Radiation [wi-fi, non-polarizing & polarizing]

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Radiation [wi-fi, non-polarizing]: radiation emitted by electronic devices, microwave towers, and routers that produces low-level damage in the cells by energetically tampering with cellular mitochondria responsible for the energy molecule Mg-ATP.


The mitochondria are responsible for cellular metabolism and the biological essence of life.

Mg-ATP is produced in the Krebs Cycle and electron transport chain [citric acid cycle] of the mitochondria.

At the time of this writing, fifth generation [aka 5G] communication technology is in the process of being rolled in active use WORLDWIDE beginning sometime in year, 2020.

There is no way to avoid bombardment of the body by 5G radiation [since it will be ubiquitous everywhere on earth], every individual must take action to defend body, mind and spirit by use of the Essential Elements Protocol.

DNA Mutation vs. Gene Mal-Expression In 1820 & 2019

Prior to emergence of Icelandic paradox, families with HCAA genes had NO symptoms of the disorder in their histories.  Symptoms appeared about 40 years AFTER traditional diet was, forfeited.  [Think junk food, today!]

Gene mal-expression is not a defect in the structure of DNA sequence.  Rather, it is a variant in how a gene, expresses.  A variant is a temporary and reversible expression.  A mutation of DNA sequence is considered, permanent, where gene mal-expression is not.  DNA sequence is considered, incorruptible, unless exposed to IONIZING RADIATION, such as: x-rays and cat scans.  These procedures damage DNA, but it’s years before effects, manifest.  [MRIs use non-ionizing radiation, like cellphones, but far more powerful.  [Avoid MRI where possible.]

Do you remember the fluoroscope used in shoe stores back in 1954?  The machine kids used to see their wiggling toes in their new, shoes?  Ever wonder why the fluoroscope disappeared?  Wonder no more, and instead think, cellphone radiation!

Cellphone signal technology inflicts GENETIC DAMAGE over the entirety of the body, where the fluoroscope affects only the, feet.  But wait, there’s more!  5G technology is radiation on steroids and it will be here, soon!  You cannot escape exposure to wi-fi, microwave radiation!  We are surrounded by it no matter where you live!  [BTW: John Thomas recently discovered a simple way to NEUTRALIZE the negative influence of non-ionizing cellphone and wi-fi radiation. And it helps with many other health issues, at the same time.]

We are bathed by EMF radiation 24/7/365; sick-care medicine dominates our choices; and, vaccination insanity and Big Pharma medications are killing us.  For example: Vioxx, a drug that doctors prescribed for OVER 10 YEARS, killed 60,000 innocent souls who heard these words, “Oh! This is a very safe drug, and it’s well documented by data, and studies, too!  I only prescribe medications that are proven to be safe and meet the Standard of Care!”  BALONEY!

Big Pharma knew about Vioxx all along, and ignorant practitioners were their stooges!  Pharma knows of more drugs just like Vioxx, but you will NOT learn of them until, after the fact!  One day, people taking STATINS, BETA BLOCKERS, BLOOD THINNERS, PROTON PUMP INHIBITORS AND BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATIONS will wish they had identified the CAUSES of their suffering and found safer and better, alternatives!  [Icelandic Magic is a great alternative because it supplies the dietary cofactors the body needs to function.]  Do you understand?

DNA sequence is stable, gene expression is, responsive!  How genes express [switch ON and OFF] is influenced by diet, toxicity, immune function, and chemical and radiation exposure. Since, we cannot avoid these antagonists, we must find a way to insure healthy, gene expression through epigenetic function and, methylation.  [Methylation, gene expression and epigenetics is the essence of Icelandic Magic.]

The DNA molecule was discovered in 1954 and was not mapped early in the 21st Century.  Some experts theorized human DNA contained 100,000 genes, but turned out to be only, 23,000 genes.  Plants have up 400,000 genes.  Humans genes and plant genes are EASILY CORRUPTED by noxious chemicals like glyphosate and non-ionizing cellphone and wi-fi radiation.

Do you know what happens when human genes are subjected to EMF, microwave radiation?  You guessed, it!  Gene expression is negatively affected because radiation warps epigenetic influence.  [What happened to humans in 1820 Iceland was low-tech compared to what’s happening to us, today.]  A word to the wise!

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  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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