Osteocalcin (metabolism)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Osteocalcin: a hormone that plays a key regulatory role in bone mineralization and calcium ion utilization. Osteocalcin is made and secreted by osteoblast cells [cells that build bone.]

Osteocalcin hormonally affects pancreatic  beta cells that are responsible for the production of insulin and regulation of fat cell metabolism i.e. sensitivity to insulin [insulin resistance] and the production of leptin by fat cells for signaling and communication with brain receptors responsible for pancreatic [on/off, release/withhold insulin] activity.


Without balanced osteocalcin metabolism, circulating serum calcium is wrongly deposited into blood vessel walls, heart valves, breast tissue and joints and fuels cardiovascular issues.

Arthritis, bone spurs and stenosis issues are closely related to unbalanced osteocalcin metabolism and calcification of the soft tissues that follows injuries, traumas, surgeries as well as old age complaints of stiffness, rigidity and lack of flexibility.  

Lack of available and adequate magnesium ions plays a key role in both mitochondiral and osteocalcin metabolism.

Osteocalcin metabolism is also highly DEPENDENT upon healthy levels of vitamin K in all of its naturally occurring forms including K-1, 2, 4 and 7 in quantities of 300+ mcgs [daily intake] which should be derived through natural fermentation.

Synthetic and soy derived forms of vitamin K should be avoided because they either upset or destroy any chance of balanced metabolism.

Osteoporosis [loss of bone density] is NOT a disease. Rather, it is the end result of dysfunctional Vitamin K metabolism, body acidity, excess calcium intake, unopposed calcium dominance, severe magnesium ion deficiency, intake of fortified dairy and hundreds of food chain products [including soda and juices.]

It should be noted that ACIDIFICATION of the body’s terrain [acidity level] and lack of available bicarbonates causes calcium withdrawal from bone and abnormal tissue calcification of the body so common today.

Fortification of milk and dairy products with synthetic vitamin-K 1 is causes osteocalcin dysfunction in the broad population, and particularly in children and teens who are always in a state of magnesium ion deficiency and sugar overload.

Unopposed calcium dominance. and causes progressive metabolic deterioration, systemic, low-grade inflammation and ongoing depletion of [and balance between] CRITICALLY IMPORTANT FORMS of vitamins- K [1, 2, 4 and 7.]

Sugar, sweets and fruit are highly acidic and dramatically affect calcitonin metabolism and are partially responsible for progression deterioration dysfunction of healthy, body metabolism.

Middle aged people suffer calcium dysfunction beginning age 30 and seniors progressively suffer post age 50 and beyond.  Women suffer breast cancer because of mycotoxin and hormone imbalances and deposition of calcium in breast tissue.

MK Complex helps reverse mitochondrial dysfunction and assists with balanced vitamin-K and calcium metabolism for people of all ages.  Poor calcium metabolism in involved in all major diseases and all autoimmune irregularities, including breast cancer.

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