Scar Tissue & Plaque Protocol

This protocol is designed to address scar tissue and amyloid plaque formations throughout the terrain and body, and specifically in the arteries and brain.

Plaques are structural formations that hinder flow of blood out of tissues and organs and formation of scar tissue.  This is accomplished with VZ II and NVT along with Plaque Magic.

Scar tissue and plaques are ‘structural’ tissues that must be broken down and returned to their original state which is ‘fluid’ in nature, as opposed to structural in nature.  In other words, plaque and scar tissue are end products of waste accumulation, trauma, and inflammation.

Regardless of how well you have taken care of yourself, or how perfect your diet or supplementation, the body forms scar tissue and plaque which must be dissolved and moved out of the system so the body can regenerate.

Ask for guidance.