Dental & Gums Protocol

Teeth and gums issues primarily reflect the ‘terrain’ of the bio-electric body.

Meaning, the more acidic you are, the more dental plaque and calculus (tartar) will be a problem and the more often you will need your teeth cleaned.  And the more acidic your saliva, the more cavities you will develop, depending on your dietary and hygiene habits.

Body acidity and saliva acidity are the effects of insufficient water consumption, poor diet, incomplete digestion, marginal liver function and sluggish bowels.

Toxic waste circulating in body fluids i.e. blood and lymph forces the body to either ‘store’ waste in the tissues or release it by way of the liver, gallbladder and bowels.  The more waste you store, the more acidic i.e. ‘corrosive’ your saliva and the more cavities you will incur.

Teeth problems manifest as cavities, dead teeth and bone infections.  Gums problems manifest as: inflammation (gingivitis), bleeding, loose teeth, receding margins and gum infections.

Gum issues have the same origins as teeth issues plus a mechanical aspect or two.  Because the gums are ‘connective’ tissue, delicate, easily damaged tissue, they will not tolerate mechanical abuse by aggressive brushing.  [Gums grafts using tissue from the roof of the mouth is complete waste of time and money because roof tissue is NOT the same type of tissue as gum tissue.]

NEVER brush your gums! Brush only the teeth, gently working the margins of the gums. Brushing causes the gums to withdraw which causes the bone anchoring your teeth to also withdraw. Gum damage is permanent; it does not regenerate. Included here are electronic brushes that if not used very carefully.

Care of bleeding and inflamed gums and loose teeth by destroying bacteria feeding on toxic wastes in the mouth and saliva.  Young Again Club has an effective answer for this and mouth wash is NOT it!

Also, use a bio-magnetic dental irrigator along the gum margins and between the teeth. This device alters water polarity and destroys bacteria between teeth and below the gum line and prevent plaque and tartar from forming.  Please do not confuse this device with water ‘pic’ type products.

The third method for dealing with gum and teeth problems is to CHANGE YOUR TERRAIN.  When you do your gum and teeth problems will settle down.

Root canals, crowns, bridges and implants are another topic altogether, but an important one.  Why your teeth ‘die’ prematurely is another important terrain topic.  If you have questions, please call.  You will be glad you did!

Avoid fluoridated tooth paste, water and dental office treatments.  Do not drink chlorinated water or consume any form of soft drinks.  Floss carefully to avoid damage to the gums.

Manage your teeth and gums by managing the factors affecting them.  They are: diet, digestion, bowels, liver and gallbladder function and avoidance of sweets and fruit and learning the importance of the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.  You can look it up in the glossary.

This protocol varies according to the individual.

Ask for guidance.