Confused, Desperate Or Both Are You A Victim Of Triage?

Triage: the process of prioritizing and sorting things according to importance.  The term has both medical and military connotations.  Read on to learn how triage may affect you.

This edition of Special Insights is short and should help everyone understand the dilemma called, sick-care.  Your author mocks sick-care because it deserves to be mocked.  Unfortunately, far too many people [who should know better!] fall prey to the sick-care system. 

Mission: I write because I see that what we are told does not match up with the truth.  My mission is to deliver truth and perspective on matters of health and longevity.  Truth will prevail and people deserve to know truth for their personal and family well-being. 

Observation: Sick-care is collapsing and people will need guidance and valid information when self-care is their only option.  Good doctors are shackled, and they are in short supply!  The sick-care system is corrupt and long lines are coming.  Knowledge and guidance will serve you well.

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Triage & The Sick-Care Dilemma

Sick-care is a medical triage.  In other words, it is a rigged system.

Sick-care sorts us according to age, circumstance, and status [people of importance, taxpayers and useless eaters.] The problem with the sick-care system is, we are chattel!

Big Pharma [by way of government] controls sick-care and decides who lives and who dies, when and by what means.  It matters not: dietary poisoning, murder by injection, death by medications.  Doctor and workers are sick-care’s puppets; Big Pharma pulls the strings.  Got it?

Take medications for example.  Statins are very popular [over 40% of the population uses them], but few people realize statins do not work; besides, they precipitate dementia and Alzheimer’s.  The death rate in hospitals, by the way, is sick-care generated.  Stay away! The wise choice, where possible, is self-care instead of reliance on medications and hospitals.

Everyone is expendable, but under sick-care, some of us are more expendable than others.   To avoid problems, DO NOT PARTICIPATE!  Forget the freebees and forget getting your money’s worth.  Be healthy and stay healthy.  Free physicals and bogus test results are not a good deal!

Health maintenance is NOT a function of sick-careSick-care is designed to make you sick, keep you sick and bleed every last dollar from you before you become, expendable!

The Process of Diagnosis Comes To Mind

First, they identify symptoms; then, they pick a label [the diagnosis]; and finally, they treat the, symptoms.  Cause is irrelevant; sick-care does not care about cause.  “Cure” is the alleviation of signs and symptoms!  Better to identify cause and correct what is behind, symptoms.

The internet wrought confusion amongst the population, medically speaking.  People seeking answers, with no idea of who or what to believe.  Few people have practical working knowledge in the sciences, and the credentialed experts are no exception.

Clinicians [doctors and health care workers] suffer like the rest of us, but they also suffer from a condition called, hubris.  Yes, they have knowledge but it is dysfunctional information.  They are not taught what they need to know; Big Pharma controls all things medical from schooling to pills.

In the health arena, things are not what they appear.

Minor Details

For example, the big four [cardiovascular, cancer, diabetes and arthritis] are symptomatic of ongoing fungal infestation.  They are not diseases, but that is what they call them.  So much confusion!  You may wish to read Special Insights, Symptoms, Labels & Delusions.

Taking control of your medical future is not difficult.  Start by changing the way you think.  Learn the meanings of those Latin words the sick-care folks freely dispense, and then learn how your body actually works.  Help your body heal itself, then smile because you feel good.

Body physiology as taught is incomplete.  The experts simply do not know.  How else do you explain 200 years of current medical ignorance?  And, before Pasteur and the Germ Theory, they had it wrong for 1600 years.  Sadly, they still have it wrong.

Here is the link to John Thomas’ personal medical chronology.  It offers a good overview of the diagnostic dilemma facing everyone.  You will likely find yourself or someone you know there.

Purpose Of Young Again Club

The purpose of is education and elimination of ignorance; a tall order, considering the volume of misinformation coming at us.  Convincing ads, replete with managed warnings to trick unsuspecting people.

Excess information, credential overload, back-yard experts and internet noisemakers all barking from every direction; that is the norm these days and people are very confused.

To educate yourself, follow the yellow brick road [Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz!] offered by Special Insights and Young Again Club.  Practical knowledge and healthy lifestyle are how you avoid crisis and sick-care.  You are responsible for yourself.  You must choose.

Aspects of John Thomas’ medical chronology are common among the population; there are thousands of diagnostic labels.  Most people suffer because of The Missing Diagnosis.  Alleviation of signs and symptoms is the wrong approach.  [Read Special Insights, Cause, Unknown!]

Know, you are on your own and you are better off on your own!  Your genetics is not your problem.  The problem is your, terrain. 

Aging and suffering have no place in anyone’s story.  Ask for guidance.

Is anything real, today? 

Woe be unto patients who cannot discern between symptoms and cause.  Ignorance is the basis of fear, and understanding is the basis of health and happiness.


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