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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Plan B: a self-help, self-defense plan to protect yourself and loved ones against both the mRNA and old-style vaccine ADVERSE reactions and symptoms of that follow inoculation and the long-term effects that manifest over months and years that follow exposure.

Most importantly, if you implement Plan B AHEAD OF TIME, you will be able to avoid emergency room exposure to vaccines.

The worst possible time for getting jabbed with both known and UNKNOWN inoculants is then you are already under severe physical and mental stress that comes with emergency medical intervention.  [You will NOT be give notice or a choice of vaccination preference under these conditions.].  You will be jabbed without your consent.  BEWARE!

Plan B involves use of the following proprietary YAC products and protocols.  Everyone should be using these items routinely to keep their systems at peak performance and immunity strong.

[Essential Elements, Sea Sulfates, Youth Formula, C-Magic, ADK Magic, OX & AP.]

Also, unknown contributing factors will likely be in-play [due to each individual’s state of health or dis-ease].  Those factors often determine to what degree you are vulnerable to vaccines and ADVERSE REACTIONS they produce in each human being.

‘Plan B’ & For a Better Future

‘Plan B’ differs for each person and all of the following factors must be taken into account.  Adverse response to assault by vaxx is within everyone’s reach.  Ask for guidance; there is much to understand.  This is a FREE service from John Thomas.

  • Reduction of ferritin iron levels & reduction of low-grade, systemic inflammation.
  • Bullet-proofing the body against the degenerative effects of wi-fi and 5G radiation.
  • Restoration of bio-active carbon at cell, tissue and mitochondrial levels for better health.
  • Restoration of deep, coma-like sleep [8 + hours] with vivid dreams for faster healing.
  • Elimination of auto-immune symptoms & low-grade inflammation that drives it.
  • Clearing of mold & fungal infestation & restoration of terrain & vital organ activity.
  • Reversal of age-related dis-ease & avoidance of involvement with sick-care medicine.
  • Prevent fulfillment of self-fulfilling prophesies of neglect & abuse.

To learn more, read Toilet Paper Paranoia [click hyperlink].


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

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