Water Protocol

Water is a central theme of the 6th edition of the book, Young Again!  Water fall into two categories:  body friendly drinking water and water that has regenerative qualities.

Water can not only accelerate aging and premature death, but it can also bring you back in both time and circumstance.  Please realize that blood is 90% water and the body is 75% if it supplied with water that is not antilife in its energy spin and footprint.

Biologic Friendly Water is for daily use, where the Medical Grade Water has therapeutic applications.

These waters are discussed at length in the book and they are made at home.  Neither should be confused with common waters commonly available, regardless of name or type or source.

Which water you choose to make and drink will depend on many factors, but know this:  water can be used to heal past sins and avoid future sins, that is, from an illness/health perspective.

Please call Young Again Club if you would like to access and benefit from the many wonderful aspects of BFRV and MGIW waters.