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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Glyphosate Trio: a trio that address glyphosate poisoning of the body terrain.


The Glyphosate Trio helps minimize suffering and misery associated with the RoundUp-Rodeo lifestyle.  The Glyphosate Trio includes GlyphoLock [enhanced glycinates to avoid receptor attachment by glyphosate], GlyphoFlow [dismantles glyphosate residues in food and old cells trying to exist the body, and Yucca Blend [to degrease and flush glyphosate residues from compromised livers.]

Glyphosate Trio

The Glyphosate Trio addresses issues associated with the RoundUp-Rodeo lifestyle everyone is forced to live because we must eat.

Food disorders are metabolic disorders with names like Metabolic Syndrome, subclinical scurvy, obesity, age-related maldigestion, and  insulin/leptin-resistance.

Food disorders ALWAYS involve compromised liver and usually need support of the Digestion Trio.  For example, gluten intolerance is a liver/digestion problem, NOT an autoimmune disorder.  Contrary to myth, the body NEVER attacks itself!]

Your body is made to regenerate and caring for your body is about as personal as it gets!  Readers needing help must be open-minded and willing to take personal responsibility for their health.  The choice is yours!


[Buy One Trio & Get Second Trio Free!]

[GlyphoLock, GlyphoFlow & Yucca Blend]

Guidance available without cost!

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The RoundUp-Rodeo Road Show

How Glyphosate Destroys Your Health

And What You Can Do About It

“Burden your body with glyphosate and you are in for a wild ride!”

This report is about glyphosate [aka Roundup].  What it is, why you should care, and exactly what you can do to protect yourself from its insidious effects upon health and well-being.  To learn more, read on.

No biologic or agricultural poison [past or present] compares to glyphosate!  It is ubiquitous in the food chain and its residues are embedded in people’s cells and tissues because they have to eat.

Glyphosate residues must be cleared from the body, and incoming molecules [in food] must be neutralized before this biologic sabotages people’s lifeforce energy.  Glyphosate is viable threat, and it is ongoing!


Glyphosate is the most pervasive biologic and environmental poison to ever enter the global food chain.  Dysfunctional metabolism caused by glyphosate exceeds the combined damage of plague, smallpox, pellagra, polio, and DDT over the past eight centuries.  The Roundup-Rodeo Road Show is an ongoing, metabolic disaster.

Metabolic dis-ease/dysfunctional metabolism: disorders of irregular metabolism; so-called diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and arthritis were minor conditions that progressed into life-threatening health disorders of dysfunctional metabolism.  Other disorders such as fatty-liver, neuropathy, dementia, Alzheimer’s/Parkinson’s, hormone challenges, maldigestion, declining vision/hearing, eczema/psoriasis, osteoporosis, obesity, etc. are early versions of major dis-eases in-progress.

Metabolism: normal, healthy bodily processes and functions.  [Translation: bodies suffering from abnormal metabolism are burdened by symptoms of dis-ease.]

Rodeo Lifestyle

Glyphosate has destroyed the health of BILLIONS of people worldwide, and effect is CENTRAL to dysfunctional metabolism and declining liver function.  [Translation: Glyphosate devastates your liver!]

Glyphosate exposure CANNOT BE AVOIDED because the food chain is loaded with the stuff!  Fact is if you eat food, your tissues are loaded with glyphosate residues.  Organic food DOES NOT protect you.  Traditional WILL NOT save you.  Accumulation of residues only makes matters worse.  Glyphosate is a problem for anyone who eats food.  To learn more, read on.

Glyphosate is a unique because it traverses cell membranes.  Once inside cells, the only way to get rid of glyphosate is to wait for cells to die through apoptosis, and make certain that glyphosate residues in dead cells DO NOT RESORB and lodge into healthy, new cells while transiting the intestinal lumen.  Resorption keeps the dis-ease cycle going!  Please read again!

Two steps to halt glyphosate invasion of your terrain:

  1. Release cell residues by using the Glyphosate Trio to promote apoptosis.
  2. Prevent resorption of residues from exiting cells and from incoming food.

[FYI: traditional liver cleanses are USELESS because glyphosate traverses cell membranes AND the blood/brain barrier.  Once inside cells, glyphosate disrupts and sabotages mitochondrial conversion of hydrogen into anabolic energy devastating lifeforce and accelerating aging and dis-ease.  Glyphosate can ONLY be dismantled while traversing the intestinal lumen on the way to the toilet.]  Ask for guidance.

Rodeo-Show Medicine

Sick-care practitioners practice rodeo-medicine!  It’s all they know!  They are ill-trained and ill-equipped to deal with glyphosate invasion of the terrain.  Fact is they have zero understanding of glyphosate physiology because they have zero understanding of Applied [human] Physiology.  Worse, practitioners are limited by protocols of the sick-care industry and Standard of CareTranslation: you are on your own and it’s time to learn Applied [human] Physiology at-home with the ColorSmart Learning system or reach-out for guidance.

Glyphosate is fueling an avalanche of professional misdiagnoses in lieu of the missing diagnosis.  Patients NEVER understand the physiology behind their symptoms.  If they understood Applied [human] Physiology, they would never darken their practitioner’s doorway.  People with knowledge and guidance care for themselves.  [FYI: self-care requires knowledge, guidance, and one-on-one attention.]  Ask for help.

Glyphosate devastates the liver and it eventually devastates your pancreas, heart, spleen, and kidneys.  Dysfunctional dis-eases are sweeping the globe and glyphosate is driving it!  [BTW: Biologic Glandulars restore lifeforce to exhausted, aging, compromised organs.  Check them out.]

Invasion By Glyphosate

My book, Young Again! debuted in 1994 just as glyphosate was becoming popular.  Between 1994-2010, dis-eases of degenerative metabolism were tame compared to the misery that followed use of glyphosate as an agricultural desiccant instead of just a weed killer.

After 2010, glyphosate was widely used BEFORE harvest as a desiccant to force-dry crops.  What followed was an AVALANCHE of strange symptoms across the globe; metabolic irregularities that overwhelmed and confused both practitioners and patients alike!

By 2015, BILLIONS OF PEOPLE were experiencing mysterious metabolic disorders complete with tell-tale symptoms of liver dis-ease.  Today, liver dis-ease is RAMPANT!  Here’s what you can do about it.]

Glyphosate is unacknowledged and unrecognized as a driving factor behind the avalanche of degenerative dis-ease sweeping the globe.  Tell-tale signs and symptoms run the gamut, from cancer and dementia to renal failure and neuropathy, to obesity and belly fat!  Metabolic Syndrome and insulin-resistance stem from glyphosate-invaded liver and ongoing age-related maldigestionBelieve it!

The liver and other vital organs are extremely vulnerable to glyphosate and effects are CUMULATIVE!  Glyphosate traverses cell membranes, lodges in cells, and sparks endless suffering and limitless symptoms.  Worse, residues stay in cells until they die or are replaced by apoptosis [about three million/day].

Transit of resident glyphosate molecules through the intestinal tract is the ONLY OPPORTUNITY to dismantle glyphosate residues as they traverse the bowel.  RESIDUES THAT ESCAPE DISMANTLING RESORB INTO NEW CELLS creating an endless cycle of metabolic chaos.  [Rid your body of glyphosate!]

Misguided Food Production

Glyphosate kills plants by BLOCKING THE TRANSFER OF IONS BETWEEN ROOTS HAIRS AND SOIL BACTERIA which blocks photosynthesis.  Antibiotics interfere with gut metabolism in a similar way.

Glyphosate effects on the liver are absolutely devastating!  Lab tests are useless because sick-care diagnosis never addresses cause, just symptoms.  Depletion of Essential Elemental Ions is a given when degenerative symptoms come knocking.  Food is all but empty of elements and soils are lacking.  When aging and dis-ease come knocking, you MUST supplement or suffer the consequences.  It’s the way it is!

For example, biodynamic raised crops rely on soil bacteria to mediate ion transfer for photosynthesis and uptake of atmospheric carbon dioxide.  This concept is similar to the Terrain pH [BATH] Protocol where acidic waste is pulled from tissues beneath the skin and blood is infused with carbon dioxide (CO) that red blood corpuscles need transport more oxygen.  CO serves has circular purpose.  As waste when we exhale, and to supply RBCs [red blood corpuscles] so hemoglobin can grab oxygen when we inhale.  The Terrain pH [BATH] Protocol is a back-door way to charge RBCs so they carry more oxygen.

Hormone and nerve receptors lockup when glyphosate assaults thyroid and liver receptors.  And that is why GlyphoLock and GlyphoFlow are included in the Glyphosate Trio [more below].

Similarly, halides lock-up thyroid and pineal gland receptors, and people are bombarded with halides from exposure to insulation, bedding, pillows, fire retardants, tooth-paste [think fluoride], non-stick pots and pans, and hot tubs and pools [think bromide].  Halide-lockup is reversible.  Ask for guidance.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for guidance and be open to new ideas.

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