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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Ultra-Blue [Super-Food] Supplement

Nucleic Acids & Cyan-Blue Pigments:  The Ultimate 21st Century Super-Food

[FYI: UltraBlue is a powerful FOOD that has nothing to do with Methylene Blue which is a staining solution used in microbiology labs for slide identification of certain types of bacteria.]

The dilemma of sick-food is upon us!  Nutrient deficient and genetically altered food is undermining people’s health.  Fake food is slow-motion-poison.  Fake food violates the meaning of food.  Real food sustains life.  Real food cures dis-ease and rids the body of symptoms patients and practitioners mislabel as disease.

This report is about the new super-food Ultra-Blue that is named for benefits that come from cyan-blue pigments and bioactive nucleic acids.  Ultra-Blue adds meaning to food supplementation.

Ultra-Blue is a timely offering considering the miserable state of the food chain.  Ultra-Blue supplies energy frequencies common supplements and organic foods lack.  Ultra-Blue manages waste and protects against environmental toxins and  downstream effects of vaxx mania.  To learn more, read on.

Ultra-Blue is a perfect super supplement; a potent formulation of cyan-blue pigments and nucleic-acids the body needs.  Below is a review of Ultra-Blue benefits that make it a cornerstone of every dietary regimen.  [BTW: readers can get a FREE BOTTLE of Ultra-Blue with this limited-time BOGO OFFER.  Details below.]

Nucleic Acids & Cyan-Blue Pigments

The colors of the rainbow ARE the visible light spectrum.  Cyan-blue is particularly important because it vibrates at 490-570 nanometers wavelength; the frequencies where photosynthesis transforms sunlight into nucleotides we need for health and longevity.  Cyan-blue is about lifeforce!

Cyan-blue is in the band-width of light spectrum where nucleic acids form living proteins that compete against spike proteins associated with so-called viruses and mRNA vaxxes.  Nucleic acids promote healthy blood-oxygen levels to defend against spike-protein-driven capillary clotting and low-grade inflammation that accompanies chimeric DNA alterations of body physiology.  [Cross-specie hybridization of human physiology is scary stuff!]

mRNA vaxxes and monoclonal antibody drugs contain cross-specie proteins that alter DNA and corrupt God’s handiwork!  Worse, they create trans-humans.  Trans-specie proteins antagonize common comorbidities and provoke autoimmune reactions!  Use Ultra-Blue to defend against chimeric modification, limit corruption of DNA and lessen susceptibility to dis-ease variants, VED [vaxx-enhanced dis-ease] and shedding to others.

Ultra-Blue is the ultimate super-food of the 21st Century!

Promotes vibrant metabolism.                       Supports healthy innate immune system expression.

Protects against effects of 5-G radiation.       Protects against spike-protein, chimeric dis-ease.

Provides nucleic acids for regeneration.        Boosts lifeforce & the perfect real-food supplement.

Fuels mitochondrial output of ATP.                Promotes healthy liver and blood-oxygen levels.

Provides cyan-blue related energy.                Unlimited shelf-life; a perfect super-food.

Contains no inflammatory oxalates.              Crisis nourishment for both good times and bad.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

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