Gut (small intestine)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Small Intestine (gut): is also called the gut and is located between the stomach and the cecum, which is the junction where the large intestine begins.


The gut comprises the first 15 feet is the intestinal track, the last 6 feet being the large intestine which is also called the colon.

The gut is divided into three sections, the first section immediately below the stomach, is called the duodenum, followed by the jejunum and ileum. The ileum ends at the cecum (a fist sized pouch from which the appendix is attached). The outlet from the cecum is the beginning of the colon which ends at the anus.

The gut is the actual location of the immune system. It is the point from which all autoimmune problems arise.  Meaning, if you have one or more health issues, regardless of how the label is spelled, you have an inflamed, compromised gut. i.e. you have leaky-gut!

And if you have gut issues, know that you suffer from poor digestion, a toxic, inefficient liver and sluggish bowels (moving less than three times a day!).

Also, know lack of hormonal balance is at play, meaning imbalance between insulin and leptin. Read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life by clicking hyperlink.

Things You Should Know

The gut is where food interacts with the intestinal wall; it is where undigested proteins finds their way into the blood stream via a porous gut wall producing ‘reactions’ known as autoimmune responses.

There are hundreds of different autoimmune responses all stemming from the small intestinal wall where the immune system is located. Every so-called dis-ease is an auto immune response. For example, cancer, arthritis, gout, fibromyalgia, lupus, cardiovascular and diabetes just to name a few.  Celiac and Crohn’s are two very ugly gut conditions.

Celiac dis-ease derives its name from that section of the gut close to the celiac artery; Crohn’s disease, like celiac, is another extreme case of serious gut wall related challenges.

Both celiac and Crohn’s have humble beginnings as compromised gut issues with devastating consequences as they progress. Both are classified as ‘diseases’, but they are not diseases; they are extreme autoimmune disorders that spring from use of antibiotics and vaccinations.

Autoimmune disorders, syndromes and so-called dis-eases are preventable, and when assisted, the body can reverse them and restore itself. Please read about the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle by clicking hyperlinks.

Undigested proteins and sweets are the ‘triggers’ for all things autoimmune, Sugar, sweets, fruit, juices and alcohol are extremely inflammatory to the gut wall. Proteins are supposed to be totally broken down in the stomach into their constituent amino acids before they enter the small intestine.

And if proteins fail to break-down in the stomach (and it does not in 99%  of the population), the immune system REACTS when these foreign proteins enter the blood steam by way of a leaky-gut wall. That is why the condition is called leaky-gut!

Know, antibiotics and vaccinations do severe damage to the gut wall, as do medications and NSAIDS.

Know, destruction of the microbiome (friendly bacteria matrix that lives in your gut) and dietary overload of carbohydrates raise hell in the small intestine.

Know, along insufficient intake and uptake of fats is always involved in autoimmune related gut issues.

Know, if you have gut issues, you have terrain issues.

Know, restoration of the body ‘terrain’ is a Young Again Club concept.

Sooner or later everyone has gut issues, and the problems only get worse beginning age 35 as you get older. Take care of your gut, liver and digestion and you will enjoy good health and longevity.

For women who are having hormonal difficulties, particularly menopausal and post menopausal issues, it is important to understand that both the adrenals and thyroid influence hormonal balance, sweats, hot flashes and sleep.

It should be noted, that insulin and leptin resistance is a CORE factor in all gut related issues.

There is STRONG evidence that cognitive issues from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to vascular dimentia, brain fog, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s and autism are directly related to low-grade inflammation in the brain and adrenaline resistance and gut issues.

Please read Special Insights, Pre-Diabetes & Premature Aging by clicking hyperlink.  Also, read Overwieght, Underweight & Unaware in the Archive link below.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.


The Tissue & Liver Protocol and the Gut Protocol are extremely useful tools for all things ‘gut’. You can read about them by clicking hyperlinks.

For more information, see Inflammation, Cravings, Digestion, Gut, Alkalinity and Gluten Intolerance in Glossary link below.

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