Insulin/leptin [resistance & dependence]

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Insulin/leptin resistance: a condition where cells fail to respond to the hormone insulin and admit glucose; hence, ‘resistance’ and low-grade inflammation throughout the body because insulin [and excess blood sugar is highly inflammatory.

Insulin Dependence: where the pancreas does not make enough insulin and therefore, the body is dependent on supplemental insulin.  Insulin dependence follows long periods in the state of ONGOING pre-diabetes [glucose between 90-120.


Pre-diabetes overworks the islet [beta] cells of the pancreas until the pancreas, gives-out and supplemental insulin becomes MANDATORY as a life/death matter.

In the case of type 1 diabetes, the individual’s pancreas shuts-down and insulin production ceases in dramatic fashion similar to type II diabetics who are also insulin dependent.

Regardless if type I or type II diabetes, resistance to insulin EVEN WHEN IT IS AVAILABLE results in elevated blood sugar levels and systemic inflammation.

Insulin resistance and dependence are very closely related to leptin resistance and glycation of red blood corpuscles [RBCs] and glycated brain receptors that are responsible for monitoring blood sugar levels and turning pancreatic production of insulin ON/OFF.  Glycated RBCs are not able to transport enough oxygen to the brain, heart and vital organs.

Leptin offsets insulin; they counterbalance each other.  Leptin is a REGULATORY HORMONE that is responsible for shutting-down insulin production. Brain receptors monitor leptin level.

Leptin controls appetite and signal satiation of appetite so we STOP eating.  Leptin is made by fat cells.  Overeating and obesity and metabolic syndrome are symptoms of pre-diabetic insulin/leptin-resistance,  Leptin resistance is why people overeat.

Metabolic Syndrome includes the following signs and symptoms: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney [renal] problems, abdominal fat, high serum triglycerides, obesity, elevated blood pressure (hypertension) and low HDL cholesterol.

If you are obese or have belly fat, you are BOTH insulin and leptin resistant. Pre-diabetes leads to diabetes mellitus,Type 2 [sugar over 140].

Behind neuropathy, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s is ongoing insulin/leptin resistance with pre-diabetes or diabetes.

Neurologic disorders are INFLAMMATORY DISORDERS that result from insulin/leptin-resistance and ongoing pre-diabetes.   Diabetes type III is actually diabetes of the brain.

Poor digestion [a give if you are over 50 years of age] is a MAJOR contributor to systemic, low-grade inflammation an, ongoing autoimmune issues and insulin/leptin resistance.

For women with hormonal difficulties, it is vitally important they realize that leptin/insulin resistance influences adrenal response and thyroid, function and hormone-related symptoms such as sweats, hot flashes, brain fog and poor sleep.

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Ask for guidance.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

See Diabetes Mellitus and Autoimmune Attack Cycle in glossary.

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