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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas


Shingles: [supposedly] a viral condition characterized by a painful skin rash with blisters.


Shingles is thought to be the result of dormant chicken pox virus that ‘somehow’ activates itself and attacks the host, particularly the aged.  In the past, shingles was mostly a condition of the elderly, but today is presenting in young people, as well.

Pre-diabetes [click link for details] is a MAJOR contributing factor of shingles.  In other words, shingles is confirmation that you are pre-diabetic and suffer from low-grade systemic inflammation from infestation by yeast and fungus.

Viruses are opportunistic organisms that normally inhabit the body in benign form, but turn virulent when conditions within the body’s terrain are ripe for takeover. See Germ Theory of Disease by clicking hyperlink.

Shingles is a classic ‘terrain’ condition, meaning, when the terrain of the bio-electric body comes under physiologic stress, viruses proliferate and attack the host. Stress can be physically driven (trauma, surgery, etc.) and it can be emotionally driven.

Ingestion of sweets, sugar, fruit, juices and alcohol stress and inflame the immune system by compromising the small intestinal gut wall, triggering the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle. Click hyperlinks to learn more.

However, it is invasion and takeover of the body’s terrain and hormonal system by mold and fungus that actually set the stage for viral and bacterial outbreaks and infections.

Because chicken pox virus is present does NOT make it the cause of shingles.  Rather, the virus followed weakening of immune function and flooding of the body by fungus generated mycotoxins that are responsible for creating needed, INFLAMMATION.

One day, shingles, the curse of the elderly, will be recognized for what it is: a pre-diabetic, low-grade, inflammatory condition instead of residual, chicken pox virus, which it is not.  Blaming the virus is backward thinking based on the equally backward, Germ Theory of Disease. Triggers for shingles are: stress, peanut butter and chocolate.  These, however, are effects, not causes.

Please be certain to read Special Insights, Premature Aging & Pre-diabetes by clicking hyperlink.

See, Shingles: Avoiding The Misery for more on this topic.


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Also see the terms:  virulent, pathogenic and terrain in Glossary link below.

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