Gluten Intolerance

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Gluten intolerance: is an autoimmune response [SUPPOSEDLY] stemming from the inability to digest and tolerate gluten whether wheat derived or from other grains.

However, gluten intolerance is actually the product of hyphae invasion of fungal vegetative molds that are rooted in the mucous membrane lining of the intestinal tract, creating the condition commonly called, leaky gut.

In other words, gluten intolerance and leaky-gut occur because of and should be considered CONFIRMATION OF systemic mold infestation.

Know that the DNA of fungi [such as Candida albicans] is so similar to human DNA that  both species can merge and create a HYBRID ORGANISM.

When this occurs, the body’s immune system no longer recognizes foreign DNA as foreign; rather, the immune system sees hybrid DNA as YOU because it is you and allow molds and fungi to grow and spread throughout the body.

Be certain to learn how the Mold & Fungus Protocol can help, YOU!

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Understanding the Problem

Gluten intolerance has little to do with wheat and everything to do with a severely compromised, highly inflamed small intestinal gut wall that has been taken over by molds and fungi.

Faulty digestion is central to gluten intolerance and digestion issues in general.

When protein enters the small intestine and gain access to the blood stream via a leaky-gut wall, it is the undigested proteins  that cause the body’s immune system to react.

Gluten intolerance has everything to do with undigested wheat protein and a compromised gut wall. It is a digestion and gut issue, NOT a gluten issue.

At the same time, anyone who suffers gluten intolerance must avoid it until the problem is corrected; a process that takes time and guidance.

Hormonal imbalance between leptin and insulin is also a contributing factor at play in those who suffer gluten intolerance. In other words, digestive/gut issues had many moving parts; it is never just one issue.

Please read, Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life to understand how regulatory hormones affect things like gluten intolerance.


Contrary to urban legend, probiotic bacteria cannot and do not repair the gut wall. That is not their job! Bacteria are the middle men between the food and the gut wall; an extremely important job, but different than repairing and rebuilding the gut wall itself.

Gluten intollerance is an autoimmune response to all food proteins in the intestinal tract, be they of animal or vegetable origin. The story is the same anytime the body is exposed to foreign proteins[(protein that gained access to the blood stream].

For example, snake bite venom, or venom from a hornet sting, or vaccinations containing foreign antigens cause the body to REACT VIOLENTLY!

Vaccinations are a good example. They are administered under the pretense that they bestow immunity on the person receiving them, but it is not true!

However, vaccinations do cause an antigen/antibody response from mild to deadly.  How you respond varies greatly between individuals based on several key factors that must be addressed PRIOR to receiving vaccinations to minimize ugly responses.

Even then, you do not know how you will respond, so, why put yourself in harms way over a perceived benefit that does not exist?

When the body attacks itself, the reaction is called an autoimmune response from foreign proteins and chemical additives that gained access to the blood stream.

A porous and inflamed REACTS to undigested proteins while carbohydrate dependence fuels the regulatory hormone imbalance.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Understand that gluten intolerance has nothing to do with your genes, DNA or blood type. Next, rebuild your gut wall. Also, see to it that you have the digestive support needed to break-down the food you eat. (common digestive products are not specific or potent enough to get the job done).  Follow the Enema Protocol daily. Restore hormonal balance to your system.

If you suffer from gluten intolerance, you must avoid gluten until your gut has completely repaired itself.

The repair process takes a year or two and will require one-on-one help from Young Again Club.

See Gut Protocol in Glossary link below.

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