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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Mammogram: is a crude diagnostic procedure marketed to women under the false pretense that the procedure is accurate and predictive, none of which is true!


Mamograms damage breast tissue and if cancer is present, the procedure spreads the condition by violent compression of breast tissue.

Mammogram looks for for threads of calcium deposits in the breast which supposedly is indicative of cancer.  Patients are then encouraged [based on results that are extremely UNRELIABLE] to undergo radiation and chemotherapy and even masdectomy [breast removal].

in is interesting to note, that after 20 years and billions of dollars wasted on mamograms, there was NO MEASURABLE results of cancer prevention.

Mammograms are a bogus procedure offered to women under fear and coercion similarly to how men are  falsely driven into prostate biopsy and WORTHLESS tests based on PSA which is another false pretense.

What women do not know and are not being told is this: so-called breast cancer is actually not cancer at all!  Rather, if a woman [or man!] has an irregularity, KNOW that the condition is one of mold and fungus take-over of the body’s terrain.

So-called TUMORS and MASSES are actually fungal accumulations that look similar to cancer when they are not cancer at all!

Cancer is a racket and woe unto anyone who falls for the big lie.

Fact is, cancer is NOT even a disease; that’s just what they call it!  Cancer is a condition of systemic infestation by molds and fungi.

Be certain to learn how the Mold & Fungus Protocol can help, YOU!

Read, Special Insights, Cause Unknown! as well as, Cancer, Acidity, Fermentation and pH by clicking the hyperlinks.

For most people, these facts are earth shattering information.  And as sad as it is, patients are on their own.  Therefore

Know that there are good alternatives available for those who are willing to recognize that after 70 years and billions of dollars, “they” have NO IDEA why cancer develops, nor what can be done about it.

Unfortunately, you will NOT find the answers you seek by subordinating yourself to professionals.  Believe it or not, they DO NOT have the knowledge or training you seek.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

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