Cholesterol (Cholesterol Theory of Disease)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Cholesterol:  is a lipid molecule synthesized by the body and an essential component of cell membranes that enables animal cells to function without a cell wall (plants and bacteria) and serves as a precursor for biosynnthesis of steroid hormones, bile and vitamin D.


In the late 1950’s, the Cholesterol Theory of Disease was popularized by the medical profession and embraced by the patients on a grand scale.  Cholesterol became the boogieman of cardiovascular disease.

Dietary culprits singled out for elimination (because of their cholesterol content) from the diet were animal fats, eggs and butter which supposedly formed plaque and drove heart disease.

Sadly, the following 50 years saw massive increase of cardiovascular disease as cholesterol levels were systematically ratcheted down to today’s abnormal, sick ‘target’ levels.

At the same time, rabid exercise was promoted as the cure all for heart problems, leading instead to more deaths along with worn out knees, hips and backs.

The Cholesterol  Theory turned out to be another medical sham and drove millions of innocent, ignorant people into the grave early from idiotic dietary restrictions and use of pharmaceutical drugs with their many side effects and contraindications.

[As an aside, another idiotic idea became popular writ in the dental arena: the widespread use of fluoride in tooth paste and public drinking water supplies.  it too was a lie, and it too is still widely believed by the public.  See Special Insight, Teeth and Gums in the Archive link below.]

Today, the Cholesterol Theory is finally being recognized for the sad joke that it always was; but the public is reluctant to recognize the entire ploy was driven by the food and pharmaceutical industries for selfist reasons.

It turns out that sweets drive triglyceride production and deposition of waste (plaque) in the arteries because of hormonal resistance to leptin, insulin, adrenaline and glucagon. Please read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life by clicking link.

Acidifycation of the body terrain and accumulation of waste leaves the body no alternative but to park waste in deposits throughout the body.  Factors driving acidifycation are: poor diet, faulty digestion, an inflamed and compromises liver and sluggish bowels.

The diet should include eggs, animal fats and butter along with coconut and olive oils.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

See fats, cardiovascular and Special Insight, Ear Fats To Be Happy & Healthy.

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