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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Vironxx:  anecdotal [small-food] molecule supplement.

Nature’s Anecdote: Small [Food] Molecules

THE COVID FIASCO IS NOT OVER; IT’S ONGOING!  And now readers have a way to minimize post-vaxx syndrome, boosters, and spike proteins, while managing the side-effects of wi-fi exposure.  Use anecdotal small [food] molecules to resurrect corrupted DNA and avoid side-effects of SHEDDING of variants!

Vaxxed or not vaxxed readers must: remain vigilant, reduce risk, and neutralize wi-fi exposure.  And the way to do it is with anecdotal, small [food] molecules in Vironxx.  These enhanced [small] food molecules are not available from diet or common/ordinary supplements.  To learn more, read on.

[Questions & Answers follow below.]

LifeForce Energy & Food

Food vibrates according to its lifeforce energy, how it was grown, nutrients/toxin levels, and the effects of bombardment by wi-fi signals.  Sick [food] vibrates at low frequencies and promotes sub-clinical dis-ease, where enhanced [small] food molecules boost lifeforce energy.  Dis-ease is a symptom of maldigestion, insulin/leptin resistance, failure to consume and inability to metabolize small [food] molecules in quantity.

Anecdotal small [food] molecules in Vironxx neutralize sick body frequencies resulting from 5G exposure, similar to how Essential Elements displace rogue [fluoride] ions from receptors in the pineal, thyroid, ovaries, testicles, breasts, and prostate.  Restore your receptors and dis-ease and suffering go bye, bye!

Wi-fi signal bombardment 24/7/365 causes mitochondrial chaos!  Vironxx neutralizes wi-fi driven chaos and neutralizes vaxx-related symptoms by shielding [and freeing] receptors and by preventing organ-assault and capture by rogue heavy metal ions.

Dis-ease and pre-mature aging are effects of bodies vibrating out-of-rhythm, meaning bodies burdened by dysfunctional metabolism.  For example, an acidic body is an out-of-sync body that can ONLY be restored by restoring pH physiology, and the protocol is FREE!  [See Terrain pH Protocol here.]

Epigenetics & Nutrient Size Matter

Size matters in the world of molecular nutrients.  Size, biologic activity, and energy footprint power the molecules in Vironxx to work their magic.  Small [food] molecules are biologically active transports that move lifeforce energy more efficiently and traverse cell membranes for delivery of biologic payloads.

Small [food] molecules influence epigenetics, health and dis-ease.  Epigenetics orchestrates organ activity and DNA function, where wi-fi signals interfere with epigenetic function and cell metabolism.  Vironxx is about HEALTHY gene expression, stable DNA, and preemptive use of anecdotal small [food] molecules.

Bridging The Nutrition Gap

It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to obtain the benefits Vironxx provides from healthy diet, partly because molecules are NOT available and partly because of ongoing dietary maldigestion.  [Vironxx is a here and now advancement, NOT a futuristic idea like Med-Beds that may never happen!  Two-capsules/day does the job.]

Vironxx bridges known gaps in nutrition and offers anecdotal protection in just 90 days.  Use Vironxx to denature wi-fi effect on tissues and organs, and to avoid symptoms of metabolic dis-easeVironxx and companion product Ultra-Blue are biologically enhanced, anecdotal, food molecules.

Use Vironxx preemptively and anecdotally to minimize post-vaxx syndrome and neutralize wi-fi bombardment.

[Overview, Questions & Answers]

Overview: the COVID fiasco is an ongoing threat because mRNA technology corrupts DNA and promotes post-vaxx syndrome, spike proteins, and SHEDDING of variants.  Vironxx resurrects DNA metabolism where mRNA vaxx technology violates cell integrity similar-to blood/brain barrier invasion.

NOTHING GOOD comes from cellular admission of mRNA vaxx payloads or from spread of spike proteins by people who took the vaxx.  Also, it is critical that people wake-up and recognize that wi-fi signals weaken cell integrity.  Vironxx neutralizes the effects of wi-fi exposure and signals that are coming at us 24/7/365.

Wi-fi and DNA corruption are 21st Century threats!  Vironxx small [food] molecules naturally traverse cell membranes where mRNA molecules FORCE cells to admit toxins. Cells recognize and like small [food] Vironxx!

What does Vironxx do? A. It provides biologically active small [food] molecules cells use for restoration.  Vironxx boosts metabolism naturally in the OPPORITE WAY mRNA vaxx technology destroys cells and health.

Why use Vironxx if I’m not sick? A. Because you are constantly exposed to spike proteins and people who took the vaxx, and risk of COVID-related attack is real.  Exposure turns to trouble in compromised bodies.

How does Vironxx work? A. Specialized small [food] molecules traverse cell membranes and boost cellular physiology.  Cells use small [food] molecules to undo DNA damage from vaxx, spike proteins, and wi-fi exposure. 

What is special about the Vironxx formulation? A. The molecules are biologically enhanced, and cells use them to resurrect immune function and correct damaged genes and DNA naturally.

Explain Vironxx physiology? A. Vironxx molecules promote cellular health; molecules cross cell membranes in quantity; molecule enhanced energy profile is NOT available from food or other supplements.

How do small [food] molecules work? A. Vironxx molecules provide intracellular bodies such as mitochondria with nutrients they need to make energy, resurrect DNA, and maintain health.

Name a defining characteristic of Vironxx molecules? A. Vironxx molecules work independent of digestion and provide benefits regardless of age or state of health.  Fact is the sicker you are, the greater the effects.

What is the Vironxx energy profile? A. Vironxx is a formulation of enhanced, energy-formatted, small [food] cofactors cells need to maintain health and resurrect sick bodies from symptoms of dis-ease.

Can Vironxx be duplicated? No!  Footprint format and characteristics embrace principles of Applied Physiology unique to Young Again Club.  Vironxx is 100% proprietary.

Is Vironxx dual-natured? Yes!  Vironxx is both defensive and offensive.  Use it with UltraBlue to boost health and stay ahead of the curve no matter what version of COVID knocks on your door.

Does Vironxx challenge conventional and alternative thinking and models? A. Yes!

Are Vironxx small [food] molecules a game changer! A. Yes!  [More.]

Will Vironxx help me? Find out for yourself!  Health in the 21st Century health is an ongoing challenge.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

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