Mysterious Infections & Diseases What’s Behind Them, How To Protect Yourself

Compromised immunity is responsible for the increase of mysterious diseases and infections confronting the populace.  This report identifies the causes and the culprits, and most importantly, teaches you how to restore your immune system to the level it was the day you were born.  To learn more, read on.

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth prevails, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing, and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and the medical system is rigged and corrupt!  Virtual medicine is coming, and you are not going to like it.  In the near future, personal knowledge and guidance will serve you well.  Prepare to care for yourself and your loved ones.

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Overview Of Compromised Immunity

Loss of primal immunity and elimination of autoimmune assault on cellular mitochondria are serious issues for everyone, and glyphosate toxicity is driving the assault on everyone’s immune system.

Compromised immunity is now the human condition, and marginal health, the norm.  Behind immune issues you will find glyphosate, vaccinations, medications, fungal infestation and antibiotics.

Given no choice, your immune system makes-do according to the condition of your body’s, terrain.  And, if compromised and, corrected, your body will automatically restore immunity.  Peak health, then, is the side-effect of judicious terrain management and the exact opposite of a compromised immune system.

It comes as no surprise that autoimmune symptoms plague the populace, young and old alike.  The word autoimmune is CODE for challenged immunity, inflammation and leaky-gut syndrome.

Leaky-gut syndrome implies a porous, intestinal wall.  But, few people realize glyphosate poisoning and perforation of the gut wall by fungal hyphae is what is behind the problem.  Gluten is NOT the culprit.

Intestinal symptoms, such as flatulence, bloat, and bowel disorders of every kind are poorly understood, even among alternative practitioners.  All too often, they resort to dietary management as a fix.  Avoidance of gluten, for example, has become the mantra of millions of people.  However, avoidance of food related triggers is an incomplete remedy that FAILS TO IDENTIFY THE CA– USE.  And, without knowing the cause of the problem, intestinal dysbiosis and rollercoaster existence become the new, normal!

Intestinal dysbiosis plagues the populace and the deluge of strange, new, diagnostic labels is evidence of rampant misdiagnosis within sick-care circles and alternative circles, alike!  Never forget, misdiagnosis exposes patients to unnecessary intervention for imaginary diseases they don’t have.

It should also come as no surprise that chronic inflammation, incomplete healings, a parade of avoidable injuries and premature aging rule the populace.  Poor health is the side-effect of metabolic insufficiencies and regulatory dysfunctions, and the universal symptom is, INFLAMMATION!

Metabolic insufficiencies manifest when immunity becomes compromised and vital organs are unable do their job.  Behind people’s symptoms, you will discover mold and fungal infestation, loss of primal Immunity and mitochondrial dysfunction.  These underlying conditions lead to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic Syndrome and leaky-gut are twin issues, and exposure to glyphosate [Roundup] plays a pivotal role.  Syndrome effects are insidious and diverse, causing clinicians to routinely, misdiagnose.

Lack of training and faulty medical theory dominate medicine!  Doctors are not biochemists, and poor understanding of physiology and biochemistry causes practitioners to ignore what they see and, instead, embrace the Germ Theory of Disease.  [Also, doctor’s hands are tied by the “standards of care.”]

Germ theory is always a safe bet for doctor, and patients expect a diagnosis.  They want the enemy, identified!  Unfortunately, medical enemies come in many costumes.  So, remember, the only thing worse than misdiagnosis is intervention, drugs and surgeries to correct problems you don’t have.

Good practitioners must COMPLY with “standards of care” that promote drugs, lab tests and surgical intervention to placate patients.  Yes, alternative medicine is friendlier than mainstream medicine, but practitioners also must, COMPLY.  So remember, alterative doctors are only allowed to practice if they do not embarrass their peers or threaten Big-Pharma’s chokehold on medicine choice.

Ultimately, the patient’s dilemma comes down to the Missing Diagnosis and comingling of the words, SYMPTOM and CA– USE.  They are not the same thing.  In medicine, the word CURE is defined as the alleviation of signs and symptoms.  MEDICINE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT CA– USE.  CA– USE IS IRRELEVANT!

Glyphosate, Thyroid, Skin, Hair & Health

Hair and nails are extensions of skin.  All three are thyroid dependent, and when the intestinal wall becomes, perturbed, thyroid dysfunction manifests with lots of symptoms.  Add, toxic liver, lack of dietary fat, pre-diabetes [blood sugar over 90], poor digestion, fungal manipulation of hormones and the disruptive influence of glyphosate, and it is easy to understand why the populace suffers as they do.

Glyphosate CORRUPTS the terrain and INFLUENCES hormones that are responsible for orchestrating healthy metabolism.  And, when you unable make enough hormones [or they are commandeered by fungal yeast for completion of their lifecycle within your body], metabolism turns upside-down and the word, normal assumes strange, new symptoms and meanings.

People don’t realize that yeast [and the mycotoxins they make] can easily skew lab results, making an accurate diagnosis, impossible and misleading.  Cancer screening, for example, is the worst, considering CANCER IS NOT A DISEASE, but a reversible, metabolic disorder [but only if you separate symptoms from CA– USE!]  Diabetes is another medical faux pas haunting the populace.  CA– USE UNKNOWN says it all!  Bad data, misleading tests and bogus models cloud medicine’s claims; prescription drugs add insult to injury.

Thyroid tests measure TSH [thyroid stimulating hormone], T-4 [non-active thyroid hormone] and T-3 [active thyroid hormone].  Diagnosis of thyroid dysfunction is generally based on lab test results, but practitioners don’t know or realize is that fungal mycotoxins influence lab readings and create the illusion of thyroid disease and the call for risky medications that only make matters, worse!

As for thyroid nodules, think fungal yeast, NOT cancer.  Diagnosis is no reason to panic! SLOW-DOWN and play your God Card.  SLOW-DOWN, there is time for biopsy.  SLOW-DOWN, medical destruction of your body [and thyroid] is irreversible!  SLOW-DOWN, cancer is not a death sentence.  Know that thyroid issues, female problems, breast cancer and osteoporosis have much in common.  Learn more here.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is classic autoimmune; so is hypothyroidism, and RARE is the female without one of them.  Thyroid symptoms and regulatory dysfunction have everything to do with intestinal dysbiosis, fungal takeover of the terrain, and manipulation of hormones.  [A problem very dominant in females.]

Practitioners seldom ask why thyroid issues plague females, or why thyroid symptoms haunt women with NORMAL lab tests.  Symptoms include: coldness, goiter, dry skin, thin hair, brain fog, low energy, yeast infections, bladder issues, low energy, achy joints, pre-diabetes, diabetes and heat intolerance.

[A healthy thyroid gland depends on biologically active mineral ions.  Pill forms of these important, ionic elements are poorly absorbed (5-10% at best!), yet  95% absorption is achievable.  Learn more here.].

Breast cancer affects 20% of women, and fungal yeast and glyphosate play large roles.  Why are women not given the whole story?  Because practitioners either DO NOT KNOW or are PROHIBITED from discussing viable alternatives, assuming they know of any.  Few do!  Here is the real breast cancer story.

For men and their prostates, glyphosate poses big risk, but the story is lost on useless PSA tests and testosterone levels.  Sooner or later, the prostate becomes every man’s nightmare.  So, why are men being misled by lies and medieval prostate biopsy?  [Mammogram, as primitive as it is, pales by comparison!]  More here.

Know that the sick-care system FEEDS on symptoms of glyphosate poisoning and fungal infestation.  The need for heart medications [beta blockers, thinners, etc.] ignores, cause.  Also, know that aspirin does NOT prevent heart attack/stroke, but it sets you up for dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Glyphosate’s Effects On Physiology & Intestinal Bacteria

Glyphosate and antibiotics destroy friendly, intestinal bacteria.  It also destroys liver function, blocks uptake of vital elements and disrupts regulatory hormones, while sabotaging immunity, crippling the mitochondria, fueling growth of fungus, feeding infectious organisms and causing intestinal dysbiosis.

Glyphosate poisoning EXPLAINS why autoimmune disorders climbed from three recognized medical conditions to over 300 in 20 years [and, I predict the number will climb to 1000 by year 2030].  Fungal infestation is a second culprit.  Know that ALL THINGS AUTOIMMUNE are rooted in dysfunctional immunity, elevated body acidity, glyphosate poisoning and hyphal invasion of the gut wall.

Common autoimmune disorders are: psoriasis, acne, celiac, Crohn’s, vision, hearing, cardiovascular and kidney issues, asthma, diabetes types I, II and III and hundreds more.  [Translation: if you have health challenges, know your gut is perturbed and your microbiome and immune system are compromised.]

Probiotics are the buzz in the health arena; the inference being that if you take probiotics, all will be fine and you will recover from what ails you.  Sorry, but it just isn’t so!  Probiotic bacteria are INCAPABLE of repairing an antibiotic-damaged, gut wall.  Just one round of antibiotics is sufficient to mess you up and create a lifetime of autoimmune problems and compromised immunity.

Probiotic varieties of friendly bacteria DO NOT SURVIVE high acid stomach environments.  And, because probiotic bacteria are NOT endospheres, they are a waste of money.  [FYI: we are born with endospheric bacteria, but antibiotics KILL THEM!  If you have ever used antibiotics, your system is challenged!]

Probiotic bacteria in fermented foods DO NOT SURVIVE THE STOMACH!  THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SURVIVE!  Stomach acid is your primary defense against incoming, dietary, life forms.  [The Immune Protocol provides endospheres that pass the stomach and reseed primal immunity.]

Endospheres are indestructible.  They can survive heat, cold, sun, radiation and stomach acid.  They can survive for millions of years.  They remain viable because they are NATURALLY ENCAPSULATED, dormant, MASTER BACTERIA that hatch in the gut AFTER traversing the stomach.  Then, they multiply and begin orchestrating your microbiome so autoimmune attacks on the system settle down, and cease!  Master bacteria cause pathogenic organisms to REVERT to their non-pathogenic forms.  This is huge!

Question!  Why, after thirty years of probiotic mania, is the populace sicker than ever?  Answer.  Because, the probiotic story is urban myth!  The MISSING PIECES of the puzzle are bacterial endospheres and elimination of disruptive, fungal yeast and their mycotoxins.

Immune restoration involves pleomorphism, a concept that is lost on mainline and alternative medicine.  Few practitioners understand pleomorphism because germ theory is all that is taught in medical school.  Pleomorphism is a terrain concept that renders medicine’s Germ Theory of Disease, moot!

Understanding The Glyphosate Dilemma

The unrecognized implications of glyphosate poisoning can no longer be ignored.  The increase of strange diseases and mysterious infections in the populace demands a remedy and a realistic understanding of glyphosate’s dark personality and evil dynamics in the face of fungal dominance that is so pervasive.

Glyphosate is a PRIMARY METABOLIC DISRUPTOR that attacks every aspect of human metabolism, and the food chain is laced with it!  Therefore, it is critical that steps be taken to prevent glyphosate from accumulating in organs and tissues and eroding health and well-being.

Glyphosate is marketed as an herbicide [weed killer], but it works like a POTENT ANTIBIOTIC.  Environmental exposure is COMPOUNDING because glyphosate is now being used as a drying agent on grain crops in the days just BEFORE HARVEST!  The epidemic of leaky-gut and autoimmune diseases is NOT because of gluten or the introduction of altered grain species.  THE PROBLEM IS GLYPHOSATE!

Meat, cheese and dairy are LOADED with glyphosate and antibiotics.  Everyone is getting their daily dose.  Eating organic offers little assurance that Roundup is being avoided.  Vegetarians suffer, equally.  In some ways, they are worse-off than meat and dairy eaters.  Nuts, grains, vegetables and cooking oils are new targets of glyphosate application.

Glyphosate is a poison that PENETRATRATES the cell walls of plants AND the cell membranes of animals.   Worse, glyphosate ACCUMULATES in the cells and INTERFERES with mitochondrial production of our energy molecule, Mg-ATP.  At the same time, glyphosate scrambles critical communication links between bacteria that’s necessary for monitoring and modulating of the immune system.

The body is comprised of trillions of bacteria, and when primal immunity is lost, control of pathogenic organisms is forfeited.  MRSA, klebsiella, and C-diff infections are examples.  Lyme disease and Morgellons are two more, but practitioners say victims are delusional.  [Who do you think is delusional?]

Mitochondria are specialized cellular bacteria that make life and health possible. Mitochondrial dysfunction is a growing problem in the populace because of glyphosate poisoning.  Interestingly, both prescription and over-the counter drugs KILL mitochondria.  So, when you hear the side-effects in Big-Pharma’s drug commercials, know they are describing the kill rate for your mitochondria.

Destroy your microbiome and the pathogenic organisms will take-over your body.  KILL YOUR MITOCHONDRIA AND YOU ARE TOAST!  A daily dose of glyphosate and failure to clear your tissues of residues is sufficient to make degenerative disease and premature death a reality for everyone.  Each of us must decide if we want, health or disease, and then act.

Solving The Glyphosate Dilemma

Young Again Club’s answer to the glyphosate dilemma is the Immune Protocol.  Use it to restore primal immunity and break-down and clear your system of glyphosate and fungal mycotoxins.

The first step is to break-down incoming glyphosate [from food] BEFORE it is absorbed.   The second step is to brake-down glyphosate released into the blood stream by millions of contaminated cells as they naturally die and are replaced each day.

If glyphosate stored in your cells and tissues is not broken-down during transit of the intestinal tract, it will be reabsorbed back into the blood stream through a perforated, [leaky] gut wall.  The wall must be SEALED and immunity restored if you wish to have peak health.

Perhaps now, the reader understands the dilemma all of us face.  We cannot avoid glyphosate, so the only solution is to REMOVE it from the body, every single day.  The Immune Protocol meets the challenge and the Mold & Fungus Protocol addresses fungal invasion and fungal merger with human DNA.

I trust readers understand the importance of this discussion to long-term health and avoidance of enrollment in the sick-care system.  Restoration of God-given primal Immunity and clearing of glyphosate should be every thinking person’s top priority.

Common Questions About Glyphosate 

What about doing cleanses to clear the body of glyphosate, people ask.  Don’t waste your time; you are fooling yourself and messing with fire!  The biochemistry and physiology involved here is very complex.

Glyphosate is more than a powerful, systemic antibiotic.  It is a hormonal, metabolic disrupter that PENETRATES cell membranes and SHUTS-DOWN mitochondrial production of your energy molecule, Mg-ATP.  No energy means no action!  Degenerative disease and mitochondrial destruction are twin issues.  GLYPHOSATE IS UNLIKE ANYTHING WE HAVE EVER BEFORE ENCOUNTERED.

If you are sickly, or you are aging prematurely, or you simply wish to have control over your health and life, ask for guidance.  Help is provided without cost of any kind.  Clearing your body of the effects of glyphosate and fungal mycotoxins awakens the immune system so it can function as nature intended.


Don’t blame doctor for shortcomings of the system.  Doctor MUST comply with the “standards of care.”  These rules of engagement work against patients best interests.  It’s the way Big-Pharma planned it!

Good practitioners DO NOT have the freedom to care for patients as they would wish.  All good will be attacked, and good practitioners are vigorously attacked, hounded, sued and ridiculed by peers, insurance companies and license review boards.  Good doctors deserve our gratitude.  You may be aware of this statistic, but doctors suffer the highest suicide rate of professionals?  Why do you think that is?]

It is your responsibility to care for yourself.  Be on guard for misdiagnosis and unnecessary medical intervention, be it surgery, biopsy or abuse by medication.  Be cautious of those yearly check-ups.  They are designed to create FEAR and cause you to forfeit control of your life and future.  More here.

Nothing good comes from bad ideas and the sick-care system is overflowing with bad ideas.

A Gift For Everyone

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Conclusions & Suggestions

We can plead ignorance and we can validly claim we were not given needed information by sick-care experts who we trusted, but OUR BODIES DO NOT CARE!

It is each individual’s burden and responsibility to know.  Knowledge allows you to live a healthy life, free of risk associated with the sick-care system.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

If you have issues and suffer from poor health, understand your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.  Be grateful guidance is available without cost!  Ask for guidance.

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