Weight Loss Protocol

To lose weight, change the factors that led to the problem in the first place.  Sounds simple and it is if fundamentals issues are addressed.

Issues of weight management are: metabolic rate; digestion efficiency; liver function’ bowel issues; diet; physical activity; thyroid and adrenal function; sleep  and the sleep cycle; gut and immune system issues; water and water intake; toxic waste levels and finally, intake of sweets/sugar alcohol and fruit.

Weight issues vary according to each person’s system and ‘terrain’.  Hunger is a symptom of ‘malnourishment’.  Digestion efficiency, liver function and inflammation of the intestinal gut wall dictate body metabolism.  These are ‘terrain’ issues.

Low-grade inflammation and the Autoimmune Attack Cycle  go hand in hand with excess weight and both must be addressed if you want to permanently keep the weigh from coming back.

This protocol varies according to the individual.

Ask for guidance.