Fatty Liver Dis-ease (non alcoholic fatty liver disease)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Dis-ease: is an umbrella description of an unhealthy liver whose percentage make-up of fat is unhealthy and suffering from poor metabolic function.


Fatty liver dis-ease is a condition, NOT a disease!  It is a reflection of poor dietary choices and unhealthy lifestyle and affects anyone at any age, but particularly people over age 35.

Fatty liver occurs in people who suffer from insulin/leptin/adrenal resistance, regardless of age.  Behind NAFLD, you will discover low sulfate levels, inflammation, depletion of essential elements, fungal yeast invasion and insufficient exposure to the sun.

Pre-diabetes is the forerunner of degenerative dis-ease because it is a condition of insulin-resistance which PRECEDES cancer, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular/heart disease, as well as all degenerative disorders and syndromes.  Pre-diabetes is a problem central to the human condition and all degenerative disease.

Given no choice, and in the face of leptin resistance, the body stores incoming food energy as body fat instead of burning it as seen in the formation of BELLY FAT and CELLULITE.

Resistance is the product of carbohydrate dependence and failure of brain receptors to correctly measure and respond to circulating leptin levels produced by the body’s fat cells.

The body converts carbohydrates into fat called triglycerides [a red flag issue on routine blood tests and screenings.]  Dietary fat does NOT convert to triglycerides.  Tri means 3 and glyceride is Latin for glycerine derived from glucose or blood sugar.  So the higher your triglyceride levels, the more fat you will make and store in your liver.

The liver weight should not be composed of more than 10% fat.  Excess insulin causes the boy to make fat when it cannot control blood sugar levels.  Hormonal resistance puts the body is on a collision course of premature aging and dis-ease.

As liver fat levels increase, liver efficiency decreases putting the body on a collision course with cancer, diabetes arthritis and cardiovascular problems.

Extra amounts of fat in the liver increase production of TNFa (tumor necrosis factor a) which increases production of NF-kappaB (necrosis factor) and staging of the liver for serious injury and damage.

TNFa and NF production automatically increases as body mass index increases.  In other words, the more excess fat you carry, the fattier your liver and the more tumor cell-death factors the body makes.

Obesity is dangerous thing because it sets the stage for growth of tumor factors that help create and feed cancer and promotes deterioration of the cardiovascular system.

Excess production of NF-kappaB is involved as a PRIMARY DRIVER of degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and mental decline in general, regardless of age.  Excess NF factor causes low-grade inflammation to become chronic leading to plaque formation and brain tumors.

Now you know why brain tumor occurrence has grown exponentially in the last 20 years.  The problem is one of inflammation driven by insulin/leptin and adrenaline resistance.

And behind excess NF factor is leptin and insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar level.  Over 90 is a pre-diabetic state of insulin-resistance.  Most people live in a modified state of systemic, chronic, low-grade inflammation because of it.

The best way to reduce inflammation and tumor factor production is to lose weight.  Fat reduction is difficult for people of any age because they DO NOT understand the dynamics involved.

DO NOT ASSUME because you are “trim” and not overweight or obese that the above information does not apply to you.  It applies to everyone!

While it is true that overweight issues compound health challenges and metabolic problems, thin people suffer, age and die prematurely suffering from insulin-resistance.

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If you wish help with REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS, ask for guidance and be willing to cooperate.

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  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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