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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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ATP (Mg-ATP): cellular energy units produced by the mitochondria in the cells for powering cellular activity and NON-THERMAL burning of the proton element, hydrogen.  Note: the Mg prefix before ATP.  WIthout available magnesium ions, ATP production falters and so does non-thermal burning of hydrogen.


The proton hydrogen is your body’s primary source of energy.  Food and water are primary hydrogen donors, fats are the most hydrogen-rich foods.  Calories are a useless, antiquated measure of potential hydrogen-rich foods.

Sugar [C12H22O12] contains 22 hydrogens; water [H2O] contains 2 hydrogens.  Hydrogen produces anabolic lifeforce. The body’s bio-electric energy comes from non-thermal burning and metabolism of hydrogen.

Hydrogen powers the sun.  ATP [adenosine-triphosphate] only powers cellular metabolism, NOT general metabolism.  ATP is a weak molecule compared to the energy potential of hydrogen.

‘p’ in pH stands for potential [hydrogen]!  Digestion releases covalent-bonded hydrogen in food and water.  Inability to digest food and free hydrogen drives production of anabolic energy and age-related digestion is the biggest source of acidic waste [unburned hydrogen].

Failure to metabolize hydrogen turns body-fluid [urine] pH acidic.  Hydrogen and metabolic waste are acidicUrine pH is a measure of unburned hydrogen ions in circulation.  Urine pH rises and falls as hydrogen-ion waste levels rise and fall as measured with pH test strips with urine flow.

Terrain acidification causes urine pH to rise on the acid side, and muscle loss to accelerate!  pH stands for potential hydrogen.  Unburned hydrogen from UNDIGESTED food proteins is the effect of MALDIGESTION!  [The Terrain pH Protocol and Digestion Trio manage these issues.]

Hydrogen powers the Sun and it powers the body [ATP only powers the cell].  Inability to [non-thermally] burn hydrogen limits energy production from food and spikes circulating hydrogen proton levels, causing urine pH to become acidic.  Urine pH measures circulating, unburned, hydrogen protons, and the better digestion is the less unburned hydrogen in saliva, lymph, and urine.  Read about HydrogenMagic, here.]

Terrain management is about hydrogen management, not alkalinity.  Alkalinity as popularly accepted ignores non-circulating, tissuebound hydrogen.  The Terrain pH Protocol frees tissue-bound hydrogen.  [This example of Applied Physiology is counter to physiology taught at university.  [Please read again.]

The better digestion, the more energy available for growth and repair.

Dis-ease and aging are side-effects of faulty hydrogen metabolism and maldigestion.

The Digestion Trio solves the maldigestion/hydrogen dilemma.  Ask for help.

Mitochondria: microorganisms within the cells responsible for the production of the energy molecule, ATP and non-thermal burning of hydrogen within the electron transport chain of the Krebs [citric acid] cycle.

Magnesium ions must traverse the cell membrane as well as the outer and inner membranes of the mitochondria to be available for production of Mg-ATP.

Traversing of cell and mitochondrial membranes is accomplished with Youthing Formula acting as the molecular shuttle for Mg ions.  Supplementing with common magnesium supplements  DOES NOT accomplish magnesium ion migration across membranes in sufficient quantity to meet the body’s needs.

Please read Special Insights: Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-Diabetes and Insulin Resistance.

Electron-transport chain: a series of complex reactions occurring within the inner mitochondria as part of the Krebs cycle [citric acid cycle  aka: TCA cycle).  The cellular energy molecule Mg-ATP happens within the mitochondria.

Addition of a hydrogen ion to NAD+ forms the high-energy molecule NADH.  Please note the ‘H’ on the NADH molecule.  Once the hydrogen proton  is non-thermally burned and used, the molecule becomes NAD+.  When the ‘H’ is added back, the high energy molecule NADH is ready to repeat the cycle for formation and release of the Mg-ATP energy molecule.


A body in peak health has about 10,000 mitochondria per cell and the more ATP the body can produce, the more cellular anabolic energy available for anabolism and regeneration.

However, there is a catch, and few people [regardless of academic credentials] seems to recognize that without bio-active magnesium ions for use in the electron transport chain of the Krebs Cycle, the ATP energy molecule can neither come into existence or provide energy for operation of the cell.

The body DOES NOT operate on ATP energy; it only energizes the cell.  General metabolism is powered by the same energy source as the sun, meaning hydrogen.

Specifically, magnesium ions are needed to convert ATP into Mg-ATP and to produce anabolic lifeforce for anabolisnm.

For ATP transformation to occur, the body must have magnesium ions in storage and readily available, and therein is the rub.  Hydrogen is supplied by water and food.

To increase magnesium ion availability, Young Again Club chose a highly active and powerful form of magnesium ions.

Food & Mg-ATP Production

Complete digestion of food is required for cellular production of ATP and anabolic lifefore. High metabolic activity is associated with youth and health.

People over age 35 [whose bodies are slowing] can’t produce enough Mg-ATP or anabolic lifeforce to efficiently operate and maintain their bodies.

Mitochondrial Disease

Like other so-called diseases, Mitochondrial Disease is not a disease but a condition that develops due to terrain acidity and loss of control of the body’s terrain, cellular waste accumulation, and depletion of the Essential Elements IN THE FACE OF ongoing pre-diabetic insulin-resistance.

Other factors related to onset and development of mitochondrial disease is hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction and dysfunctional sugar metabolism.


Supply the body with essential elements and avoid pre-diabetic insulin-resistance by using Sugar Blues, Icelandic Magic, UltraBiue, Youthing Formula, and BioCarbon Complex. All are useful adjuncts for restoration of metabolism and production of Mg-ATP.

The liver is central to healthy metabolism and mitochondrial activity. Please review the Tissue & Liver Protocol for insight into healthy liver function by clicking hyperlink.

Deep sleep, good diet, complete digestion, exercise, active bowels and absence of dietary sweets and alcohol are core issues in health maintenance and restoration of mitochondrial activity.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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