Digestion [Indigestion]

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Digestion: the process by which the body breaks-down into usable energy for use by mitochondrion in the cells that are responsible for making the energy molecule ATP [adenosine-triphosphate]needed for operating the body and for healthy metabolism.

Indigestion: negative [abnormal] EFFECTS of inability to properly and fully digest food.  Indigestion is a COMMONLY HELD URBAN MYTH that excess stomach acid is responsible for discomfort associated with the effect.

The need for PPIs [proton pump inhibitors] and NSAIDS are promoted and justified by medicine and practitioners as a way to correct the ill defined problem.  Indigestion is nothing more than the inability to digest food for lack of multiple digestive enzymes.


The proton hydrogen is your body’s primary source of energy.  Food and water are primary hydrogen donors, fats are the most energy dense foods.  Calories are an irrelevant metric.

Sugar [C12H22O12] contains 22 hydrogens; water [H2O] contains 2 hydrogens.  Hydrogen is lifeforceThe body’s bio-electric energy comes from non-thermal burning and metabolism of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is what powers the sun.  ATP [adenosine-triphosphate] only powers cellular metabolism, and is a weak molecule compared to the hydrogen’s energy potential.

‘p’ in pH stands for potential [hydrogen]!  Digestion releases covalent-bonded hydrogen in food and water.  Inability to digest food and free hydrogen is THE issue!

Failure to metabolize hydrogen turns body-fluid [urine] pH acidic.  Hydrogen and metabolic waste are acidicUrine pH is a measure of unburned hydrogen ions in circulation.  Urine pH rises and falls as hydrogen ion levels rise and fall.

The better digestion, the more energy available for growth and repair.

Terrain acidification causes urine pH to rise on the acid side, and muscle loss to accelerate!  pH stands for potential hydrogen.  Unburned hydrogen from UNDIGESTED food proteins is the effect of MALDIGESTION!  [The Terrain pH Protocol and Digestion Trio manage these issues.]

Hydrogen powers the Sun and it powers the body [ATP only powers the cell].  Inability to [non-thermally] burn hydrogen limits energy production from food and spikes circulating hydrogen proton levels, causing urine pH to become acidic.  Urine pH measures circulating, unburned, hydrogen protons, and the better digestion is the less unburned hydrogen in saliva, lymph, and urine.  Read about HydrogenMagic, here.]

Terrain management is about hydrogen management, not alkalinity.  Alkalinity as popularly accepted ignores non-circulating, tissuebound hydrogen.  The Terrain pH Protocol frees tissue-bound hydrogen.  [This example of Applied Physiology is counter to physiology taught at university.  [Please read again.]

Dis-ease and aging are side-effects of faulty hydrogen metabolism and maldigestion.

The Digestion Trio solves the maldigestion/hydrogen dilemma.  Ask for help.


Poor digestion affects every aspect of body physiology including liver, kidney, heart, bowels, and pancreas.  Autoimmune issues and cognitive dysfunction are the result of poor digestion.

Digestive dysfunction is transmitted directly to the brain via the vagas nerve and vise-versa.

Undigested proteins putrefy [rot!] in the intestine and form toxic by-products that people mistakenly describe as indigestion.

Central to poor digestion is a condition called, Leaky-gut Syndrome.  GERD [gastroesophageal reflux dis-ease] is a variation of poor digestion, but NOT because of excess stomach acidity as commonly believed.

Food is divided into three classification: proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  Proteins must be totally broken down into constituent amino acids in a highly acid stomach or they ‘rot’ in the intestinal tract, poisoning the body’s terrain.

The YAC Digestive Protocol addresses all aspects of poor digestion and provides a way for people to lesson systemic, low-grade inflammation and restore health.  Click here to learn more about this wonderful protocol.

Proteins that leak into the blood stream through a porous intestinal wall, set-off autoimmune reactions because the immune system identifies those proteins as ‘foreign’ proteins that should NOT be in the blood stream.  Undigested proteins [even from healthy food sources] present the same issues as proteins from unhealthy food.

Venom from stinging insects and snake bite are examples of foreign proteins that trigger immune reactions.  Undigested food proteins in the blood stream cause the same effect. The condition always involves a compromised intestinal wall and a perturbed, mucosa.

Inflammatory/irritable bowel disease [IBD] is a catch-all acronym for multiple symptoms and disorders of the bowel.   Colon cancer is the direct result of poor digestion and failure of food to FERMENT in the colon [as the body was designed to do] and make the body’s own vitamins.

Another effect of poor digestion is infestation by fungal molds and yeast.  See Mold & Fungus Protocol by clicking hyperlink.

Think about the parallels of a foreign venom injected into the body and the exact same immune system response to foreign proteins injected into the body by vaccination, which is a totally different issue that adverse response to aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde in vaccines!

The body REACTS to injected antigens and supposedly produces antibodies and immunity.  ! Vaccinations do NOT produce immunity.  It is a lie!

Fats do not digest in the stomach or the gut; fats require bile for emulsification, assimilation and transport via the portal vein to the liver where fats are converted into usable energy and multiple hormones. Bile is the product of the liver filtering waste from circulating blood.

Fats provide up to 80% of the body’s total energy needs and allows for slow release, long burn energy compared to shock effect caused by improper processing of carbohydrates, especially quick release, fast burn carbs from sweets, fruit juices and sodas.

Carbohydrates digest in the gut, and if a large percentage of dietary intake, carbs severely stress the pancreas causing blood sugar and insulin related stress on the system that manifests as low-grade INFLAMMATION.

Digestion directly affects regulatory hormones leptin, insulin, adrenaline, cortisol and glucagon causing dis-ease-like symptoms, such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, arthritis and cancer.

Parasites are LIVING proteins that are supposed to digest in an extreme, low pH stomach environment. Food poisoning and parasitic invasion is the result of insufficient stomach acid more than poor sanitation!  Protein digestion requires a highly-acid stomach; the opposite of what people believe and are told.

Reduction of food intake to two meals per day can add 10-20 years to lifespan and greatly improve health. However, you cannot reduce meals to only two meals if you are haunted by ‘cravings’ and are constantly hungry.

Cravings can be managed and muted by eating fats like butter, coconut oil (coconut is a fat, but it called ‘oil’ because it is liquid above 76 degrees F.

Bile production must be supplemented with racemized, bio-active bile available from YAC. To lose weight, manage hormonal issues and mange leptin and insulin, you must use incorporate ample amounts of fat in your diet. Fat does NOT make you fat; it keeps you healthy and thin.

The Autoimmune Attack Cycle™ and the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle play active roles in digestion, dietary habits and all health related issues.  Click hyperlinks to read about them.

Most [if not all people] suffer from some form of bowel disorder including poor digestion, around age 35.  As people get into their 40s, 50s and beyond, poor digestion and bacterial dysbacteriosis] manifest and are eventually diagnosed by doctor as a disease you don’t have and for which doctor does not have an explanation or solution.

Most dis-eases and autoimmune symptoms are nothing more than chronically poor digestion.  If you want help, ask John Thomas for a consultation.  There is no cost of any kind.  You will learn much and you will be glad you asked for help.

Restoration of your ‘terrain’ is a Young Again Club concept.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open t new ideas.

See Inflammation, Protein, Cravings, Gut, Alkalinity, Gluten Intolerance in Glossary link below.

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