Skin Problems Protocol

Aging skin and dry skin are symptoms of a toxic body, iron toxicity, insulin/leptin resistance, poor liver function, poor diet, sluggish bowels, and confirmation of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.

Skin problems in general are the product of lifestyle, that has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR GENETICS OR FAMILY HISTORY! Skin issues should be seen for what they are: premature aging and an inflamed gut!

Vitamin-C availability and absorption has everything to do with your skin because collagen formation is dependent upon your BLOOD SERUM LEVELS of Vitamin-C, not oral intake of common forms of Vitamin-C people use and rely on.

Vitamin-C, regardless if it so-called ‘natural’ or plain old ascorbic acid, is generally useless and damaging to the intestinal gut wall. The solution to the problem must be understood in the light of Young Again Club teachings.

If the Vitamin-C story as preached and understood was valid (and it most certainly is not valid despite all the credentialed experts in academia as well as the health fields) people’s bodies would not be falling apart and failing to regenerate.

Never forget, aging is the failure to regenerate new, functionally useful tissue at a rate equal to or greater than the rate at which the body is wearing out and breaking down.

Improving skin texture and appearance, including wrinkles, takes time, but it is well worth the effort because deteriorating skin is a flag of far more serious health issues in progress throughout the body;  problems that eventually manifest as connective tissue disorders from joint deterioration and osteoporosis to loss of muscle mass and tone.  Vanity issues are confirmation of the effects of a degenerating system.

Wrinkles are easy to avoid and slow to reverse, but it can be done.  Making the effort will save you decades of premature aging and much unnecessary suffering.

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