Sleep (sleep cycle)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas


Sleep: is a naturally recurring state characterized by altered consciousness, inhibited sensory activity and inhibition of most voluntary muscles.


During sleep, body systems are in a heightened anabolic state, accentuating the growth and rejuvenation of the immune, nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems.

During anabolism the lymphatic system is most active and waste management is at its peak. Peak anabolism occurs during REM sleep and release of waste between four and six in the morning. You will find a discussion of anabolism and catabolism in the 6th edition of my book, Young Again!

Deep sleep is when the body grows, repairs and regenerates as opposed to shallow or light sleep which rests the system, but is insufficient for anabolism to occur fully.  Babies grow rapidly because they are constantly in the deep sleep cycle, unless their bodies are inflamed.

Deep sleep i.e. ‘comma’ like sleep Is easier to achieve and maintain when the bladder, and lower bowel, are emptied prior to bedtime. The enema is the simplest method to achieve an empty bowel before bed.

Deep sleep is when lucid dreams occur; loss of lucid dreaming and ability to remember dreams is a red flag that you are systemically inflamed, under physiologic stress and hormonal rhythm is OUT OF BALANCE!

Systemic, low-grade inflammation haunts everyone, because issues of leaky-gut and lack of sufficient mucous to protect the intestinal but wall go hand-in-hand with immune dysfunction.  To restore your system, click here.

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As people age, they sleep less because their body is inflamed, and they fail to wake up refreshed like they did when they were younger.  As people become more inflamed, they make the mistake of blaming their pillow and bed, when the problem is internal.

Systemic inflammation is a side effect of the Sugar/Alcohol Cycle and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle.

Systemic inflammation is also confirmation of poor micro circulation of the blood and lymphatic capillaries throughout the body, and confirmation of toxic waste overload, and confirmation of hormonal imbalance.

Arthritis is the effect, fibromyalgia is the effect, neuropathy is the effect of increased inflammation, NOT vice versa.

Things You Need to Know

Know, you can use Dynamic Circulation Therapy to enhance micro circulation and rein-in systemic inflammation.

Know, poor sleep says your body is INFLAMED!

Know, the single biggest contributor to systemic inflammation is ingestion of sugar, sweets, fruit, juices and alcohol.  Read Special Insights, Fruit Sugar Blues.

Know, after age 35, body metabolism slows and poor sleep is one symptom of the process. Another symptoms is sluggish bowels; meaning, your bowels move LESS than three times a day.

Know, behind sluggish bowels is dysfunctional liver, digestion and pre-diabetes [leptin resistance.]

Know, lack of exercise)plays a part in premature aging.  However, exercise by itself will NOT remedy the inflammatory changes that take place after age 35.

Do you remember when you fell asleep on your mother’s sofa on a Friday afternoon only to awaken Monday morning, having grown two inches and unsure where you are?


To achieve plenty of deep sleep, inflammation must be eliminated, full digestion of food must occur, sweets and carbohydrates must be eliminated from the diet and the bowels must move three times per day, and particularly before bed.

Coffee is used to ‘wake-up’ in the morning because coffee purges the gallbladder of bile and triggers a morning bowel movement. Only then do people finally feel alive.

Practice the Enema Protocol and use it to TRAIN your body to release waste three times a day.

Embrace the Tissue & Liver Protocol and you can unwind many years of neglect and abuse. Click hyperlink to read about it.


  1. Change your lifestyle.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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