ReStore Protocol

ReStore Protocol:  assists the body in rebuilding the small intestinal ‘gut’ wall; involves the use of long-chain, galacto, oligo, saccharide mannans that provide the exact opposite effect of short-chain, saccharide sugars that are extremely inflammatory to the gut wall and notoriously famous for destroying the matrix of the gut microbiome.

ReStore Protocol helps ‘settling’ of the small intestinal gut wall and in reduction of autoimmune generated, low -grade, systemic inflammation.  The ReStore Protocol is used in the absence of food [i.e. away from food]; users are strongly encouraged to increase dietary fat intake (butter and coconut oils) along with bio-active bile [Pro-OX] and to avoid dietary sugars in all forms, including carbohydrates such as pasta, grains, etc.

All fruit and fruit juice(s) including and especially WINE intake should be eliminated to help the process take root and progress.  Sugar and carbs are counter productive and set the stage for pre-diabetes which leads to diabetes types 1 & 2 and diabetes of the brain (type 3).

The Restore Protocol is used according to individual history and needs and use of medications, NSAIDS and antibiotics.  Please note, all gut and bowel issues involve mold and fungus infestation; NO ONE is immune to this problem.

To learn more about the Mold & Fungus, go to website and click RESOURCES TAB, then select Mold & Fungus Protocol.

If you suffer from any issue, be it chronic or otherwise, know, that mold and fungus are central to your suffering and chronic complaints.

The Gut Protocol is used during the initial months of the ReStore Protocol along with digestive support from the Digestive Protocol.

Ask for guidance.