Mycotoxin [Mycoplasmas, endotoxins]

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Mycotoxins: mycotoxins [also referred to as mycoplasmas] are made by molds, yeast and fungi not by bacteria [see endotoxin below].  Mycotoxins are used by these life forms to control organ functions and body responses so these life forms can grow, spread and complete their life cycle within the human body.

Endotoxin: poisons made by pathogenic bacterial organisms when they die, or are disturbed and absorbed and leak into the blood stream through the intestinal gut wall either by normal absorption or through so-called leaky-gut, or as a result of compromised, intestinal wall.

Mycotoxins that create and orchestrate disease and dis-ease within the human body by acting as either a HORMONE disruptor or poison or both.  Most, if not all, of female hormonal issues [regardless of age] are the result of mold and fungus infestation and manipulation by mycotoxins.

Know, if you suffer for autoimmune problems, you are very likely infested by fungi controlled by their mycotoxins.  Age or sex are not controlling factors.  For example, children with so-called ADD and ADHD problems and people with explosive anger and depression.

Sac type fungi [Candida albicans [an oomecyte, single cell organism] do this by merging of their DNA with human DNA to escape detection by the body’s immune system.  When merged, mold becomes invisible to the immune system allowing them to grow and spread UNDETECTED.

DNA merger should is the perfect Trojan horse operating within the body.

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Mycotoxins are responsible for many, if not all, of the symptoms blamed on bacteria and viruses, and most certainly for many, if not all, syndromes, disorders and so-called diseases of unknown origin and for which no known treatment is available by conventional medical means.

Allopathic medicine, and much of alternative medicine, is almost totally ignorant of mycology [the science of molds and fungi] and its implications for health and disease.

Mycology is not a component of professional medical training and has not been taught since the early 1950s when antibiotics debuted, shifting focus to bacteria and viruses and away from fungi.

Medicine DOES NOT even consider fungi as causative agents of disease; rather, they classify them as, SECONDARY agents.  In reality, fungi first create the problems, then bacteria and viruses morph from their non-virulent forms and join the party.

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  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
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  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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