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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Cancer: an “umbrella” term that describes total loss of control of the body’s terrain with limited function of the vital organs and serious fungal yeast driven hormone dysfunction.


Cancer is called, disease, but it is not a disease, at all.

Rather, cancer is the systemic take-over of the body’s terrain by molds and fungi.

When you eliminate the problems associated with invasion of these foreign life forms operating within the body [and UNDETECTED by the body’s immune system], cancer is manageable and  reversible.

Conventional forms of cancer treatment [chemotherapy and radiation] DO NOT WORK because they do not address the cause of the problem.  Worse, the absolutely destroy any change of recovery by destroying immune function.

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Cancer, Acidity, Fermentation & pH

This report focuses on ACIDITY because acidity is one driving force behind dis-ease and aging.

Acidity is often confused with pH, but they are NOT the same thing.  Understanding the difference could be the determining factor of your future health.

When terrain acidity rises, oxygen levels and energy production, falls.  As the process progresses, body pH becomes ever more acidic.  Acidity is step #1 of aging and degenerative dis-ease.

Acidity disrupts our cellular bacteria called, mitochondria.  Mitochondria produce the energy needed for good health, but they cannot do their job if the body is acidic and oxygen deprived.  Nothing destroys mitochondrial ability to maintain good health faster than, acidity!

Acidity and oxygen deprivation set the stage for cancer, arthritis, diabetes, kidney and cardiovascular problems because they destroy the mitochondria.  Acidity and low oxygen are prerequisites for FERMENTATION of glucose sugars.  Cancer NEEDS sugar to grow and spread!

Cancer is a FUNGUS; cancer is NOT a bacterial or viral condition.  Fungus spores enter the blood stream through a wound, the lungs and/or a leaky gut wall.  In a healthy body, fungus spores are dormant and not a threat.  But if the body is acidic, fungus spores take on a life of their own.

In the acidic body, fungus spores HATCH, GROW and SECRETE deadly mycotoxins that kill healthy cells, sparking inflammation and autoimmune reactions.  A body burdened fungal mycotoxins is fertile ground for cancer, and acidity is the controlling factor!

For example, under normal conditions, Candida albicans [yeast] is a symbiotic fungus.  But when the terrain turns sufficiently acidic and cellular fermentation takes-over, the biology of candida yeast morphs, switching from a symbiont [mutually beneficial organism] to a saprotroph [parasitic organism].  The experts call it, CANCER, but cancer is a fungus, plain and simple and medicine has known it since 1931, when Otto Warburg got the nobel prize in science for his discovery.

Question – Why do they call cancer a disease, when it is a reversible condition of the terrain?

CANCER HAS THREE PREREQUISITES: 1) acidity 2) low oxygen anaerobic environment of fermented sugar and mycotoxin dominance.  When fermented sugars overload cells, cancer erupts spontaneously, robbing cells of their energy, and the host of, life-force.

SOLUTION: You can restore cellular energy and terrain life-force by: raising cellular oxygen, reducing cellular acidity and stopping fermentation of glucose sugars by following the TERRAIN pH PROTOCOL.  Read more about this highly effective protocol here.

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Cancer is confirmation that the body is under autoimmune attack.  When you hear the word, cancer, think yeast and AUTOIMMUNE.  Read about the Autoimmune Attack Cycle here.

A special comment regarding breast cancer and mammogram will be found Special Insights, Breast Cancer, Calcium & Osteoporosis.  You will find it listed in the Archive Link, below.  I wish to call your attention to the issue of calcium intake/dominance and calcium deposits creating “hot spots” of inflammation in breast tissue and its preponderance with cancer.

Yeast infestation is a GIVEN for anyone with cancer [cancer is confirmation of a HIGHLY ACID terrain] Yeast and cancer are flip sides of the same problem.  In fact, if you are sickly or suffer from degenerative dis-eases and are aging, it is a GIVEN that your system is acidic.

Contrary to popular belief and medical folklore, cancer is NOT failure of the immune system.  Quite the contrary.  Cancer Is a fungal ATTACK on the host’s body and yeast and terrain acidity are in the middle of it.

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Cancer is a ‘label’, it is NOT a disease.  Cancer is a default condition; a condition that manifests in millions of different ways in millions of different people.  Cancer has NOTHING to do with your genes or DNA.  It is self-imposed!

“They” will NEVER find a cure for cancer because cancer is NOT disease; it is a condition and fungal takeover of the body is the mechanism by which it develops.  Don’t for get it!

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Better to take care of yourself and avoid becoming dependent on a medical system that does NOT have your best interest at heart.

Whether it is cancer or 99.9% of the ‘other’ diagnostic labels doctor provides, your body can restore itself, but only if you make the process possible by changing your diet, habits and lifestyle.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

See autoimmune in Glossary link below.

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