Lifeforce [Lifeforce Energy]

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Anecdotal observations by John Thomas

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Lifeforce energy: is the energy that grows, maintains and repairs the bio-electric body.  It is the energy that makes the difference between mere existence and vibrant health.


Lifeforce energy peaks by age 24, which marks the beginning of the slide into the middle years followed by the onset of pronounced aging around age 35.

People in poor health, people who are just hanging-on, people who suffer are people whose life-force is severely compromised.

LifeForce energy is ATP energy produced in the cells via the electron transport chain of the mitochondria; sometimes referred to as the: Krebs (Citric Acid) Cycle.


The proton hydrogen is your body’s primary source of energy.  Food and water are primary hydrogen donors, fats are the most energy dense foods.  Calories are an irrelevant metric.

Sugar [C12H22O12] contains 22 hydrogens; water [H2O] contains 2 hydrogens.  Hydrogen is lifeforceThe body’s bio-electric energy comes from non-thermal burning and metabolism of hydrogen.

Hydrogen is what powers the sun.  ATP [adenosine-triphosphate] only powers cellular metabolism, and is a weak molecule compared to the hydrogen’s energy potential.

‘p’ in pH stands for potential [hydrogen]!  Digestion releases covalent-bonded hydrogen in food and water.  Inability to digest food and free hydrogen is THE issue!

Failure to metabolize hydrogen turns body-fluid [urine] pH acidic.  Hydrogen and metabolic waste are acidicUrine pH is a measure of unburned hydrogen ions in circulation.  Urine pH rises and falls as hydrogen ion levels rise and fall.

The better digestion, the more energy available for growth and repair.

Terrain acidification causes urine pH to rise on the acid side, and muscle loss to accelerate!  pH stands for potential hydrogen.  Unburned hydrogen from UNDIGESTED food proteins is the effect of MALDIGESTION!  [The Terrain pH Protocol and Digestion Trio manage these issues.]

Hydrogen powers the Sun and it powers the body [ATP only powers the cell].  Inability to [non-thermally] burn hydrogen limits energy production from food and spikes circulating hydrogen proton levels, causing urine pH to become acidic.  Urine pH measures circulating, unburned, hydrogen protons, and the better digestion is the less unburned hydrogen in saliva, lymph, and urine.  Read about HydrogenMagic, here.]

Terrain management is about hydrogen management, not alkalinity.  Alkalinity as popularly accepted ignores non-circulating, tissuebound hydrogen.  The Terrain pH Protocol frees tissue-bound hydrogen.  [This example of Applied Physiology is counter to physiology taught at university.  [Please read again.]

Dis-ease and aging are side-effects of faulty hydrogen metabolism and maldigestion.

The Digestion Trio solves the maldigestion/hydrogen dilemma.  Ask for help.


Please read Special Insights, Change Your Food Habits, Change Your Life to understand the connection between loss of life-force energy (ATP production) and hormonal resistance and imbalance of regulatory hormones leptin and insulin. Click hyperlink to read.


Ask for help and be willing to cooperate.

Diminished Life-force energy is a reversible condition if the factors that cause it are addressed.  A most important factor is circulation of body’s fluids which is discussed in detail under Dynamic Circulation Therapy. To access, click the hyperlink.

The Tissue & Liver Protocol addresses poor liver function and excess, stored waste burdening the body of anyone who has lost their energy and is aging or suffering.  To read about it, click the hyperlink above or in the Programs & Protocols link below.

Factors influencing production of life-force energy are:  waste accumulation, diminished flow of blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluids, electrolyte and hydration levels, intake and ability to process dietary fats; bile production, liver function, bowel activity and of course ability to fully process and digest food.


  1. Change your lifestyle and your diet.
  2. Embrace Young Again Club Protocols.
  3. Ask for help and be open to new ideas.

Also see bio-electric body; Germ Theory of Disease, electrolyte, anabolism and mitochondria by clicking Glossary link below.

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