Thyroid Protocol


The Thyroid Protocol addresses many of the factors behind symptoms associated with a dysfunctional thyroid, slow metabolism, poorly functioning organs [liver, heart, brain, ovaries, testicles, prostate, pancreas, kidneys, digestion & bowels].  Note: symptoms are indicative of multiple issues and are seldom  a problem of the thyroid gland itself.

Women & Men

As people age, the thyroid gland, prostate gland, ovaries and vital organs become EXHAUSTED due to loss of their stores of iodine, selenium, boron, chromium, copper, and zinc.

These ions MUST be replenished ON A DAILY BASIS if men want to avoid prostate problems and/or restore their prostates and if women expect to avoid female cancer and serious thyroid issues.  Supplementation is done 2x/daily [am and pm.]

In men, the body stores its reservers of iodine, selenium and zinc in the thyroid gland, testicles and prostate.  In women, they are stored in the thyroid, ovaries and breasts.  NOTE: these particular glands are particularly subject to male and female cancer for lack of these critical elements.

​The balance of the body does NOT store these critical elements and they mUST be supplied on an ongoing basis each and every day in sufficient quantities and in activated form for immediate use by every cell and organ in the body.

Zinc, in particular, is NOT STORED and must constantly be replenished in order for selenium, boron, iodine and chromium to work properly.  Uptake of pill forms of these critical elements is pathetically poor, no matter the brand or label hype which is why YAC offer these elements in enhanced, activated form.  To be biologically useful, ions MUST be in bio-active, liquid form [NOT PILL FORM] and should be taken TOGETHER in water morning and evening, away from meals.

If you want to experience good health and maintain your body, you will need to follow the YAC protocols.  Aging is not the normal state of health and the process is reversible if you will put to practice what John Thomas teaches.

The sick-care system has ZERO understanding of so-called ‘thyroid’ issues [especially in women] because medical thinking regarding the thyroid has not advanced in over 100 years.  Proof is all the women who are routinely put on medications  which should tell every thinking person that male and female thyroid problems are DIRECTLY RELATED to the body’s reserve capacity of critical mineral  Ions and adrenal/hormone related issues.

Men are less subject to thyroid issues because men are less hormonal than women, but by age 40, men begin to experience symptoms of thyroid dysfunction in the form of: weight gain, erectile dysfunction, tinnitus, lower sex drive, poor energy, loss of hair color and muscle mass, PROSTATE PROBLEMS, urination issues [retention, urgency and release] along with balding and thinning hair.

Thyroid issues involve interference with thyroid function because of pre-diabetic blood sugar levels OVER 90, over-taxed adrenal glands [think stress and operating in overdrive], systemic depletion of bio-available magnesium [and the ability to fully utilize magnesium ions, systemic, metabolic takeover by fungal yeast, mycotoxin manipulation of sexual and regulatory hormones, and the INABILITY to make thyroid hormone for lack of bio-active minerals ions [iodine, selenium, zinc boron and adequate trace mineral ion support.

Thyroid problems are not what they appear and medical lab tests for the issue are both misleading and useless, especially for females.  Women suffer from thyroid related issues 1000:1 over men, and therefore require guidance and support in dealing with their issues.

Women who fail to address the issues relevant to metabolic and thyroid syndrome cannot restore their bodies to a healthy metabolism.  Symptoms include: cold bodies, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, overweight, thin and falling hair, dry skin, gas and bloat, belly fat, loss of muscle mass, low-grade, systemic inflammation, brain fog, poor sleep and menstrual and menopause type problems.

Mold and Fungal issues are SPECIFICALLY addressed with the Mold & Fungal Protocol either in conjunction with the YAC Thyroid Protocol involving use of bio-active mineral ions of iodine, selenium, zinc, boron and magnesium.  [FYI: these bio-active ions [in liquid form] are available from Young Again Club.]

Thyroid symptoms are extremely common in the female population from puberty and the middle years and certainly in the elderly years beyond age 50, and must be addressed if a woman wishes to feel healthy and avoid the progressive nature of menopause related symptoms.

Thyroid tests [for women] should NOT be depended upon because they don’t explain why women who test normal, continue to suffer from excess body fat, cold bodies, low energy, inflamed joints, belly fat, water retention, obesity, hormonal imbalance, low of sex drive, vaginal dryness, thin hair, foggy brain, dry skin and loss of muscle mass.

The usual thyroid metrics known as T-3, T-4 and TSH are generally useless measures of the state of a woman’s [or man’s] thyroid function.  FYI: thyroid analysis has not progressed for over 100 years and women pay the price by being mislead by their doctors and their worthless lab tests.  If you rely on doctor analysis and treatment of thyroid issues, your problems will never go away.

Medical diagnoses, such as hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, goiter and nodules are not what they appear and their causes must be addressed to avoid medical and surgical intervention.

Know that behind many of women’s so-called female issues and men’s aging issues is thyroid dysfunction.

Contributing Factors & Testing

Know that use of antibiotics [at any time in an individual’s life, particularly in women] causes spread and takeover by fungal yeast and manipulation of thyroid function and sexual hormones.

Know that alcohol [particularly wine, tequila and rum] aggravates thyroid symptoms and dysfunction in  both sexes, and particularly in females.  Due to their menstrual cycle and/or use of contraceptives, female hormones fuel growth of fungal yeast and production of mycotoxins that interfere with them.​

If you are having problems with your metabolism, ask for guidance BEFORE embracing risky medications and/or surgical intervention, including invasive biopsies that tell you nothing about the etiology of your situation.

Personal consultations are provided without cost of any kind.

Contact John Thomas.


Be sure and read the Mold & Fungus Protocol and Immune Protocol in the Programs & Protocols Section of the Young Again Club Website under RESOURCES on the main landing page.


Thyroid Protocol Package​


Taken in water am/pm, with all of the other ions.

Selenium shuttles iodine into cells and heavy metals [mercury, etc.] out!  R/S Selenium is biologically active and promotes mitochondrial production of ATP, boosts energy and oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and assists T-4 to T-3 thyroid conversion.  Iodine, selenium, magnesium and zinc depend on each other.

Every organ in the body requires a daily supply of iodine, zinc, boron and selenium ions IN BIO-ACTIVE LIQUID FORM.  These ions must be simultaneously present to do their job.  Pill forms are generally useless.  Reliance on pill forms is the prelude to ongoing, progressive deterioration and loss of health.

RIO [Bio-active iodine]

Taken in water am/pm, with all of the other ions.

RIO is bio-friendly, stabilized iodine unlike common, potassium/iodide formulations.  Use RIO to dislodge fluoride from body receptors and assists conversion of INACTIVE T-4 storage hormone to active T-3 thyroid hormone.

Iodine is stored in the thyroid, breasts, ovaries, prostate, testicles and body fat.  Readers who are concerned with female and male related health issues should note that these issues involve severe iodine and related ion deficiency and that these problems can be BOTH corrected and managed with YAC protocols.

Every organ in the body requires a daily supply of iodine, zinc, boron and selenium ions IN BIO-ACTIVE LIQUID FORM.  These ions must be simultaneously present to do their job.  Pill forms are generally useless.  Reliance on pill forms is the prelude to ongoing, progressive deterioration and loss of health.


R/MgO spray
R/MgO Spray contains biologically-friendly magnesium ions with bio-active BORON for direct absorption by the skin.  Use it liberally; overuse is NOT a risk; the body uses massive amounts of magnesium ions daily and especially when under stress.

Massage R/MgO TWO TIMES daily into skin of buttocks, calves, belly, chest, thighs and arms.  It is most helpful to follow R/MgO application with a few drops of DMSO.  Ask for guidance.

R/MgO and DMSO are extremely effective for addressing so-called cardiovascular issues such as elevated blood pressure, A-fib, arrhythmia and bronchial/asthma and COPD issues.  Ask for guidance.

Sea Mineral Sulfates & Ions

​Taken in water am/pm, with all of the other ions; a MAJOR source of magnesium.

[Magnesium absorption and utilization is an issue for many people.  The list of symptoms is in the hundreds with cardiovascular, brain function, vision issues and COPD problems appearing late in the process of aging.  Magnesium utilization issues can be corrected and are addressed with Youthing Complex from YAC.  Considering the ubiquity of age-related degeneration, every thinking person should be using Youthing Complex.  Only one pill/day is needed to get the job done.]

These ions are for your drinking water.   Take ¼ tsp. per glass [equivalent is 50 drops or a short squirt] in every glass of water throughout the day.  The heart and brain DEPEND on sulfate ions to operate correctly.  Sulfates are shuttled throughout the body by CHOLESTEROL.  Deplete your body of needed cholesterol and you will suffer accordingly.

Use of statin drugs deplete your body of critically important cholesterol and forces your body to ROB YOUR MUSCLES of their sulfates in order to survive.  When you deplete your store of sulfates, you suffer heart attack and stroke.  Death is the final effect of a depleted system.  Be sure and read the YAC 25th Anniversary Issue of Special Insights for the full story on Icelandic Magic.

So, when you hear of someone with cardiovascular issues and who are on DRUGS, you now know why they are in trouble and why they are unable to return to a healthy state and get off killer drugs.

Taken in water am/pm, with all of the other ions.

Zinc is critical to utilization of iodine, selenium, boron and magnesium.  It is required to relieve systemic inflammation of the musculature, bones and cartilage and rebuilding of the connective tissues and muscle mass.  Skin conditions are indicative of zinc shortfalls and deficiencies of all critical trace mineral ions.


Taken in water am/pm, with all of the other ions.  Useful for hundreds of metabolic functions as well as maintenance of systemic mold and fungal issues.  Needed for healthy bones and avoidance of osteoporosis.

PU is perfect for resetting adrenal function and balancing female hormones related to STRESS.  Adrenal dysfunction which has profound impact upon the thyroid.  Ask for details.

Protocol Details
Selenium, Iodine, Boron, Zinc & Magnesium Ions

Bio-Active Ions For Better Health

Selenium: An Element of Critical Importance.

Selenium ions boost hemoglobin’s ability to carry more oxygen; it also boosts mitochondrial production of ATP, the body’s energy molecule.  When combined with bio-active magnesium, ATP changes to its active form called, Mg-ATP.  More Mg-ATP means more available energy and better health.

Selenium ions convert [inactive] T-4 thyroid hormone into your own [active] T-3 hormone.  Insufficient, T-3 thyroid hormone is a problem for many people, especially women.

Selenium ions transport heavy metals [lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.] out of the body.  Selenium is taken in water with bio-friendly iodine ions twice daily.  [Pill forms are poorly absorbed!]  Selenium needs both iodine and magnesium ions to remove existing heavy metals.  Read about the heavy metal protocol, here.

Iodine: An Element of Critical Importance.

Thyroid problems are iodine deficiency and mold and fungus issues in disguise.  Iodine and thyroid are forever linked; meaning, iodine ions [and selenium ions] are absolutely necessary for healthy metabolism, even where the thyroid gland has been surgically removed or irradiated.

The thyroid is the body’s gas pedal.  Thyroid affects metabolic rate and brain function.  Failure to provide the body with bio-friendly iodine ions every day causes metabolism to slow-down and aging to accelerate.

Issues of obesity and brain deterioration are symptoms of iodine ion insufficiency.  Thyroid medications DO NOT address cause of hypothyroid disorder and Grave’s!  [You will not hear these things from clinicians!]

Zinc: An Element of Critical Importance.  Take ONLY 2 drops of activated zinc 2x/day with other items in protocol.

Magnesium: Liquid Magnesium Ions with BORON

Magnesium is supplied in two forms: as a skin spray and to put in every glass of water.

The body’s need for magnesium ions is HUGE, and it is impossible to get enough from food.  [Pill supplements DO NOT get the job done; absorption, regardless of brand, is poor.]  The best way to raise magnesium levels is with liquid, bio-active magnesium ions with BORON applied directly to skin for up to 95% absorption.

Magnesium ions moderate the need for risky medications!  Magnesium ions help the body naturally settle-down and normalize, regardless of health issues or age.  The results are impressive!  Everything from better sleep and pain relief to improved mobility and performance says, this magnesium ion story is a winner!  Youthing Complex assists with absorption and utilization of magnesium.  Ask for details.

YAC Sea mineral ions are also loaded with magnesium, plus a complete array of earth elements in bio-active form.  They are taken [in water] at the rate of Take ¼ tsp. per glass [equivalent is 50 drops or a short squirt] in every glass of water throughout the day.  It is recommended that people use BOTH R/MgO Spray and Sea Mineral ions, if possible.


Heart attack, stroke and hundreds of health challenges DO NOT come knocking when you supply your body with bio-active ions daily.  And, most importantly, it is impossible to restore your health and maintain your body without these critical elements in bio-active form.