ReVive/ReNew Protocol

The ReVive Protocol is a self-help protocol that allows people to take control of well-being and avoid effects of inflammatory aging from pre-diabetes, and leptin & insulin and resistance.

The ReVive/ReNew Protocol is often used with the Blood Sugar/Insulin Protocol and with the Essential Elements Protocol. [You will find both listed under Resources, then under the Programs & Protocols Tab of the website.]

ReVive is  a concentrated, polyflavonoid complex in bio-active form.  ReVive is used with sister product, ReNew and both are taken together with water in the am and a second dose in the afternoon.  [See the General Instruction Sheet that came with your order for dosage information.]


The focus the ReVive/Renew Protocol is used to naturally restore the functions of the regulatory hormones [leptin and insulin] and for avoidance and management of pre-diabetic, insulin-resistance.

ReNew is used to ‘polish’ the receptor site of the brain [de-glycate them] so the brain can respond to circulating leptin levels that tell the brain it’s time to STOP eating and to shut-down the pancreatic production of insulin [which is extremely inflammatory if over-produced.  Excess insulin, or the refusal of the cells to respond to insulin is what is called, INSULIN-RESISTANCE!

As the effects of pre-diabetic blood sugar [glucose levels above 90] diminishes, pancreatic overproduction of insulin settles and  resistance issues come under control.

The ReVive/ReNew Protocol targets regulatory dysfunction associated with diabetes type 1 and 2, as well as the inflammatory effects of diabetes type-3 that occurs ANYTIME blood glucose levels are maintained between 90 -130.

Please do not think your insulin and blood sugar levels are ‘normal’ just because doctor and lab reports say so.  Pre-diabetes insulin-resistance is a REAL PROBLEM for everyone who is not diabetic.  And, for you information, diabetes is NOT driven by genes or family history and affects everyone who is not yet, diabetic.

Pre-diabetes not only precedes diabetes, but it absolutely precedes cancer, arthritis and heart/stroke issues all of which are totally preventable and even reversible.

Diabetes type 3 is actually diabetes of the brain but is is commonly known by Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.  Brain fog and poor memory are early symptoms of big trouble in the making, due to INFLAMMATION that is driven by pre-diabetic insulin-resistance; ditto for tinnitus, glaucoma, macular degeneration and sinusitis symptoms.   Brain cancer is a combination of insulin-driven inflammation and elevated ferritin iron in brain tissues.

See the ReVive/ReNew Dietary Protocol for clearer understanding of the dietary effect of diet on blood sugar, insulin-resistance and pre-diabetes.

Also see, Sugar Blues and Youthing Formula in the Glossary Tab under Resources where you will learn important new information on issues that are ACTIVELY INVOLVED in issues of inflammation and blood sugar management.