DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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DMSO: a highly effective healing agent that is commonly available [if you know where to look] that can alter every aspect of premature aging and degenerative disease in ways no other substance can.


Important Information For Everyone

Fifty years of clinical and anecdotal evidence is now available that provide thousands of reasons to justify the use of DMSO.  The information is outlined in the reference books below.  Order from Amazon.

John Thomas can attest to its benefits of using DMSO.  Daily use will turn you into nice piece of of wet spaghetti, and turn you limber as you were long-ago in high school.  John Thomas ignores the WARNING on DMSO bottle labels [external use only].

These warnings are Big-Pharma’s way of instilling fear [through regulatory marketing] so people will not experience the benefits that this wonderful substance provides to ailing and suffering people [and pets].  Sadly, younger veterinarians [like their medical counterparts] are taught to fear DMSO and advise patients to avoid the ‘dangers’ of using DMSO.  Big Pharma controls the schools!

Doctors know nothing about DMSO.  Seeking their approval is a waste of time.  Instead, do your homework and use the clinical information provided in the books [see below] so you [and your pet] can avoid involvement in sick-care medicine.

DMSO is the best kept secret of older veterinarians.  My dog gets three drops, daily.  DMSO does make you smell like garlic if you don’t overdo it.  John Thomas takes 3-5 drops in water before bed without odor issues next day.

NOTE: one of the chemical characteristics of DMSO is that it is ODORLESS!  What people smell when sniffing or using it is DMSO reacting with toxic waste in your nose and body.  This occurs INSTANTANEOUSLY and the more waste you have in your body, the worse will be the odor.  Welcome it, but go easy at first unless you want to speed-up restoration of your body and you don’t care about odor.

Observation: people who smell the waste gassing off of your body, the more toxic they are, the more they smell the waste in their own bodies.

DMSO has NO KNOWN RISK OR SIDE EFFECTS.  I encourage everyone to read up on it, and i don’t mean by skimming the internet!.  See the inks for DMSO books, below.  You MUST DO YOUR HOMEWORK and read-up on DMSO and ask for guidance.

Applications for DMSO are endless.  Athletes use it for injuries and to dramatically increase performance with no downside.  Use it post surgery, post auto accidents, pre/post stroke/heart attack…fantastic stuff!] . Poured directly onto the scalp within minutes of a stroke, prevents brain inflammation, crippling, excess bleeding INSIDE THE HEAD and loss of mental faculties.

Below are THREE LINKS for clinical reference books on DMSO.  Please do your homework.  READ AND STUDY THESE BOOKS; YOUR LIFE AND FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!   A link for DMSO is below.  If you don’t use Amazon, liquid, 99% DMSO is available at farm stores [where you would buy animal feed i.e. horse, chicken feed] that sell veterinarian supplies.  Gel is fine, but more limited use; roll-on, same.  [Don’t ask your vet!]  If links [below] do not work, go to Amazon and search under DMSO and books by title/author.  DMSO is DMSO; don’t waste $$ on expensive listings.]

DMSO stands for di-methyl-sulfoxide.  That is: two methyls and one each sulphur and oxygen.  DMSO is a primary methyl donor.  The body uses methyls for neutralization of free radicals and toxins, reduction of inflammation and formation of critically needed molecules.  It does this tens of thousands of times a day.

Without the ability to methylate. our body age and become inflamed and fail to regenerate.  DMSO helps rebuild cartilage, bone and connective tissue and restores liver, eyes, ears and brain.  Methylation is critical for maintenance and regeneration.

Use DMSO to dissolve brain tangles associated with dementia, avoid Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, help autism, skin disorders, bowels and anything else that may be haunting you or those you care about.  John Thomas has a special dilutes mix he uses in his eyes and ears.  It does wonders for both.  This is first hand experience!

DMSO enhances dietary food choices and food supplement regimens and stretches your budget.  DMSO enhances dietary food choices and food supplement regimens [makes them work, better!] and stretches your budget.

Use DMSO by your own choice.  You are responsible for yourself.

NOTE: methylation is central to health, longevity and avoidance of the sick-care system.  DMSO should NOT be confused with the word, meth-amphetamines which is unrelated.  BTW: skimming the internet will not make you knowledgeable about DMSO.  DMSO is useful for restoring health regardless of the type of addiction, but YOU MUST READ AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK.]

FYI: a methyl is a CH3 group [1 carbon with 3 hydrogens.]  Methyls are very important molecules in biochemistry.  Methylation is a form of alkylation where a methyl group replaces a hydrogen atom on reactive oxygen species [think, FREE RADICALS!]  Alkylation has nothing to do with alkalinity or pH, so do not confuse these different concepts.

Please read Special Insights to learn, more.  Click link to read about:  ICELANDIC MAGIC and what everyone needs to know about the history of Iceland and the Icelandic diet.  This is a story you have never heart of before.  Count on it!  Here is the link for Questions & Answers about how to convert your colon into a state on ongoing fermentation so you can MAKE YOUR OWN VITAMINS for improved health and AVOIDANCE of bowel disorders and colon cancer.

The links below should take you to Amazon’s website.  If links do not work, go to amazon’s site and type in DMSO, and order 3 bottles of DMSO for $22.  Next, order these two books [also from Amazon]: DMSO Natures Healer [Walker] and The DMSO Handbook [Hartmut}.   Read both books.  If you need help, call or email John Thomas.  Do your homework by READNG the books

Good Books on DMSO; links for Amazon to order DMSO; if link is unavailable, call/email for new link.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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