Parasite Protocol

Parasites are ‘living’ proteins and proliferate in a polluted body. They presence is confirmation of loss of control over the body’s terrain.

Every living thing on planet Earth has parasites, regardless if that life form is human, animal or plant.  So don’t think just because you are a vegan or vegetarian that you are immune to parasitic infestation. You are not!

The issue is to help your body’s ‘terrain’ by lifting the burden parasites impose on your vital organs, immune system connective tissues?  Parasites do more than steal energy and vitality; they also produce toxins that mess with body functions in insidious ways.
Poor sanitation practices, be it unwashed hands to unclean kitchen habits promote parasitic infestation of the body’s terrain.
Parasites are proteins just like any other food protein and all proteins must be digested i.e. broken down into their constituent amino acids in the stomach in a highly acidic environment.  Parasitic and pathogenic microbes will survive transit through a low acid stomach, set up shop in the intestines and spread to the vital organs.

The Young Again Club approach to parasites infestation involves three aspects.

First, restore liver and gallbladder function and boost bile production so excess waste in the ‘terrain’ can find its way to the toilet instead of building up in the body tissues.

Second, the flow of undigested food and waste into the system must be halted by insuring that the food you eat is fully digested.

Third, existing parasites must be killed and their eggs either prevented form hatching new hatches of offspring find a hostile environment and die.

The Parasite Protocol is usually done at the same time as the Tissue & Liver Protocol.

Please ask for guidance.