, Big-Pharma made certain patients [and doctors] would remain ignorant of the true nature of cancer by removing mycology from medical curriculums and, thereby, creating the information vacuum that exists to this very day.

Medicine and Big-Pharma focused attention on the TUMOR as the cause, when the tumor is the, effect.  Next, they sliced and diced cancer according to location, type and characteristics. [Medical flimflam distracts and people get confused with no way to discover the truth about their, dilemma.]

Fundamental to the cancer epidemic was introduction of antibiotics in 1950 that created a focal shift to bacteria and viruses.  Cancer became a mysterious infection somehow linked to people’s genetics and family history INSTEAD of medications such as antibiotics and steroids and diet and lifestyle.

PEOPLE WERE NOT TOLD ANTIBIOTICS, BIRTH CONTROL PILLS AND STEROIDAL MEDICATIONS FUEL GROWTH OF FUNGAL-YEAST WHICH PRODUCE MYCOTOXINS THAT MANIPULATE THEIR HORMONES AND FUEL THE GROWTH OF CANCER.  The cancer epidemic is NO ACCIDENT!  It is the perfect, medical storm and, until now, people have absolutely no idea of the dynamics behind it or what to do about it.

Sixty-eight years have passed since 1950 and BOTH conventional and alternative medicine continue to grope in ignorance while patients suffer and die needlessly for lack of knowledge.  [The Mold & Fungus Protocol and the Immune Protocol are my answers to the dilemma called, cancer.]

[IMPORTANT!  December 2017, England: women FORCED to undergo breast cancer surgery after doctor decides she is MENTALLY UNFIT to make an informed decision.  Avoid seeing doctor for brain fog and cognitive issues to avoid establishing a profile that could be used to deprive you of your independence.  Understand, cognitive issues are rooted in pre-diabetes, iron overload of the brain and fungal manipulation of regulatory hormones!  First, it was forced vaccination of self and children, now its forced surgery.  Never forget, your GOD CARD is your best response under stress and duress.]

Health Screening & Medical Myths

The benefits of sick-care screening are greatly exaggerated.  Besides, it puts people at risk from anxiety, fear and FALSE SECURITY!  Check-ups and endless tests confuse patients while providing cover and justification for medical intervention and the sick-care system.

Perpetuation of the sick-care racket depends on four elements: 1. compliant patients who believe check-ups are in their best interest, 2. patients who embrace medical myths, 3. The idea that early detection is the same as prevention], and 4. Patient failure to realize that THEY ARE THE TARGET!  [Tests and screenings look for things suspicious and presenting findings in such a way as to create patient, FEAR!]

Example.  After 20 years of mammogram, medicine finally admits that the cancer prevention rate of women who subject themselves to mammogram is a statistical, ZERO!  So, why do women line up for mammogram? FEAR! And why do men line up for prostate screening? FEAR! How many innocent people suffer and die because what they believe about cancer is simply, not true?   How many people override their instincts and suffer and die needlessly because of IGNORANCE and FEAR?

Either you have cancer, or you do not have cancer!  A pre-cancerous condition is NOT cancer! Positive mammograms and elevated PSA scores and biopsies should NOT be trusted.  The issue is FEAR and the belief that cancer is a disease and the tumor the, problem. Neither is true; both are lies!

Instead of taking an emotional beating and/or undergoing surgery, there are safer and better choices available for those seeking answers, but doctor will never, ever tell you.  Doctor is a captive agent of Big-Pharma and very, misguided. Instead, bet on yourself and never embrace fear and medieval torture.

Doctor believes what was taught in medical school, and the rules of Standard of Care demand doctor’s compliance.  Doctor is REQUIRED to treat the patient according to the diagnosis rendered.  Smart patients know to play their GOD CARD and remove themselves from duress, quickly!

Something Is Wrong With The Official Breast Cancer Story

Something is VERY WRONG with the breast cancer story!  In spite of technological advances, breast cancer is on the advance.  It is obvious women do not have the whole story. Far from it!

What does calcium and prevention of osteoporosis have to do with breast, cancer?  EVERYTHING! Women are told to increase calcium supplementation to avoid osteoporosis.  Yet, they are NOT told that calcium feeds breast cancer and does nothing for osteoporosis.  Instead, women are given pink-ribbons.

If experts knew the cause of breast cancer, the epidemic would not be.  Assume doctor has no idea as to cause and the last 68 years of searching for “The cure!” is a disgraceful and a slap in every woman’s face!  [Medicine and Big-Pharma are an unholy alliance. They know exactly what is going on and by the time you finish reading this report, you will also, know!]

The experts are either afraid to admit incompetence, lose face, spill the beans and forfeit a pile of money, or they are playing dumb and saving face to maintain their power and keep on making a pile of money.  The patient be damned! [There is more money in looking for “The cure!” than in finding it.]

When Outrageous Is Not Outrageous

Okay, humor me!  Let’s go with the seemingly outrageous idea that cancer is a BIG LIE!  And, not just breast cancer, but all cancer, and that cancer is NOT a disease, but a terrain issue?

Calling cancer disease misleads patients!  The word cancer should NOT be interpreted as an adjective and misclassification.  Cancer of the colon, cancer of the breast, cancer of the brain simply tells you where the problem is located.  Instead, we should be asking, “What is cancer? Why does it occur?  From where does it originate?  And when it goes away, where does it go?”  And, the answers are:




Now, you understand what cancer IS, and what cancer IS NOT.  A cure for cancer will never be found because cancer is NOT a disease.  Cancer is an inflammatory [autoimmune] condition where fungal molds commandeer the human body as a vehicle to complete their lifecycle.  Antibiotics trigger the process.

Slicing and dicing cancer according to size, shape, type, color and location is futile.  The sick-care folks peddle their shameful story so patients will panic, submit ,and not ask questions for which doctor has no answers.  WHEN YOU HEAR THE FOLLOWING WORDS, RUN! “You have a RARE cancer, but we have promising new procedures that are better, safer and so much, easier.  Your next appointment is….!”

Would you prefer cut, burn or poison?

Once over the shock that accompanies cancer diagnosis, you must assess your options.  And, I do NOT mean seeking a second opinion from Dr. Oncologist [who is always the best in his/her field] or some alternative/conventional cancer center that will “Hold-your-hand and treat you with dignity!”  You are now in a LIFE or death battle and you must choose.  Choose, wisely.

Sometimes, where a tumor is interfering with vital organ function, removal is necessary. But, it is the ancillary, post-treatments that dictates recovery [and NOT in a therapeutic way!

The problem with cancer surgery [and other surgeries] is ANTIBIOTICS, drugs, chemotherapy and radiation.  These things DESTROY what is left of your struggling, already-compromised immune system.

[BTW: the condition called, cancer takes YEARS to develop; it does not come out of nowhere.]  Diagnosis is your wake-up call. So, instead of rolling-over to avoid offending doctor, play your GOD CARD and run!]

Summary Of The Breast Cancer & Osteoporosis Dilemma

The following factors are always in-play with cancer and degenerative disease:

Excess Calcium & Inflammation: cancer is an inflammatory condition.  The factors fueling inflammation must be addressed, and calcium is one of those factors.  Excess calcium can be purged from the body by restoration of osteocalcin metabolism and loading the system with activated mineral ions, reduction of tissue acidity [follow the Terrain pH Protocol which is FREE!], restoration of the intestinal gut wall [which requires endospheric bacteria, NOT probiotics] and resurrection of primal immunity.

[FYI: pill forms of magnesium are poorly absorbed, regardless of type.   Instead, you can achieve up to 95% absorption directly through skin into the blood, capillary beds.  See Ion Trio, here.

Fungal Mycotoxins & Immune Malfunction: infestation by mold, fungus and yeast forfeits control over hormones and immune function due to mycotoxin influence of the vital organs [heart, liver, pancreas, thyroid, bowel/bladder and kidneys.  If fungal control of terrain management is ignored, it is IMPOSSIBLE to restore immune function to primal levels. To learn more about the process, see the Mold & Fungus Protocol and the Immune Protocol.

Dysfunctional Thyroid Metabolism: hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are epidemic among the female population.  Thyroid hormone affects every aspect of female metabolism including metabolic rate, menstrual cycle, sexual function, immune system, body weight, skin, hair, temperature and energy.

A poorly functioning thyroid is CENTRAL to breast and prostate cancer and osteoporosis REGARDLESS of test results.  The body stores bio-active iodine in the thyroid, breasts, ovaries, prostate and testicles.  It should come as NO SURPRISE then, that people with compromised systems have a thyroid problem.  To better understand what you can do to assist yourself, check-out the Mold & Fungus Protocol, the Immune Protocol and MetaBolic Complex.

Pre-diabetes:  is a sleeper condition; meaning, contrary to medical folklore, blood sugar levels over 90 is a prediabetic condition that messes with hormone functions and body weight, setting the stage for breast cancer, osteoporosis and degenerative disease, in general.  [Read about it here.]


Solutions to health crises are often the same solutions that could have been [and should have been] implemented to avoid the crisis in the first place.  Please understand that disease always involves self-abuse and self-neglect and solutions always involve changes in thinking and lifestyle.

Let’s put disease in perspective.  Cancer is a big deal, but so is diabetes.  Cardiovascular issues are killers, arthritis is crippling and kidney problems are deadly.  Decide that you want to be healthy and then, do your part. Your body responds according to your choices.

If you are not willing to bet on yourself [and the wonderful body God provided you], then have it your way.  But if you want to live, you MUST play your GOD CARD and seek guidance.




Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand that your terrain needs tending, and you need guidance.  Be grateful that guidance is available without cost!

Ask for guidance.

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Missing Diagnosis Series: Case Study #10 – Alzheimer’s, Blood Sugar & Hormones – A Review of Dysfunctional Metabolism

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s are epidemic!  Yet, we are we told, “Blood sugar between 90 and 120 is normal and fine?”  Normal [as in, common] yes; fine, no!  Blood sugar over 90 is a pre-diabetic state that has everything to do with suffering and disease.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails; and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and the medical system is rigged and corrupt!  Virtual medicine is coming, and you are not going to like it.  In the near future, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.  Prepare to care for yourself and your loved ones.

Forward Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols Sections of the YoungAgainClub.com website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue underlined words.

The Pre-Diabetes/Alzheimer’s Connection

Pre-diabetes is a diabetes-like, sub-clinical state that is medically UNRECOGNIZED, yet epidemic.  Pre-diabetes affects 65% of the population, young and old alike!   Most of the remaining 35% suffer from so-called, adult onset, diabetes mellitus, type 2.  Pre-diabetes has EVERYTHING to do with general demise and neurological disorders such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and the tangles that compromise and destroy brain neurons.

Here’s how to avoid and correct the downward spiral associated with cognitive loss, blood-sugar driven inflammation and glycation of hemoglobin.  Please take this message seriously.

Diet, exercise and lifestyle manage some symptoms of type 2 diabetes, but they DO NOT prevent its progression regardless of your A1c test score.  A1c is a misleading, blood sugar metric.

Type 2 diabetes is very different than type 1 which is sometimes called early-onset, childhood diabetes because children are the usual victims.  Type 1 has some symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus [insulin resistance/dependence], but the CA– USE behind it is utterly, shameful.

Diabetes type 1 presents in minutes, days and months following assault from bogus medical practices forced upon children.  Type 1 is an artificially-orchestrated EVENT where pancreatic islet cells [that make insulin] are destroyed by disruptive, medical tampering.

The autoimmune storm called diabetes type 1 cripples and kills thousands of innocents every year.  Children that survive medical trauma are the ones that develop type 1 diabetes and/or autism and live compromised lives.  Some die of medical assault in their mother’s arms.

Type 2, insulin-resistant, diabetes mellitus is slow-motion diabetes that develops over many years while living in the pre-diabetic state.  Type 2 will be discussed following diabetes type 3 [below.]

Diabetes type 3 is not recognized by practitioners, yet, it is epidemic among the population.  Clinicians are functionally illiterate about diabetes and school curriculums are woefully, antiquated.  Worse, medical personal have ZERO understanding of clinical mycology which is the active element in every diabetes case.

Where type 1 diabetes is a rapid, medically orchestrated event, type 3 is the EXACT OPPOSITE!  Type 3 takes years to manifest while living in the pre-diabetic state [blood sugar between 90-120] accompanied by yeast infestation, human/fungal DNA merger and instability of the regulatory hormones adrenalin, thyroid, insulin, leptin, glucagon, serotonin and dopamine.]

The best name for diabetes type 3 is diabetes of the brain.  Readers know it by neurological names such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and vascular dementia; all inflammatory brain disorders fueled by elevated NORMAL blood sugar levels [90-120] and regulatory takeover of the body by fungal mycotoxins.  Clinical symptoms of type 3 diabetes are different than types 1 & 2.

You DO NOT want normal blood sugar levels!  Normal is a state of sub-clinical diabetes; a condition affecting 65% [+ -] of the population.  Normal blood sugar levels present as low-grade inflammation and slow-motion, degenerative diseases, such as asthma, arthritis, neuropathy, thyroid, cardiovascular, liver, gout, kidney, obesity and neurological demise.  Normal blood sugar levels are abnormal!  To repeat, you DO NOT want normal blood sugar levels!

Premature Aging, Inflammation & Diagnosis

Pre-diabetes and low-grade inflammation go together.  Fact is, inflammation is central to all degenerative disease no matter how you spell the ailment.  So, when you hear the words: disorder, syndrome or disease, ignore doctor’s diagnosis and instead think, INFLAMMATION!

Practitioners are well aware of the burden inflammation imposes on the body and the vital organs.  Fact is, you can’t experience pain, misery or loss of function without the presence of inflammation.  Secondly, inflammation is the effect, NOT the cause of suffering.

Question! What do clinicians do when patients describe their ailments?  First, they wrongly blame inflammation.  Then, they conjure a diagnostic label, such as: arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, gout, cancer, neuropathy, fibrosis, polycystic ovaries, etc.

Next, they order a panel of [worthless] tests to justify medical assault.  Then, they misinterpret test results and render fraudulent misdiagnosis in lieu of the Missing Diagnosis.  Finally, they prescribe drugs as required per insurance, Big-Pharma, patient demand and sick-care system guidelines according to what the sick-care industry calls, “standards of care!”

Sick-care is about mumbo-jumbo, confusion and keeping the lines full; it has nothing to do with health and wellness.  Emergency room medicine is the ONLY EXCEPTION to the sick-care racket.

Important Questions & A Few Examples

Exactly what are medical symptoms symptomatic of?

What if 50,000 people a year [women 10:1 over men] who undergo gallbladder surgery actually suffer false diagnosis, misinterpreted symptoms and misleading test results?  [Many suffer the same symptoms after surgery.]  What are gallbladder symptoms symptomatic of?

What if blaming people’s genetics [genes and DNA] is a diversion [a perfect boogieman?]  What then are so-called genetic symptom, symptomatic of?

What if mitochondrial disease [a serious condition affecting the population of all ages] is the low-grade, side-effect of dysfunctional metabolism and compromised immunity, and therefore, NOT disease at all, but cellular poisoning?  What then is mitochondrial dysfunction symptomatic of?

And, what if the obesity and diabetes epidemics plaguing modern societies are urban myths and invalid medical theory, and instead just side-effects of dysfunctional immunity and intestinal dysbiosis?  What then are obesity and diabetes symptomatic of?

Answers!  Symptoms blamed on so-called, disease are autoimmune reactions resulting from normal blood sugar levels [pre-diabetes] and systemic, sub-clinical inflammation.  Behind both you will find fungal-yeast invasion and loss of vital organ function from mycotoxin poisoning.

Add, the ubiquitous presence of glyphosate [Roundup] in the food chain and its ability to shut-down cellular mitochondria and corrupt primal immunity and perhaps readers can understand why so many people are so compromised and in denial.  [If you wish to better understand the barrage of illness and disease everywhere, click the glyphosate link above.]

[The Young Again Club lifestyle, along with the Immune and Mold & Fungus Protocols, were developed to address issues related to loss of control of the body’s regulatory systems.]

Hormone Resistance, Herpes, Shingles & Elevated Iron

Loss of muscle and obesity are effects of hormone resistance where food energy goes to fat and/or is lost for inability to convert it into energy that the mitochondria can use [assuming the Krebs Cycle and electron transport chains within the mitochondria are viable.]

Hormone resistance means the body does not recognize and cannot respond to the regulatory hormones insulin and leptin and, therefore, cannot correct and regenerate as it should.  Hormone resistance becomes everyone’s problem sooner or later!  Insulin resistance describes adult-onset, diabetes type 2 that is epidemic in populations.

Hormone resistance and inflammation go together!  Osteoporosis is the skeletal version; loss of muscle mass is the soft tissue version.   Osteoporosis occurs regardless if one is thin or obese, female or male.  Osteocalcin dysfunction, mycotoxin influence of hormones and mineral displacement are medically UNRECOGNIZED ailments, but they are real, just the same.

Pre-diabetes and low-grade inflammation are shadow issues that eventually morph into killers, such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Interestingly, cold sores (herpes simplex) and shingles are marker conditions of pre-diabetes and fungal dominance of hormones.

Those with histories of cold sores and shingles [or who have been vaccinated for them] do not realize these ailments are neurological disorders of pre-diabetic inflammation.  Vaccinations dramatically increase patient vulnerability, but doctor is not free to comment for fear of reprisal and disciplinary action, assuming doctor knows or cares.

Inflammation of the brain [aka diabetes type 3] is a DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC of neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Pre-diabetes causes brain receptors to caramelize, like onions sautéed in a skillet, and lose sensitivity to insulin and leptin and eventual exhaustion of pancreatic cells that makes insulin.  Leptin is made by fat cells.

False diagnosis is often preceded by misleading tests and biopsies that confuse patients and clinicians, alike.  To protest yourself, play your GOD CARD and distance yourself from medical wolves so you can think and seek guidance in the absence of fear!  NEVER FORGET, the only thing worse than false diagnosis is treatment for false diagnosis!  Got it?

One day, shingles [the curse of the elderly] will be recognized for what it is: pre-diabetic, glycation, NOT residual, chicken pox virus.  Blaming a virus is backward thinking based on the Germ Theory of Disease.  Shingles is triggered by stress, peanut butter and chocolate, but has little to do with so-called, allergies.  Instead, think porous junctions of the gut wall [leaky-gut] and autoimmune reactions.  Shingles is a symptom.

And when that day in the future arrives, I wonder what fairy tales the Bernie Madoffs of herpes and shingles vaccinations will conjure in defense of their fraudulent Germ Theory of Disease and the hell they imposed upon people who foolishly trusted them?  Do you understand?

Elevated blood iron is highly inflammatory and very involved in hypertension [high blood pressure].  Iron toxicity affects men over age 35 and menopausal women who are menopausal or who underwent hysterectomy, early.  Practitioners and the public are confused! They wrongly equate elemental iron with hemoglobin, anemia and low energy.  [BTW: avoid iron pills. To better understand ferritin iron and what you can do about it, click here and here.

Excess Body Fat & Estrogen

Obesity is a marker condition that plagues the population.  The reason? People are infested with YEAST, a fungus that controls regulatory hormones with mycotoxins they secrete.

Yeast cause the body to make fat, and fat makes estrogen, and the more estrogen you have the more fat you make.  Hormones fuel growth of yeast which interferes with healthy metabolism and disrupts hormone balance. Female thyroid issues are a good example.

Doctor knows excess body fat and diabetes go hand-in-hand.  Doctor also knows obesity foreruns metabolic syndrome, a serious disorder of upside-down metabolism and fungal infestation, but you will NEVER hear these words from doctor because doctor is not schooled in mycology [and neither are naturopaths, chiropractors and surgeons.  Mycology is a medical vacuum.]

Doctor does not understand the link between so-called normal blood sugar and the slow-motion version of diabetes called diabetes type 3 [diabetes of the brain].   Doctor also does not understand the link between kidney stone formation, yeast [candidiasis] and mycotoxin dominance of hormones needed to manage our vital organs and body functions.

In fairness to doctor, Big-Pharma made sure mycology [the in-depth study of mold, fungus and yeast] was removed from medical curriculums in 1950, the year antibiotics debuted.  Therefore, doctors [of all types] are not schooled in mycology, leaving patients to fend for themselves.

Blood sugar between 90-130 forms amyloid plaque, tangles in the brain and scar tissue in the body, reduces blood flow and increases inflammation.  If people understood the connection between glycaytion, inflammation, loss of hearing and vision and cognitive disorders, they would ask for guidance and learn how to care for themselves.  Unfortunately, few people ask.

[The concepts discussed herein apply equally to loss of sexual vitality, renal dysfunction, bladder issues and prostate problems, all of which are indicative of a dysfunctional terrain.]

How Stress & Yeast Affect Body Metabolism

Stress is unavoidable!  Worse, stress disrupts blood sugar metabolism and tampers with regulatory hormones [thyroid, adrenaline, glucagon, serotonin, dopamine, insulin and leptin.]  Stress scrambles the sexual hormones [estrogen, progesterone, testosterone.]  Elevated adrenaline causes junctions of the intestinal wall to OPEN WIDE, creating leaky-gut syndrome.

When under stress, the body cannot make the neurotransmitter hormones, serotonin and dopamine [which are calming] and instead makes adrenaline which is highly inflammatory.  Irritable, grumpy people suffer from adrenal overload. Hormone imbalances cause autoimmune reactions by opening gut wall junctions that allow food proteins access to the blood stream.

Food cravings intensify when yeasts are hungry, and stress is elevated.  Alcohol and sweets cause yeast to bloom, flooding the body with highly disruptive, mycotoxins.  Addictions and allergies [such as gluten] are yeast/gut/microbiome issues.  These adjectives are descriptive, but wrong.

Yeast drives behavioral issues creating alcoholics, druggies and social derelicts.  The riddle of behavioral problems can be greatly improved with the Mold & Fungal Protocol, the Immune Protocol and MetaBolic Complex.  Check them out.]

[BTW: Wine is a problem, especially for females.  Eating before bed interferes with sleep and sugar metabolism.  Bladder issues and brain fog are side effects of yeast dominance which alternative modalities have failed to correct because practitioners don’t understand, mycology.]

Hormone challenges are terrain issues in disguise.  Lack of estrogen and testosterone is not the issue and never was.  Fact is, if you load your system with replacement hormones [synthetic or bio-identical based on “tests”], yeast will overrun your body and you will lose the ability to self-regulate.  Hormone imbalance is reversible, but you will need guidance to correct the problem.

Hypothyroidism affects 75-90% of women over age 35 and many younger women, as well.  Ditto for adrenal burn-out from stress and poor sleep.  These dysfunctional issues are autoimmune responses of upside-down metabolism, hormone imbalance and systemic inflammation.

Body pH and acidity levels affect everything, but they are NOT the same thing.  Check out the Terrain pH Protocol and learn how to add some balance to your system.

The Enema Protocol trains the body to release waste.  Those who follow this protocol have more control of their health and digestion and sleep better, as well.

Diabetics suffer diabetic nerve pain, but NOT for the reasons they are told.  Pre-diabetics age and suffer cancer, liver disease, asthma, joint problems, gout, sexual dysfunction, arthritis, chronic fatigue, neuropathy, Gullian-Barre, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.  All of these are avoidable and all of them can be corrected naturally with guidance and understanding.

Conclusions & Solutions

Everyone should understand their A1c blood sugar score and its relationship to neurologic deterioration.  No one should allow their blood sugar levels above 90 on an ongoing basis.

Systemic inflammation goes hand-in-hand with elevated blood sugar and elevated ferritin iron.  Pre-diabetes and elevated blood sugar can be addressed with the ReVive Protocol.  Restore your brain receptors and your body will regain the ability to read and respond to leptin signals and manage your insulin levels better.

The Mold & Fungus Protocol addresses fungus and hormone issues.  Common yeast approaches are futile! Use the Immune Protocol to resurrect  PRIMAL IMMUNITY.  Restore your regulatory mechanisms with MetaBolic Complex.  Check them out by clinking hyperlinks.

I trust the reader will take this message seriously.  Guidance is provided without fee for those who, ask.  BTW: please put-away your preconceived notions; they are why you have issues!

A Better Way

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To Good Health,

John Thomas, Author
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