Auto-brewery Syndrome

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Auto-brewery syndrome (A/BS) is self-fermentation with the intestinal gut.  It is also known as, gut fermentation syndrome.


Medically, it is a rare medical condition where intoxicating quantities of alcohol are produced through endogenous fermentation within the digestive system.

However, this condition is neither ‘rare’  or new, and to one degree or another, it affects 99% of the population based on EXPOSURE TO ANTIBIOTICS, plus diet, terrain, digestion etc.

A/BS is a symptom of the  Sugar/Alcohol Cycle that dominates people’s state of health.  Extreme personality swings and even sociopathic and chronic expressions of mood and temperment are closely linked to Auto-brewery Syndrome and manipulation of hormones and blood sugar levels.

A/BS is also a component of the Autoimmume Attack Cycle that signals loss of balance in the gut microbiome [in favor of pathogenic organisms] and Leaky Gut Syndrome which is the predictable result of exposure to antibiotics and NSAIDS (over the counter pain killers), birth control pills and steroids of every, type.

One aspect of leaky gut that is unrecognized or appreciated by both conventional and alternative practitioners is fungal takeover and perforation of the gut wall by fungal roots called, hypha.

Stress most certainly plays a part in degeneration of and mismanagement of the small intestinal (gut) wall.  Stress and medications are, wild cards in personality disorders which are really nothing more than fungal mycotoxin control over body metabolism.

Be sure and read the overview for Mold & Fungus Protocol because fungi and yeast affect everything about the way people look, act and feel.

Please read, Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life.

A/BS has everything to do with inability to properly and fully digest food, carbohydrate dependence [see Pre-diabetes}, junk food diets and bowel issues of every description.

Auto-brewery Syndrome is the product of neglect and abuse of the body’s terrain.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Remedies include: balancing the gut matrix, digestive support using bio-active ,Young Again Club supports and detoxification of the ‘terrain’. See Tissue & Liver Protocol by clicking hyperlink.

See Digestion, Cravings, Inflammation and Probiotics in Glossary link below.

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