Managing the pH of your body’s terrain is a powerful and simple way to manage your health and avoid symptoms of degenerative dis-ease, including cancer, cardiovascular dis-ease, arthritis, and diabetes.  NOTE: acidic pH, insulin-resistance and Metabolic Syndrome drive dis-ease and its symptoms.  Translation: if you have health issues, you have pH and insulin-resistance issues.

Baking soda is the very best tool for releasing and neutralizing metabolic waste acids and for managing terrain pH.  [FYI: baking soda does NOT contain aluminum, however baking powder usually does.  Do not waste money buying ‘aluminum free’ baking soda.]

Baking soda [sodium bicarbonate] is 65% sodium.  Some people have issues with sodium and water retention in the soft tissues [edema] and inside the cells due to depletion of Essential Elemental Ions.  Water retention occurs when excess acidic waste is released.  If you experience edema, REACH OUT and ask for guidance.  Sodium invasion should not be ignored.  To help manage the sodium/waste issue, use VITALITY COMPLEX.  To get a FREE BOTTLE, click on this link.

Alkalinity and pH 7 and above are NOT the goal of this protocol!  Dis-ease and cancer occur is in ACIDIC terrain environments.  The concept of an alkaline body is a meaningless exaggeration and a moot point in living systems.  Body chemistry does not comply with inorganic, pH lab chemistry.

You do NOT want acidic waste in tissues or body fluids [such as urine].  You can measure circulating hydrogen acid waste [pH], but you CANNOT MEASURE acid waste locked-up in soft tissue.  Urine pH measures CIRCULATING waste.  Waste that is locked-up in soft tissue produces FALSE urine pH tests because the waste is NOT CIRCULATING.

Oral Protocol:

1.         Application of the oral Terrain pH Protocol varies by individual.  Bicarbonate dosages and the number of doses/day vary widely and are done according to urine pH readings and other factors [age, state of health, edema, obesity, diet, bowel activity].

2.         Begin oral protocol by taking urine pH samples 3-4 times/day, noting pH each time to acquaint yourself with the rhythm of your body chemistry.

3.         Ideally, urine pH SHOULD rise two hours AFTER taking soda, vitamin-C and Vitality on an empty stomach [or two hours or more AFTER eating.

Interpreting pH Test Results

pH below 5.0 [dark yellow/orange]; EXTREMELY ACIDIC; NOT GOOD!]  pH 5.0 and 6.0 [yellow to light green; acidic also not good!]  pH 6.0-6.8] [light green; acidic is common, but not desirable.]  pH 6.8-7.2 [darker green, neutral].  pH 7.2-7.5 [green], slightly alkaline, better, but NOT the goal.]  pH 8.0 is the TARGET number.  [There is no need to go above pH 8.0.]

1.         The TARGET urine pH is pH 8.0.  At pH 7.0 [neutral], nothing is happening.  Shoot   for pH 8.0. but DO NOT expect to maintain pH 8.0.

2.         pH rises and falls as body releases tissue-bound acids or as acids enter circulation due to maldigestion of food [limited/poor digestion].  Maldigestion [discussed below] raises acidity levels and bicarbonates lower acidity.  pH is a measure of potential hydrogen.

3.         Circulating acids NEUTRALIZE bicarbonates in soda and the body only releases tissue-bound acid is if it has enough bicarbonate available to NEUTRALIZE acids.  The body STORES waste hydrogen acids if there are insufficient bicarbonates to neutralize acid.

4.         Bodies that are burdened by excess acid waste AND bodies that suffer from maldigestion of food are the bodies that suffer from Metabolic Syndrome, obesity, insulin-resistance, and excess body fat.  Waste filled bodies suffer COMORBIDITIES.  Please read again!

5.         pH tests are a useful tool.  pH infers metabolic efficiency as an indicator of acid load burdening the body’s terrain.  pH is only used as a guide for bicarbonate dosage and frequency.  Monitor your pH throughout day to discover your body’s terrain profile.

6.         Acidity is a measure of circulating acids in solution [such as urine].  Saliva pH is NOT accurate; do not use saliva pH measurements to guide pH Protocol.  Laboratory chemistry is inorganic, pH lab chemistry.  Biochemistry is dynamic and the chemistry of the terrain of living, breathing bodies.  The pH scale is 0-14 with 7 being pH neutral, meaning nothing is happening.

7.         If urine pH stays above 7.0 or refuses to drop into the low 6’s, 5’s or 4’s [as it should when tissue-bound waste is released] know your body is NOT releasing acids into circulation.  pH should rise and fall according to diet, stress, digestion/maldigestion and bowel activity.  If your urine pH does not rise and fall, please reach-out for guidance.

8.         Generally, keep doing the Terrain pH Protocol [soda, vitamin-C and Vitality mix] until urine pH drops as acid waste moves out of tissues into circulation.  pH goes acid [below 7] when bicarbonates are consumed; pH rises when soda releases bicarbonates into circulation.


1.         Check pH 2-4 times/day.

2.         The bicarbonate, vitamin-C and Vitality mix may cause you to burp.  Belching is common.  Also, bowel habits change, sinuses drain, sleep patterns shift, respiration changes, and joint pain changes.  Accept whatever changes you experience; your body is adjusting.

3.         Allow your body time to respond and bowels to move after taking soda mix.  DO NOT take the soda mix on the run or you may get a nasty surprise.  Give your body time to respond.  AND NOTE: if you think something is going on, LOOK for a toilet, pronto!!

The Terrain pH Protocol is NOT a substitute for a good diet and complete digestion of food.  Maldigestion is a GIVEN If you are over fifty years of age and you have health issues.  If you have questions or are having issues, ask for assistance.


ORAL PROTOCOL dosing instructions are below.  BATH PROTOCOL instructions follow.  Both protocols are used for different reasons; both have value; do both if possible.  Use caution when getting into and out of bathtub.



Here is the link for pH test strips available on Amazon.  If link does not work, look for something similar; meaning, test strips that measure pH ranges 4.0-9.0.

One TEASPOON of bicarbonate of soda with 3,000 mg. of [plain ascorbic acid] vitamin C TABLETS and two Vitality capsules.  Vitamin-C capsules will also work.  DO NOT use lypospheric-type vitamin-C or full spectrum vitamin-C.  THEY DO NOT REACT WITH SODA.  Use ascorbate formulations of vitamin-C.  [It is FINE if ascorbate has bioflavonoids or other C-related factors in it.  You want vitamin-C in ascorbate form.

Vitamin-C taken with baking soda is ‘lost’; you get no benefit from it.  We are using the C to react with the soda, NOT as a source of vitamin-C.  Do NOT count the vitamin-C you are taking with soda as part of your daily vitamin-C dosage.

If you are using vitamin-C tablets and SWALLOWING PILLS IS A PROBLEM, break-up tablets in mouth before drinking bicarbonate solution and Vitality.

DO NOT chew vitamin-C.  It is hard on tooth enamel.  Powdered vitamin C is fine; HOWEVER, YOU MUST DRINK THE SODA WATER MIX FIRST AND FOLLOW WITH DISSOLVED VITAMIN-C WATER MIX SECOND, OR VISAVERSA.  Do not mix them together in glass of you are wasting time and money.

You want the reaction between vitamins-C and soda to occur in your stomach, NOT in glass and NOT in your mouth.  The C/soda reaction releases CO2 in stomach, which enters the bloodstream and boosts the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin.

DO NOT use vitamin-C in the Bathtub Protocol below.  Only use citric acid, and do NOT substitute citric acid for vitamin-C when doing the Oral Protocol.

Take bicarbonate mix 2-3 x/day using urine pH as a guide only.  When pH drops below 7.0, take a dose.  [If you are sickly and suffer from XYZ health issues, take soda and track your pH response.  [Test pH am/pm, between meals and 2 hours after meals.]

NEVER take bicarbonate with meals or for 2 hours after eating.  Up to one-half hour before meals is fine.  If taking soda in late pm, allow 30 minutes before going to bed.

pH 8.0 is your target.  Normal pH response falls back into the acidic range [below 7.0] as tissues release waste and bicarbonate is consumed.  Rise and fall of pH is ideal!  [Do not expect to maintain pH 8.0.  Urine pH will rise and fall throughout day.  Check pH often and learn body’s patterns.  Drink plenty of water to keep waste moving.

Mix soda in 8-12 ounces of water and use mixture to wash-down vitamin-C and Vitality.  AVOID taking soda for 2 hours after meals!

Maldigestion, Acid Waste Levels & pH

1.         Maldigestion is incomplete digestion, meaning failure to process food and water and extract and process hydrogen in food and water.  Failure to metabolize food-bound hydrogen FORCES the body to STORE unburned acidic, hydrogen ions.

2.         As goes digestion, so goes the pH of your terrain.  Meaning, maldigestion feeds acidity.  By age 24, maldigestion of food is in-progress.  By age 35, weight and waistlines grow.  By age 50, digestive efficiency is half of age 24 and aging is in full swing.  After age 50, digestion DROPS BY HALF every five years and by age 70 digestion is < 3% of age 24, and degenerative dis-ease in full swing.

3.         Maldigestion is acid-based [pH] metabolism masquerading as sub-clinical inflammation and progressive bone loss.  Meaning, the more acidic your body the more minerals exit bone and set-the-stage for premature aging and dis-ease.  [How to grow new bone.]

4.         Maldigestion feeds undigested food proteins into blood where proteins do NOT belong!  Leakage of food proteins into blood [via a porous leaky-gut wall] causes immune system overresponse that is wrongly interpreted and wrongly classified as autoimmune reactions.  Autoimmune and osteopenia are examples of medical fabrications.  Fabricated diseases are NOT real.  Fear-driven misdiagnosis is based on big-pharma propaganda so practitioners will sell more drugs and stampede the ignorant.

5.         Maldigestion fuels acidification of the terrain.  Terrain acidity is confirmation of dysfunctional metabolism.  Terrain acidity, however, is NOT lack of alkalinity.  Acidity is the accumulation of hydrogen wastes.   Unlike pH lab chemistry taught in university, body chemistry is dynamic!  Don’t confuse them.

6.         Maldigestion can be corrected with the Digestion Trio which is taken at the beginning of every meal.  The Trio is far superior to ordinary, digestive formulations.  FYI: it takes three very different pills and three different formulations to do the job.   [Details here.


Bath & Oral Protocols can be used separately or along-side of oral protocol.

Aging skin is ACIDIC and LOADED with waste.  The Bath Protocol removes waste from the tissues beneath the skin and raise blood carbon dioxide (CO2) levels so blood can transport more oxygen.  The Bath Protocol also raises body bicarbonate levels.  Removal of acid waste from tissues beneath skin is how you avoid skin cancer [which has nothing to do with sun exposure, opinions to the contrary, notwithstanding.]

Directions: while tub is filling, add 4 Cups [2 lbs.] of Bicarbonate of Soda and 1 Cup of Epsom salts.  AFTER tub is filled, add 1 Cup of citric acid, and get in IMMEDIATELY. [Tub will bubble and boil and you want to be in the water while this is happening.

Tub should be comfortably HOT!  Soak for 15-20 minutes as often as you wish.  Hold breath and soak face in bath solution to improve facial skin and detox your scalp.  There is no need to rinse-off after bath.  Fifteen minutes in a hot tub is sufficient.