Waste (structural & fluid)

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Waste: by-products of cellular respiration of the tissues and accumulation of incoming toxic factors that bind to internally produced waste.

Acidic terrain: a condition where acid waste is stored in body tissues and organs.  The wrod acidic is not the same as “acid” as used when referring to pH.  Urine pH is a measure of circulating acids, not terrain acidity. However, urine pH provides a backdoor way of measuring release of acidic waste from the tissues or the effects of food on fluid pH, meaning, urine.


Waste describes anything that does not belong or should not be present in the body. It also describes a condition of acidity that provides a breeding ground for growth of pathogenic organisms, as well as a destructive, catabolic condition where the body is unable to maintain and regenerate.

Waste compromises mitochondrial activity which, in turn, slows and eventual stagnates the Krebs Cycle responsible for production of ATP which is highly dependent upon the magnesium ion for production of the ATP molecule [Mg-ATP] which is the ACTIVE form of ATP.

ATP itself is useless without a magnesium ion attached and most people suffer magnesium insufficiency for lack of intake of bio-active magnesium ions, iodine ions and selenium ions.

All three ions must be available and in sufficient supply for the body to function healthfully and for repair and maintenance and production of energy.  You can read more about by clicking these links:

The Young Again Club view of ‘waste’ is divided between structural waste (non fluid) and fluid waste; waste held in suspension and residing in the intercellular spaces. Fluid waste is called amyloid fluid and are composed of plasma proteins in a fluid state of suspension.

When amyloid fluid morphs into structural protein, it is called amyloid plaque or scar tissue, both of which are structural proteins that cannot be dissolved by normal body mechanisms.

People over age 35 are loaded with structural waste and it becomes progressively worse with age.  Another way of describing the process is to say we become ever more ACIDIC as we age.

The PRIMARY producer of acids in the body is fungus and molds.  See the Mold & Fungus Protocol.  And, as we age, we become progressively invaded by fungi and yeast that ultimately, spell our doom.  Aging is the slow motion version; death is the end result.

For your information, there is NO SUCH THING AS CANCER!  It is a very BIG lie! Read more, here.  You will be shocked and happy at the same time.


Read about the Mold & Fungus Protocol, here.

Follow the Tissue & Liver Protocol to remove excess fluid waste from the tissues of the body’s terrain.

You can use the Structural Waste Protocol to dissolve amyloid plaque and scar tissue. Click hyperlink to read about it.

  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Also see Blood, Lymph Fluid, Scar Tissue in Glossary link below.

Read the 6th edition of the book, Young Again!

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