Terrain (of bio-electric body)

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Terrain (of the Bio-Electric Body): the TOTAL energy state of the body, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The terrain refers to body function within the context of healthy vs. unhealthy.

Terrain issues are manifestations of dysfunctional metabolism.


The terrain is a Third and Fourth dimensional concept and the element hydrogen is central to everything about the terrain.  For example:

The proton hydrogen is the source of your energy, but hydrogen is also ACIDIC.  Sugar [C12H22O12] contains 22 hydrogens.  Water [H2O] contains 2 hydrogens. Food and water are hydrogen proton donors.  Hydrogen is an acidic element.

The Bio-electric energy that fuels your body comes from non-thermal burning of food and water-derived hydrogen, the same element that powers the sun.  ATP energy fuels cellular energy, NOT body energy.

Digestion releases covalently bonded hydrogen in food and water.  The body turns ACIDIC if unable to burn hydrogen.  Urine pH measures of hydrogen ions in circulation and rises and falls as hydrogen accumulates in tissues.

Hydrogen is potential lifeforce [think ‘p’ as in pH].  The more efficient your digestion the more energy available for growth and repair.

Faulty digestion = faulty hydrogen metabolism and dis-ease.  As digestion falters, aging accelerates.  Read it again.

Regeneration and maintenance of the body are terrain concepts; so are aging, degeneration and illness.  The terrain controls how the body responds; dis-ease being confirmation of loss of control of the terrain.

To better understand the connection between the terrain and cancer, click this link.

Please see Germ Theory of Disease  for a full review of the subject matter by clicking hyperlink.

The TERRAIN is a key factor in health and longevity and a foundational concept of the Young Again Club and the book, Young Again!

If you wish to have control over your health and future, you MUST get control of your body’s terrain, through choice of food, detoxification and water, and restore function to all of the organs of the body, and especially to the VITAL ORGANS [brain, heart, pancreas, kidneys, thyroid and liver.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Also, see Tissue & Liver Protocol in Glossary below.

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