Food, Medication & Opioid Addiction Solutions For The 21st Century

Regular people don’t think addiction can happen to them, but there are MILLIONS of regular people addicted to food, medications and over-the-counter drugs that says, otherwise.  This report identifies the factors driving these epidemics. To learn more, read on.

Addiction has much in common with diet, fats and hormones.  This Special Insight connects the dots, so readers can understand addiction in its many forms.  Most importantly, it provides solutions.

Mission: I write because I see what we are told does not match-up with truth.  I mock sick-care because it deserves to be mocked. My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail, and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being.

Observation:Sick-care is collapsing and you will need guidance and valid information when self-care is your only option.  Good doctors are shackled and virtual medicine [medicine devoid of the human factor] is the new standard of care!  Medicine is rigged against the patient and corruption rules!  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well as lines become longer and medicine becomes ever more, sterile.

Forward:Special Insights to people you care about!  Key words herein are linked to updated Glossary and Protocols sections of the website for better understanding of subjects under discussion.  To use links, click on the blue, underlined words.

It’s About Your Terrain MORE Than The Drugs

ADDICTION: dependence on food, medication or substance to achieve a temporary effect.

Not everyone who takes medications becomes dependent on them, but dependence has become a big enough problem to achieve epidemic status!  And yet, drug addiction PALES compared to the food addiction.  Interestingly, the very same issues drive both.

Drug addiction is MORE about body physiology and metabolism than drugs.  It’s also about the function of your body’s defense and immune systems.  Realize, dependence on drugs and medication is CONFIRMATION that the system is dysfunctional and needs to be restored.

Addiction is just one side-effect of an inflamed, MUCOUS-DEPRIVED intestinal tract.  The public’s understanding of addiction is a disaster!  Or course, media, medicine and Big-Pharma want us to ignore the obvious and accept their lies.  Official explanations of addiction are FALSE and epidemic status of addiction is proof. This report offers a realistic perspective that should serve readers well.  Enjoy!

The Six Amigos

Behind addiction are the Six Amigos: a messed-up liver, a perturbed mucosa, unbalanced hormones, infestation by fungal yeast, pre-diabetes and dysfunctional immunity.  Common to all is INFLAMMATION.

When medications lose their ability to deliver the desired effect, you must either increase dosage or switch to a more powerful drug.  This is textbook drug addiction plain and simple. Food addiction is subtle compared to drug addiction, but it matters not. Addiction is addiction!

Addiction AMPLIFYIES WEAKNESSES ALREADY PRESENT in the body.  And regardless of how addictive substances enter the system [oral/food, lungs, injection, skin, suppository or IV], their effects perturb the intestinal mucosa whose job is to INFORM THE BRAIN via the Vagus nerve.

The intestinal mucosa is the RADAR SYSTEM that monitors immune function and metabolism 24/7/365. The mucosa and brain regulate unconscious body functions like heart, digestion, breathing and kidneys.  The mucosa is HARD-WIRED to the brain, and anything that PERTURBS the mucosa PERTURBS the brain and vise-versa.  For example, emotional and/or physical brain trauma antagonizes the mucosa.

Depression, Moodiness & Mental Disturbances

WHAT IF post-traumatic stress disorder [PTSD] is the RESULT of brain inflammation caused by medications, and stress is just the trigger?  WHAT IF mass shootings over the past 30 years are the RESULT of medication-induced brain inflammation? WHAT IF attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] in children is CA– USED BY medication [along with a generous supply of sugar, juice and soft drinks] that cause fungal yeast to make mycotoxins?  WHAT IF, INDEED?

Mental experts like to blame cognitive issues on chemical deficiencies, but they are wrong! BRAIN DISTURBANCES ARE INTESTINAL ISSUES IN DISGUISE! Examples are autism, ADHD, schizophrenia, bi-polar and manic depression.  Mental dysfunction is the official version of an inflamed, perforated, MUCOUS-DEFICIENT, intestinal tract.  Count on it!

DID YOU KNOW that excess ferritin iron short-circuits brain function and creates inflammation? Elevated ferritin haunts men over age 40 and women over age 60. Elevated ferritin levels always accompany dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and ferritin iron over “11” is trouble in the making.  [BTW: life insurance actuaries know ferritin is the ultimate risk factor.  Don’t ignore it, the solution is FREE!]

Moodiness and depression are side-effects of yeast manipulation of hormones for their own benefit.  They do it with mycotoxins they secrete to INFLAME the mucosa and brain and warp the epi-genome.  Then, they merge their DNA with human DNA to perpetuate their life-cycle using the body as the vector.  Antibiotics ACTIVATE the process and manipulation of hormones keeps the process going.

The more perturbed the mucosa, the more severe will be fungal infestation, depression, moodiness, brain fog and mental disturbances.  Use of hormonal contraceptives and antibiotics guarantee these issues will eventually appear.  Here’s how you resolve the problem.

Use of psychotropic drugs guarantees emotional and inflammatory imprisonment without bail! Escape becomes impossible for the patient because drugs antagonize the mucosa and brain. By definition, a pharmaceutical drug must be able to KILL YOU to be so classified!  Food supplements, by definition, CANNOT kill you! [FYI: restore your mucosa and doctor will take away those ugly medications!]

Antibiotics are part of modern medicine and life.  They are everywhere in the food chain; there is no escaping them!  Now, add stress and systemic poisons [like glyphosate/RoundUp] and stir, and it easy to understand why everyone’s intestinal tract are under assault 24/7/365.

AGE-RELATED DISORDERS OF THE MUCOSA ARE: dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. EVENT-
RELATED DISORDERS OF THE MUCOSA ARE: autism, ADHD and Asperger’s. The factors behind these degenerative disorders are: antibiotics, vaccinations and environmental poisons like, glyphosate.

Thyroid, Liver, Fluoride & The Mitochondria Kill-Rate

People with compromised immune systems and mucous deficient guts are highly vulnerable to synthetic, opioid drugs like fentanyl and hydrocodone.  These powerful drugs damage the brain, liver and mucosa creating inflammatory dependency.  Fluoride is another, common, metabolic disruptor.

A dysfunctional thyroid is a fluoride/fungal driven problem that is commonly misdiagnosed as hypothyroidism by doctors who base diagnosis on worthless lab tests!  Fluoride binds to thyroid receptors lacking selenium and iodine ions.  Worse, fluoride causes tendon, ligaments and bone to turn BRITTLE and injure easily.  Fluoride inflames brain tissue and causes mental stagnation. And yet, people continue to use fluoridated tooth paste, drink fluoridated water and take fluoroquinolone drugs like, Cipro.  [BTW: broken hips have NOTHING to do with osteoporosis and everything to do with your terrain.]

Steroids share a similar story.  Steroid and opioid drugs are signaling molecules [hormone analogs] that mess with endocrine metabolism.  Steroids [including hormonal contraceptives] promote growth of fungal yeast and mycotoxin manipulation of the endocrine system.  Merger of fungal DNA gives yeast TROJAN HORSE STATUS and allows them to EVADE DETECTION by the immune system.  This is why women suffer so much and why conventional and alternative Candida programs DO NOT WORK!

Steroid shots, creams and pills relieve pain, but in the process they promote candidiasis and a LIFETIME of unpleasant side-effects.  [You can remove them with bio-active bile.]  Steroids, mycotoxins and glyphosate are 21st Century epidemics in the making.  Make sure your name is NOT on the list!

Over-the-counter and prescription drugs DAMAGE the liver.  Fine-print warnings mention the liver because the liver is responsible for processing 90% of toxic substances, and all drugs are toxic.

DID YOU KNOW drug dosages and toxicity warnings are based on the MITOCHONDRIA KILL RATE and liver toxicity?  Kill enough mitochondria with medications and you will get your wings, early. Cripple your mitochondria, and you will become a sick-care, regular.  No medication is friendly and all of them cause brain and intestinal inflammation.  Eventually they KILL the body. [In the interim, you will suffer inflammatory issues such as: gas, bloat, neuropathy, gout, eczema, psoriasis, cardiovascular problems, asthma, mental dysfunction, lung issues and, of course, diabetes.]

An early-stage version of mucosal inflammation is called leaky-gut syndrome and it is always accompanied by poor protein assimilation [think: gluten], liver dysfunction and compromised immunity.

“But my doctor says my liver is fine, and my lab tests prove it!”  “Yah, until your liver is NOT fine!  Then what are you going to do? What if those lab tests don’t mean what you think they mean?  What if doctor doesn’t know what’s going on in your body until after the fact? Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid medical problems, and not be vulnerable due to your own ignorance?”

Healthy metabolism and hormones depend on intake of dietary fat for making cholesterol. Cholesterol is a fat-based sterol [note spelling.]  Medicine and Big-Pharma purposely malign cholesterol to create FEAR and provide a SCAPEGOAT for cardiovascular disease and a diversion from the known side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics.  Inheritance and genes have NOTHING to do with heart issues!

The public is terrified of fat and cholesterol!  And yet, cholesterol is critically important for healthy metabolism.  Your liver MAKES cholesterol and your brain is 95% cholesterol. So why the fuss?

Steroidal drugs are synthetic, hormone analogs.  Contraceptives are extremely powerful, steroid analogs that play havoc with female metabolism!  They cause yeast to grow, spread and manipulate hormones.   Steroids are TIME-INSENSITIVE.  If you have ever used them, they will continue to influence your hormones until they are cleared from the system.

Latin, Acidity/pH, Mycotoxins, Cancer & Bladder Infections

Chole is Latin.  Chole refers to the liver, which is responsible for processing dietary fats and making sterols.  Cholesterol is a fat-based sterol and the foundation of our sexual and regulatory hormones.

Cell membranes are composed of cholesterol therefore, it’s no surprise that anything that disrupts fat metabolism, be it drugs, medications or food, disrupts health.  See Cause Unknown, Diagnostic Roulette.

Fungal yeast dramatically alter female metabolism. Women are plagued by yeast-driven bladder infections that doctor and lab tests WRONGLY blame on bacteria.  Women suffer infections more than men because they are have MORE HORMONES and because they use antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives.  [The Mold & Fungus Protocol remedies these issues.]

Tissue acidity creates the perfect environment for addiction!  Acidity, however is NOT the same as pH. The body STORES acidic waste in the tissues to REMOVE IT from circulation.  Everyone should assume they are loaded with acid waste, because we are! Eating alkaline food to alkalinize the body is so much, baloney!  Alkaline theory falls apart when people finally realize that high-acid, fermented foods dissolve acid waste.  WE WANT LESS ACIDITY IN THE TISSUES.  [See the Terrain pH Protocol here.  It’s FREE!]

The more infested with fungal yeast, the more mycotoxins exert control over the body.  Fungus take over the liver, heart, brain, pancreas, thyroid and mucosa by planting their roots [called hyphae] into organ tissue and establishing TROJAN HORSE COLONIES that are INVISIBLE to immune detection.  Brain tumors are an example of fungal colonization that experts WRONGLY call cancer.  [Now you know!]

Fungal mycotoxins produce FALSE-POSITIVE lab tests and ELEVATE liver enzymes seen PRIOR to cancer diagnosis.  [And in case you don’t know it, there’s no such thing as cancer! Don’t believe me? Click here and learn how to avoid a FALSE-POSITIVE MISDIAGNOSIS!

PERHAPS NOW, the reader can appreciate the factors that cause regular people [with zero history of drug abuse] to become addicted.  The process begins the VERY FIRST TIME antibiotics are used.  From then on, it’s downhill for the remainder of your life unless you reverse the process.

Addiction occurs when the body is toxic, when the mucosa is altered, when the immune system is dysfunctional and when fungus control the hormones!

Neurologic disorders [dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s] are INFLAMMATORY DISORDERS partly driven by pre-diabetes[blood glucose levels above 90 over many years], partly by accumulation of FERRITIN IRON in the brain, and partly due to a perturbed intestinal mucosa.  [Poor memory and brain fog are early versions of low-grade inflammation of the brain.]

Arthritis is another name for SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION, and it makes no sense to use drugs for pain when you can address, cause.  [Here is an simple way to reduce inflammation and thicken your gut wall!]

ANTIBIOTICS SHOULD NEVER BE — USED EXCEPT FOR LIFE AND DEATH SITUATIONS.  However, they will be used in emergency situations and with surgeries and you will NOT be given a choice.  They are required by Standard of Care Rules.  Following use of antibiotics, you can repair the damage with endospheres and mucous substrates.  Don’t waste money on probiotics; they are worthless!  Learn more here.

Lastly, understand that the CONDITION of your terrain, mucosa and immune system PRIOR TO MEDICAL INTERVENTION determines your ability to heal and avoid infection, sepsis being the worst! [CONVERSELY, A HEALTHY, THICK MUCOSAL LINING IS HOW TO AVOID INFLUENZAS. Don’t forget it!]

Dietary Fictions:  Bile, Drug Residues & HCL

Mention dietary FAT and you will encounter confusion.  The problem isn’t the word fat, but misconceptions that dominate topics such as arteriosclerosis, cholesterol and heart disease. Terms like saturated, unsaturated, LDL, HDL, VLDL, animal and vegetarian only add to the confusion.

Natural, saturated fats [butter and coconut oil] DO NOT cause heart disease.  Medical myths about fats [and eggs] serve the interests of Big-Pharma and the sick-care industry, not the patient.

Oleo-margarine [the opposite of butter] is synthesized, man-made fat that mimics butter in taste and appearance without butter’s benefits.  Oils, such as canola, soy and corn, are inflammatory lipids that disrupt hormone metabolism.  Nuts [walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews and sunflower kernels] are loaded with good fats. Eat them with every meal to curve appetite and maintain a thin figure.

When hungry between meals, eat coconut oil and nuts.  They DO NOT trigger production of insulin, yet they yield lots of energy over many hours.  Spacing of meals by SIX HOURS rests the pancreas and tames insulin resistance.  Unlike carbohydrates, fats burn-clean and don’t glaze leptin receptors in the brain that regulate insulin production.  Fats curb food cravings, prevent over-eating and mitigate neurologic challenges such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.  [Here’s a powerful idea to avoid brain deterioration that John Thomas uses for himself.  [Check it out.]

The PRIMARY problem with fat metabolism is the inability to make bile.  Without enough bile and dietary fats, doctor will eventually conjure a diagnosis based on false symptoms and faulty lab tests, and you, the patient, will probably embrace doctor’s MISDIAGNOSIS.  It happens all the time!

Bile is made by your liver and you need a lots of it to process dietary fat.  If you are over 30 years of age, know that you don’t make enough bile which makes you vulnerable to drug and food addiction.  ASSUME YOU ARE BILE DEFICIENT BECA– USE, YOU ARE!  [Here is how you solve the bile problem.]

Bile breaks-down fungal mycotoxins, drug residues and environmental poisons such as glyphosate [Roundup.]  If toxins are not broken-down during intestinal transit, they will be absorbed and STORED in the tissues.  GLYPHOSATE IS THE WORST OF ALL ENVIRONMENTAL POISONS because it penetrates cell membranes and kills your mitochondria.  Nothing comes close to the damage glyphosate inflicts!

Similarly, few people produce sufficient hydrochloric acid to efficiently process dietary proteins. Doctor tells patients their acid reflux occurs because of too much HCL. DOCTOR IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG! When you are mucous deficient, undigested protein activates auto-immune responses and leaky-gut issues like gluten intolerance and addiction.  YAC offers activated HCL.  [Check it out, here.]

Hunger is symptom that DOES NOT mean what people think it means.  Those who eat constantly are malnourished because fungus rule their bodies, their food to energy conversion is poor and their microbiota and microbiome are a mess!  Meaning, their immune systems are dysfunctional and they lack mucous to protect their intestinal wall.  ASSUME your mucosal wall is perforated!  ASSUME your system is infested by fungal hyphae!  ASSUME low-grade inflammation is part of your story.

Infants, Fats & Metabolic Syndrome

Breast milk demonstrates the importance of dietary fat.  Breast milk is about 80% fat, with small amounts of lactose and protein.  Babies grow during the sleep cycle from energy supplied by fatty acids and bacteria in breast milk.  Did you know, critically important bacteria migrate from the appendix to the breasts during the final minutes of vaginal birth.  This DOES NOT happen with Cesarian birth and it can’t happen if mom does not have an appendix.  [Similarly, adults repair their bodies during the sleep cycle.]

Baby formulas contain too much carbohydrate, unnatural fats and NONE OF MOM’S MICROBIOME.  Formula causes low-grade inflammation, growth of fungus and weaken baby’s immune system.  There is NOTHING good about formula, and vaccinations and antibiotics destroy baby’s health.

Colic and ear infections in baby are manifestations of compromised immunity, an inflamed mucosa and poor digestion of formula and even breast milk.  Vaccinations and antibiotics, destroy baby’s mucosa, destroy what limited microbiome baby inherited from mom, and create inflammation in baby’s brain.  Fats, in breast milk, mitigate inflammatory response.  [Humans need dietary fats to repair and grow healthy tissue and bone, and protect against INFLAMMATION.  Don’t forget it!]

Baby formula fuels metabolic pre-diabetes, particularly in babies who are vaccinated,  denied vaginal birth, not breast-fed and born to mothers who have compromised immune systems [which is every woman who has used antibiotics BEFORE or during pregnancy.]  It’s wise to restore primal immunitybefore becoming pregnant and help baby after birth regardless if delivered by C-section by vaginal birth.  Probiotics DO NOT restore primal immunity because they DO NOT contain endospheres.]

These days, autoimmune issues dominate life, we injure easily, heal poorly, age prematurely and suffer obesity and inflammation because of food and drug addictions.  Autoimmune symptoms are medically MISUNDERSTOOD, creating high vulnerability of a Missing Diagnosis.

Metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and breast and brain cancer are addiction issues and subject to MISDIAGNOSIS!  They are not diseases, but doctor is REQUIRED to tell you they are.  Never, ever forget: doctor is required to follow Standard of Care Rules that misinform patients by failure to speak candidly.  Doctor’s hands are tied, so it is better and safer to ASSUME DOCTOR DOES NOT KNOW UNDERLYING CA– USES.  The burden is on the patient to spot misdiagnosis before intervention occurs.

Addiction By: Glyphosate & Drug Resistance

GLYPHOSATE IS A METABOLIC DISRUPTER THAT DRIVES ADDICTION!  Glyphosate [aka: Roundup] is an antibiotic, and the food chain is loaded with it!  You can’t avoid glyphosate no matter how clean you eat.  Fact is, our bodies are burdened by glyphosate residues stored in our tissues and we must get rid of it!

Glyphosate disrupts hormone function, sabotages immunity, kills the mitochondria, promotes infection, destroys the mucosa and leads to endotoxicity and dysbacteriosis.

It is no accident that we are seeing more, and more fast-moving, drug-resistant infections.  Did you know, glyphosate ACCELERATES drug resistance by 100,000 times for infections like MRSA, C-diff, Klebsiella and Campylobacter.  Drug resistance means, there will be NO TREATMENT available in a true crisis!

A REAL-LIFE SCENARIO:  you suffer an accident or surgery and receive antibiotics [You will not be asked; they are mandatory!] and the next thing you know, you are fighting for your life because of a drug-resistant infection FUELED BY GLYPHOSATE RESIDUES ALREADY IN YOUR BODY!  Add, a compromised immune system and mucosa, 100,000 dead and 1,000,000 infections a year in the USA alone and infection becomes less mysterious! [This is reality, so clean-up your system, BEFORE trouble erupt!

Roundup is sold as an herbicide, but it’s an ANTIBIOTIC that penetrates cell membranes, destroys the mitochondria, wreaks havoc on your microbiome and epi-genome, and fuels GROWTH of pathogenic microorganisms.  [Glyphosate is behind the  Mysterious Diseases & Strange Infections.

Young Again Club’s answer to glyphosate and drug resistance is the Immune, MicroBiota and Mold & Fungus Protocols.  Follow them to resurrect your metabolism and remove glyphosate from your body.

Purging of glyphosate and drug residues gives your body the opportunity to identify and correct imbalances in the system.  Popular cleanses and purges are useless against glyphosate [and fungal overgrowth] because glyphosate is a cellular, metabolic disruptor that should not be taken lightly.

Conclusions & Suggestions

NOTHING GOOD comes from drug dependency and food addiction, and the best way to protect yourself from their negative effects is to avoid them.

The second solution is to remove residues from your body.  Resurrection of primal immunity and restoration of your mucosa, microbiota and epi-genome play pivotal roles in the de-addiction process.

AFTER YOU FIND YOURSELF IN CRISIS: you can plead ignorance, you can claim you were not given valid information by trusted medical experts, and you can whine, and you can carp!  BUT YOUR BODY DOES NOT CARE because you failed to care for yourself when you could have.

It is the PATIENT’S BURDEN AND RESPONSIBILITY to know what doctor does not know [or won’t tell you!] and to be able to spot misdiagnosis BEFORE unnecessary medical intervention occurs.

Knowing truth allows you to live your life removed from the sick-care system and addiction. If you have issues and suffer from poor health, your terrain needs tending and you need guidance.

Be grateful guidance is available at no cost and be willing to do your part.

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  How much are you willing to tolerate?

Ask for guidance.

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