Neuropathy Protocol:

Neuropathy is a condition where the body is attacking itself. It is classic autoimmune in nature and must be addressed accordingly.

Neuropathy takes years to develop, regardless of how fast it manifested when it announced itself. Most certainly, it is a condition of premature aging and no one should tolerate it.

Reversal of neuropathy is doable if the body is provided what it needs to accomplish the job. However, conditions within the terrain must be addressed for the body to settle down and renew itself. Systemic, low-grade inflammation, which is the side effect of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle, is most certainly in play where neuropathy is an issue.

Factors that must be addressed are: diet, digestion, liver function, bowels, water intake, intake of sweets and fruits, sleep, alcohol and stress and anxiety management.

This protocol varies according to the individual.

Ask for guidance.