Calcium dominance (calcium overload)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Calcium dominance: too much calcium in the face of magnesium insufficiency.


Calcium dominance is a common condition for most of the population, and particularly for females over age 35.  Meaning, because of magnesium insufficiency, calcium dominates the system and fuels low-grade inflammation in the system.

In other words, calcium and magnesium “counter-balance” each other.

Poor diet and accumulation of acidic waste [from maldigestion of food] causes the body to turn acidic.  This is one aspect of what is meant by the expression:TOXIC TERRAIN.

When bio-active magnesium ions are provided, the body automatically goes about dissolving excess calcium from organs and tissues to restore balance.

Calcium dominance causes bones to become brittle and deteriorate.  Collagen supplementation is useless without bio-active aminos, and that the cachexia/collagen story mimics the osteoporosis/calcium story.

Calcium does NOT prevent bone loss and collagen does NOT restore connective tissue.  Calcium is INFLAMMATORY and long-term, deadly!

When calcium settles-out of solution, it forms plaque and clogs blood vessels, makes bone spurs, spikes CRP, and creates hot spots in breast tissue that mammograms detect!

Osteopenia is statistical, medical FRAUD!  Osteopenia does NOT exist and is NOT a legitimate medical concern.

Read, New Bones for Old Bones! and learn how to solve the bone, dilemma.  [FYI: AminoMagic is easy to use; 2 caps, 2x/day without food.]

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  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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