Microbiota [microbiome]

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Anecdotal Observations by John Thomas

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Microbiota: a community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms normally resident in all plants and animals.  A microbiota includes bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and viruses.  The microbiota is crucial for the immunologic, hormonal and metabolic health of the host.

Microbiome: refers to the entirety of the collective genomes of all of the micro-organisms residing in the body and or the microorganisms themselves.  The term microbiome has a different meaning than the term, microbiota [see below.]

Epigenome: regulates DNA and gene expression, tissue differentiation and development.

Also see dysbiosis by clicking hyperlink.


The terms microbiome and microbiota are used synonymously, but they have different meanings.

MICROBIOTA: The human microbiota is ideally composed of about 1600 different bacteria, plus other life forms.  The microbiota IS our immune system.  A complete microbiota is what humans are supposed to receive from healthy mothers.  Anyone born after 1935, [when sulfa drugs, the predecessors of today’s antibiotics became popular] began life with a compromised, microbiota.  Today’s antibiotics are destructive beyond comprehension.  The term gut-matrix refers to the microbiota.

MICROBIOME: the entirety of our collective DNA [genome].  Our genome is the total of human DNA + all microbial DNA in the body.  The microbiome is controlled by the epigenome [see below.]  The epigenome regulates our microbiota.  Human DNA that we are born with is NOT FIXED, as taught in school.  When a friend says, “Oh, my tests show I have a defect in my DNA!” know that a confused expert told them a big lie!  Nature corrects defective DNA through the epigenome.  [People should be TERRIFIED of medical madmen who want to tweak DNA.  Assume DNA tests are not accurate, and understand mutations are transient and controlled by the epigenome!  DNA medicine is Frankenstein Medicine because you don’t know what you’re going to get or turn into!

EPIGENOME: regulates DNA and gene expression, tissue differentiation and development.  DNA received from our parents is mostly static; a lattice of ON and OFF switches controlled by the epigenome.  Our genes are dynamic and malleable, and subject to alteration by environmental conditions such as: stress, diet, emotions and toxins [whether produced internally or from outside.]  Anything that affects your epigenome affects your DNA and gene expression.  For example, antibiotics, vaccinations, free-radicals, environmental poisons, medications, food additives and contaminated food.  Major infections such as C-diff, MRSA and sepsis are confirmation that the epigenome, microbiota and mucosa are upside down.

Your microbiota should be composed of about 1600 distinctly, different bacteria [plus other microbial life forms. The microbiota IS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM!  It is what we are supposed to receive from a healthy mother during the birthing process and during breast feeding thereafter.

Total DNA of your microbiota composes 99% of all the DNA in your body.   These days, children begin life with about 800 bacterial species, or one half of what is needed for a healthy life.


It is critical that the reader understand that bacteria MORPH according to the conditions of the body’s terrain.  Meaning, good bacteria can turn virulent and vise versa according to the terrain.  This is a CORE CONCEPT of Young Again Club because the terrain dictates conditions of disease, NOT exposure.

The microbiome is controlled by master bacteria if they are present.  These type of bacteria are not available via the food chain or by use of common probiotics.

Probiotics do NOT survive when attempting to traverse the stomach environment.  Probiotics do NOT contain endospheric master bacteria.

These specialized bacteria are available from Young Again Club under the name EndoBiotica  and EndoMax, both of which are components of the Immune Protocol.  Click link or see Glossary above.

The single most damaging inputs to the body that damage and destroy BOTH the microbiota and the microbiome are ANTIBIOTICS and RoundUp [glyphosate].  Nothing else comes close in its potential to disrupt and destroy immune function and homeostasis.

Antibiotics cause fungi to grow and takeover the immune system and produce mycotoxins that control and orchestrate hormones and dictate vital organ functions and overall health.  [See Mold & Fungus Protocol by clicking hyperlink or in Programs and Protocol link below.]

In a healthy body these life forms are in balance and disease does not manifest. Antibiotics and NSAIDS (over the counter pain drugs) are indiscriminate and destroy friendly organisms we need to maintain health and the terrain of the body.

Organisms act as middlemen (mediators) between the food consumed and the gut wall. Probiotic supplements are very helpful for establishing and maintaining gut flora; however, probiotics do not and will not repair a damaged, compromised intestinal wall.  This can be accomplished with endopheric bacteria and substrate support of the YAC product Inches & Pounds.

Sweets (sugar, fruit juice, fructose, agave etc.) alter the gut environment in favor of pathogenic organisms altering the matrix.

All autoimmune conditions, disorders and syndromes are effects of the body’s immune system going in a state of hyper activity which is wrongly described as the immune system attacking the host.  INFLAMMATION is the most common and ubiquitous effect of anything, autoimmune in nature.

When undigested food proteins enter the blood stream through a leaky-gut wall, they set-off immune reactions that the medical system calls disease when they are not diseases at all, but immune system over-responses.

Examples are; cancer, diabetes, asthma, fibromyalgia, lyme; arthritis, gout, neuropathy, bowel disorders, prostate and bladder infections (so-called), etc. which are the SIDE-EFFECTS of fungal mycotoxins on metabolism and hormones in a system whose immune function is dysfunctional.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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