Mold & Fungus Protocol (observations on process)

Observations on

The Mold & Fungus Protocol

Regardless of what people may suffer from, embedded in their story is systemic invasion and takeover by fungal yeast mycotoxins that affect every aspect of metabolism from mismanagement of hormones and disruption of immune function to manipulation of, DNA.

Dysfunctional immune systems do not detect fungal invasion due to influence by, mycotoxins.  Fungal takeover begins with use of antibiotics and leads to merger of human DNA and fungal DNA.  DNA merger results in hybrid manipulation of metabolism for the benefit of fungus, so they can complete their, lifecycle.  Mycotoxins produce the symptoms we associate with, disease.

Symptoms are costumes, and fungal yeast dictate which costumes we wear and what symptoms we, experience.  Generally, we wear the costume du-jur and play our roles according to symptoms imposed on us.  Mycotoxins are chemical control mechanisms that manipulate the way we look, act and, feel.

The Mold & Fungus Protocol kills fungal yeast and purges the body of their, mycotoxins.  The process produces temporarily discomfort for 7-10 days.  As immune function restores, so does recognition of the unnatural states of hormonal imbalance, medication overload and mycotoxin dominance.  Expect subtle shifts as the protocol process, unfolds.  Improved sleep is one of the first, improvements.

Fungal detoxification is a life-changing, experience!  Please welcome any Herxheimer’s reactions.  Release of noxious medications is an, unknown!  Side-effects are typical mild, unless you are heavily addicted to medications, opioids, etc.  Stress is another, unknown that exaggerates everything.

Drink plenty of water, keep your bowels moving, and get as much sleep as you can.  I encourage everyone to use the Ion Trio during the Mold & Fungus Protocol to support thyroid, adrenal and other metabolic functions, and to safely transport heavy metals out of the, body.

Mycotoxin release expresses as: skin rashes, vaginitis, burning feet and lower legs, sinusitis, diarrhea, constipation, gas and bloat, eye floaters, tinnitus, chills, hot flashes, menstrual shifts, edema, and brain fog.  The list is endless; symptoms come and go on a rotating basis.

The Mold & Fungus Protocol is a, process.  Toxin release occurs in, waves sometimes many weeks, apart.  Do enemas daily and colonics as, needed.  Expect subtle changes at every level [body, mind and spirit!]  There will be many subtleties expressing as mycotoxins release control and immune function, restores.

Mycotoxin release accelerates during weeks two and three, but everyone’s experience will be different.  Welcome whatever you get!  Your symptoms are confirmation the process is, underway.

Email or call John Thomas as needed, and remember what Forest Gump’s mama [from the movie, Forest Gump] said, “When you reach into that box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!”