EndoBiotica (endospheres)

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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EndoBiotica: the name of a product that contains and delivers viable endospheres to the intestinal gut and colon.

Endosphere: the ENCAPSULATED, dormant form of friendly, highly specialized MASTER bacteria that are capable of traversing the acid environment [of the stomach] that is encountered during digestion of food. Endospheres should not be confused with spores.


Endospheres are ENCAPSULATED, dormant, specialized, MASTER, BACTERIAL life-forms with the ability to close down within themselves and create a capsule that is capable of surviving millions of years against heat, cold, moisture and radiation without deterioration, AND yet fully capable of complete regeneration.  

A spore is the offsprng of an organism; a seed and next generation; spores germinate with potentially different characteristics than the parent bacteria.  Endospheres, on the other hand, are the exact same organism when it emerges from dormantcy as it was before it enfolded.

A bacteria’s ability to form an endosphere, enfold and go dormant is UNIQUE and when used by system critical life-forms such as B. clausi, B. licheniformis, B. coagulans, B. subtilis and B. indicus, the trait offers valuable restorative effects on the epi-genome with overriding influence of DNA and immune expression.

These bacterial strains are critical because they literally ORCHESTRATE electrical resonance among all bacteria in the body, which comprise about 2500 different species and about 80% of human DNA.

We are talking about a major symbiotic relationship between the host [man] and the bacterial microbes that operate his body system and organs.  We are NOT talking about the common bacterial strains people think of when they speak of probiotics, rather specialized life forms that only inoculate the system and set up residence if provided by the host through direct supplemention.

These strains of endospheric bacteria are all but ABSENT in people suffering from autoimmune disorders, mind/brain disorders such as autism, Asperger’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s because the general population is subjected to antibiotics, vaccinations of all types and medications in general both directly and through the food chain.

Furthermore, these bacterial strains cannot be supplied in adult form as they cannot traverse the stomach.  The food chain is mostly VOID of endospheres and the organisms that make them organisms.  The point is, the population suffers from degenerative disease of all types that find  their genesis in a compromised epigenome.

Until now, did not have a way to rectify issues of immune intolerance, leaky-gut and autoimmune disorders.  EndoBiotica has changed everything.

Consider that a baby born into to this world from a mother who has been nuked by antibiotics, drugs, microwave radiation, ultrasound, microwaved food and water [meals, tea, coffee, etcc] and who is infested with mold and fungus [candida yeast] is totally unprepared to establish a well balanced epigenome and a functional immune system.

Consider that 75% [+ -] of children are born Cesarian by non-vaginal births and are not exposed to the mother’s biologic flora, and few babies are breast fed.  If momma does not have a full a spectrum epigenome in place, and the life-forms mentioned herein in her body, baby does NOT receive them or the benefits they offer.  PERIOD!  Add vaccination assault and the problem is obvious what is happening to human beings worldwide.

Additional Factors To Consider

Fluoriquinolone medications and exposure to aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde are particularly damaging to adult endospheric bacteria as well as destruction of mitochondrial DNA with consequences for the human genome.

It should be noted that the Young Again Club concept of “terrain” has tremendous controlling influence over the ability of endospheric bacteria to survive and reproduce, as well as, revert to the endosphere state.

Endospores are made by Gram-positive bacteria and categorized as rods.  Because of the lack of an outer membrane, Gram-positive bacteria suffer damage from antibiotics more than Gram-negative bacteria.

When endospheres encounters a friendly environment within the body, they hatch, grow and assume their biologically active [non endosphere] forms and begin generating secretions that contributing to the health of the human organism.

The bacillus family of organisms, when subjected to conditions of stress and lack of food, shut down and envelope themselves in a capsule called endosphere.

Endospheres of the bacillus strains mentioned above are particularly friendly to the body and are capable of restoration of the intestinal tract and gut wall as well as helping the body manage and maintain a healthy physiology and STRONG immunity capable of withstanding serious pathogenic assault as well as common colds and influenzas.

Endoshperes produce and secrete biologically active substances that support healthy immune function and create a hostile environment where fungi such as molds and yeast cannot control or overrun the intestinal tract or body.

Intestinal gas and bloat, asthma, sinus issues, cardiovascular challenges, diabetes, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, vision and hearing issues, neuropathy and cancer a just a few side effects of a body suffering from a compromised immune system that is overrun by mold and fungus and loaded with mycotoxins and endotoxins.

The Young Again Club product EndoBiotica is a one of a kind endospheric product in energized form that is most useful for restoration of the terrain and enhancement of immune function.

EndoBiotica can be used by anyone of any age and is the premier approach for restoration of immune function and settling of symptomatic complaints, such as autism, dementia, autoimmune disorders of all types, Alzheimer’s, allergies, brain fog, thyroid irregularities, menstrual problems, menopause and female hormone complaints, prostate and male issues, bladder, skin, vision and hearing problems.

Contact John Thomas to learn what EndoBiotica can do for your health, vitality and life.

See the Mold & Fungus Protocol here.  And see Special Insight, EndoBiotica Enhanced Immunity in the Archive link below.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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