Gullian-Barre Syndrome [GBS]

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Gullian-Barre Syndrome: [GBS]is a collection of autoimmune SYmptoms that occur in the aftermath of vaccinations, severe trauma or surgery.  Onset can be immediate or develop over monthsand years and ends in crippling paralysis or death.

GBS is often mis-labeld as Acute Flaccid Myelitis and/or polio NEITHER of which exist and NEITHER of which are valid diseases.  GBS, ACM and polio are effects of vaccination of children and adults. Beware!


Gullian-Barre Syndrome manifests in the face of magnesium ion insufficiency, calcium dominance, and a weakened immune system from SEVERE STRESS and the negative effects of surgical IV antibiotics and anesthesia.

Commonly accepted ideas about Gullian-Barre within the halls of acadamia are TOTAL BALONEY!  They do not have a clue what is really going on despite all of their convoluted, overly sophisticated mumbo-jumbo!

Gullian-Barre is plain and simply a massive, severe attack on the body’s nervous system by the body itself, set in motion by the factors listed above.

Translation: follow the Young Again Club Protocols if you wish to avoid this horrible disorder.  Most people do not live to talk about it, and those that do live are functionally crippled.

John Thomas’ Real Life Gullian-Barre Story

John Thomas experienced this condition following a simple inguinal hernial repair at age 68 [March 2012]; but it took another 4 months of ‘strange’ things going on in his muscles until July 4th, [four months following surgery] for Gullian-Barre to officially begin.

In the four months that followed, John Thomas dropped 50 lbs. of weight to skin and bones was in constant torment, hair turned white, could not function on his own, massive pain all over the body, maximum of 30 minutes of sleep before the need to urinate would repeat when there was nothing to release; the bladder muscles were under attack providing the ‘urge!’  By November 7th, 2012, John Thomas was near death [no exageration!].

Amazingly, John Thomas experienced a COMPLETE and TOTAL metabolic reversal within a three minute time frame following a simple homeopathic injection under the skin of the forearms.

The injection was the electrical equivalent of flipping all of the electrical breakers in your home to OFF position, one by one, and then back on, again.

The results were STAGGERING! Beginning the very evening of November 7th, John Thomas slept 14 hours a day for 6 months and within a year totally recovered; hair, muscle and energy.

During the months leading up to injections, John Thomas passed every medical test with flying colors; no one: doctors, internists, naturepaths, etc. had a CLUE; all of them were at a loss to explain the strange process that almost killed, John Thomas.

John Thomas had to figure this one out on his own.  That is why he is so ADAMANT that everyone learn to care for themselves BEFORE such awful events occur, and to possess the knowledge to care for oneself, or at least know who to turn to for guidance.

All of this following a simple, hernia repair!!!!

Post surgical deaths and serious follow-up syndromes, disorders and disease cycles are ALWAYS assigned names that confuse the general public, so that they will think it was just an odd death or circumstance.

In John Thomas’ case it was NO ACCIDENT and his ordeal could have been completely AVOIDED.

FYI: Landry’s Paralysis is the exact path John Thomas’ body followed from day of surgery to day of the injections, six months later.  After the initial injections were administered, ZERO benefits were experienced when more were taken in the months that followed.

If ever there was an example of an electrical RE-SET from a simple homeopathic remedy [as discussed in the book, Young Again!] John Thomas’ experience was it!

AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSES [in this case, Gullian-Barre] always involve a damaged immune system, which, by definition, always involves an inflamed, damaged small intestinal wall. THey are one and the same. The gut wall is where the autoimmune system located.

John Thomas’ final and full recovery from a SEVERELY DAMAGED immune system and intestinal wall was accomplished with the product, ReStore [appropriately named].

ReStore is now available to Young Again Club members.  ReStore has nothing to do with the probiotic approach to gut care; rather it creates an environment where the body can heal itself which is what everyone is after.

Probiotics are good and helpful aids, but it is NOT their job to rebuild the gut wall; they are mediators between food and the wall, nothing more.

KNOW THIS: if it can happen to John Thomas, it can [and does] happen to tens of thousands of people every year, and you do NOT want your name on the list!

KNOW THIS: none of this would have ever occurred had John Thomas known then what he knows now.

KNOW THIS: everyone takes major, health hits in life; sometimes we die, but mostly we live-out our lives suffering and in misery never realizing what happened to us,

KNOW THIS: RARELY is recovery anywhere close to the individual’s ‘healthy state’ prior to  MAJOR health challenges.  WIthout VALID information, guidance and the desire to rebuild one’s life can people hope to recover and prosper.

KNOW THIS: John Thomas COMPLETELY RECOVERED, and if I do say so myself at age 72 [four years after the horrible experience] the body’s ability to recover and regenerate is what the Young Again Club message is about.

Complete recovery, as if it never happened; whatever the event, trauma or surgery, that is the question? 


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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