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Fluoride: is the salt form the halogen gas (fluorine) and an alkaline earth metal, such as sodium  that combine and form the salt-crystal, fluoride.


Fluorine is the single most reactive halogen and is to be found at the very top of column V11 of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Fluorine is extremely unstable and seeks to bond with mineral and protein substances contained in bones, teeth and connective tissue (tendon, ligaments, muscle, cartilage).

Fluoride is widely [and wrongly] believed to be ‘good’ for developing teeth and for maintenance of adult teeth, but this is a lie. Fluoride is used in tooth paste and by dental hygienists and is widely accepted by  a large segment of the populace who are ignorant of the truth.

Fluoride speeds aging of the skeleton and connective tissues.   Long term, degenerative effects are accelerated agin, crippling of the body’s connective tissues and loss of mental function.

Fluoride is an industrial waste product and is loved by misinformed, greedy dentists and hygienists who belong to the dental cartel.

Fluoride in the same category a mercury amalgam dental fillings!

Fluoride was used in Nazi Germany to ‘dumb down’ and pacify the population. It accelerates breakdown of the joints and dramatically increases brittleness in bone and is loved by misinformed, well-meaning people.

50% of all medications contain fluorine.  Some specifically rely on fluorine as the primary ingredient and are classified as fluoroquinolone drugs.  The drug, CIPRO comes to mind.

Fluoride is poorly understood by the public, but it enjoys a hallowed place in controlled societies by  ‘credentialed’ experts educated beyond their intelligence.

Avoid fluoride at all costs. See the 6th edition, Chapter 16 [WIldcats] of the book, Young Again! for a comprehensive view of the deleterious effects of fluoride.

See Halide Protocol here.

See Special Insights, Teeth, Bones & The Dental Cartel for additional details by clicking on the Archive link, below.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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